Tinubu using Yoruba for own selfish interest — Gani Adams

Gani Adams
Gani Adams

The Coordinator of the Odua People’s Congress, Gani Adams, has attacked a former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, accusing the All Progressives Congress leader of using the Yoruba as pawn in the pursuit of his selfish political interest.

OPC is a Yoruba socio-cultural organisation and one of other such groups in the South-West supporting President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid.

Mr. Tinubu had earlier said Mr. Adams was contracted by Mr. Jonathan to disrupt the peace of Lagos State. The former governor also urged residents of the state to defend themselves in the event of an attack by the OPC members.

Speaking with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Adams said the former Lagos State had never pursued any agenda in the interest of Yoruba

“How can you claim to be a Yoruba leader or love Yoruba when you have never been part of any socio-cultural organisation?” Mr. Adams asked. “(Mr. Tinubu) became governor with the support of Afenifere but immediately he was elected he divided the group. He wants to use the Yoruba to negotiate for his selfish interests.”

Mr. Tinubu has severally criticised the Federal Government for sustaining a federal structure that does not devolve greater powers to the sub-national governments to bring Nigeria close to true federalism.

The OPC leader said that Tinubu’s pro-federalism advocacy was a subterfuge.

“Tinubu has always criticised the National Conference convoked by President Jonathan last year,” Mr. Adams said. “National Conference report includes much of the principle and content of true federalism which has always been the wish of every true Yoruba socio-cultural group. But Tinubu criticised Confab before it started. Even till now, he continues to criticise the report.

“True federalism as well as restructuring inter-governmental relations in the country to make the constituent units more buoyant and enable them to develop their own resources for the betterment of their people involves process. And the process is the Confab. How do you then want true federalism without supporting the Confab?”

Mr. Adams added that Wednesday’s approval of the final report of 2014 National Conference should be commended by Nigerians, “particularly every progressive Yoruba man”. 

He, however, said he had respect for Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State whom he described as “core Yoruba and good leader”, but added, “unfortunately his leader is anti-Yoruba.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday in Ibadan, Oyo State, another South-West group, Yoruba Assembly said the marginalisation of the Yoruba people by the Federal Government became “a deliberate policy” under President Jonathan.

The group is led by the second republic Chief of Defence Staff, Alani Akinrinade.

Against this background, Mr. Adams criticised the credibility of the Yoruba Assembly and its convener, Mr. Akinrinade.

He said the group “does not represent the larger Yoruba interest but APC. What they did in Ibadan yesterday was an APC affair. Most of those of those who went to its sitting were APC members. What is Yoruba Assembly? It is just a group being sponsored by Tinubu and APC. They don’t have structure anywhere. Can you compare them with Afenifere, Yoruba Council of Elders or OPC? I used to respect Alani Akinrinade until he started backsliding after he could not emerge as the leader of the Yoruba caucus at the conference last year.”



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  • Victor Gee

    Gani, u said the truth.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

  • Olu Ade

    Gani Adams needs to clear his head and forget becoming an overnight billionaire from Jona’s late hour pipeline security contract. What is more selfish than that? He is no security expert, he is just a school drop out, tout, rogue and roadside carpenter. Oga Gani Adams, please don’t forget your real roadside carpentry job, you will surely go back to it after Buhari becomes President on March 29 because he is not going to patronize or sponsor you. Don’t throw away your tools, you will need it as a carpenter to get food to eat.

    Patriotic Nigerians have to put a stop to these madness in 7 days…we can’t just continue with this gutter boys and rogues in govt unless we want to end up at the bottom of the canyon…God forbid.

  • Rico

    And does that mean Gani too should terrorise Yorubas for his own selfish interest? I can’t understand why some people usually thinks that Two wrongs can make a right,

  • Otitokoro

    When will this thug called Gani Adams keep shut? You are a common thug of the oil people and you used your mouth to say so. Gani, this is what you told Punch Newspaper :

    “When your brother failed to give you a job and
    somebody from South-South gives you, then your brother should be ashamed.” In other words you expected modern and civilized governments in Yorubaland and Yoruba states to turn their security to marauding thugs like you. Do you think Youbas are still at the stone age and medieval type of society where some thugs with charms and amulets are made to do our -Yoruba states-policing? I mean where in 21st century and in civilised and democratic societies have you seen a modern state hand over its security to tribal charm and dane gun carrying thugs like you? For God’s sake who do you think you are? But you are what and who you are. You are hungry and desperately looking for ways to make money from politicians because this is the time to make quick money before the election day! You are looking for food to eat and somebody from South South(these are your words)-Goodluck Jonathan- who is looking for thugs in Yorubaland to help him disrupt peace in Yoruba land for votes gave you money to feed! And you collected this money, and you are ready to disrupt the peace in your own mother land -Yorubaland on behalf of somebody from the South South -Mr. Goodluck Jonathan- you are really omo ale-a bastard. We Yoruba masses and middle class have spoken in Ibadan on March 19 through the conference we organized and which we asked General Alani Ipoola Akinrinade to anchor. We have spoken LOUD and CLEAR. And I will advise you that you should stop speaking in disparaging terms about leaders like Akinrinade. Your statement shows you are hungry and it shown how un-cultured you are as a Yoruba boy. You cannot be a proper and well trained Yoruba boy and speak like that of Akinrinade. You have lost your mind. And If you come around with those silly charms, amulets, ugly dane guns, cutlasses and hoes and disrupt the peace in Yorubaland on behalf of Goodluck Jonathan (like you did in Lagos on March 16 with other PDP thugs) during or after the election we Yoruba masses and middle class know how to handle you and your false and dubious amulets, charms, dane guns you carry around. Gani, listen to me. You are a traitor to the modern Yoruba nation. Just because you are hungry (you said it with your mouth), and Goodluck Jonathan gave you food money, you are ready to disrupt peace in Yorubaland. You are a traitor and omo ale. Se o gbo? Meaning Did you hear?

  • Jumoke

    An area boy with little formal education unable to keep his teeth clean has become a pipeline contractor under a clueless government promoting only mediocrity. What happens to the many unemployed engineers?

    • New Nation

      That’s what you get when you give a man what’s bigger than him. Jona keep pitting ethnic and religious groups, families and friends against themselves through bribery and corruption and some say he’s(jona) humble.

  • Adewale

    How on earth will d son a carpenter from arigidi say Tinubu is using the Yoruba race to achieve selfish reasons? No b ur fault, u dis betrayal. The ogun, Sango n all the Yoruba Gods will ask u. Jona jst wasted money on u cos u don’t even as say over ur so call OPC in south west

    • Onike24

      Being the son of a carpenter is not a crime, his crime is that he has no conscience! I don’t even know how to discribe the fellow.

  • progress

    This mumu guy is talking shi.t against Tinubu simply because he found the imbecile Gej easy to defraud. The true answer to this mess is to vote in Buhari, so that all this touts in politics can be relegated to where they belong.

  • Jonathan has ridicule our collective intelligence. Even this type of people are talking trash. Anyway, march 28 is here.

  • Quasim Ademola

    This boy gani adams will suffer,i swear.

  • Saydo Shan

    And U r using your position in the OPC for whose interest?

  • arise_9ja

    Northwest (Buhari stronghold)
    Jigawa 95.98% PVC collection.
    Kaduna 93.17%
    Kano 82.64%
    Kastina 92.65%
    Kebbi 93.34%
    Sokoto 94.73%
    Zamfara 95.97%

    Southwest (So-called Tinubu stronghold)
    Ekiti 71.32%
    Lagos 65.25%
    Ogun 57.57%
    Ondo 73.36%
    Osun 73.32%
    Oyo 67.89%

    17/03/2015. Who is fooling who? Is it the cattle herdsmen, beggars,
    shoe-shiners, Suya sellers, farmers and poverty stricken north that have
    more awareness than the vibrant SW? African magic will happen on the
    28th of march.

    • Rommel

      It means that the people up north take these thing seriously,for instance,what other business activity is going on in the Boko Haram infested areas? if you were from that area,would you not want to change the government? while people from stable areas are leisurely waiting to collect their PVCs,INEC for clear reasons had to place their own collection center where they ran to so. Is it not logical that they should have the highest collection rate since nothing else is going on around them? is it not clear that of all Nigerians,they are the ones who need change most? sometimes,you have to be logical about these things so you are the one fooling yourself.

      • onyema22ohaka

        When you hear someone this day and age with a modicum of education calling himself Rommel,a nazi german war general,a hitler henchman who ended up being consumed by him,then you know there is something terrible wrong with the person.In my years in Germany I never heard,nor saw any German call himself rommel.Is this part of the poverty of the mind that pervades Africa,most especially project Nigerian?

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Pdp and Jonathan supported boko haram which kill so many people so for those people this more than election but the south west are not as distabilised my brother

  • Rommel

    Militants,criminals and people with dubious characters are the ones prospering under the Jonathan administration otherwise,where would this retired armed robber/assassin have got the opportunity to be talking nonsense,today leaders of ethnic militias are all millionaires under this president,are we still surprised who is financing Boko Haram? what happened to former national security adviser Andrew Owoye Azazi?

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    And you illitrate carpenter you using Yoruba for the interest of your illitrate farther

  • Maria

    This carpenter illiterate talking about Yorubas, when did Yoruba degenerate to this level where terrorist now talking on behalf of Yoruba?

  • BabaKekere

    Ha I Adams an unrepentant bastard, bloody illiterate opportunist.

  • BabaKekere

    Gani Adams an unrepentant bastard, bloody illiterate opportunist.

  • frank

    Is it not a shame someone like Gani Adams, a first class illiterate, claiming to be a leader in the Yoruba race?

  • Akanji92

    This illiterate tout is the leader of Bode George, Kashamu, Fayose, Omisore, Mimiko, FFK, etc. group of Yorubas, not the real descendant odu to da iwa (Oduduwa). His only focus is personal benefits through contracts and dollar bribery from the clueless GEJ government.

  • Akanji92

    Premium Times, Sahara Reporters, The Nation, The Punch, and other reputable news outlets should not dignify this tout and thug called Ganiyu Adam through their reportage of the useless and sekfish statements by him.

    • Tunsj

      Agreed. He is nothing but an A**hole.

  • OmoLasgidi

    How can the Yorubas – who claim to be so sophisticated, educated and learned allow such brainless, illiterate rascal, tout and area boy to speak is a mystery! In a sane society, the likes of this orangutang will be in either a nut-house or prison! These are the types of nuisances that the upcoming revolution must crush!

    • taiwo

      we are educated and sophisticated and that is the more reason why a secondary school drop out that rose to become a general fraudulently will never be president over us