Swansea City interested in Nigeria’s Ramon Azeez

Azeez was part of the Super Eagles team to the last World Cup in Brazil.


Ramon Azeez, a mid-fielder with the Almeria of Spain, may soon swell up the number of Nigerians playing in the lucrative English Premier League as he has been linked up with a possible move to Welsh side, Swansea City.

Azeez who was part of the Super Eagles team to the last World Cup in Brazil currently plies his trade in Spain with modest outfit Almeria and according to the Daily MailSwansea are weighing up a move for the £3million-rated midfielder.

The 21-year-old Nigerian scooped the Young Player of the Year Award at his La Liga club last term as many recount the wonder goal he scored which helped a long way in his team escaping relegation last season.

Azeez is seen as dynamic midfielder and has been highly-rated within the Super Eagles camp for some time now.

He began his career in the Almeria B team but after two terms of rapid improvement, he was promoted to the senior team.

Swansea is keen to inject some class and athleticism into their team, and with Azeez’s technical skills they know he will he fit seamlessly into their style.

Almeria have inserted a release clause in the midfielder’s contract but the Swans see that as value for money for a player that was voted the third best at the Under-17 World Cup in 2007, and captained Nigeria to the quarter-finals of the Under-20 competition three years

If the move sails through, Azeez will be joining compatriots like Victor Moses, John Obi Mikel, Victor Anichebe and the likes who have in their own way carved a niche for themselves in the most followed football league in the world, the EPL.


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  • Foresight

    Mr Aribisala, why did you leak the winning formula to the APC? Let me also add that a northern Christian APC presidential candidate will sweep the votes of the Middle Belt for the APC. But mark my words. Should that happen, the Muslim north will NOT vote for the candidate. Because that might mean 8 years for a Christian northerner as president. The Muslim northerners will rather vote for Jonathan who has just 4 more years after which they have a chance. This is the puzzle!

    • Strong System

      With all this killings in the north and especially with the latest $9.5 scandal,northern Muslims will never vote for GEJ,even if he would have 4 month tenure.

  • Manko

    You called all names , but didn’t mention who that northern Christian candidate could / should be

    • Omo Oodua

      It is left for the APC to do their thinking about the Northern Christian candidate. If he had mentioned any Christian name, am sure you would av been the first to say the writer was actually working for such candidate. So, The APC should do their work if they ever think at all.

  • Gezawa

    Interesting analysis indeed. I have two reservation in this analysis.
    1. You said and I quote “he blunder of Atiku Abubakar in stating that the North will not be voting for President Jonathan in 2015 betrays the Northern bias of the APC. If the North will not be voting for a Southern candidate, why would the South vote for a Northern candidate?”….now, Atiku did not say the north will not be voting for a southerner, he said the north will not vote for Jonathan because he failed them. So why the rhetoric about southerners voting for a northerner? Why generalize? But again you are just being your typical self.
    2. You also say “There is need for power shift in the North from Moslems to Christians in defiance of Boko Haram threats.”…This is simply blackmailing the larger muslim majority that for the umpteenth time condemned and dissociate itself from the evil of the boko haramist. But could this be the reason why a significant number of northerners believe that, the insurgency last this long for political reasons?
    Now, I must say the rest of the analysis is marred with inconsistency and distortion of facts. Its not true that there are more christians in Adamawa and Nasarawa. If I may ask sir, if the next election will be purely base on ethnicity and religion, why should the muslims vote a Christian president in the next election given the recent revelation about the involvement of ihejerika in turning the other way while the terrorist are having a field day in sambisa and the retired general was smiling home billions that were meant to stop them. Also what about the ayogate? Alot of people believe the embattled bling bling CAN president is arming his Christian brethren for a supposedly retaliation.

  • dudu

    Why does this man have a “hard on” for APC?

  • emmanuel

    Femi, point of correction. The Lagos of today do not want anything to do with Fashola either. The people have all swallowed the bitter pills of the grab grab regimes, from the poor to the rich and have all sworn never to have anything with both Fashola and Tinubu.

    If you are rich, it means your vehicles must remain in your garage for you not to fall into one chance with their scam agents LASTMA, Lagos state wing of VIO, KAI, Lastra, Lastri, Lasthieves etc.

    Then the poor have been long banished from Lagos and anyone caught has sad stories to tell, wether they be Mechanic, Okada Riders, drivers (who have to forceit part of their salaries for falling prey to Lagos draconian laws), welders, vaulcanisers, market men and women, even teachers swear to take a pou.d of flesh from the APC in 2015.

    As for the North, i have said it severally that Jonathan already have his 30%,in all Northern states. If you doubt me, take population sample of Northern Christians which you already know and non want to enter one chance with Boko Haram.

    Nigeria is undergoing political restructuring ordered by God and no Fulani Muslim can change it

  • Patriot..

    You have a right to your opinion even though you stand to be corrected… Nigeria is a country of Muslim majority, and therefor no any christain southerner will dictate for us who to field in for presidential slot during 2015 election… Wait a minute! Are you mindful of the fact that christain sourtherner has been the president of Nigeria since 1999 with the exception of two years transition of the late yar’adua? Common what are you talking about… Lest i forget, are you still presuming Muslims are having link with Boko Haram even when the christain No.1 citizen’s Jet is caught in shady Arm’s deal? Look my brother, the time is past when Muslims are accused and blackmailed of bombing churches and Christian fellows, the real conspiracy has been unleashed to the World for those who are willing to know who are the real Boko Haram and who are they working for… You (Christian Boko Haram) are the devil of your innocent fellow Christian and rest of the Muslim community (with the exception of Sheriff and his likes). Finally i would have loved it more if only you had suggested for intra-faith support…

    • emmanuel

      Muslim majority?

      I am not surprised because Islam is about lies and violence.

      The North is averagely 40% Christians and the South 95% Christians. Meanwhile, your false and fake population is what makes you think you can convince anyone with your postulation?

      For your information, Boko Haram has divided Nigeria along religious lines and 2015 will prove that

      • Umar Dendi

        Ehh, Emma.
        i suppose that is why Idont see a christian governor in Lagos, Osun and Oyo Ehh.
        even the Folks in Edo;and Delta states (ask Aliyu Oshimole and Maryam Babangida id you dont believe me).

        • emmanuel

          How many people for Auchi area be Muslims? Mariam was a commercial muslim, but a spiritual Christian.

          Weda you lie or deceive, Nigeria is predominantly Christian

          • Umar Dendi

            He He… Abi Ajoke was a Commercial Muislim?
            what about Bola Tinubu?, Fashola? Aregbesola?
            I suppose Mashood Abiola was a commercial muslim too?

            Keep telling your sorry self that! but it wont change the Truth and it wont affect the Facts

            Do you honestly think that an evangelists that enriches him/herself at the expense of his working-class followers has a chance in Africa!
            Come on.

      • ayomi

        He is entitled to his own facts on the issue of Muslim population. About lies on Islam, ISIL or ISIS is killing so many people with the objective of forming a caliphate to rule the world. And how many Christians went to the US to ask that BH not be declared terrorists? All who went are Muslim Northerners

        • emmanuel

          Heyy, the Governors who went to USA thought they could offer concession to the USA on the grounds that when power gets back to them, they would rob the USA backs with Nigeria Oil. But the USA would rather dine with a long spoon.

          Your people presented a front that they went to discuss Boko Haram issues, but it was all lies amd decoy to deceive uninformed Nigerian’s. They i.deed went to discuss 2015.

          A fulani Muslim is unrepentant.

          • Umar Dendi

            For info It was the US — Obama himself that invited Northern Governors to the US
            I don’t recall anyone ever inviting a Southern GOV.
            Secondly- the negotiator appointed by your-selves has confirmed that a certain Nidigbo is the tyrant financing BH.
            Dining with a long spoon. come on. in 25 years alll the Oil you guys brag about will vamoose. now had your militants hadnt destroyed your environment in a bid to starve nigeria you might have some chance at an industrial or agricultural country!

            Upon all the derivation…. Chai

          • ayomi

            My people? I guess you do not know sarcasm when you see one

  • Jamoh

    Even if the APC presents a Christian Presidential candidate in 2015 it will assuage no southerner or northern Christian because we all know that President Jonathan will win the elections; if they want Nigerians to believe that APC is not an Islamic party and that its major interest is not the interest of Islamic exstemist, they should present a Northern Christian candidate in 2019 when it is the turn of the north to produce the President of Nigeria which I know they will never do. M D Yusuf said it long ago

  • Jonah H

    This has been my view over time. That is the only viable option for APC/North to win, or else forget about 2015. Isaiah Sam-Ndah or Audu Ogbe can give GEJ a good fight and better prospect for Nigeria.

    • Umar Dendi

      We can Field Mathew Hassan Kukah if you Like! the Bitter Truth is that only the Northerners are capable of Voting for a guy from the another Region. The South will NEVER vote for a Northerner!

    • ayomi

      The reason why Buhari lost was NOT BECAUSE Christians voted for JONA but BECAUSE MUSLIMS especially from the SOUTHWEST REFUSED to VOTE FOR HIM

      Right on target. Yoruba, regardless of their religious bent will never forget that Buhari killed a Yoruba man and did nothing to a Fulani man who committed the same offence. Also, Buhari cancelled and paid a heavy penalty to stop the light rail system in Lagos.

      He, Buhari is naive to think that Tinubu can deliver the South West to him. Yoruba Muslims are not as fanatic as Northern Muslims. Besides, most South West Yoruba governors who are Muslim are married to Christian ladies a no no in the North
      One more thing, all APC governors did a 180 and attended the just concluded National conference afraid of being labeled modern day “Afonjas”. Afonja a Yoruba more or less gave Ilorin(Kwara and Kogi states) to the Fulani caliphate. That is one big hurdle any Northern Muslim will have to over come to win

    • emmanuel

      Your nor know anything. A Fulani Muslim would not allow any Christian. Ask why they killed Yakowa?

  • Umar Dendi

    I agree with (well some of) what you said; except there a a couple of flaws!
    !-The reason why Buhari lost was NOT BECAUSE Christians voted for JONA but BECAUSE MUSLIMS especially from the SOUTHWEST REFUSED to VOTE FOR HIM!
    2- the Only predominately Christaian States in the North are Plateau and Benue State. The reason why you guys see chritain Gov in Tardaba and Once in Adamawa was because the Fulani’s (and alot of the Muslim Tribes from these Sates) have not been influenced by Izala and other streams of Radical Islam that say Islam or nothing!
    3- We in North can front Pastor Mathew Kukah but the bitter truth is the South will NEVER Vote for the North. Our traditional ally’s were the SOuth-South, Now that treaty has gone to sunder
    4- the Only people capable of voting for an Extra regional champion are the Northerners; we voted Abiola into Power and dumped Tofa; one of our own (God nows we are paying the price for that foolishness) we Voted Obasanjo into office when his people almost castigated him (now he hates us of course

    5- The only way to Expel the PDP is mobilize the Muslim population of the South-west (The Yorubas will Vote for there Own) by Picking someone like fashola or tinubu as president and a Northerner as VP. we Northerners can then vote for him (WE are capable of Anything) WE did the Same for Abiola- Kingibe, A muslim-Muslim Ticket!

    • Strong System

      Then cleverly give the ticket to Fashola, atleast the yorubas are much more than the ss

  • Laddi

    Very fine & researched presentation! I am quite enlightened reading this. God bless you real good!!!


    Femi Aribisala has continued to exhibit his inglorious ethnic and religious sentiments.I don’t have any respect for any body that nurses such tendencies.Barrack Obama is a black man whose parents migrated to the US and he is a practicing Muslim according to some recent reports and Americans do not give a hoot about this.How then can US not be one of the greatest nations on earth? A Jew can become our president as long as he or she posses the quality to deliver.We are suffering today due largely to dreadful leadership.Jonathan is a christian minority from South South and he is loved by his kinsmen not because of his sterling performances but his root.The same goes for Abacha,Babangida,Obasanjo,etc.there is nothing great about these men.we must discard these tendencies if we are to make any head ways in this life.

    • Elysium79

      First you guys say he is PDP member because he spent some time attacking APC. Now you say he exhibits “his ethnic and religious sentiments” by advocating for a northern Christian presidential candidate for the APC. You just want to give him a bad name. He did state eloquently his reason for advocating for a northern Christian President, which is not to succumb to Boko Haram and a surefire strategy to give the PDP a run for its money. By the way, Femi Aribisala is a yoruba man who implacably opposed to the politics of Bola Tinubu, a fellow yoruba man. Find something else to say, Mohammed.

    • Strong System

      Forget US,we are far behind them.For now 95% of our voters play the sentiment card.
      The only sensible thing for the APC is not to field a Muslim Northerner as it presidential candidate.
      Be rest assured that if GEJ faces northern Muslim presidereal candidate, then he’ll start jubilations.

  • wode

    Why is it now than ever before that the religious division is being emphasized and re-emphasized in Nigerian politics? Dr. Aribisala has really shown himself as a bigot using religion to pursue a political goal. His strategy at causing further division by systematically telling Christians not to vote for any Muslim candidate is well understood and noted. Also, his attempt at setting stage for Christian President/Muslims VP combo for the 2 major parties so that whichever way the pendulum swings would still be in favor of Christians is well discerned

    However, what he and Nigerians should realize is that, this is not one of the criteria to having a good leader. Irrespective of whoever becomes the President, whatever becomes the success or failure of the elected leader would be jointly experienced (suffering or enjoyment) by all Nigerians. For example, there is neither a separate source of power supply for Christians and Muslims nor would Muslims purchase fuel at different filling stations different from where others would buy should there be a hike in fuel price. In essence, if the system (nation) works it would be to the advantage of everybody and if it goes the other way, it would be a joint suffering.

    The length and breadth of the whole story is that, the more we dissociate religion from politics as a campaign tool the better for this country. Doing otherwise wouldn’t have a desirable palatable future.

  • Umar Dendi

    Why are y’all insulting Aribisala. He’s Just being a realist. Nigeria is NOT an IDEAL state. we Racists, Tribalists and all sort of Bigots. We cant throw them away, we cant wish them away we have to simply Live with them. The reality is that Religion is important to a lot Nigerians and if we are smart enough we can use it to our advantage

  • The truth is: neither a Northern Muslim presidential candidate, because fo the Boko Haram factor, nor the present Christian President Jonathan, because of his baggage of scandals, is ideal for a truly democratic Nigeria from 2015 and beyond.

  • Femi Abbas

    I have followed Femi Aribisala’s writing for some time.And finding out that he specializes in rumour mongering and fanaticism, I decided to ignore him. He has vividly proved that passing through school does not confer civility on a person. A fanatic like him can find solace in relgious opium haven failed to make a worthy mark in academics, his original point of call. With such garbage coming out of a person who claims to be an academic where is the value of education in Nigeria? I do not blame Femi Aribisala for becoming a rubble rouser that he is now because he needs a forum to exhibit his nuisance with or without value. But he should know that fanaticism fdtches no glory.

  • Fame

    “and the systematic bombing of churches and killing of Christians in the
    North ensures that religion will be a major factor in the coming

    Did the writer deliberately forget that Boko Haram is also killing Muslims?
    Was the $9.3 million dollars found on the private jet of an Imam?
    When a Christian president emerges from the North, will he not continue to purchase arms through the back door to continue killing the Muslim North through Boko Haram?
    People have sufficiently described this writer, and I am happy that most of those who commented understand his type of person.

  • ola

    Mr. Femi Aribisala:


    Alhaji Raji Fashola – Lagos state’s most reckless governor – will be quitting office next year,
    but will be leaving not less than three (3) billion dollars behind as Lagos state debts;
    after blowing away seven (7) billion dollars in federally allocated revenues since 2007,
    plus, another eleven [11] billion dollars Lagos state received in charges, taxes and levies,
    totaling 18 billion dollars, but with no justification to show for this amount on the ground,
    and without Raji Fashola ever transparently disclosing the state’s post-budget accounts
    to the people of Lagos state. How can Nigeria ever make progress on those facts?

    • Bolade Paul Animashaun

      I support the policy just announced by the Lagos state PDP –
      that, both Raji Fashola and Bola Tinubu shall be probed for thefts.
      That is how democracy should be. There must be accountability.

      The result of the probe should lead to detention and trial for thefts,
      and for the full recovery of all stolen funds from the Lagos treasury.
      Sentencing to long terms of imprisonment under the law should follow.

      • Mrs. Nwanze

        The effects of official thefts in Lagos state government are devastating;
        besides ruining the future of Lagos youths. Now i understand why bloody
        violence has taken over Lagos state in the last couple of years.

        In Shomolu, Apapa Road, Akoka, Alaka, Bariga, Idumota, Onipanu
        and Yaba, corpses litter the streets. Many youths in those areas have bought
        guns and have formed gangs to kill and rob anyone at will.

        The youths are influenced by the knowledge that Lagos state government officials
        are stealing at will too. Lagosians must quickly come together to bring Raji Fashola
        and his rogue cabinet to justice, please! We are sick and tired of being governed
        by official thieves. Our lives are not safe. Our children have no future.

        • danruje

          Why dont u return to ur ‘igbo’ state and contribute to its development. Apparently ur presence in lagos is causing “overcrowdedness”. I guess if ur home state is better off, u wont be here in lagos complaining.

      • T.B Martins

        “Nigeria has descended into a hellish reality where for smart and capable people to ‘survive’ and have their daily bread they must prostrate for imbeciles. The whole Nigerian system – including the public themselves – wants oppressors, not people working for their collective progress, and so, when no one is planning the future of a country, such a country
        can have no future.”

        ……………………………..Iyabo Obasanjo
        (Letter to my father – December 18, 2013)

      • danruje

        How about the maniac in Ekiti state who “stole” some billions during his 1st term as gov? And OGD, Alao Akala, etc. If all these are probed and imprisoned, then ur opinion will make sense. For now, pls be ‘silent’

    • Godson

      @ Ola:

      No, no, no! Point of correction, please. As at today Lagos state debt is $3.7billion.
      There is no budget provision to pay off 700,000 dollars of it this financial year – none.
      Rather Raji Fashola is borrowing another one billion U.S dollars this financial year.
      The realistic projection is that Raji Fashola will be leaving $4billion in debts next year.

    • Umar Dendi

      For goodness sake, go back and learn some O level Economics before you Insult Gov Fashola.
      I’m not from the south but even i know that Lagos’s debt is manageable.
      check your figures

  • Garden-City Boy

    Yet again, my beloved son, Femi Aribisala, says it right…”A Northern
    Christian presidential candidate will definitely give political backbone
    to APC’s progressive pretensions; neutralizing the damage done by
    its earlier suicidal plans for a Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket”.
    That is reminiscent of Tantalus in the Greek mythology.
    How does
    the awusa “NORTH”, notorious for its extremist absolutism navigate this
    minefield to ‘manufacture’ a Christian APC-JANJAWEED Presidential
    candidate ‘northern’ enough to deliver on the
    “return-of-power-to-the-North” war cries of a cult? Could that explain
    Buhari’s close shave with destiny, a scheme to bump him off to make room
    for this quixotic Northern Christian? Or looking to another “WILLING
    HAND” to do their bidding?
    That is too much of hope give
    jihadists whose romance with Boko Haram has caused so much pain to our
    citizens. Femi, my beloved Son, needs to be forthright and sincere
    with those APC dreamers, not give them false hopes, …… Jonathan is not
    going anywhere for now.

    • Musa Kadzai

      Excellent reasoning.The politics of the far north is about domination of the rest of the country.

      • Umar Dendi

        Mr Musa, were are you from?
        I only Know of one North. or is Niger or Plateau (the longest reigning states in the North form a different North?
        when the federation goes to hell and we’all go back home,, go see if your southern brothers will accept you!

  • Haruna Chiroma

    It seems Femi Aribisala lack the simple knowledge of our electoral act. Aspirants campaign expenses are sponsored by the political party, not the aspirant himself. The masses will contribute N1, N2, N10 etc. similar to what we did in CPC to pull 12million votes to raise funds for APC with a significant number of fellowship than CPC. About fund raising refers to response 3 above. Point of correction, Buhari popularity is not limited to North-West but he is the most popular opposition politician in Nigeria. For example, Femi Aribisala you are not from the North-West but you spent all your time to be writing against Buhari, if his popularity is limited to North-West I am sure you could have not known Buhari not to talk of spending your time writing against him without providing alternative to Nigerians. Don’t forget he was president of Nigeria.