I’m ready for Buhari if he comes after me – Fayose

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

The governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose, has dared President Muhammadu Buhari to arrest him.

Mr. Fayose said Mr. Buhari is a dictator.

“They say he (Buhari) is coming after me, I am ready,” Mr. Fayose said, Friday, during an interview on The Osasu Show which was broadcast on AIT.

Mr. Fayose in the interview made reference to the Holy Bible – Hebrew 13: 6 – and said “it is very clear that because we have God, we fear not what men will do to us”.

The governor, who is one of the fiercest critics of Mr. Buhari, said everybody can’t belong to the same political party, and that he was entitled to his view. “You can’t silence everyone,” he said.

The Ekiti governor in the interview questioned the capacity of Mr. Buhari to solve Nigeria’s economic crisis.

He said Mr. Buhari was “still in an analogue stage”, and that the president was clueless on the nation’s economy.

“I am saying it expressly, (that) the president does not understand the economy,” said Governor Fayose.

“If you understand the economy you can do everything simultaneously without rocking the boat.

“You go out telling the whole world that your country is corrupt, you destroy all your people, and you expect them (foreigners) to do business with your people?

“That is not how to operate,” said Mr. Fayose.

The Ekiti governor insisted that President Buhari’s war against corruption was selective and political.

He said, “When (former Nigerian president) Obasanjo left prison, did he declare his assets?

“The library Obasanjo has today, where did the money come from? His house in Abeokuta, where did the money come from?

“Even Buhari himself declared cattle and mud houses. He said he doesn’t have money. From where did the (presidential) campaign money come from?”

Mr. Fayose said Nigerian leaders weren’t committed to the idea of diversifying the country’s economy.

“Each of them looks forward to another election rather than look forward to the future of the country,” he said.

The governor also identified lack of electricity power and other infrastructure, including lack of capital, as the major factors against economic diversification in Nigeria.

“If I want to diversify, for instance, the money I got for last month was N1.3 billion. And my wage bill is N2.6 billion, aside security, electricity, water and basic essential services to the people.

“Do I use this money for diversification at the expense of the people?

“No I can`t!

“So, it is an uphill task. It is not impossible, but it an uphill task.

“My first counsel to the federal government is that they should stop the noise about corruption, and face this economy.

“They should be sincere more about the economy than playing to the gallery,” Governor Fayose said.

The governor advised the federal government to make agriculture attractive to farmers all over the country.


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  • ijelejames

    Lunatic Fayose, see a psychiatrist.

  • Smarty

    I thought the elections were over. Are they asking you to join APC or is this the style you want to use to join them. Mr governor shut up and stop behaving like a mad man. Don’t you have enough issues to deal with in Ekiti, instead of shouting at the top of your voice everyday. Drunk man.

    • alalibo2

      Most times, when a man takes to this route, he might be guilty of something.he might be doing all this to hide something which will be exposed one day.

      • olujeda

        He’s massively stealing Ekiti State, building hotel in Dubai. His brother, I understand has just finished renovating the N200m newly build Govt House. He’s hiding something that’s why he’s creating anarchy in his state and ranting in the media to divert attention from him

    • Julius

      His he simply an ass-hole !

  • Reason-ability

    Poor proud Yorubas to be disgraced daily by this loony tune and from Ekiti State at that. Poor poor us.

    • delta K

      Yoruba coward foolani slave

  • bjay

    Fayose face your state economic policy and let buhari be, your pdp put nigeria into this problem.

    • alalibo2

      Please tell this governor that talks like a parrot dissipating all his energy on Buhari. The Buhari he is lambasting has not replied him. When a man talks to much like this , he has lost direction. Let this Fayose that knows too much unlish it in Ekiti state.

  • The truth will set you free

    Mr Fayose, I have never heard Buhari mention you by name or refer to you in conversation.
    You insult him
    You hound him
    You call him names
    You stalk him
    Yet you claim he is the one after you? You are suffering form a clear case of Buhari psychosis

    • Julius

      He is a mental case. The tout is unstable !. You are absolutely correct, Buhari has never mention his name.Unbelievable that nobody can talk to him to stop this nonsense. The guilty will always be restless and thats what he is going thru.

    • Ritchie

      He is afraid of his own shadow. He knows deep within himself dt sooner, the pages of the fight against looters will be turned to his personal chapter. Thats why he needs to make all the noise now to make it look as if Buhari is fighting him because of his loquacious and leaking mouth

  • Julius

    Somebody should tell this tout that he can generate income for his state instead of begging/ complaining about how much the Federal government gave to him. What a pity that a man of his character will be a governor of a state. Dont worry, Buhari will let you know when he is coming for you.

  • Holy truth

    Fowlyose, u are in no way near anything buhari is thinking of let alone coming 4 u. I had said it b4 dat ur criminal game plans has been punctured b4 u hatch dem. U will only be called on to answer ur case. Ur game plans of saying buhari is after u bcos u attacking his personality, his regime& anything about buhari has been ripped open b4 u hatch dem.
    U are a small fry, trust me small fry dat’s what u are. Ur careless utterances always proof how lowest of d lows u are.

    • Omoagunmate

      He is a scumbag

  • favourtalk

    Nigeria is getting better and I am very sure that not a single element from this open mouth governor has really helped the nation. He need his doctor and those that usually caged him to survive, I trust the president, he will not answer him for once

  • Prophet

    A moron has an IQ between 51 and 70
    An imbecile has an IQ between 26 and 50
    An id1ot has an IQ of between 0 to 25

    Guess where Fayose fits in.

    • John

      Your guess is as good as mine…

    • Basketmouth

      He is a cross between moronic and idiocy

    • Abilingo

      0 to 0.because he does not fit any number.The people that said they need to go for mental check up before handling any office appointment are right.

  • Jacky

    It’s quite unfortunate that at any slightest encounter with pressmen, and without prompting, Gov Fayose will fly into wild rage and start heaping barrage of insults and abuses on President Buhari. Well, Fayose might think that he is indispensable but “everyday for the thief, one day for the owner”. Last time I checked; Buhari never forgives easily; if he ever forgives at all.

  • 24087

    I think every rational mind without sentiments should examine the message not the messanger . Government withiut critics cannot do well ,rather be allowed to speak. Am sure from every perceived wrong words from people , their are good in it. PMB should carefully look at all his critics virews and see areas he needs amendment. As the traditional ways in nigeria most comments i read this days on our social media platforms are tribal /regional sentiments. it shows how many of our youths have become tools in hands of politicians, after electiins they are forgoten.We should keep all politicians on their toles, so they can work. Constantly remind them of their duties because ,thsts essence of service,not to be served.Bcos what we see today ,immediately they get into power , their song changes. We all saw how pple praised previous gov’t even when certain things were going wrong. We should say it the way we see it. Nigeria belongs to all, not tribes.

    • olujeda

      The present revelations on looted public treasury should convince any sane person that the country needs detour. Nigeria cannot continue as it was under pdp govt and to detour the past must be visited with a view to correcting and sanctioning the looters. President Buhari is still on good course to better the nation . Fayose will continue to rant until he’s cut in his present hide and seek game. He cannot go unpunished, quote me

  • John

    This man called fayose has completely gone mad, and it beats my imagination how people (Ekiti) known world over as highly educated could allow this uncultured and criminal minded individual be their governor, I still can’t under how????

    • Abilingo

      GOD WILL BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!!! I asked myself same question when he speaks.


    This Fayose guy is good for the country. He is a true, courageous democrat, a patriot, and a progressive. I approve him to speak for the opposition.

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar eclub,
      Keep deluding yourself. Boko Haram just took control of your PDPig party and u are here glorifying another lunatic.


        Boko Haram is in Aso Rock, why not in PDP too?

        It’s a good move.

        • tundemash

          Mr. Career Liar,
          Your next assignment by your Chairman would be to ship you to Sambisa to shore up the depleting forces of Boko Haram.

          • AFRICANER

            You fight fire with fire. Ojo por ojo!
            PDP can’t have gentlemen fighting tyranny. They need people like this new chairman, until the country goes back to civility.

          • tundemash

            Yeah right, a leopard can’t give birth to a lion cub. Finally the military wing of your party, Boko Haram , finally took over the political arm. Prepare for next assignment in Sambisa forest Mr. terrorist.

          • AFRICANER

            You are actually Boko Haram proper.

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar, I know u are disillusioned since March 28th and your hope finally dimmed when Alhaji Boko Haram took over PDP Chairmanship yesterday. It’s countdown for you as Alhaji Boko Haram would certainly send u and other e-rats to Sambisa forest to support your Boko Haram colleagues since your propaganda machine online isn’t really having the desired effect.

          • AFRICANER

            Hey Mash, I have actually given up on Nigerians; I could not in a million years envision Nigerians being so dumb as to be fooled like this by Chad, APC, and their candidates. It’s astonishing.

            As it is now, no matter which party is in power, PDP or APC, they are both satellite proxies of the Chadian ruler. Nigeria is now a puppet of Chad. Chad is Boko Haram. Both parties are boko haram.

            You don’t know my positions, you are too brain-dead to figure it out. I support no one individual, or no political party. I’m just a guy after Truth and Justice.

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar, it is now reality is overtaking your fantasy having failed to push your propaganda here after changing . You are just a noisy sore loser. You can’t run away from the responsibility you signed up with PDPigs just when it is becoming clear they would deploy you to Sambisa to join your Boko Haram colleagues. Soon your PDPigs will announce Shekau as their spokesman to cpmplete the janwajeed take over!
            Oloshi, who claimed he’s after truth and justice, but see nothing wrong and wail when those who stole his destiny in the last 16 years are being asked to account for their crime. Truth and Justice my black a&&!

    • Rommel

      Yes even Abubakar Shekau will be good for you,after all your party’s new chairman is a confirmed leader of Boko Haram

    • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

      he is not interested in the country,just his personal well-being …………..all the shouting is in anticipation of evil coming his way …………..

  • ojays

    Mr governor you should make agriculture attractive to these graduate okada riders in your state. Fayemi started it you have completely neglected it. Its not only the president who can do this. By the way what have you done since coming back.

  • Angry Niaja

    Fayose is a drug addict, period, that’s the only sane explanation to his madness. I am sure even his family are ashamed of him, remember it was this same guy that came on air and admitted that he’s aged mother wears pampers, is that a sane person, definetly not.

  • Burbank

    Fayose of the Boko Haram financier Ali Modu Sheriff PDP, looking forward to his time in Kuje for massive fraud against the Ekiti people.

  • owhonda

    See tension o. Fayode they fear

  • tundemash

    Attention seeker, when it is your turn, you will answer for your crimes so don’t be in a hurry!


    fayose is right , keep on telling them the truth .
    buhari is big time illiterate that don’t know what is the meaning of economic downfall and they preaching change what change, mutru ndama

  • Dr.Dan

    I’m not a fan of this man but I have noticed that his predictions of 2016 have mostly come true. His predictions are even more accurate that the predictions of our “men of God” . He predicted that $ will exchange at #350. This is just February and $ is exchanging at #345 at the parallel market.

    • tundemash

      Yeah right Mr. native doctor. .fayose is the next Jesus after the Clw0n Prince of Otuoke. What brand do you smoke ?

    • Rommel

      So now black market is the official exchange rate?

    • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

      he could “predict” that because he was part of the looting ……………..$37 MILLION for his re-election alone,directly stolen from the cbn vaults ……….. the foundation for the present exchange rates was laid 6 years ago the moment that thieving crook called fortunato ebele took over governance …………………….. if $37m went to fayose alone,which he hasn’t denied,how much trickled thru’ the system to others in raw cash considering the amount nigeria made from crude oil over the years and we do not have a penny now………………..

    • Bloke

      nonsense what does Fayose know about economics?an ordinary OND graduate of ibadan poly.All currencies that grew on crude oil are falling,Russia,Venezuela,Angola,Nigeria and the rest except those that has sufficient reserve which they are using presently to support local currency.No magician can help the Naira it will continue to fall until crude oil price rebound and we painstakingly save and build our reserve to near 100B dollars,then the Naira will stabilize at #300 to a dollar if we are so lucky .Developing non oil sector if we start now the gains will start trickling in maybe 5 years time.

  • javscong javscong

    All of Fayose’s bravado will come to nothing when he is finally picked up and made to face the courts. The man is a coward who when “the chips are down” will jump over fences to escape just as he did when OBJ went for him. This time around, we will have him very well tethered- hand cuffs and leg chains!!!!!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    He’s so frightened he can’t shut his mouth. Shouting and making a scene aren’t going to prevent, or escalate charges being brought against him. He’s probably the easiest to convict. The whole country heard the recording. Everyone knows he attacked a court. I’m surprised he’s still out running around.

  • JSA1


  • Angry Niaja

    Yea, mad man Fayose, just the same thing Dasuki said before he was arrested, now he is asking the courts to quash his conviction. Don’t worry it will get to your turn, then you can have your day in court

  • Ritchie

    Empty barrels make the loudest noise. He is blabs easily without thinking “Fayose said Nigerian leaders weren’t committed to the idea of diversifying the country’s economy” Is he a Liberian leader, or Kenyan leader? He is shouting diversification, yet he wants to use arable farmlands for airstrip that is of no economic value to Ekiti people. mtchew.

  • Ritchie

    Does he thinks Buhari has no other jobs than chasing noisemakers like him around? In the words of Obama to Trump “Being a President is serious job. It’s not hosting a talk show or a reality show” Fayose shld know also that the job of a Governor of a state is a serious business. It isnt noise-making or rabble rousing or granting frivolous interviews.It also isnt buck passing, nor defending the looters of our common patrimony. It is using limited resources to meet the needs of the people.

  • A Aminu

    Fayose is a disgrace to the Yoruba race.

  • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

    It’s hope that Foyose hasn’t forgot how Nigeria was tagged”fantastically corrupt Nation” by British Prime Minister. He Foyose should also tell the world sustainable economic plan and foundation he laid in Ekiti state