Stomach Infrastructure: Fayose distributes rice, chicken, cash to Ekiti people

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose distributing chicken, rice and money to the widow and aged in Ado Ekiti Saturday for the Christmas under the stomach infrastructure programme of his administration

The governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, has distributed about 80 thousand birds, 100 thousand bags of rice and cash gifts to the people of state under his administration’s “stomach infrastructure” programme.

A statement by the media aide to the governor, Idowu Adelusi, said the items were distributed between Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Fayose had appointed a special aide on stomach infrastructure when he assumed office in October.

The statement said the people of the state who continued to besiege the Governor’s office in their large numbers as well as those who had theirs delivered to them at their domain, were amazed at the governor’s gesture, which they noted had not happened for a long time in the state.

It also said the elderly who could not hide their joy at the rare opportunity of having to celebrate the season with the package poured torrents of prayers on Mr. Fayose, describing him as a supporter of a common man.

The statement said as early as 10 in the morning, the governor and some members of staff started distributing the package to the people who kept appearing in their multitudes.

Some of the beneficiaries, Ife Akinyeye and Mary Afolabi, noted that the gesture had again reaffirmed the governor as a grassroots man.

The statement said they appreciated the governor for considering the common man who may find it difficult to prepare sumptuous meal to their families during the period of festivity.

Mr. Fayose later moved to the market places with same package for those who could not make it to the Governor’s office with a promise that all the 16 Local Governments Areas would be designated centres for the distribution.

He said he was interested in the welfare of the people who against all odds returned him to office after eight years in a landslide victory.

He said he would continue to pursue his welfare programme because he as he could not stand the suffering of the people of the state.

The governor said the current financial situation would not deter him from reaching out to the people because had made a covenant with God to ensure that the people were liberated from the shackles of poverty.

Explaining why he gave money to the people, Mr. Fayose said, “They need to buy pepper, salt, maggi, palm oil etc to cook the chicken.”


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  • amazing2012

    What an insult ? Is the development PDP is taking about ?

    • Kabiru – Omo Ekiti(Honorary)

      Ask your #50M naira Bed elitist governor what kind of development he did that made him set a record of losing 16 LGA’s out of 16! A sitting governor!
      You sit down in sambisa forest and call it an ‘insult’?? Haba Mallam! Bigot! While Fayose works on long term plans to create jobs and alleviate poverty, there is the need for instant palatine measures!
      Go and ask these widows if it is an insult. They will pull that yur long neck out of yur babanriga!
      A #50M bed is what I will rather call an INSULT!
      Alhamdulillah for this stomach infrastructure project!

      • Impartial

        Any proof Fayemi bought the so-called for 50m? If Fayose gave you any proof of purchase, please upload it here for us to see.

      • Kolawole Obafemi

        Go check the records. The bed is #2m and not #50m

      • amazing2012

        What a widow need is EMPOWERMENT that can made her to self reliance for future. Rice, oil and chicken can only last for days and come back for another, this is project that can not be sustain and add more poverty to the needies by making dependence on what is not permanent.
        For comparing hopeless leaders and compromising the best among useless policies, I think failure should not be use as an excuse to another failure.

    • Don Messi

      E dey pain you abi?
      Don’t commit suicide in 2015 o!
      Some will be committing suicide..some will be crying BLOOD!

      *i hope APC realise this is yet one more state out of a legion they won’t be getting the required 25% votes???????

      I dey LaffooooO!

  • mallam

    People of ekiti should discourage this stomach infrastructure now if they care for their future, and that of their children, unborn generations… fayose is taking this joke too far.

    • THINK2WIC£…

      Why are you mallams and bigot amazing1812 taking expired APC for the widows and the poor in Ekiti?? While arrangements are being made to address unemployment, u want these underprivileged to die of hunger?? Do you know what it must feel like for them not to be able to eat something special during these festivities?? Imagine you, mallam doing sallah without a ram..or chicken..or even a pigeon?
      Mallam, this is a million times better than a #50M Bed one guvnr will be using to inspire his fantasies!

  • mallam

    Fayose, this is a joke taken too far… pity ekiti people and develop their state for the good of all.

  • Adeola

    The unfortunate circumstances of both a clueless leadership and a clueless follower-ship in black Africa. No wonder this unfortunate rulers go to great lengths to destroy the Nigerian educational system. With friends like Fayose in leadership who needs enemies!!!

  • M.A

    Distributing food stamps to the hmeless and less previledged United States citizeen is a god gesture but doing same in Ekiti is clueless!! Nigerians… you just hate this guy for nothing!!

    • Omo Akin

      If you have an idea of how “Food Stamp” program is operated, you will not compare it with a Governor buying chicken and rice and distributing them in his office and market place. Beneficiaries of “food stamp” use the vouchers to purchase food item they like. The Governor is saying that he has distributed 80,000 chicken and 100,000 bags of rice! How many chicken and how many bags of rice were actually distributed? What was the cost to government a bag of rice and one live chicken. I can assure you that each of those item will cost the tax payers five time the market price and the number distributed will also be inflated substantially. Can you now see why it is a very bad idea for the Governor to engage in the purchase and distribution of chicken and rice?
      Fayemi set up a monthly stipend for the elderly. This Governor can improve on that and enlarge the program to include some other classes of people. When the people spend the money, it stimulates the economy of the state as most of the money will be spent locally. Now who did Fayose award the contract for the supply of chicken and rice to?

      • M.A

        The fact that the food stamp program in the U.S is well organized does not mean it is corruption free. The stomach infrastructure program in Ekiti state is new and at least the governor is putting smiles on the faces of the hopeless. Must we stop this good gesture because we think it’s an avenue for the government to steal money? NO!! Must we encourage the government to steal money under the guise of feeding the less priviledge? NO!!

        OBJ pulled down all the toll-gates across the country because he believed the people in charge then were stealing the toll fee ….the results of that single action were the lives of so many Nigerians our bad roads have taken. The toll gates should have been allowed to stay and the money realised should have been used to maintain our roads while strigent laws should have be enacted to fight corruption.

        The Ekiti State assembly should make a law that will control the opperation / running of the “stomach infrastructure” department of ministry.

    • King Carlos

      Look at you, how can you compare EBT with this. Food stamp is not a xmas gesture. It’s a permanent welfare program to assist those on low income. Besides, there’s proper planning and implementation. Not that Gov Cuomo stands at Times Square distributing burger and cheese to New Yorkers.

    • PROF

      Its called welfare in US and called benefits in UK. No be new tin!

  • Ayo

    Please somebody stop this Demagogue! A civilized, intelligent, and respectable way of extending festive goodwill to your people as Governor is to set up DISTRIBUTION CENTRES all over the state, so that people in need of this gesture can go there and collect it. Its ok for this man to insult his own intelligence because we know he has none but to insult the intelligence and dignity of poor, working class people who don’t know any better, is unforgivable. The purpose of governance is to construct infrastructures that people use to solve their problems; not for leadership to embark on random, dubious, and degrading acts of charity that is done with the peoples’ money anyway and that does not resolve a fraction of their problems. No wonder Nigeria is a laughing stock even in Somalia: Nigerian Governor turns rice, chicken, maggi cube, onion, and pepper distributor!! Utterly disgusting.

  • Thepeople

    My dear hungry people of Ekiti, welcome to stomach infrastructure.

  • sammyctu ode

    Is this fayose once in a blue moon stomach infrastructure that will uplift the very poor Ekiti people to great heights? NO, NO, NO. What Ekiti people need are institutional development in the areas of education, health, job creation, environmental sustainability, permanent water provision and many other developmental goals that will last for decades. This cosmetic fayose nonsense which is costing billions of Naira does not make sense to me. I am shocked that we the Ekiti people who are so intelligent academically can’t think beyond our noses about the deceit of this thug called fayose. It’s a shame that the acedemicians and well educated Ekiti people are keeping quiet and behaving like dummies.

  • muazu dikwa

    i it how to removed them from poverty or taking them back

  • citizenka

    Decisions are not articles of faith that command unconditional fidelity unmoored to evolving realities. Decisions are made in the moment, given the information available, in the context of the choices on offer, and without the ability to discern the outcomes of those decisions.

  • citizenka

    In March 2015, the correct decision was to elect Buhari to replace a failed Jonathan administration whose profligacy threatened the very survival of the country. It is not a decision that immunises Buhari from critical engagement. It does not call for regret or counterproductive, face-saving posturing. Even those who voted in the other direction could not have predicted how things would unfold. The decision should not therefore induce regret, especially if the regret dulls one’s vigilance and capacity to critique those one voted into power.

  • Kickboxer




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    2. Brainless Buhari was a criminal when he stole millions of dollars through Petroleum Trust Funds, from 1994-1998, and claimed immunity when asked to appear before Justice Oputa Tribunal on the funds stolen

    3. Brainless was grandfather of CORRUPTION for forging his WAEC and assuming the presidency through a web of corrupt Western news agencies and individuals within the political establishment in the UK, USA, and Arabia penninsula

    4. Brainless Buhari is a PEDOPHILE after all he seized Aisha Buhari, a hairdresser, when she was a less than 12 years old and raped her so every child she had with brainless Buhari when she was below 14 years was an act of RAPE. Brainless Buhar is a RAPIST.

    5. Brainless Buhari used “first lady” Aisha Buhari as a MULE to transfer funds, $170,000, to bribe U.S. Congressional Black Caucus and others for support for his clandestine activity in Nigeria including criminally assuming Nigeria presidency