Jobless first class Nigerian graduate takes to Twitter to beg for employment

Odufuwa Sola
Odufuwa Sola

In a rare move that underscores the dire unemployment situation in the country, a first class Nigerian graduate has taken to Twitter to openly beg people to help her get a job.

Odufuwa Sola, 22, from Ogun State, has remained jobless since she graduated in 2015 from Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State.

“I’m Odufuwa Sola, I’m a First Class Graduate of Physics with Electronics from Ajayi Crowther University,” she tweeted on Tuesday from her handle @MzKansola. “Kindly help me retweet. I need a Job.”

Ms. Sola did not just make a First Class but was the best graduating student in the university for that year with a 4.83 G.P.A. She had the honour of delivering a valedictory speech in the school.

Ms. Sola’s appeal for help has been retweeted more than 3,000 times by other Twitter users.

But that is just the best she has gotten for now as nobody has asked her to come over for a job interview.

Ms. Sola, who said she was amazed at the rate people retweeted her post, told PREMIUM TIMES she was inspired to resort to Twitter for help having seen other people with similar situation get help through the social media.

It’s common in Nigeria to see First Class graduates offered instant employment by the university in which they studied or the state they come from.

Ms. Sola said she has applied for employment at the Ajayi Crowther University, but that she was yet to get a reply from the school.

She has also submitted applications to several companies and organisations within the country.

“Most jobs I apply for are graduate trainee slots that are science-related,” Ms. Sola said, adding that she was not feeling sad at all that she has not been able to get a job.

“I know the situation of the country, though I didn’t expect it to take so long,” she said. “But I trust God.”

Also, she does not regret studying physics. She said she would do it again and again if she were to start her university education all over. “Physics is fun,” she said.

Ms. Sola’s dream is to work someday as a renewable energy analyst, she told PREMIUM TIMES.

Meanwhile, she has started learning tailoring at Ijebu-ode, Ogun State, where she resides, while waiting and hoping to be called up for a job interview soon.

“My family has been supportive, everyone around me is just wishing me the best and praying I get a job soon,” said Ms. Shola who lost her dad in 2015, few months to her graduation ceremony.

“My appeal to Nigerians is to help me get a job of my dream and passion. I know it’s not easy out there, but with the help of God, I know something good will happen soonest. Nigerians are good people, it’s just the situation we find ourselves in as a country,” she said.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the spokesperson of the Ajayi Crowther University, Alvan Ewuzie, he said that giving first class graduates instant employment in the university depended on the availability of space in the department where the student graduated from.

Mr. Ewuzie said he was aware that the vice chancellor of the university had offered employment recently to two first class graduates of the school.

The Head of Physics with Electronics department of the school, Christopher Olowokere, told this newspaper that he was aware of Ms. Sola’s situation.

“The vice chancellor is interested in hiring first class materials, but for now there is no opening in the school.

“She needs to be patient. She could find a secondary school where she could teach for now,” Mr. Olowokere said.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate has been on a steady increase in the past few years. It rose to 14.2 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to a recent data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS.


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  • Riot50000

    Yoruba thinks they are hurting only IGBOS by supporting USELESS PARASITIC northern ANIMALS in holding Nigeria hostage.
    MINDLESS cowards.

    • Anasieze Donatus

      When you had GEJ what did the igbo gain

    • Idowu S Famuyiwa

      Very unfortunate for unreasonable people to call others names like MINDLESS cowards. These idiots, according to history were and are not properly brought up. History had it they kicked their fathers when awaking them. They call others bad names and you name it. Factually, and the opposite is true and they are real typical beasts, period.

    • Col. Maryam

      Comment unrelated to the issue at hand is unacceptable.
      My heart goes out to this young woman. If truly Idowu S. Famuyiwa can be of help to her, then I will always be grateful to him. I AM NOT FROM THE SW, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

      • Riot50000

        You do not have a CLUE, do you?
        I don’t care where you are from, reading and comprehension does not seem to be part of your forte.


    If she can write, let her contact me for a job with a national magazine as science and technology correspondent at a starting salary of 80k monthly. She should call 08036468818 for a test.

  • Idowu S Famuyiwa

    How can Sola Odufuwa be reached. She needs further education especially in her chosen fields. She also contact me to ascertain her intents: Thank you.

    • Pwankit Goshit

      Thanks for being of help at this point of her needs. God’s blessings to you always

  • Four

    How did we end up thinking A JOB is the ultimate goal of an education???
    Why can’t she start something on her own? Before you say she needs CAPITAL, she can even start selling Idomie, Chips & Eggs!!!
    She can become an ENTREPRENEUR with as little as N20,000!

  • LadyRosely

    Lady get a mentor!! You’re not jobless. Not with excellence in you!! You’ve done great to speak out

  • FrNinja

    She is jobless but third class sons and daughters of politicians and the elite are working in federal ministries and at the CBN.

  • Adm. Uche HENRY ~ACIA

    Instead of proferring solutions for the ‘Quality graduates’ in Nigeria,, some persons remained trolls. Howbeit, GOD will show Mercy to whom He WILL!!! my sister, I pray the LORD leads you. I was in this situation before. But GOD reversed the evil status and picked me up. Just TRUST & OBEY HIM.

  • Karchy Phoebe Madu

    Now this is where the government needs to come in. A first class brain of Physics and Electronics in search of a job? This is just really sad. *sighs. This is so funny how first class materials are unemployed, and the graduates of third class and pass, occupying the wrong positions. Yet they complain about the backwardness of this nation. It is quite unfortunate that after a student is being trained here in Nigeria, and comes out with not just a certificate but a first class degree, finds it hard in getting the job worth the degree. However in search for job, decides to go out of the country. Using their brain to add to the growth and development of that country. I guess I’m not surprised the statement made that if some Nigerians were to be deported from the United States, there would be a great shake.
    Imagine the University, trying their best to provide jobs for at least the first class graduates of each year, to avoid them job hunting with that certificate. But how long would they continue to provide jobs for them every year? Would they sack the already experienced lecturers on ground to employ them?
    Really I feel the government should start acting on this issue, so as not to discourage those of us in our final year in the University.

  • Enemona

    Let’s say the truth, it’s not that she hasn’t found a job but she hasn’t found her dream job. She’s keen on working in science. With this, she’ll wait for a long time.

    How many Nigerians are doing their dream jobs?