2014 Federation Cup: Enyimba, Dolphins secure semi final ticket

Enyimba scored two goals against Sharks FC.

Former champions, Enyimba International FC and Dolphins FC of Port Harcourt, are through to the semi finals of the 2014 Federation Cup having secured victories in their quarter final games on Wednesday.

Aside the two former champions, the duo of Giwa FC and Prime FC have also secured historic berths in the final four as they also saw-off their opponents in Wednesday’s thrilling quarter-final pairings.

For the defending champions Enyimba who were pitched against Sharks FC, the Aba Elephants showed class defeating the Coach Gbenga Ogunbote tutored side by two un-replied goals in Abuja to soldier on in their quest to retain the title won last year.

Sokari Kingsley and Raphael Boumsong scored in the first half to help Enyimba overcome Sharks and keep their title defense hopes alive.

Dolphins were also convincing in their win as they overcame fellow Glo Premier League side Lobi Stars 4-2.

It was, however, a tough call for the duo of Giwa FC and Prime FC who had to rely on the lottery of penalty kicks to sail through to the semis.

After a goalless 90 minutes, Giwa FC piped Crown FC 5-4 on penalties. On their part, Prime won 4-3 on penalties after the full time ended 0-0. Adejare Adeniyi was the hero again for the Osun State team.

Meanwhile the grand finale of this year’s Men and Women Federation Cup competitions has tentatively been slated for Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos on Saturday, August 16.


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  • Chuks007

    They can never be paying you enough to drag yourself and your family name in the mud like this. Even if they gave you the entire looted $20 billion, that is not enough to disgrace yourself like this. Chai! DiarisGodO!

    • Anonymous11443

      He don smoke Igbo(Indian Hemp).

  • Sani

    I have a strong feeling that FFK is suffering from Amnesia. He will say one thing today and say another tomorrow. The continued attack on Buhari over his comments on the ‘Dog and baboon stuff’ is utterly preposterous. As a figurative expression, the ‘Dog and Baboon’ expression does not in any way denote the idea of anarchy, death, mayhem, etc. The expression merely point to a tough tussle or not-easy. Never mind all that FFK has rendered in this forum or another, the truth remains that GEJ cannot win in a free and fair election. We have seen the impact made by CPC in the last General Election. A party that was barely a year old was able to make an impressive display. I can only speak for the North as a Northerner and come 2015, it is not possible for GEJ to get 25% of the votes in Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, Zamfara, Maiduguri, etc. We are also aware that GEJ and his cohorts are not on the same page with the Asaris and the FFKs given the heat GEJ is currently going through. Perhaps, that explains why he cannot declare a few months to the elections. The real test is only a few months away. We will then see what stuff the Asaris and the FFKs are made of.

    • Sadeek

      Nicely said bro sani

    • Femi

      On point!

  • uche j

    FFF, given all these “factual” information at you and your party’s disposal, why have your president, C-in-C failed to arraign these people for prosecution? Is this not a clear case of dereliction of responsibility? Allowing continued loss of thousands of irreplaceable human lives. A grave impeachable offence.

    To be fair to you, you once said he has no balls. Why don’t you loan him some or are you also deficient?!

    • Sadeek

      Ppl like you are what make me understand and believe we have some brains and logical ppl in the county. Despite ur ethnicity and religion, u can still stand for the truth. Nice reply uche

    • Deji

      Thanks uche

  • Godwin

    Just a few things about Mr. Fani Kaoyde’s write up. First of all despite all his glib attempts, he has failed woefully to hang the BH sponsorship on the APC. He started his narrative with the TV interview granted by Dr. Stehen Davis and then digressed inchoately to utterances he claimed came from GMB which of course he qouted out of context. It is even probable that Ihejirika could be sponsoring BH so that the insurgency festers to their overall pecuniary benefits, as trillions would continue to be budgeted and siphoned off. Now Davis is not a Nigerian, but as he said on TV he helped in resolving the Niger Delta problem. He has nothing to gain by giving information gleaned from BH. One other strand that runs through Mr. Fani Kayode’s story is that of acting in the interest of Christians. I am a christian and I didn’t ask Fani Kayode to speak for me. When he was minister of aviation and allegedly embezelled those billions of naira for which he is standing trial, he did not do it on my behalf. What we want in this country now is a government that will guarantee our security and well being. We clearly are not been offered that in the present dispensation. In fact if Lucifer himself will come out of hell, renounce evil and give us assurances of good governance nigerians will vote for him in place of this dispensation under which BH is routing our soldiers in battle and we are looking for sponsors among the oppositon instead of routing the enemy.

    • Femi

      On point! Fani Kayode’s vituperation grossly contradicts common sense.

  • True Nigerian

    Femi Fani-Kayode, as a columnist, when are you ever going to write well enough to come across to your readers as someone who has any capacity or sufficient intellect to wrte publicly? You analytical ability is simply hideous, disgraceful and a total waste of your readers’ time.

    You have just stated all the facts available to you as to who the culprits are. Yet, even the culprits you and your party claim to know are all walking freely. Isn’t that a clear case of horrendous and offensive failure by the government that you so want us to consider great, amazing and better than the supposedly terror-infested opposition which only you have identified with you spiritual intelligence network?

    People like you should have no business with writing for public consumption. But then, isn’t this Nigeria?

  • Femi

    The ramblings and incoherent lackluster Fani Kayode’s vituperation grossly contradicts common sense. Why this corrupt, acting like a saint, is fond of playing with intelligence of my country men? Keep politics aside. The negotiator that facilitated the release of French citizens from the den of boko haram mentioned names and all the names mentioned are your party members and yet, typical of you, you are struggling to divert people’s attention from the message that you are, hypocritically, looking for. Is this not enough for you to cover your face in shame. You have indeed proved to be working for pecuniary benefit at the expense of peace, stability and progress of your country. What a big shame!
    On the issue of non Muslim working for boko haram, has it not been widely circulated and established that, CAN chieftain was the one that used to bail out the late boko haram leader whenever police arrested him? Why all these efforts to truncate the established fact. You have truly proved to be supporting the enemies of your fatherland. May the objectives of the likes of you hit the hardest rock.

    Ibrahim Muhammad.

  • Okache

    There is no doubt at all that Femi Fani Kayode is thoroughly delusional. I watched the said interview and Mr. Davis did not at any point linked Boko Haram to APC rather he mentioned names of individuals he believed are sponsors of the satanic sect. Fani Kayode, you have no integrity at all.

  • Raphael

    Hahaaaa! Aba Femi Fani – Kayode you’re a disgrace to Fani – Fakayodes family. Hope you are not running mad. Why turning yourself to a laughing stock? . All right thinking people you’re defending in PDP are just laughing at you. ‘Mr Bitter truth’ ‘President Oodua Republic ‘ etc. you should cover your face in shame. Are they paying you or they promise you any contract or portfolio, that make you to think without common sense? I beg stop talking, must you comment on all issues. Hahaa!

  • simonibekwe

    Mr Kayode, I am still puzzled that your name was not mentioned in list of political boko haram sponsors by Mr Davis. This is because you are one of the mastermind of attempted assassination of Gen Buhari. Your extreme and paranoia fear of Gen Buhari drove you into dizzying frenzy and goaded you into recruiting assassins to eliminate him but it failed. Your assassination attempt on Gen Buhari had failed because he has got an unfinished business with Nigeria. He has pact with destiny to rescue Nigeria from the hand of ravenous beasts like you who have refused to allow Nigeria grow.

  • Sunny

    Really, it will be difficult for me to see news of this kind and not read through it, but sincerely I think Mr. Femi Fanikayode is confused and working seriously to finish this coming generation politically. This man should just be ignored.

  • Olayemi

    The GEJ Presidency announced a deceptive amnesty for the Boko Haram members that is being sponsored through some of his cronies, yet he is not willing to release some of the Boko Haram members in SSS detention in exchange for the Chibok girls, what an irony? They will tell the whole world that Boko Haram members are invisible, but immediately the Soldiers arrest one you hear nothing again about those arrested, is it that they cannot get any information from all those in SSS detention or they are deceiving themselves? We don’t need any foreigner to tell us that GEJ and PDP members are behind the Boko Haram.

  • Dan Fulani

    FFF how comes you have Abdulateef in your names?

  • Wale

    To say the least, buddy, I think you’ve lost it all; why not chill for a while.

  • SAT2014

    There is no doubt that Femi Fani Kayode has writen some controversial articles and diatribes on many Nigerian newspapers. But there comes a time when you cannot ignore the utterances of a mad person. You catch yourself asking ‘what did he/she just say?’ You want to think through the utterances.. as in the present write up by Kayode. I have read a good number of the reactions from his readers. What I saw is angst, recriminations, people calling for his head. This is nothing but ad hominem. None has dismantled his logic or proved him wrong. Not one of those who commented on his write up said Kayode is wrong or a lier because… What I want to read is someone who will tell me for example, that the facts he put forward about Chibok kidnap, is a lie because… or that it is not true that Lai Mohammed said in 2013 that Boko Haram should not be proscribed…
    What I read is a drip of sentiment and emotion, of people defending their political turf and ethnic kinsmen. People who show complete lack of logical argument. kayode has made a point that needs to be taken seriously. We cannot brush it aside.
    Some people are good at manufacturing propaganda and spinning things around. Like kayode, I ask Davis to give the facts to prove that Ihejirika is a sponsor of Boko Haram. We need to make a distintion between sponsorship and graft.
    As murderers and connatists, Boko Haram and their paymasters will do everything to rope in anybody that will make arresting of the present confusion impossible. For the average moslem north, the solution to the present impasse is a moslem president, not withstanding the fact that they have ruled Nigeria for more than 40yrs. It is sheer greed and insensitivity and grand megalomania that they will not allow a candidat from other ethnic groups to have a shot at the presidency.
    The presence of terrorims on a grand scale as in the case of BK, can make the best leader run out of ideas. Think of Columbia for example. The present scanario is a creation of Northen Oligarchy to make Joanathan look like a dumbo.
    In the time of Ihejirika, BK was confined to Sambisa forest, they never had a caliphate. I didn’t hear of mutiny among the army, or about 480 soldiers running to Cameroon because of BK.

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      Thank God you know him to be mad.

  • Bro FFK is on parole. Instead of leg electronic tag, Jonathan gave him the alternative of acting the devil’s advocate. The more he writes these mad verses, the less his parole sentence. At this trouble shooting rate, all the money he stole would soon be written off. And there is no crime for anyone to work for his freedom. FFK is indeed working very hard for his.

  • Anonymous11443

    He don smoke Igbo.

  • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

    Madness is a serious minus

  • Amaka

    Weed management technology at work in this man’s brain!