Arresting ex-PDP secretary could lead to anarchy – Ekiti APC

Temitope Aluko Photo: PointBlank News

The All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State has cautioned against the planned arrest of the former secretary of the People’s Democratic Party in the state, Tope Aluko, warning that his arrest could degenerate into a breakdown of law and order.

A magistrate ordered Mr. Aluko’s arrest after he publicly admitted lying under oath.

Mr. Aluko had claimed on television that the election of Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, was rigged, months after he testified in court that the same poll was free and fair.

The APC’s publicity secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, said in a statement on Thursday that Mr. Fayose, had assumed the role of a judge in his own case.

He said it was regrettable that the court was so much in a hurry to grant a warrant of arrest requested by Mr. Fayose who once stormed the court with thugs to assault a presiding judge sitting over his own alleged perjury case.

“The impression being created by the court that Governor Fayose is a law unto himself or that he has the court in his pocket, is worrisome against the backdrop of the prostrate attitude of the court when the same man that is slamming a perjury case against an official of his own party stormed the court with thugs to sack the court sitting over his own perjury case,” Mr. Olatunbosun said.

“In that instance, Fayose led thugs to sack the court and beat up a judge, tearing his coat before heading to the Chief Judge’s office to tear into shreds court records in his office and then beat up the Chief Judge’s secretary.

“We are worried that the court that went to sleep during that national embarrassment suddenly became alive to deliver a ruling on a warrant of arrest request against the governor’s opponent within minutes, even though the same court was handicapped when the temple of justice was sacked by the same man now in need of court’s protection from investigation into the treasonable offence that brought him to power.”

Mr. Olatunbosun noted that the haste with which the court came to the aid of the governor was provocative, saying the impression was that Mr. Fayose’s bid to block transparency and truth in the investigation of the election fraud in the state was being backed by the judiciary’s assistance to hound Aluko into jail to prevent him from further expose on the election fraud.

“We would have expected the court to ask for the evidence of perjury in what Aluko said on Channels television because to our knowledge, he did not speak on oath on the television programme,” he argued.

“Conversely, if it is on the basis of Aluko’s testimony at the tribunal where he swore on oath that he is being hounded for arrest, we can then assume that his testimony at the tribunal is not true and so he must face a perjury case.

“Even though we know that the problem between Fayose and Aluko is purely an internal problem of PDP, it is nevertheless an attempt to cover the truth in the investigation of the election crime that deprived our candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi, a victory in the June 21, 2014 governorship election.”

He noted that APC would resist any attempt to block transparent investigation of the election fraud, contending that if Aluko must be investigated for perjury, then other PDP members that testified at the tribunal, including the governor, must submit themselves to the charge of perjury since they presented the same evidence at the tribunal.

“Attempt to arrest Aluko while leaving out other people that presented same evidence at the tribunal appearances will be considered as a witch hunt being encouraged by the court to hound Aluko into jail to block transparency in the investigation of Ekiti poll fraud that brought Fayose to power.

“We hereby sound a note of warning that never shall we allow Fayose a free reign as he did when he was using thugs to commit illegality, including hounding 19 APC lawmakers out of Ekiti State for six months and the judiciary closed the courtrooms for months to deny APC that had several cases in courts justice.

“Our party will respond with equal measure if any attempt is being promoted to block transparency in the investigation of the crime that denied our candidate a deserved victory while the man at the centre of criminally using the military and illegal printing of INEC materials to win election is being unduly protected by the same court that could not defend itself when Fayose spat at the wigs and gowns and desecrated the entire temple of justice.”


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The Aluko chump should be tried for perjury even though MuhamMADu Buhari is guilty of the same offence.

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,
      The perjury is that Tope Aluko lied on oath at the election tribunal and has now told the truth on national tv and must be tried for it. The question is what happens to his accomplices (Ole Fayose, Koro, Omisore and co) in the crime he confessed to?

      • Davido


        The law of perjury does not reopen a finally decided court case. It rather punishes the perjurer

        who misled the court to error. Ayo Fayose will remain governor whilst Tope Aluko is taken away.

        • tundemash

          What section of the law states that or is it just your own fantasy ? Someone has just confessed to a crime against the state and u are here advocating he and his accomplices should be left off because the case had been determined based on false evidences ?

      • omo lagos

        You missed the point, that Mr Aluko made a confession that he rigged the election doesn’t invalidate the election. Order wise when any person loses an election, he will give Aluko some change and he will allege he rigged the election in favor of the winner and the election will be nullified. The election has come and gone, so people should move on

        • tundemash

          You missed the point. The perjury was he lied on oath and where did he lie on oath? It was at the election tribunal where he misled the court to think the election was NOT rigged.
          Election has come and gone you claimed ? So if an armed robber come to your house, raped your wife and killed your son but caught months later, you will claim the raping and kiling has come and gone, he should be left off ? Why are u not advocating that Tope Aluko should be left off since the perjury is gone and the case is decided anyway ? You see how shallow your argument is ?

    • Mal. Musa

      Just wait for the investigation report. They are criminal offences against election tribunal. Criminal offences are not the same with election matters. Both Fayose and Aluko may be guilty of criminal offence of misleading the court in legalizing the ekiti gate saga. Nawa o for PDP AND GEJ’S CLUELESS ERA. Fraud and corruption tends to be legalize in gej’s era.Thank God there is change.

  • C. Oluchi

    APC is a useless party of irresponsible liars. The APc will steal more than the PDP.
    My mother told me this thing, that a liar is always a thief. From Wasc/Cambridge to
    how much EFCC has recovered, the APC has lied all the way. Now see the APC!

    They are saying that a recant on Channels television of a court statement made
    by their member – Tope Aluko – is not perjury because he did not swear on oath
    in Channels Television that he was telling the truth there.

    I have not seen a worse
    collection of mentally degraded liars and useless people like the APC creatures.
    So the APC is proud to say their member was only lying to recant his past sworn
    statement made in court before a High Court Judge? APC is a total mess of a party.

    • Mal. Musa

      Small boy, i invite your mother to joint us. APC is too great to joint issue with you after all it is your mother who taught you this stupidity. Yes i want to see your mother.

      • Netanyahu

        I thought you have 4 wives already? Awusa and ashawo, even with so many wives would also want to die through suicide bombings to go inherit another 7 virgins. Haba!

  • Diji Esquire

    @Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya:disqus

    You are so right. Tope Aluko is deemed in law as making a confession on national television that he lied on oath.
    The punishment for telling lies on oath is 7 years imprisonment. Ayo Fayose is 100% correct to uphold the law.
    Tope Aluko must face trial to preserve the dignity of Nigeria’s judicial system and sentenced to prison by law.

    • tundemash

      Fake Esquire, so what happens about the election that Tope Aluko lied on oath to defend and has now told the truth on national TV ???????

      • B. Umole




  • Diji


    You are so right. Tope Aluko is deemed in law as making a confession on national television that he lied on oath.
    The punishment for telling lies on oath is 7 years imprisonment. Ayo Fayose is 100% correct to uphold the law.

    • tundemash

      Fake Esquire, so what happens about the election that Tope Aluko lied on oath to defend and has now told the truth on national TV ???????
      What happens to his accomplices in the crime he has not confessed to ?? In which climate does a criminal uphold the law ?

      • Davido


        The law of perjury does not reopen a finally decided court case. It rather punishes the perjurer

        who misled the court to error. Ayo Fayose will remain governor whilst Tope Aluko is taken away.

        • aisha ani

          Double jeopardy.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Not in this case, Sis.

            If APC were more savvy, it would push for the matter to reach a conclusion ie prove that Mr. Aluko did perjure himself at the Supreme Court and once this is achieved, reapproach the same Court to review its own judgement based in new revelations.

            There is a case law in existence to support it.

          • Paul Graham

            Points and authority please?

          • Paul Graham

            I concur that the Court can set aside its ruling or judgement provided that such decision was obtained by fraud and the Court was misled in delivering the said judgement or ruling!

          • joe

            Evetybody is a lawyer on this forum. Lotsa BS are being thrown around! Do you actuaĺly know the meaning of that term?

          • Paul Graham

            Joe you don’t have to be a lawyer to know the issues involved although that helps. If you have ever defended yourself in Court, you will be expected to support your argument with points and authorities!

          • Paul Graham

            Members of a jury are ordinary folks like you and i!

        • tundemash

          Can you quote that section of the law please or is this an assumption?

        • kevenreal

          Taken away in handcuffs! Good stuff! hahahahaa

    • na me biko!



    • Igwe Isi Ewu

      arrest based on second hand statements

    • Arabakpura

      He appeared at the tribunal as PDP secretary and not as Aluko! In that case he was standing in for PDP and not for himself! Now, he has stood in for himself!
      He carried out the instructions given to him by the PDP!

  • GbemigaO

    I just don’t understand this APC people. They will be worst than Jonathan!

    • Sean

      Go learn how write and speak English and most importantly ability to reason effectively

      • GbemigaO

        Lol. – Sean and tunde mash . It was iPhone auto correct. My mistake however . But for you two to be so rude shows the kind of education and upbringing your parents gave you and I pity this country for what we are producing – people that cannot even comment in public forum and has no discerning mind without abusing others they do not even know. Everyone is entitled to his / her opinion and it is for you to state yours. If you do not like what I have written , you are not under any compelling forces to read or respond to it. Terrible upbringing !

    • tundemash

      You are a perfect example of PDP’s 16 years of misrule. They couldn’t even educate you to write just two statements of correct English! You should worry more about the lost 16 years of your life.

      • The facts

        During those 16 years at least you were educated enough to know how to use internet. You were even free to express your opinion unlike when Buhari was a junta in 1983-85.

        • tundemash

          Kid, since you don’t know, everyone is a govt. in Nigeria in the last 16 years; from self provision of education to water, light , road and security. Dunce, every military govt rules by decree, it is not peculiar to Nigeria alone.

          • The facts

            So you believe a decree stopping people from expressing their opinions is good for any society?

          • tundemash

            Is that your interpretation ? What a d@ft !

    • joe

      It is humanly Impossible to be “worst” than jonathan 🙂

  • Igwe Isi Ewu

    This may be the the shortcut to remove Fayose from office that Ekiti people have been waiting for.
    A few days ago, Fayose wanted Aluko arrested. Today, a judge issued a warrant.
    Prove the judge is acting directly under Fayose’s command and impeach the son of a biatch!

    • Mike udi

      Aluko as a witness in election case testified that the election was free and fair and that no violent or any related offences. He did that under oat and that is undisputable perjury.
      Go and read ur constitution.

      • Igwe

        The court heard the statement Aluko made under oath. The comment he made out of court does not exist as far as the court is concerned.
        In order for Aluko to be guilty of perjury, both his previous and current comments MUST be made under oath and in a court of law.
        His most recent statement is nothing but protected speech.

        Now look who need to go and read the constitution.

        • Onike24

          God bless you! I was confused initially, wondering Aluko made two different statements under Oath! More worrying is the fact that the police has not arrested him for being an accomplice to a crime.

    • The facts

      Which Ekiti people wanted to impeach Fayose? Have you ever even been to Ekiti? I doubt it whether you can even locate Ekiti on the map. By the way, you don’t know what perjury is because Buhari is still in office. In a sane climate Buhari should be in courts by now answering why he perjured by saying that his certificates were with the military despite knowing that they were not with the military.

  • Igwe Isi Ewu

    This Judge’s days in office are numbered. Somebody should ask Fayose and his moronic judge if they know what perjury means. After that, let them explain how Aluko committed the offense perjury.

    For their information, Perjury is lying under OATH in a COURT OF LAW.

    If they agree with the above definition of perjury, We put it forward that when Aluko made the offending statement, he was neither under oath nor in a court of law.

    The fact that this judge sought out to illegally deprive a citizen his freedom by issuing an unjustifiable arrest warrant for Aluko means he is either unaware of the law of the land, or he is indeed in Governor Fayose’s pocket. In any case, he is unfit to hold his office. Furthermore, he has committed a crime and EFCC should immediately bring him in for questioning.

    • kevenreal

      I know you’re not Igbo or Igwe. You sound more like typical APC supporter with below average IQ level.

      • Julius

        Why are you trying to debase the Ibos ? Are you telling us that Ibos cant think for themselves ? You trying to tell us they have a horde mentality ?

    • Julius

      So true. I laughed when I read yesterday about the call for Aluko arrest. The man was on tv spewing what he said he knew happened. NOT UNDER OATH ! . How da hell they gonna use that to arrest him for perjury ? Its funny as hell

  • IG


  • justification

    every one in APC is saying that fayose rig ekiti election, but non of them has explicitly prove the modalities and terminologies used by fayose to physically rig the election.

    • Julius

      You are a moron that should not be allowed to comment in public.

  • NinjaK

    APC Jokers!
    Since when did APC suddenly start realising that the arrest of a rather unknown PDP Secretary can lead to anarchy?
    Media-oriented idi@ts!!!

  • Omole

    In my opinion, i think Gov FAYOSE should privately seek 4givness from God, beg d PEOPLE of Ekiti State, then resign from that Office! He denied Ekiti state from being engineered into a viable state. Kayode Fayemi was makin progress in d RIGHT direction when GOODLUCK & FAYOSE fraudulently collaborated to carry out electoral FRAUD against the DEVELOPMENT of Ekiti State thereby reversing our prosperity. GOODLUCK & FAYOSE sinned against the people of EKITI STATE.