Ogun police arrests 15 over killing during governor’s tour

Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State.

Ogun State Police Command has arrested 15 suspects linked to the violence that broke out in Ilaro when Governor Ibikunle Amosun visit to the town.

At least one person was killed Monday in the fracas when Mr. Amosun visited the Local Government Area as part of his assessment tour.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, the Public Relations Officer of Ogun State, Muyiwa Adejobi, said 15 suspects had been arrested and were being interrogated.

He denied speculations that a serving Commissioner in the state was among those arrested in connection with the killing.

“I have been in office since morning, and there is no such information with me, but I can confirm to you that, so far we have arrested 15 suspects,” Mr. Adejobi explained.

He added that those arrested will be properly screened and anyone or anybody found wanting among them shall face the law appropriately.

Pandemonium broke out during the governor’s visit as two rival political thugs clashed over territorial rights.
The hoodlums who were armed with various dangerous weapons which include guns, machete and assorted charms engaged themselves in free for all.


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  • mike


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  • Bejim

    Premised on too many half-truths and false assertions, this essay belongs in the trash bin. How can an honest academic affirm that agitations for Biafra did not happen under Jonathan? Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafran activism peaked under Jonathan. “Nigeria is a zoo”, according to him, just because President Jonathan is zoologist. Street demonstrations were triggered by his arrest and illegal incarceration. A cursory but unbiased “research” on IPOB facebook and twitter handles could have helped the author save himself from embarrassment.

  • Allen

    Anytime a group, a tribe, or sub-section of a society agitates, it is a “national question.” But that does not mean that their agitation is warranted. The leader(s) of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have their agitation misdirected and is based on some grave miscalculated assumptions. First, these leaders should be directing their anger towards the Governors of their respective States who have treated their state treasury like their own personal bank accounts. If I remember the story correctly, I recall the story of Uba and Ngige where Uba wanted the newly elected Ngige to write him a $3 billion check for the repayment of his sponsoring of Ngige’s election that year. Ngige’s refusal warranted his or his family’s kidnapping as a ransom for the said payment. Other Igboland Governors have used the States’ allocation to enrich themselves without spending anything to develop Igboland. So, Mr. Nwankwo Kanu should direct his agitation towards his Governors and demand accountability and transparency in how the State Governments spend the state revenue. Secondly, these leaders are assuming that the oil-rich South-South States of Delta, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, and Cross River will gladly align themselves with them ambition, knowing how dominated they have been under the Igbos since Nigeria’s amalgamation as a political entity. Say what you may about Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda, the only one thing he did was the breakup of the former Eastern Region into its current several states, taking into account the ethnic differences of the people of the area. The Efiks, Urhobos, Calabaris, and those other tribes of the South-South will never opt to be part of another Biafra after tasting statehood and some degree of self autonomy. This means, assuming that even if the Igbos eventually win their struggle for Biafra, they will either have to convince the leaders of the South-South to join them, or failing to convince them, will have to resort to another WAR. This will not be good for the Igbos, who after assuming they have won won their war of independence, will turn around and fight another war to reconquer the old East, because let’s face it, the only reason why Nwankwo Kanu is agitating for an Indigenous Biafra is because of the OIL of the South-South states. He will be sadly mistaken if things doesn’t turn out the way he plans it. After all that, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have any sympathy for his CAUSE. But, what he and his cohorts should be agitating for is TRUE FEDERALISM like we had during the First Republic. He should be fighting for federalism, where each state and local government have some degree of semi-autonomy and share certain powers with the Federal Government. For example, there is no reason why each state and local government shouldn’t have their own police forces to protect their residents. All the Federal Government will need to do is to ensure that each state and local government does not violate the Civil and Constitutional Rights of any and all Nigerians living within their jurisdictions. What Nigeria needs to do is sit down and hash out a new Constitution that reflects it’s real name as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If that’s the kind of fight he wants to fight, I along with a lot of my fellow Nigerians will gladly join him in that fight. This Biafra nonsense will do nothing but more get more people killed for the wrong-headed ambition of one man or some men who are too chicken to fight the real fight. I hope Nwankwo Kanu and his ilk are listening.

    • Nwa afo

      The Nigerian government used genocide as instrument of war (1967 to 1970) on Eastern region of Nigeria. Now, people like you are issuing veiled threats of another genocide but this time around I say to you good luck with that because you definitely need it.

    • Okwy

      Igbo is not talking about oil in the south south. It is unfortunate that all eyes are on the oil. I remember hearing Igbos in diaspora asking Nigeria to take the oil and give Biafra freedom. It is also unfortunate that people like Allen and his brothers are so much concerned about south south oil as if that is all that Biafra stands for. Igbo during the war did not have south south, which the Federal troop took over yet we were drilling and refining our oil. You seem not to be aware that south east also has oil. Imo, Abia and even Anambra are all oil producing and so we don’t need south south for their oil. However if they say that they don’t want Biafra they are free to stay away. We don’t have sea port as was the case during the war, we still managed air transportation. We can still do it again. We can also manufacture air crafts that can carry as much as ships. Nothing is impossible. After all during the civil war we relied upon our own inventions.

      There is nothing to worry about on the part of the Igbos. The issue is that Igbo hates slavery, which was the reason why some Igbo slaves committed suicide instead of being enslaved. History has it that many Igbo slaves bought their freedom from their masters and some others escaped to freedom and established themselves. No other ethnic group in Nigeria has such history.

      Igbo unlike other ethnic groups cannot afford to sacrifice their religious freedom at the alter of economic empowerment. Whatever you and your people want to sacrifice to Hausa Fulani in order to be in their good book you are free to.
      Just be sure that the Igbo can do without your oil. Again contrary to your insinuation, Igbo is not the problem of south south and I thing they know better today.
      With freedom Igbos, can build castle in the air by the grace of God. Just tell your government to give them freedom.