Germany captain, Philip Lahm, retires from national team

Philip Lahm

Lahm played 113 times for Germany.

Barely one week after returning victorious from the Brazil World Cup, Germany captain. Philip Lahm, has announced his retirement from international football.

The defender said he had been pondering the decision over the past season.

“I decided that the World Cup in Brazil would be my last tournament,” he was quoted as saying by German Bild newspaper as saying.

Lahm is reported to have told World Cup wining coach, Joachim Löw, of his decision to step down from international football on July 14, a day after Germany’s World Cup final victory.

The World Cup final was Lahm’s 113th international cap. His national team career spanned over 10 years and started in February 2004 in a 2-1 win against Croatia.

The victory in Brazil made him the fourth Germany captain after Fritz Walter (1954), Franz Beckenbauer (1974) and Lothar Matthäus (1990) to lift the trophy. But he is the only one to have lifted the trophy for a unified Germany.

The 30-year-old is expected to see out the rest of his playing career at German club, Bayern Munich. Lahm is captain of the record Bundesliga champions and has a contract until 2018.


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  • Citizen

    What a confused man. May God help your soul.

  • Lanre

    oh seem the PDP work is finish and you back as a pastor again……………well good news much of the $20B in still intact


    “…Guard your steps when you go to the house of God…”

    Aribisala quoted a passage from the Bible that makes reference to the ‘House of God’.

    What does Aribisala understand by house of God? Does he go to the house of God? Which house of God does he go? I have challenged Aribisala over the past three weeks to tell us his religious beliefs. He refused. Instead, he resorted to blackmail and use of “internet thugs” to try to intimidate me.
    The questions pending for Aribisala are:
    1. In what capacity is he writing? If he’s writing in the capacity of a Christian, can he please tell us more about his beliefs?
    2. Who is Jesus to Aribisala? A teacher? A prophet? Or a Saviour? If he’s a Saviour, what does he save Aribisala from?
    3.What is the difference between sacrifice and offering as they are used in the Books of Exodus and Leviticus?
    4.Who gave the laws regarding the sacrifices in Exodus and Leviticus? God or Satan?

    Aribisala uses what I called the SANDWICH METHOD to spread his un-coordinated heresies. I will use the method to analyse this confused writing of his to draw out the silly heresies he tries to spread by it. I read this a bit late.

    As I have told him repeatedly last week that until he tells us what he believes, he rains a SECRET CULT leader, so he is. His cult is that type that twists the Bible to win members.
    Again, Christians reading Aribisala should note that they are not reading a Christian and should be very careful.


    You see, Aribisala intentionally uses the word “sacrifice” in a scary manner in order to justify his anti-sacrifice teaching. When he speaks about Christ being sacrificed, he tends to mischievously give false and unpleasant picture of Jesus bound hands and feet, laid on an altar waiting for a knife to cut through his throat. The truth is that the sacrifice of Jesus is quite different from the picture Aribisala tries to conjure up in people mind.

    God ordained sacrifices to be made to him by man and there several Biblical references to support this. God Himself described who, how and when sacrifices to Him should be made and the items to be used. So sacrifices made outside of the pattern set by God are not of God. Humans were not among the items God chose for His sacrifice. While man repeatedly sacrificed animals and other items to God for his sins, God in His infinite mercy and wisdom, sacrificed or offered Jesus to take away the sins of man once and for all (Hebrews 10:12). We may not understand this; we may not believe it, but if we are wise, we should take it the way the Bible puts it. It is when we want to use our human sense or philosophy to under the scripture that we frequently fall into many traps such as the one Aribisala and his CULT group fell into. They have trapped themselves, though redeemably, in their own wisdom.

    Let us quickly look into some Biblical references:

    First, we read in Genesis that Abel made a sacrifice unto God and God accepted the sacrifice Genesis 4:3-4. Note that offering was used in Genesis. But Hebrews 11:4 use the word “sacrifice” as we can see below:

    “By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, through which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts; and through it he being dead still speaks.”

    If we believe Aribisala’s idea about God and sacrifice, it means God had accepted Abel’s sacrifice in error or the Bible lied about God. Neither God nor the Bible lied. Aribisala is the LIAR.

    We also read about Jacob pouring oil on a stone in reverence to God after an encounter in a dream. God did not rebuke Jacob for making an offering or sacrifice unto Him. Lastly, we read about the instruction of God to Adam to sacrifice his only son Isaac in Genesis 22:2. Why should God tell Abram to offer Isaac if God hated sacrifice? Was God tempting Abraham with sin?

    God established sacrament of sacrifice for atonement of sin and for other reasons in Exodus and Leviticus. God established three sacrifices in Exodus and Leviticus as follows: the sin offering to prepare access to God, the burnt offering to mark dedication of the priests to God’s service and the meat offering for thanksgiving. These offering or sacrifices must be performed in this order. The first offering must be made before the second and the second before the third. The issue of sin is so serious that God commanded a sin offering to made for both intentional and unintentional sins. By simple definition is disobedience to God. So, whether the act of disobedience is intentional or unintentional, the performer of the act is guilty and God requires an atonement (Number 15: 28).

    So the issue of sacrifice or offering is ordained by God. Why should God hate what He ordained?

    Aribisala, like all other heretics, do not allow God to teach them through the Bible. They always want to show they know more than God.

    God ordained animal sacrifice for atonement of sin because God demands that every sin must be paid for. However, the problem with this is that the sacrifice must be repeated. So, at the fullness of time, God decided to replace all the sacrifices with one sacrifice which is our Lord Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:26). God did not allow human sacrifice because there is no sinless human that could stand in the place of man. A sinner cannot offer another sinner for his sins. This is why God declared in the Bible that human sacrifice is unacceptable and an abomination in His sight. The sacrifice of Jesus is a different kind of sacrifice. The animal system of sacrifice for sins consisted of the priests literally and physically killing the sacrificial animal as instructed in the Bible. But God made Jesus to endure the equivalent of eternity in hell for those who believe in him. The Crucifixion of Christ on the Cross was the consummation of the plan of God to save man from punishment for his sins of disobedience to God. The pastors whom Aribisala criticises will face the judgement of God according to the merit of their deeds here on earth. Individuals will receive their rewards according to how they lived their lives.

    Where is Aribisala heresy in this writing? The SANDWICH METHOD he uses to teach heresy might have cleverly hidden it. The heresy is that JESUS WAS NOT SACRIFICED FOR ANYONE’S SINS. Here is it.

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    The heresy is where he said and I quote, “… A man who gives up what he hates does not make a sacrifice. A man who hates his life cannot sacrifice his life.”

    The simple logic in what Aribisala is saying is that, “A man who hates his life cannot sacrifice his life. Jesus hates his life so he could not have sacrificed it. Therefore, if Jesus did not sacrifice his life, HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A SACRIFICE FOR SIN!” This is the same heresy Aribisala has been spreading all along but was hiding it here. Although the error is not clearly stated, it can still have great effect on people reading it. Psychologists and heretics use subliminal messages to influence people.

    Heretics pick and choose from the Bible what they want. They don’t believe in the whole Bible. They tend to rely on their small and faulty reasoning to understand God. We cannot understand God by our mere reasoning. We need to listen to all of God’s words. We may not like it, it may not fit into our thought pattern, but the word of God remains the same for ever. Aribisala cannot change it. No other smaller or greater heretic can change it. Christians should be careful of Aribisala’s religious writing because he tries to think for God.

    ** Please note that I have been a recent victim of Aribisala’s lies and blackmail. Do not underrate his capacity for these vices.