Ulcer patient mistaken for Ebola patient in Ogun

The Ogun State Government said the rumoured Ebola patient admitted on Tuesday at state hospital, Ijebu-Ode, was an ulcer patient.

The Commissioner for Health, Olaokun Soyinka, made the explanation after a wide spread rumour making the rounds about Ebola Virus in the State.

In a statement made available to Journalists Wednesday, Mr. Soyinka described the rumour as false in its entirety, calling it “total misinformation.”

“I want to correct and set the records straight concerning some misinformation regarding a case that was reported to the Ogun State Ministry of Health early on Tuesday October 14 concerning a male patient admitted to an Ijebu Ode Hospital,” he said.

“On receipt of the information, our rapid response team was dispatched to investigate and the patient was rapidly given the all clear. He is a known peptic ulcer patient who had some bleeding and also tested positive for malaria. He has been treated and his symptoms are

Mr. Soyinka, who commended the private hospital concerned, said they acted responsibly in reporting to the authorities.

“We investigate such cases on a regular basis, and most often once assessment is completed, the all clear is given without raising fears and causing unnecessary public concern,” he said.

He stressed that in line with best practices, and as ably demonstrated by Lagos State recently, full disclosure remains the best protection against spread of the virus, adding that information needs to be made public and will be done so immediately and fully.

“In this case there is absolutely no cause for alarm,” he added.

The Commissioner also assured citizens of Ogun State that the Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, has facilitated all necessary precautions and has ensured that the state health authorities are able to remain fully alert, even as the epidemic continues in West Africa.


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  • Sanmi Falae

    The ‘truth’ in the mouth of the self seeking and inconsistent, is a blatant lie. Fani Kayode would do anything and everything to retain himself in our consciousness until the next General Election.

    • EmmyAsh

      @Sanmi,on the contrary FFK’S effervescent and incisive in depth analysis on national issues has eternally entrenched him in our conciousness .One would expected you to disprove the whole litany of emperical historical facts he enunciated here than making a nuisance of yourself.Given FFK’S pedigree and and personal accomplishments,he’s known world over whereas you are of infinitesimal value even in your small village. The likes of you can be likened to the proverbial flies that cleaves on the coffin for inttered with the corpse. Mr Kayode has chosen the more excellent and should be respected and not disparaged by non entities like you

      • Guguru


        And you ignore the credibility of the individual providing the information? Does Femi appear to be a credible individual based on your standards?

        • Garden-City Boy

          Counseling for bums of your ilk is on the last line of that essay, “to stop hating the messenger and to start dealing with the message”. What we have here is an expose of the evil that is Nigeria. It roped in the stinking sewer that is the conscience of this poultry of ostriches called Nigeria. The task before us is to disprove these records and convince us that the reason history is not taught in our schools is really not to conceal the stench spewed by our abominable past.
          It is just that, for reasons unknown, Femi Fani Kayode refused to name names. He left out Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogonis. He forgot the holocaust in ODI and ZAKI BIAM for which Obasanjo’s administration was roundly indicted by a competent court in the land. We need to say these things as they are.
          Before they run out of their rotten luck and the hunter turns out the hunted, the vicious, bloodthirsty awusa clan need to learn the lesson of the Central African Republic. They have courted that treatment for much too long. Awusa people must beware what they ask for; they well might get it.

          • Guguru

            Garden City Child,

            You sound like you escaped from a mental institution for the fact that you fail to take into account the credibility of the writer. And who do you suppose made his a messenger—-your invisible friend, God, or his alter ego? Which is it? LOL.

          • Garden-City Boy

            Your type is not rare; you find consolation in the fact that you are not a lone orphan in the naivete that betrays your idiotic persona.We know how the senile mullah intoxicates you with the toxic waste he belches from in his rotten guts from time to time: ” A-a-a-a-ah!!! Each of Jonathan’s ministers stole one million barrels of crude everyday…yea!”
            The tar you have you carry have in your skull for brain would not let you wonder how much crude is produced each day, let alone figure out how come the mullah claims that more crude is stolen than is produced. You seem to typify am emerging clan of teeming, gullible morons that cherish infantile lies weaved by the old, tired, sick, antiquated mullah. Can anybody blame a jackass that knows no better?

          • Guguru

            Garden-City creep,

            Why don’t you just shut up? Help this world by just shutting up, right?

          • emeka

            @ogogoro,you ‘ve ran out of idea but soon,the truth enlisted by FFK will hunt you down,the Biafrans of 67 is quite different from 2015,keep on defending evil and continue to peddle lies when the heat begins blame it again on Ojukwu

          • Garden-City Boy

            You indeed live up to your guguru billing with each puke you pollute the place with. If I know guguru real well, your thinking is driven only by your primordial instincts that plagues your thinking. It translates into the irrational illogicality manifesting in the impotent guguru sounds you make.
            Don’t you ever forget that guguru sounds are confined just within the buccal space…they make no real impact with anybody. The damage is that your instinctive reactions betray the gullibility of the sorry midget image you paint of yourself, along with the stunted, myopic mindset that go with it. And by the way, are you a midget by any chance? Be honest here; don’t be shy about it.

  • Lovelyn Danladi

    All that FFK said here are absolutely the truth , but my concern here is that he always make this kind of noise when ever he is out of government,once he is given any appointment he goes quite on agitation for the common man . And I wonder why FFK who in his previous writings called Igbo’s unprintable names,will suddenly turn around to become a defender of the igbo race , i am seeing his recent outburst as an ambush for my igbo race,this man have said it without number that Igbo’s must get out of lagos and forfit all the properties they have in lagos,so I think FFK’s plan is to work on the ignorance of some igbo youth to precipitate crisis between the Igbo’s and the Hausa-Fulani’s, this will enabled the Yorubas to carry out thire evil plans of disposing Igbo’s of all the properties they acquired through out yaruba land,so all Igbo’s should be careful how they listen to this deranged man,I learnt that he takes that white powder that can alter once mind.

    • Interest

      The truth in the tongue of a “madman” remains nothing but the truth. FFK is right on point. The time has come to review terms of this contraption called Nigeria-where injustice and marginalization thrives, those who call FFK names will live to see the consequences of his prophesies. Deal with the message not the messenger..

  • xman

    truth in the mouth of a known psycophant, a despair psycopath, a person of inconsistent personality and an egocentric deranged loquacious thing like FFk is a transparent LIE.

    • Interest

      The truth in the tongue of a “madman” remains nothing but the truth. FFK is right on point. The time has come to review terms of this contraption called Nigeria-where injustice and marginalization thrives, those who call FFK names will live to see the consequences of his prophesies. Deal with the message not the messenger..

    • Justice

      Can you give us your version of the truth to counter FFK? Your truth on all he has said here. Am waiting. God bless.

  • Romberg

    The opinion of a madman, to himself, is a truth. That is why it is wrong to dignify him with a considered response. Mr Truth, whose only opinion is the truth, we should be able to tell you one simple truth too. And that is: you were once an adviser to the government, a minister and a chief campaigner for a ludicrous party. How come you didn’t enunciate these truths them? Why would you bring this government down just because you lost an election? Is it the truth that herdsmen killed non-Fulanis today? What will you say about intra ethics killings and injustice? Is that Buhari’s factor too?

    It will be silly to believe the truth from a lying tongue. Do better with your eloquence. Nigeria is better and greater than you.

  • Segun Amosu

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  • Patrick Oguejiofor

    This is verbal acid! It does not matter who the speaker is. Nor does it matter that Fani Kayode is out of power. What matters here is that the truth has been spoken. It is time to set up memorials for the 1966 victims of genocide in northern Nigeria. It is time to set up memorial for the young men of Asaba who where murdered in their homeland. It is also time for the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity be brought to justice. Well done, my beloved brother, Fani Kayode. Keep up the good fight.

  • Guguru


    LOL. You are simply incredible to be tutoring us on truth when we have evidence that you are the least truthful man around. For example, consider the following words which you labeled Buhari around January 2015:

    “asking Muhammadu Buhari to preside over the affairs of Nigeria is like asking Count Dracula to watch over the maiden. It is like asking the wolf to protect little red riding hood. It is like asking the tiger to watch over the lamb. It is like asking the snake to protect the child. It is like asking the rapist to watch over the virgin. By the grace and power of the Living God and the will of the Nigerian people, we will stop him. This nation is moving forward and not backwards”.


    Do you consider these words you spoke the truth or do you consider them the malevolent content of an irrational discontent? On what basis should we begin to take you seriously or even make room in our minds to muse over the nonsense you have just spewed in the name of writing an article? Since you know truth, are those words of yours truth given that Buhari has now been in power for about 5 months without any evidence supporting the vitriol that escaped from your mouth? Can you provide an answer?

    • Justice

      All in good time Guguru. All in good time.

    • emmanuel

      Reading defensive and demented comments from a die-hard supporter of Buhari that you have seemingly become is not novel. Rather it is your spastic attempt to present a devil as a saint that invokes a sense of concern in any sane mind. You shot yourself in the leg by quoting Mr Kayode. He is right in his comments and will always be. Or can you fault the TRUTH in Mr Kayode’s assertions?

      Your weak argument is defeatist. Buhari is a disaster. Simple! How can you have a president who cannot engage intellectually on any economic issues. All he speaks of is ‘punishing’ those who stole crude oil monies. Is that all governance is all about?

      All around the world, terrorists when captured are prosecuted and when found guilty are executed or jailed. But in Nigeria Buhari has not prosecuted a single terrorist but is embarking on vendetta. This is senselessness. To defend such nonsense is more senselessness.

      • Guguru


        As always, you show us with great clarity why you thinking is sub-standard. Your comments lack any validity or iota factual credibility. Rather than froth that the mouth, why don’t you take some time to conduct some research in order to determine if Buhari is a failure as you have spuriously claimed. Governance is about being credible, which Jonathan lacked. Here is how Obama described President Buhari:

        “Obama said, “has a very clear agenda of defeating Boko Haram and
        extremists of all sorts… and of rooting out the corruption that has too
        often held back the economic growth and prosperity of his country.”


        Do you mind pointing to a time when the incompetent Jonathan and is ilk of kleptocrats were ever described with such pomp and confidence from the leader of the most powerful nation on earth? LOL.

        • emeka

          @Guru,have you seen why you are a baboon and a monkey,here you are seriously quoting Obama’s statement about PMB,then i ask you,where has he Obama tasted Buhari on terrorism and anti corruption?what about the missing funds when he was petroleum minister,what about the missing funds while Buhari was PTF Chairman?do you think we are fools?can a terrorist fight against his fellow terrorists?

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Another Coprophage widens its buccal cavity and spews forth remnants of its dinner!

    Someone should remind this clown that the civil war was fought between Nigeria and the ill conceived Republic of Biafra. While at it, they should educate him about his ethnic background and on what side his fathers people and state of origin fought in the said war. Furthermore, the civil war is part of our history. No one is hiding it from anyone……..just look on your Naira notes.

    If this is an attempt to re-write his own narrative, we wish him luck…..from Palace Clown to freedom fighter? Good luck.

    • Justice

      Be that as it may but that did not diminish the importance of his message. I think you are the one with some inherent problem with your infantile diatribe. Your attempt to justify genocide shows that you are an incurable bigot. And with people like you our ‘society’ continues on its fast run to nowhere.

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        Show us where we attempted to justify genocide.

    • Bioseh

      The important thing is the message. The truth, that is well delivered. The people who are focusing on the messenger are being hypocritical and obviously drowning in relativism. This attitude is at the core of Nigeria’s lack of humanity and development. A people that can not truthfully address their past mistakes, will be stuck in repeating the past. That is where Nigeria has been.

      OBJ as bad as he was new this and attempted his truth commission but lack the intestinal fortitude to deliver the country. It would have been some form of catharsis.

  • True Nigerian

    You’ve spoken so eloquently about truth. It is amazing that you are such a terrible liar. Such a shame that such a great message would come from such a discredited voice.

    • igboham

      What is your truth

  • evaristus udeani

    FFK keep telling the truth until justice , equity and fairness is restored and the inalienable right for self determination of Biafrans.