Maigari: FIFA queries Nigeria again

NFF President, Aminu Maigari

Maigari was impeached by members of the board of the NFF on July 24.

A few weeks after it lifted its suspension on Nigeria, the world football governing body, FIFA, has queried the country’s football administration again.

In a letter dated August 4, addressed to the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Musa Amadu, FIFA asked Nigeria to explain the reasons behind the impeachment of Aminu Maigari as president of the NFF

FIFA asked for details of the agenda and amendment of the executive board meeting that led to Maigari’s impeachment. It also asked if Maigari was given the chance to defend himself in the process.

Maigari was impeached by members of the board of the NFF on July 24.

The world football governing body also stated in the letter that the dismissal of any executive committee member was the prerogative of the NFF Congress/General Assembly and not the board of the NFF.

FIFA said it was concerned that despite lifting the suspension on Nigeria, the situation in the country’s football administration has become “so inextricable”.

The NFF’s response to the query would determine if the country would be suspended again by FIFA.

As part of the crisis in the NFF, the board of the federation on Thursday announced the suspension of two of its members, including Chris Green, the head of the technical committee. Both men are believed to be loyalists of Maigari.

Fresh elections to the executive committee of the NFF are scheduled to be held on August 26.


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  • Ekoba

    I quite agree with you Femi.

  • truth must be told.

    Tell them my brother, APC has lost their vision that is if they had one which I know they don’t. Stop fighting shadows, let’s meet at the pool and settle this.

  • Saint

    GEJ till 2019.. after that, An Igbo Man will rule Nigeria, Say No to Hausa Fulani, say No to born to rule..

  • Titus

    Perfect analysis, always on point Pastor Femi you made my day. Remain Bless

  • shamsuddeen

    Femi how much are they paying you for peddling these sentiments, I used to read your articles with keen interest in the past, but when I realised you were not what I assumed you for I reversed myself.

    • Garden-City Boy

      Do you want to dispute the issues he raised? Or, you don’t want him to get paid for his intellectual output? Which exactly is your grouse?

  • kwango

    Wherever good presidents go, people want to greet and appreciate them. When bad presidents appear people detest and are afraid of them because of abuse of power and impunity. Such impunity creates distrust in government. Even with mammoth security, the ‘feared’ president Jonathan is afraid of the country he rules. Only bigoted writers are afraid of what tomorrow will bring without handouts from Jonathan. President Jonathan is afraid of debate, competition even from PDP, afraid of Boko Haram, and afraid of Buhari that hirelings like Femi have been busy scavenging all propaganda books to malign him. Without presidential power, tell us what Dr Jonathan represents to Nigeria in terms of opinion? Through ethnic politics the president was handed a party structure formed by courageous men like Ekwueme with the G34 that confronted Abacha. If you have money even through armed robbery you can hire the best lawyer and if you get favourable judgement at court, it is not that the other lawyers or the judge is afraid of you. Praise singers like Femi are cowards. Dr Jonathan was governor and did not exhibit one tenth the courage of the Tinubus, Kwankwasos, Sanusis, Amaechis etc. A repressive father is also feared by even his wife and children. The president’s body language shows lack of confidence in the months to the elections. Nothing short of rigging will give PDP victory come Feb 2015. Prepaid writers like Femi know this.

    • elmok

      did you understood the writers point of view ,can you point where he missed the track, all the poinrt raised there are well known facts

  • kwango

    When an administration turns to evil example Hitler, people become afraid even as he also had praise singers like Femi reminding Germans that he was God sent. The German churches prostrated before him, blessed and sprinkled ‘holy water’ on his armoured tanks and war machines. But God’s justice grinds slowly to produce a fine powder of those whose desire for earthly power pitched them against the Almighty. The battle of Waterloo reminds us of the foolishness of every powerful Napoleon.I wish I could remind readers of the disgrace that awaits those who follow this hellish writer called Femi. Even his party PDP should be wary of him.

  • kola Amzat

    This is a well researched piece. Can anyone controvert all submissions contained therein? It is pointless to start calling this patriot names. After -all, he is a full blooded Yoruba man, while President Jonathan is a core Ijaw man from South/south geographical zone of Nigeria. I think it’s high time we Nigerians start appreciating that nature has capacity to throw just anybody up for the leadership of our dear nation regardless whether he/she is a Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Kanuri, Itsekiri, Kanuri, Igalla, Nupe etc. Leadership of Nigeria, just like any other nation, is not exclusive right of any ethnic group, its God himself that chooses from time to time. Its so clear that God Almighty ‘alone’ was in charge the way and manner Dr. Goodluck Jonathan appeared from nowhere to be President of this great nation. God himself dropped ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ through the Senate to pave way for his emergence, otherwise, if it was through the human being contrived polls at that time, the Nigerian major stakeholders would never have allowed it to happen.

    I think we should accept the will of God and allow this man to have peaceful reign. Israelites bluntly refused to accept Prophet Samuel chosen by God to rule over their affairs. They cried in agony to God to give them King. God actually listened to them, even though, He was angry. He gave them Saul. We are all aware of the outcome.

    Please, i beg Nigerians; Allow this President to enjoy his tenure. If anyone feels strongly he is not doing well, 2015 election is very close to challenge him. We would achieve nothing by distracting his presidency with all these distractions of throwing bombs, propaganda, gangs -up etc. It wont help our nation to move forward. Enough is enough!

    • GBENGA

      Yes! The claim that the “dog and the baboon” parable was an interview granted the BBC is false and misleading. Buhari was deliberately misquoted when he addressed a group of party supporters from Niger State at his residence. So it was’nt during any interview. Its a shame the some so-called men of God concoct stories deliberately to defame perceived political opponents.

    • concerned9ja

      It is unfortunate bigots like you ethnicise leadership. You forgot that every section of the country stood up to support GEJ to become president. At that time the support was not based on his ethnic affiliation. It is people like you that resorted to ethnicity as a weapon along the way. This president has woefully failed to lead from the front and thank God, his greatest promoter, OBJ, has admitted GEJ failed abysmally.

  • Akindiose santos

    Your contraption is misleading and diversionary. Nobody is afraid of Jonathan. On the contrary , it is Jonathan that is afraid of opposition as seen in the present arrangement of PDP. The adoption of Jonathan as the sole candidate is an affirmation of the fear Jonathan has. It is obvious that Jonathan cannot win the PDP presidential primaries if free and fear. It was for fear of losing out among other contestants that the idea of sole candidate was conceived.

    Harrasment of opposition is another evidence of the fear of Jonathan. He is afraid of Tambuwal as he is afraid of Amaechi . The recent siege in the National Assembly was targeted against Tambuwal for the fear the PDP has for him.

    Jonathan is also afraid of Buhari . He is afraid of Tinubu.

    He is a weakling as well. The manner with which he embraces corruption in his cabinet shows that he is weak. He is somebody that is afraid to lose his supporters .

  • King Carlos

    I have ceased to see fault in Aribisala’s write ups. I realized the man has to eat and feed his family.

    • Shadow

      Hahahahahahahaha, very funny,great sense of humour

  • Garden-City Boy

    Femi Arbisala is my well-beloved son……hear ye him!

  • Garden-City Boy

    Femi Aribisala is my only well-beloved son…..hear ye him!

  • Uz

    Thank you Femi for this robust write-up.

  • Stephen

    This, at last, is the author of The Idiot’s Guide To Brainless Reasoning

  • sammyctu ode

    I grew up with femi aribisala at Moore Plantation in Ibadan in the 60s, his father was permanent secretary at the western region ministry of agriculture who amassed a lot of wealth, femi never knew poverty because his father was the first set of people to start stealing Nigerian’s wealth so one can know the sort of corrupt environment femi grew up. Nobody should listen to him because he grew up with a corrupt family and system. I decided to expose femi’s evil ways because he grew up on ill-gotten wealth. I recall when I was an agricultural assistant at the bodija abbartior, his mother came there at 5:30 pm demanding and ordering me to go and kill a cow because she wanted liver, shaki, kidney, etc but told her I can’t do that because the law says at that time a vet. doctor must be present before we can kill any livestock meaning that we can’t kill anything after 3pm. I refused her orders because if I agreed to it, I will lose my job and she knew that the government of western region was strict and implement laws based on civil service rules. She reported me to her husband and as a punishment for me, I was transferred to Ikenne. However, what the evil people did not know is that God is always alive and it was from Ikenne that God blessed me with a scholarship and admission to one of the best Universities in USA. femi’s family has been a corrupt one so I can understand why he is supporting jonathan blindly because he never knew what poverty was, he came from a very corrupt arrogant family so we can now see why femi continued his evil corrupt ways till now. How can a so called pastor defend jonathan when the poverty rate of Nigeria is almost 80%? femi aribisala is a useless human being who will rot and burn in hell.

    • Amir

      “By their fruits we shall know them”. Femi is a product of a very corrupt environment.

    • concerned9ja

      God bless you for exposing the background of this son of dog. Just like FFK who was a son of betrayer, Aribisala is a paid contractor who got commissioned to package a disaster called Goodluck Jonathan. The moronic-looking man is the modern day Saul who misused the grace God gave him. We don’t care who succeeds him, the fact is that Jonathan is no more than a councillor in Otuoke council.
      Enough of the rubbish of these corrupt Transformer.

    • Lies have corrupted your soul. I never lived in Moore Plantation. I lived far away in Oke Ado. Your story here is a tissue of lies. T.S.B. Aribisala was one of the few people completely declared free of corruption by the probe after the January 1966 coup. Your attempt to stain his reputation is a waste of time. Deal with my article, otherwise shut and stop telling lies!

  • kobomoje

    I am very very afraid of Jonathan. Am afraid of insincerity, ineptitude and gross corruption. And am also afraid of court jesters like the two femis (aribisala & fani-kayode).

  • elmok

    good one

  • Dr. Kay

    Old fart you again and your infantile postings inspired by wads of dead presidents and other foreign denominations stuffed in an envelope, abi you no dey tire ah?
    You Lack integrity and panache for all postings you spew out every now and then you olodo baba agbaya. I pity your children and grandchildren if you have any, cause you are not a good role model , you are as corrupt as they come, like gbomogbomo of those days that kidnap kids for money making rituals .
    You’ve outed yourself as an incurable proPDP apostle of hate and lies . I wish you long life not because I like the thrash you put up every week, but because I want to gleefully rub it on your nose ,eyes and face how you are wrong and we are right.
    APC will win next year elections and you will witness the genesis of how corrupt thieves like you will be dealt with mercilessly , all the egunje collected , stolen, gifted, wasted, carted out to girlfriends and concubines will all be returned and vomited by you and your ilks. Also those in government will shu dundu like the monkey in the yoruba folklore, otitto ni, gaskiya ni. So enjoy your tirades for as long as it lasts , but know that we that defends the poor and the vulnerables that your paymasters steal from unabated will continue to counter your poorly thought out and weak jabs at the opposition. We are waiting for your part 2 , I for one I am relishing the idea of tearing all your useless points to shreds. Agbaya oniranu.

  • Eze Decklan Chukwuemeka

    A true Nigeria speaks….. Mr. Femi I salute you! You just stated the fact.

  • Jeremiah

    History will judge this writer as an accomplice in the mismanagement of the commonwealth of this country. He may have forgotten that there’s propaganda no matter how efficient, can restore our lost confidence in the current leadership of this country. From the comments so far posted on this story, it is evident that the majority of the commentators do not agree with his submissions. So whatever motive it may have been directed to achieve, is clearly a woeful failure.

  • Abdulkadir

    Is there anything to applaud in the hypocrite’s submissions? He claimed people from the opposition made threats to render the country ungovernable, and by the looks of it, they are making good their threats. But he agree with, and see no wrong in similar pronouncements made by Asari Dokubo, Tompolo and there ilks. He even forgot that a terrorist organization by the name MEND, MASSOB, PVFND, etc made threats to the unity of the country for which they were celebrated in the first instance, consoled with pleasant words and compensated with huge governmental contracts. Week-in-week out, we hear of their operations as HURRICANE, SAND STORM, TORNADO etc, but the Nigerian people endured all the impunity while it last. He even forgot, or deliberately misinformed the public about one Kaita, who made a declaration to make the country ungovernable should Jonathan be re-elected in 2011; saying he (Kaita) is a member of the opposition. Kaita was a founding member of the PDP, left the PDP for ANPP when he felt short changed, has since been invited back into the devils den to continue the good work (the evil work) of the pay master.

    Femi, you try to justify why GEJ should come back against all odds and one wonders what is your soft under-belly which the evil party has discovered and are milking it with great pleasure at the expense of your integrity. By the time they are done milking you, a garage boy will be a better personality to inspire people than you.

  • WALE