​APGA leader urges Igbos to vote Agbaje, PDP​

Campbell Umeh-Nzekwe

The leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance in Lagos State has called on eligible Igbo voters in the state to cast their votes for the Peoples’ Democratic Party in protest against the hate remarks by Rilwanu Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos.

Campbell Umeh-Nzekwe told PREMIUM TIMES in an interview, Tuesday, that Igbo residents in Lagos stand a better chance of fulfilling their potentials under the PDP than the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“Since PDP has given us opportunity by allowing Ndi Igbo to win (three) House of Reps and go to Abuja and defend Igbo interest and Lagos interest, because we are all Lagosian​s​,” said Mr. Umeh-Nzekwe, who contested for governor in Lagos State in 2003.

“Then I’m of the candid opinion that it’s better you support what you are having. Except APC are now coming again on the table to tell us what they will offer us if they win.

“There must be bargaining power in between. In the absence of that, I ask Ndi Igbo to vote for PDP because PDP has given us opportunity, and we need a lot of opportunity to grow. That’s what we are asking for, not peanuts or hand-outs from APC leaders. Give us opportunity to run for elections.

“Than looking for where they are chasing shadow, in APC, after 16 years they use one dummy – one commissioner and one member in the state executive – to deceive Ndi Igbo.”

Mr. Akiolu had told Eze Ndi-Igbos (Igbo traditional rulers) of all the local government areas in Lagos State, who had come to pay him a courtesy visit, that they should cast their votes for his chosen governorship candidate or “perish inside the lagoon.”

The Oba supports the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Akinwunmi Ambode.

Mr. Umeh-Nzekwe blamed the Igbo chiefs, who he described as “political traders,” for Mr. Akiolu’s hateful remarks.

“How can you tell a race, like an Igbo race, that they will die or lagoon will swallow them if they did not vote for APC? It’s because there are people who went there to go and beg him for money,” he said.

“Some people gathered themselves and went to him. He give them kola, and giving you kola and asking you to go and vote for somebody, let’s take it that he armed them to go and vote.

“If so called Ezes dragged themselves and went to the Oba palace to go and pay unsolicited homage, what do you expect at the end of the day?”

Mr. Umeh-Nzekwe said during th​e election period, a lot of people had claimed to be representing the interests of Igbo people in order to obtain favour from politicians and prominent people.

“This is a political period. Some group of Ezes went to Tinubu, some were campaigning for Jonathan. I know some group who say they are Eze. Everybody is claiming Eze in Lagos, that’s why we will never find our level.

“Ndigbo cannot vote for APC. PDP have allowed non-indigenes to participate. APC closed their doors, non-indigenes cannot contest elections under APC. You can see from the whole arrangement that there is no non-indigene from the whole candidates they fielded for the election,” he said.

“In 2003, I ran for governor of Lagos State under APGA. In 2006, when the issue of Funsho Williams and APGA was trying to form an alliance prior to 2007 election, Tinubu appointed Ben Akabueze as Commissioner for Planning and Budget, and appointed Joe Igbokwe as Publicity Secretary of AD (Alliance for Democracy) then.

“Up till today, there is no other appointee of Ndi Igbo either in the party or in the cabinet of Lagos State government, apart from other administrative and council officers. There is no any other political appointment, either as commissioner or DG or Permanent Secretary. So it’s like a dummy.”

The APGA leader argued that Yorubas do not get the same opportunity in the South East because Lagos is a “colonial settlement.”

“It’s a cosmopolitan city. The name itself ‘Lagos’ is a Portuguese name, not a Yoruba name, or Igbo or Hausa name. Do we have such in Igbo land? We don’t have such.

“Lagos is purely a colonial settlement, forget those who are claiming it. Some people came from Ogbomosho, they are only enjoying proximity. And they are taking the thing as the owner of the land, which is wrong.

“In those days you dare not cross Marina, there is a prison yard near that Marina there, you don’t cross there because they will arrest you and put you in cell. You don’t go there. All the Ikoyi you see, all the Victoria Island, was a colonial master arrangement, not a Yoruba arrangement. So the issue of Igbo land and Yoruba land is a different thing.

“If you say Igbo man cannot go to Oyo State or Ekiti State and contest, I will concede, but Lagos is a colonial settlement, not a Yoruba land. They are only laying claim.”


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  • wale

    I think is time for we lagosian to send all this Igbos back to wherever they come from,enough of this insolence.

  • Omo Olugbon

    what is dis man talking about. is Rivers, Cross river and such Nigeria states name Igbo, Yoruba or Ijaw? u
    should remember dat king Akintoye signed d treaty dat cede colony of
    Lagos to d British crown in 1861, so d issue of ownership does not
    arise. But cos of peculiar nature of Lagos as d former capital territory
    it attracted all
    & sundry 4rm different parts of d country. But let me ask u a question or two wc may reveal d kind of stake different segments ve in
    Lagos. If there is problem in Lagos tomorrow &God forbid where will d
    indigine/yoruba of Lagos run to cos dat is their ancestral home? But d
    non indigine will always run to their villages as it happened during d
    civil war in d 60s& 1993 election violence. Majority of settlers
    settled in Lagos 4 economic reason while Yoruba indigine have their
    umbilical cord tie to Lagos. The Oba may not be diplomatic in his
    presentation, but d truth is dat dogs don’t bark without reasons. Eko is
    his ancestral land& he is also d caretaker of d place today, I just
    want people to exercise caution in order not to allow d problem to
    degenerate into unmanageable problem. But in December when some people
    travel to their villages for Christmas celebration to showcase what they
    have been able to achieve in their sojourns in lagos, d indigine will
    be in Lagos cos they ve no other place they can call home. Don’t misconstrue Yoruba hospitality as weakness, it is when we are challenged dat we show dat we are not bastards, if u must know just ask President Jonathan. We wont cede any part of our land to any alien no matter how aggressive.

  • Afeezie

    Wale???? stop making noise dude. Lagos is a Colonial setlement and not a Yoruba State as claiming, if u don’t know history pls ask questions and go Libraries ok? Tinubus and Fasholas with Funshos ask good questions where they came from, u’ll be surprise none are originally from lagos as a state.

    • Ola Alani

      Shut up, so port harcourt and cross rivers are no mans land bcos I kno those are no ijaw, itsekiri name. You’re too blinded by sentiments and hatred.

  • Lanre

    Mr. Umeh Nzekwe. Thank you for this. But remember, Jimi Agbaje is Yoruba and he definitely is not a bastard. So even if your Igbos vote for him, he is still a Yoruba man. That is the first thing. The second thing is it is very insulting to call Lagos a colonial settlement. Are you saying Lagos had no history previous to the British or the Portuguese? The name Nigeria. Is it a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa name? All Igbos and Yorubas have to agree on one thing. We have more in common and coming together to forge our political interests is the most sensible thing now.

    • Abdulazeez Oyibo

      ……..the most sensible thing now and forever! I cant even believe we’re having this argument. No wonder the Whiteman sold us as slaves. We cant even join ranks and form a straight line! Indeed, it is only sports and the art of plundering our natural resources that unite Nigerians.

  • tundemash

    In asmuch as I condemn Oba of Lagos’s outbusrt in very strong terms, this pedestrian arguement of Mr. Clueless Umeh-Nzekwe claiming because Lagos isn’t a Yoruba name hence it is a colonial settlement that can be lay claim to by anyone is as annoying as that of Akiolu’s gaffe! Could a Ghanaian or Togolese come to Nigeria and claim since Nigeria is a colonial name, it is a no man’s land? Mr. Umeh-Nzekwe, i make bold to say, you are d@ft !!

    • Ola Alani


    • lawiri

      Do you blame Umeh whose reasoning faculties have been attacked by isi ewu ?

      I have some good igbo friends (born and bred in Lagos and vice versa) and its not our cup of tea who owns Lagos because we dont discuss that. Why?
      Because the Obi of Onitsha is a native of Osogbo…

  • biodun

    I really appreciate Oba Akiolu’s outburst, as it shows the intention of the Igbos about Lagos. The statement may be too harsh, but it shows direction at which Yoeuba Lagosian need to go now, before the igbos send us packing. It is obvious JK want to trade Lagos for Igbos vote, and we should not allow that to happen. This is beyond the election as many trouble lies ahead in Lagos, if not check now. Agbaje must be stop before he sell Yoruba heritage in Lagos for Igbos vote.

    • Ola Alani

      AGBAJE/ OBANIKORO / BODE GEORGE/ OGUNLEWE are all traitors. God help them after elections.

      • truth is bitter

        they are more than that those fools will sell us for peanuts.

  • Yemi

    Now, I strongly believe that Igbos have a hidden agenda to lay claim to Lagos if we allow them.
    Becoming joint owners of Lagos as the commercial and financial capital
    of Nigeria is a dream that will never come to reality because geographically and historically Lagos (Eko) belongs to the Yorubas.

    • Ayelala

      To imagine some yoruba fools like bakare,odumakin, falana went to the SNC and came to advance the an igbo /ijaw born to rule document in the SW.

  • jagus

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Please maintain your honourable stance. Disregard these two individuals breeding rancour and bad blood among the Nigerian citizens. Please put them to shame.

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    Now, this is getting very interesting. I need to move my chair closer.

  • ofco

    Success has numerous friends but failure is an orphan. Everybody seems to own Lagos because is rich and excellent. But a state like Ebonyi,Kebbi, or Ekiti is tagged as a ‘man’s land’ why people call Lagos a no man’s land. Success indeed has plenty of relatives whereas failure is an orphan. Lols.

  • OtaFox

    Lagos is no man’s land. Amala scumbags can never claim their real yariba lands which are oyo, osun, ondo, ogun, and ekiti.

    Amala eediots now claim Lagos cos they are too ashamed of the real dustbin of a south waste land that is the o states

  • OtaFox

    Amala eediots will never own Lagos. They will continue to pay rent to Igbo landlords.

    Amala ronu ooooo….

  • Ahmed

    Igbos and APGA!!! When will you stop this follow follow? If your leaders did not learn a lesson of being free uptil now, why can’t the educated and majority Igbos break free? Please my brothers start deciding for yourselves.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    This whole subject if becoming messy. The alleged offensive comments credited to the Oba of Lagos is condemnable in itself. But what this gentleman is saying here is even more absurd. Perhaps this was what triggered the Oba’s unguarded statement. If truth must be told, this man is speaking from the promptings of indoctrination which is traceable to the damage President Jonathan and PDP Governors came to inflict on Lagosians recently. No ethnic card was thrown on the table in 2011 when Lagosians gave a block vote to elect President Jonathan. I see similar divisive sentiments like this one rearing its head soon from religious houses and schools. Yet many people are showering praises on Mr President for merely conceding defeat in an election where Nigerians spoke loudly on their pains in his hands. May God save Nigeria.

    • D1

      Gob bless you bro!

      A president conceding defeat in an election, he was soundly defeated is now a consideration/critera for Nobel Prize award! What an absurdity?

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “The APGA leader argued that Yorubas do not get the same opportunity in the South East because Lagos is a “colonial settlement.”

    And this buffoon aspired to become Governor of Lagos State?

    • D1

      Kay, Are you surprised about the intentions and mindset of the 5th columnists in our midst?

      Oba Akiolu statement was uncalled for no doubt, would you say it is not justified with comments from people like this?

      Why did the group of Ndigbos visited his palace in the 1st place?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        You are right, bruv.

        I agree with you that the words of Oba Akiolu was insensitive, but I am wary of those who are crying victimisation and asking that they be allowed to sleep with our wives before they can be appeased.

        There are indeed nasty elements among the Ndigbo for whom moderation and decency are alien words.

        • D1

          Spot on as always!

  • vica

    APGA and PDP can merge and they will still lose to APC in an electoral battle.APC has started something great for lagosians and they must be allowed to finish it. The dream of Lagos being a mega must be achieved. Ambode for Governor!

  • Adesoji Abimbola

    a b o …………..i dont y ppl luv to reject gud tin like dis change av begin in lagos pls let it continue PDP u av nt for us again our eye av opened to si d messiah he sent to us


    i think ndigbo has started to rise in politics in nigeria with strong allied to pdp and apga and massive vote to pdp, future will be bright .but it must not without the coming apc party full of religious and tribal bigot in centre trying to twisted them,