Most Cubans originated from Yorubaland – Ambassador

Photo: Carribean360

The Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Sosa, has said that the Ooni of Ife is the spiritual father of most Cubans all over the world.

Mr. Sosa spoke Tuesday while hosting Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, at the embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Abuja.

“‎Ooni is the Spiritual father of most of us Cubans all over the world because 90 percent of Cubans are black Africans and a very large portion of us originated from Yorubaland which is spiritually headed by Ooni of Ife,” said Mr. Sosa.

Mr. Sosa said the Cubans originated from Ile-Ife, a town they call their ancestral home and which they cannot wish away.

The High Commissioner spoke of the tourism potentials of Nigeria, particularly in Ile Ife, describing the ancient town as home to numerous tourist attractions, which he said if developed to international standards, would help Nigeria economically.

‎The coordinator of the event and Chief Executive Officer of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lagos, Wale Akinboboye, called on Nigerian investors to join hands with the federal government in developing tourism potentials as a way of attracting more foreigners to the country.

Sally Mbanefo,‎ the Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, said the Nigerian government would give credence to tourism business in the country, adding that tourism was Nigeria’s untapped goldmine.

“The first thing is to diversify the economy, then the Public Private Participation be encouraged; we need to fight for domestic tourism, we have the population as our greatest strength,” Mrs. Mbanefo said.

“If 20 million out of 170 million Nigerians travel to explore tourism activities, will that not translate to huge revenue generation because you can’t stop Nigerians from traveling.”

“What about private organization such as telecomm companies, they make so much money but are they giving back to the society? Government cannot do it alone, they need to come in.

“Though some of these states are ready like Lagos, Ogun, Nassarawa, Abia, even Kaduna state are all ready to go. Collaboration is all we need; collaboration with other government agencies success.”


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  • Otile

    Babalowo nla Enitan Ogunwusi is not the spiritual leader of Yorubas, Alimighty God is. Sosa is a pagan coming to smooch with Babalowo Ogunwusi to receive some crumbs from Nigeria. The pagans know that a Yoruba man is the vice president of Nigeria hence they are creeping in from all corners. Awon creeps.

    • Prophet

      There are topics you should stay away from!

    • tundemash

      Otile Shekau,
      Stop displaying amazing stup1dity online just because you are desperate to earn your pay today.
      It is like saying Pope isn’t the spiritual leader of Catholics but God Almighty is. Did Ooni tell you he is in contention with God ? Olodo !

      • Julius

        lolz. Olori buruku omo ale ni jare.

        • David

          E Fi sile, Sule ni omo iya kan na ni ohun ati ode

          • Julius

            Ose jare.

    • Julius

      Why dont you talk about where your ancestors came from, CONGO !!

      • PolyGon2013

        Otile’s ancestors originated from Nebucadnezzar.

        • Julius

          lolz. No wonder he is a faggot !!

      • Dro

        Cubans have many ancestors, not just Yoruba. Congo was first and the strongest presence for those who don’t know. But many Cubans descend from Yoruba because they were the latter group to arrive and came in higher numbers. Then there are Carabli’s (Efik, Efo) and then Dahomey’s (Fon, Ewe) and then Ganga Longoba. To say most Cubans descend from Yoruba is not entirely accurate, but the gist of it is what matters. Spiritually, most Cubans who are not straight up Catholic are practicing Lukumi/Ocha, so Yorubaland holds a high importance.

    • Bambam

      You are a Bantu..all Ibos as well as your fellow Bantus in Cameroon..Congo..South Africa..Zimbabwe..The Yorubas are clear about their history either through myths or historical origins just like the Cubans are too..

      Its a pity the Binis are still playing childish politics about their origin..and only have myths of Ogiso sky kings to prove their origination..that is unacceptable in historical must have both myths and historical origins..with the latter more acceptable..the Yorubas have both..the Cubans have the latter!!

  • Sir Demo

    The last time Oonirisa Sijuwade visited Cuba when Fidel Castro was in power, it rained after a very biting drought. This was testified to by Castro himself. Na im one common chief from a tiny tribe come dey yab nonsense.

    • The oneNigeria

      You Oni of Ife is a little kid compare to our Oba the first son of his father . Oba is selected by God while Oni of Ife is selected by men .

      • emmanuel anizoba

        Wow! Which God are you talking about? Because the word “God ” has different meanings for different people. Cheers!

        • The oneNigeria

          God ! The one who chooses kings among men !

          • emmanuel anizoba

            Please instruct me on how to recognise your ” God “, which chooses kings among men . I recall the Bible fable of how the Hebrew God took a walk in the Garden of Eden and discovered naked Adam and Eve who had just shared a forbidden fruit. Maybe your God strolls into your village to choose your kings or something? Cheers!

          • The oneNigeria

            The same Hebrew God is known as Yaweh in Hebrew but in my language HE is called Osalubua , the king of kings . Our God has got different names in different tongues and climes but do not be mistaken , He is the Ancient of ages , the king of kings , the rock of ages who is as constant as the northern star!

    • David

      Don’t mind them jare! I wonder if they know where their name originated from, Ile- ibinu. Let them go online YouTube where an Edo man spent all his life tracing their history and the role of Yorubas with facts.


    I doubt if religion would allow tourism grow up Nigeria.
    I most places where tourism strive, tourists don’t visit churches and mosques but ancient monuments, materials and collection which Nigerians ha jettisoned, discarded ,forgotten and tagged as satanic only for them to follow their Jesus and mohammed to Israel and Saudi.

  • Sir Louis

    The Cuban envoy was just being nice to the Ooni. He has no information, historically to back his sentiment.

    • PolyGon2013

      You are probably right, but a lot of deities worshipped in Cuba originated from Yoruba: Sango, Obatala, etc.

    • aijimere

      Mr. Okoroma,
      Yoruba religion is growing in Cuba and other Caribbean countries. They speak an archaic Yoruba in Trinidad and Tobago, as in some parts of Brazil. If you care to educate yourself you will read how Wole Soyinka wrote in his “You Must Set Forth At Dawn” how he went to Jamaican to confirm the existence of an Egba (Yoruba) enclave in case he has to die in exile during the Abacha era. In the United States of America, there is Oyo-Ile, a liveing monument of some Black Americans to recreate Oyo-Ile, the capital of the Yoruba empire before it was smashed by the Fulani Jihad. Sadly, the descendants of African slaves in American have much ,ore extensive historical memory that the Nigerians where History has become an outlawed subject. There is also the complication that many of the people now grouped together as Nigerians, such as the Okoros and Okoromas, had not even reached the stage of keeping historical memory when they were dragged into ‘Nigeria’ by the British. Colonialism met Afrcan groups at different states of dvelopment. But as the Yoruba say, “Ojo ale lo da eiyele po mo adie (I’ts the midnight storm that has led to the confusion of hens with pigeons”. Even those who claimed to be republicans now want to establish bastard kingships in Yorubaland

    • tundemash

      Please give us your own narrative then or you also have no “information, historically to back” your fabrication ?