Lagos launches 100 air-conditioned Internet-enabled buses

BRT Buses

In pursuit of its resolve to ease travel within the metropolis, the Lagos State government in conjunction with LAGBUS Asset Management Limited, one of the operators of the Bus Rapid Transport, on Tuesday launched 100 air-conditioned, WIFI Internet-enabled buses.

The new buses, which are called Metro Bus, and are expected to ply the Sango-Oshodi, Obalende- Ikorodu, and Island –Epe routes, will hit the road soon.

The buses are expected to be increased to 1800 servicing 47 routes within the metropolis and are aimed to provide comfort and safety as well as reduce time spent commuting.

LAGBUS has also introduced innovations such as the ability of commuters to check the arrival time of the bus by sending sms to a specialised number.

“There would be security camera on board to ensure safety of passengers. The live feeds from the cameras will be made available to security agencies to be able to track any mishap. Customers can also use WIFI on the buses as well as enjoy videos and music on the go”, said Niyi Oguntoyinbo, the managing Director of Metro Bus.

The buses are expected to provide 1,500 direct jobs and 5,000 other jobs for agents selling the preloaded cards.

Speaking at the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority Yard, Oshodi, the state Governor, Babatunde Fashola, said the provision of the buses is in line with the multimodal transport system, which include road rail and water, driven by the private sector.

“Government did not own the BRT buses; it was private sector that owned them. Our job was to build the roads, the bus shelters to maintain and manage them while they ran their buses but that environment at the time they were borrowing money at One Dollar at 118 Naira and interest rate at 10 per cent has changed completely,” he said.

“They agreed and bought the first set of buses. They took loans, paid off the loans, recapitalized but again the environment in which they invested then has changed substantially.”

The buses are a welcome development as it would help ease pressure on the overused and mostly rickety BRT buses.


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  • Jika

    Good thinking,good product.I believe this value added service will help in socio economic development of Lagos state and by extension the whole country.This project should be sustained and even improved upon by successive governments of Lagos state.

  • destiny

    Air conditioning bus in Lagos state is now a new thing, as if there is any brand new buses that do not come with air c,

    • Jika

      I think the new thing is the Internet facility that comes with the buses which I believe is novel in Nigeria.

    • Raqruq

      what about the security cameras and internet facilities, do brand new buses also came with them?

  • djay

    What about the buses Gej promised to provide in the wake of increase in petrol?

  • Badero


    Raji Fashola is confused. He should be saved this agony of a job above his head.
    He flits from one impulsive idea to another – not getting one right. What a shame!
    He just does not have the mental ability or relevant education for a governor’s job.
    It took the waste and theft of $24billion state revenues plus $3.7 billion debt today,
    before the coin dropped for Lagosians to see they really have nothing to show for it.

    • Policy Group

      All African countries get BRT right – except Lagos state. Raji Fashola just frittered away public funds;

      pocketing quite a few along the way, and has now ruined Lagos and would be leaving the state worse

      than he met it with $3.7 billion dollars of Lagos’ debt today, and, still rising. after blowing away eleven

      (11) billion dollars in revenues earned from May 2007 till now. The mass illiterates in Lagos state don’t

      know better. The so-called human and civil rights activists pulled the wool over the eyes of the masses

      as Raji Fashola un-ravelled as nearly the worst and most corrupt governor Lagos state has ever had.

      • Workers Alliance Lagos (W.A.L)

        “Lagos state government’s LAGBUS scheme is managed by a registered
        private company known as LAGBUS Asset Management Ltd – whose Board
        of Directors are in the Lagos State Government and connected to the
        government. For instance, Mr. Disun Holloway, Lagos State Commissioner
        for Tourism & Intergovernmental Relations, is a board member of LAGBUS
        Asset Management Ltd.

        Though, the board members and other key beneficiaries are likely to be fleecing
        the scheme through profit sharing and other means, the scheme is no longer
        profitable. The Managing Director of LAGBUS, Mr. Tunde Disu at a radio program
        in 2012 claimed that the buses being managed by the company were 803 whereas
        the total number of buses on the roads on a daily basis is about 190, while buses
        operating 2 years ago were 300 – which means the buses operating is reducing due
        to mismanagement.

        This is so because most of the buses are broken down and abandoned at different
        depots due to expensive and unsustainable contract maintenance policy.
        Though most of the buses are less than 3 years old, they have been allowed
        to rot away. Hence, about 600 buses have deteriorated and now wasting.”

        ……..Campaign For Democratic Workers’ Rights, Lagos

        (March 5th, 2013)

      • Invitro

        ………..Lagos now ranked the 3rd worst city in the world

        “The January 2014 global study of cities in the world done by the British Economist Intelligence Unit
        has ranked Lagos, Nigeria, as the 3rd worst liveable city in the world. Lagos has degraded further
        from its awful status in 2012 as the 4th worst city.

        On a scale of 100 Lagos now has the third poorest score of 39.0 of all cities in the world assessed.
        The study titled ‘livability’ assessed particular characteristics of each city, such as its crime levels,
        the threat of conflict, the quality of medical care, the levels of censorship, the city temperature,
        the quality of its schools and its transport links.”

        ………Reported by British Telegraph

        [January 2014]

        • Question n’ Answer


          This whole thing is so suspicious to the rest of the world that since 1962,

          Muhamadu Buhari has only used affidavits which NEVER explain the WAEC

          certificate’s whereabouts. It is however a disqualifying offence under the law

          to present a false declaration to INEC for an election. It is also a serious
          criminal offence punishable by 14 years’ imprisonment to make a false
          declaration by affidavit.

        • Jumoke

          The same British Telegraph reported Jonathan as a colossal failure whose leadership incompetence continues to diminish the achievements of Fashola and other performers. The president continues to make Nigeria a huge joke.

    • Denis_NG

      Are you for real?? Can you point to something tangible Jonathan has done with direct measurably positive impacts on Nigerians? Yours is the advanced stage of chronic bad bele!!

    • Mrs. Titilola Alarape (Lekki)


      Thank you for standing up for the truth on this matter, God bless you.
      It’s so bad and criminal all these things happening in Lagos state today.
      Alhaji Raji Fashola just takes Lagos state funds as APC party’s money.
      The resulting poverty has spiked un-precedented violence all around.
      Nowhere is safe anymore in Lagos state as gunshots just shatter the city.
      Youth un-employment is hitting the roof but Raji Fashola has no answer.

      • Fact Check

        ‘’In Lagos state we have tracked at least eleven (11) incidences producing 22 dead
        people for each incident – an average of 2 people killed over a span of just 52 days.”

        ……National Human Rights Commission

        (March 14th, 2015)

      • Salako

        Bad belly the worry you weting una govenor do to advance your state, go siddon jare!

        • gboromiro

          Serious bad belle.
          These guys have their own agenda. They are not for real

          • Ireti Daniel

            Once Alhaji Raji Fashola said in the year 2013 that Lagosians are not entitled
            to Freedom of Information, and no protests ensued, i knew mayhem will
            follow the un-accountable government in Lagos – as surely as night follows day.

      • Orji

        We can call this one BRTP, i.e: Bus Riding The People.
        Hahahaha! I never go; Lagosians, i beg una, i dey come O!

    • Words on Marble

      We can call this one BRTP, i.e: Bus Riding The People.
      Hahahaha! I never go; Lagosians, i beg una, i dey come!


  • Comfortkay

    Eko oni baje ooooooo

  • wonderboi

    Watch out good people of Lagos state ( PDP) have employed thousand of unemployed youth (Yahoo -Boys) as internet hackers, warrior and as you can see they are now sending numerous false mails, remarks & articles to poison our minds against emergence of any opposition. my good people of Lagos state. the truth of the matter is you all know the fact and the truth shall set you all free form all these criminals hiding behind PDP flag to truncate our hard earned democracy .

    • Kola

      You are a liar and paid agent of APC and good would judge you. It is your godfather Tinubu that uses thugs and yahoo boys. Stop trying to instigate people here.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    This is quite a good idea but this is where my commendation ends. Question 1: would buses like this be for only human commuters or commuters with baskets of tomatoes, pepper, onions, etc? 2. Would these buses be routinely maintained to remain top form? 3. I understand these buses have driver-controlled doors; how long would it take for these doors to become useless and unserviceable? 4. Using a sms to check bus arrival? How would the operators guarantee these buses would arrive at the time they would give out? I ask this last question because the arrival would depend on road conditions.

    Again, this is a laudable programme but we don’t have the necessary infrastructure on ground to make these buses serve the kind of purposes they are meant for. With regard to question 1, I wonder how you could stop a woman carrying all those wares from using this bus when there are no alternatives for such type of commuters. Any government that should take over come May 31, should not first bite more than it can chew; it should start from the scratch to begin to build again all Nigeria’s broken and absent infrastructure. That should be the very thing in my opinion. Step-by-step reconstruction of Nigeria; something similar to what happens after a war.

  • taewo

    Why not invest in trams?

  • beauty and the best

    Go Lagos, Go Nigeria, we will get there in due course. However, try and improve on the road infrastructure, traffic light systems, pedestrian sidewalk, build well organised mordern bus stops with timetable like what obtains in Europe and other advanced regions of the world, these things are not rocket science, they are taken for granted in most countries. Congratulations and good luck, God bless those in charge who think in the right direction.

  • Abby

    Fashola stealing agbaje’s bold ideas. You should be ashamed of yourself experience stealing from inexperience. I thought you said it was bold inexperience? SMH.

  • Abby

    Fashola nawa you people talking with both sides of your mouth. Just a few days ago you were insulting Agbaje’s free wifi in strategy places and then you commission buses with free wifi, this is pathetic. This shows you people have no new ideas, that is why you have to go and let someone with fresh ideas take over. We don’t want your master’s puppet who only says the samething all the time. Jaykay is okay