I’ve secured Federal Govt. jobs for three Ekiti indigenes, Fayose says

Governor Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, on Friday said he has since assumption of office secured employment for three indigenes of the State at the Federal Ministry of Education.

In a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Mr. Fayose said that gesture “is in furtherance of his resolve to secure Federal government employments for Ekiti indigenes”.

He gave the names of the three beneficiaries as Ajayi Morolayo Oluwasesan from Ikere-Ekiti, Atilola Joseph Akinwale from Ajaye Ekiti; near Aramoko-Ekiti and Akinlabi Olalekan Ayodeji from Afao Ekiti.

“They are to report at the Governor’s Office, Ado-Ekiti on Monday to collect their employment letters,” the governor said.

The governor said a month before he assumed office, he helped about 50 Ekiti indigenes to secure jobs into Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Medical Centre, Ido-Ekiti, the Nigeria Immigration Service and other federal government agencies.

Mr. Fayose did not provide any record to back that claim.

He however promised to continue to strive towards getting jobs for Ekiti youths in federal government agencies and private organisations, saying; “Anywhere there are employment opportunities, I will go there personally in the interest of our unemployed youths.”

He disclosed that more opportunities will still come, assuring youths in the State that he will work assiduously to better their lives, the statement said.


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  • ovoko

    Chai…which kain cunt-3 be this 9ja sef? A governor has turned himself to a recruitment agent. Can someone please tell this man that his job is to create an enabling environment for job creation and not to be job hunting? Ekiti people, shey una don see una life for inside show glass for market abi?

  • Moses

    A governor’s spectacular day-job is that he helps secure three [federal] jobs!! What a feat….this is a really, really sorry country

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Refrain: I have heeelpeeed, I have heeeelpeeed 3 indigenes, I have helped!

      Chorus: 3 Ekiti indigenes, 3 Ekiti indigenes, 3 Ekiti indigenes, 3 Ekiti indigenes.

      Bravo, Guv. Great achievement!!

      Where did this man come from?

  • Mr. Abdin

    This is very unfortunate a Governor turning himself to a job racketeer.

  • kwango

    I sincerely don’t think Governor Fayose is normal. Very soon monthly environmental sanitation will count as Governor’s performance.

  • Ayelala

    Haha . The Racketeering of Non – Jobs. Ekiti don suffer ,Abi an one chance saloon.Let me put it in proper context.

    Yesterday , ajimobi commissioned a 5000 tonne per day vegetables oil and butter making factory in Ibadan. Amongst other things , that factory will manufacture oil ,butter ,associated products and the waste products used as animal feeds

    Three days ago, amosun commissioned another manufactoring facility in ogun ( The 57th commissioned in 2 years)

  • concerned9ja

    Stomach infrastructure indeed. This special assistant self. Why does he not concentrate on his facebook job. Leave the spin job for skin-head Adelusi.

  • Sanmi Falae

    The 1966 coup protagonists confirmed a hypothesis of a shared genetic -defect. However, the law of karma or Christian ethics does not apply in Mr Buhari’s or patriotic Nigerians’ war against our primitive, pervasive, and anti- Christian corruption.

  • Lawrence Efana

    Heart moving indeed! A story we have heard and read about in various ways and for various emotional reasons. FF Kayode has immense details to the story. His purpose is good and could be to caution the culture of coup d’etat. If so he is thinking and acting right, because the new global world does not welcome anything in that form: not healthy for the rule of law and ‘sane’ democracy. That the evils that men do live after them remains our lesson. “Thou shall not kill” so put your sword back, because they that carry it will perish by it – are there to remind. It was a good quote by you. Sadly these acts have now taken new rather “deviant structural” forms. Machinery of government remains at the center instrumental to misconceptions unleashing horrendous acts. For Nigeria, the Security state is important even in the historical contexts seen. Reconciling the people and working hard to heal and make life in our society livable, peaceful, progressive, informed and balance, are all we should stand-up for. And most probably will only be possible if we try hard to be honest, open the heart, loving and also have the fear of “God” in us as the source of wisdom. This is not utopia for how many see the “real world”. A new society is possible; that is, there is an alternative to all we inflict on us: “greed”, “hate”, “jealousy”, “ethnic feuds”, “bad politics”, “black arts”, “bad governance”, etc. We seem under Buhari to be entering a new threshold in which hope for change can be real an effective.

  • obinnna77

    Well Femi, the men of July 29 also killed many innocents. And they thrive, to this day. It would appear karma does turn a blind eye. If you succeed.

    • The truth will set you free



      Men of July 29th are the good soldiers.

    • Xanthos1

      Men of July 29 are the avenging hands of Karma, that’s why they thrive……


    This is the first article written by BIG MOUTH Fani Kayode that I like. Nice job Mr. Big Mouth

    • Xanthos1

      Lucid interval….

    • Darlington

      Simply because it is against your nightmares–Ndigbo. Chronic hypocrite!


        The article shows how HISTORICALLY PATHOLOGICAL DEMONIC the IBOLAS have been, and they are still the same today. I am vindicated.

  • Maria

    The takeaway is it was an igbo coup with two Yorubas who considered themselves as igbos…when biafra war broke out…they went with biafra and fought against their brothers…whaooooo! Igbo kwenu….


      The true moral of the story here is that, Igbos are not natural slaves to any tribe; they could be just as ruthless in a hostile, unfair, and colonial environment. Our founding fathers, both Igbo and Fulani have dealt since 1960, and it’s not pretty. Nobody is master, and the other slave. So, let’s forget about domination, and forge an egalitarian society, where all are judged by the content of their character.

      It’s remarkable, as you read the story, that Igbos took the fight to their would be enemies, to their kitchens, and bedrooms, unlike the way they are portrayed today. Look, a soldier is a soldier. Do I condemn what the northerners, and the Biafrans did in today’s light? No.

      That was then, this is now, let’s give due respect to educated Nigerians, and do away with old soldiers, and military dictators. If you prefer military despots from the past such as Buhari over PhD holders such as Jonathan, what are you saying? Boko Haram, right? Think about the meaning of Boko Haram: education is bad.

      • Maria

        “they could be just as ruthless in a hostile, unfair, and colonial environment. Our founding fathers, both Igbo and Fulani have dealt since 1960, and it’s not pretty. ” Why then do you call the reprisal attacks from the hausas as genocide?

        • AFRICANER

          Because, soldier to soldier, or leadership to leadership is OK.
          Soldier to civilian is terrorism, and or genocide. Got it now?

          • Maria

            So, those killed by your soldiers were soldiers? Those mentioned by Fani Kayode were soldiers? Because by your warped logic those igbos soldiers committed genocide.

          • AFRICANER

            Read his thing again, seems like soldiers were slugging it out with other soldiers, and leaders. I didn’t read where any Igbo soldiers killed northern civilians, did you?

            Now by civilian, we mean people outside of government. Ministers, and cabinet are part of administration, they are not civilians in the sense of the word.

          • Maria

            “…they are not civilians in the sense of the word.” Really? Civilian leaders are not civilians, what are they? The 8 month pregnant woman murdered was what? Your brain is leaking.

          • AFRICANER

            Collateral damage, and it’s reprehensible.

          • Wale

            Exactly what I was waiting for, and you said it.
            Three million Igbo men/women and children were “collateral damage” as well, In war everything goes, Hunger and starvation included.
            If you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

          • AFRICANER

            Hey! Chill out a bit.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Ahmadu bello, okotie eboh, Akintola, tafawa balewa etc were civilians and not soldiers. They were not soldiers nor did they train in the military nor were they armed.

          • AFRICANER

            A civilian is someone who doesn’t have official police, or military protection from the government, or armed by the government. Now, we are talking back then.

            Yet, all deaths from that war is regrettable, as we both agree. The challenge now is to move on, find better ways to sail to the top, for all African countries.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            There is no distinction between back then and now so stop deceiving yourself.

            We still have the tap of the coward mass murderer that took tanks to the home of an unprotected Northern premier and shelling the place indiscriminately. He thereafter shot an unarmed premier and his pregnant wife.


            The law of Karma actually did work in the end. Let me explain it. Igbos went to the North and East and spilt the blood of innocents.

            North and East then went to the East and spilt the blood of igbos multiple folds. The first shot and start of carnage started on the 15 January 1966. The Biafran army formally surrendered on the 15 January 1970. On the 4th anniversary of the blood thirsty actions, the igbos, on their knees and starving, unconditionally surrendered.

            All participants in the bloody coup killed in the most gruesome circumstances. The participants of the counter coup became heads of states and powerful people in life. Most have lived long and wealthy lives. Most of the people that have passed away have died through non violent means.

          • Wale

            No unjust killing is OK.
            “Soldier to civilian is terrorism, and or genocide”. (you)

            So, those cowardly solders that killed/shot at those women besides their husbands were “TERRORISTS”. Agreed?

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Ahmadu bello, okotie eboh, Akintola, tafawa balewa etc were civilians and not soldiers.

          • AFRICANER

            It seems to me that if the Igbos in 1966 were out to kill northern civilians, they would have killed many millions. It’s obvious that was not their goal or plan. I think the coup was a Nigerian coup, that was given an Igbo name to justify the evil deeds that followed. But, we might as well move on. How do we make the society fairer? How do we create a more perfect union, since we tend to agree that nobody has exclusivity to violence. All tribes can be bad, we don’t need to prove anything to anyone again. Let’s be fair, and progressive, Let’s stop beating our chests because one side is more armed than the other, it’s no advantage. It’s foolishness.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            It was an igbo coup. Its plannners were igbo and its beneficiary was supposed to be Zik (Ifeajuna’s cousin) and not Awo as they subsequently wanted people to believe. All people standing in Ziks way were eliminated. Zik was tipped off and went on a “mysterious” trip abroad so that his life will be spared. All igbos with command positions in North and south were not targeted. Any westerner and northerner with command positions or possible seniority were killed.

            Prime Minister, Premiers of North and west killed. Finance minister killed. President tipped off. Acting President not targeted, GOC army not killed. Head of the Kaduna and Kano Battalions not touched (Keshi and Ojukwu). Head of the Lagos Garrison that Gowon took over from that day (was not touched).

            Deceive yourself.

          • AFRICANER

            99% conjecture.
            Unfortunately for you, there’s a threshold to meet to be believed, and believable, and you have not met it. You are biased, and even things that require empirical data you state carelessly.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            We all know who the planners were. The majors were the planners of the coup of the 8 majors, one was Yoruba. We also know who the major executors of the killings during the coup were. The actual killers up North and down west were led by the igbo majors. Ademoyega did not kill a single person.

            Of the people mentioned by Fani Kayode, which one was non igbo???

          • AFRICANER

            Whereas all deaths in the Nigerian war against Biafra from ’67 to ’70 is regrettable, I would like for you to understand that civilian in the African sense of mid 20th century meant noncombatant, nonmilitary person, ordinary citizen, private citizen; it doesn’t mean nonuniformed, as police for example, and indeed, military persons, go undercover and wear civilian clothing; just as ministers and leaders of authority wore civilian clothing, but they were in charge of the military command, and the country.

            Of course none of these justify any of the foolishness that led to the civil war.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            What African sense are you talking about??? Which troops did Ahmadu bello, Akintola, Okotie Eboh command?? Orizu (as acting President technically had more “troops to command” (if one believes your fantasy) than any of the civilian leaders killed. If it is acceptable to kill politicians then it is acceptable to kill the kinsmen of the killers that were overtaken by jubilation from the murderous actions of their kinsmen. There actions made them conspirators after the fact!

          • AFRICANER

            It’s easy to separate the wheat from the chaff.

            Get over your revisionism. That war is over, avoid the next one.

            The foreign countries that aided Nigeria get the glory, and our resources, while setting the market prices of our resources and commodities; while you sit there.

            Nigeria manufactures next to nothing, so if you provoke the next war, I can guarantee you that you will be routed. Try peace. Give up the silly history of an asymmetrical civil war. The war itself is an attempted genocide by Nigeria against Biafra, and it continues. Help me end it by keeping your mouth shut.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Revisionism my foot.The igbos have always been a tribe of cowards. Killing demobilised soldiers and unarmed civilians when they are in their bed sleeping. When an actual war starts when both sides are armed, they lose like children. Within one year their hold of territory was reduced to a small slither of land. Adekunle took over the minority areas of the Eastern region in breakneck speed. Zik (the first coward of the igbo race) ran full speed to join Nigeria. Ojukwu, the other major coward, packed his entire family on to the last flight leaving Uli airport. That was the coward tht was sending children as young as ten to fight on the front lines earlier in the war. They left Effiong, the brave non igbo, to stay and lead the igbo through the trauma of surrender!!

            Boko Haram, with no state to get resources and no soldier that had gone to Sandhurst put up a much greater fight and are truly fighting 4 countries made up of Nigeria, Cameroun, Chad and Niger. Not your fanciful Biafra. An army made up of low life cowards. The only success the Biafran army even had was the invasion of the mid west and that was led by a Yoruba. After he was killed by the back stabbing igbo, no single Biafran division ever again broke out of the former Eastern region!

          • AFRICANER

            Re-read my post and definitions therein, they’re quite apt.

  • Maria

    By the tone of this article…it appears Fani-Kayode is now trapped.

  • Maria

    “Major Timothy Onwuatuegwu was one of those that led the Kaduna operation of the mutiny. He went to the home of Colonel Ralph Shodeinde, the Deputy Commandant of the Nigerian Military Training College, and personally shot him to death. He also wounded his wife. After that he went to the home of Brigadier Samuel Ademulegun, the Commandant of the First Brigade, burst into his bedroom and personally shot him and his eight month pregnant wife to death with a machine gun.” I learnt that 8 month pregnant woman at the verge of death placed a curse on igbos….

    • Darlington

      Igbo hater, why didn’t you call Fani-Kayode names today because the article was skewed against Igbos. Chronic and pathological hypocrite!

      • Maria

        He is still a mad dog…he only remembered today that his father was a victim of igbo coup….or genocide!

    • Iskacountryman

      balewa did…sardauna did…kai nyamiri…no presidency for you…

  • OkwuBndu

    Good record of what transpired on January 15, 1966. Very sad that Nigeria found itself in that situation. How one wishes we could reflect a little backwards to see how and what led the nation to such a sordid scenario, for unless we do so, the story and the lessons it’s supposed to teach us will be missing or at best incomplete.

    Secondly, by the same law of karma, what would and could be said about the counter or revenge coup of July 1966 ? Was the counter coup not enough “revenge” even if argued that the January one was totally an “Igbo agenda” ? Were the Igbo masses party to the agenda? Were the Igbo masses also not innocent citizens? If so, wouldn’t karma also have it’s way? So if we are to leave vengance to the Almighty, who is really to judge?

    Please Nigerians, let’s endeavour to learn the lessons which the history of past errors of judgement by our past leaders can teach us, otherwise the cycle of the errors and revenge may never end nor set us free. And Nigeria will end up a totally failed state.

  • John Smith

    Well, as the saying goes, “he who lives by the sword will die by the sword”