No life lost in Offa Poly Students’ protest — Police

The Kwara Police Command on Friday said that the protest embarked upon by the Students of the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, did not claim any live as speculated in some quarters.

The command’s Public Relations Officer, Samuel Okansanmi, said this when he spoke in llorin, the state capital.

He said although a protest erupted on Friday when a lorry running away from police arrest knocked down two students of the institution on motorbike.

Mr. Okansanmi described as unfounded, the rumour that the two students died instantly.

The Police PRO said no casualty was recorded during the protest, adding that the two students only sustained minor injuries and are currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Offa.

He said normalcy had since returned to Offa with the usual social and economic activities in top gear.



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  • Sanmi Falae

    One thing I admire about European and American politicians is that they learn from successful politicians including even Mr Mandela. And that is only common sense. Buhari should be intelligent enough to know he stands to gain a lot by pitching his tent with intelligent, successful, progressive, and modern or cosmopolitan politicians like Mr Tinubu and others in the South. In other words, with Nigeria’s popular electorate. It was sad to see Mr Buhari publicly humiliated and capitulating to Saraki- the NUMBER ONE ENEMY of his presidency- last Friday obviously at the instigation of failed and unelectable politicians like Atiku, David Mark, Babangida etc. Meanwhile, Saraki has Mr Buhari distracted in the NASS, while the North is going up in flames. You have said it all madam, but fact is we can’t force Buhari to succeed. He has to choose to succeed. The tragedy of Mr Tinubu’s ignorant detractors is that they reckon they are sabotaging him or ‘clipping his wings’. When this is all about Nigeria. For example, imagine Bode George saying ‘Tinubu’s political career is over’ following Saraki’s self-disgrace at the Senate! Nigerian leaders don’t betray their stupidity better than that. I am tempted to take the stance of European and American leaders on Africa: wait for African leaders to surprise me by turning Africa around on their own initiative.

  • Dandaman

    I understand your frustration and agitation, however I think you are looking at the matter a bit too simplistic.
    What do you want Buhari to do, in a democratic setting like ours? What powers does he have a President of FRN that he can use to punish the people within APC who have given opportunity for discord? The last time he was around, he tried the Military way and after 20months he was overthrown by his own.
    In my honest opinion, Buhari can all take the slow approach, so that he can discern who is willing to work for his administration and for Nigeria.
    If you haven’t realised it, Most Nigerians are exactly what has been reflected in the House of Assembly! So now Buhari has finally realised that majority of Nigerians are only out for themselves. Now you know why he hasn’t selected his advisers and cabinet
    He has to take his time to select people who are coming to work for Nigeria and not themselves. Please be patient, articles like yours will give people of little faith room to jump ship before the journey begins. The journey to change Nigeria will be easy and straightforward.
    If in 2 years Buhari is still stuck, then I will join you until then, I have given him time to settle in and select a team around him that will work for Nigeria and not themselves

  • Chioma Ihuoma

    I can see Tinubu ‘s hand work in all these write ups, indirectly begging Buhari to recognize him. I’m not a politician, but I foresaw this happening. It’s either Yorubas don’t learn easily from history or they always feel that they are more intelligent than any other tribe in Nigeria. I feel sorry for him, though. I can’t stand Buhari being the Nigerian President. A ridicule to every educated and young Nigerian. It’s a shame.

    • Kasma

      Since the start of this new government most Igbo commenters are either demented or lacking knowledge…they are so hurt as they lack representation as usual in d main stream. Even the south south to whom they are strongly aligned with don’t see them as brothers. Igbos on their own. Biafra a dream till d return of Jesus Christ

      • Jude

        I am from the south-south, I see the Igbos as my brothers, I also see the Yorubas as my brothers, but that is what happens when you are either Edo, Igbo or Yoruba. Haven’t you noticed that our languages were pretty much the same ? Edos , Igbos and Yorubas come from the same fmily line. And the tribalistic post you made exposes you as the demented one. Do you actually finf it normal that the entire regions of the south east and the south south should have no representation in a system we want to call a democracy ? If this is what some people want to call democracy then we might be heading to a break up of Nigeria and perharps a bloody civil war. So learn to love all regions and not to marginalize anybody. Stop being a hater.

  • Ade

    I’m of the opinion that most of the allegations in this article aren’t based on empirical facts but just personal opinions. Yes there are rebellious elements in APC in the persons of the Honorable Senate president and the Speaker of the house. However, jumping into conclusion about the president’s acts barely a month of governance is a little it naive of the Nigerian Politics. Yes Integrity isn’t enough but Wisdom is also needed in this seemingly simple but complicated dichotomy of the Nigeria Politics.
    The only issues I have about the present administration is the appointment of at least Key officers that would be in charge of the economy, petroleum education, industry and foreign affairs. Haven said that, the current economic situation and mess also require a painstaking efforts in order to get things right.

    The only problem I have always have about Nigeria politics is the issue of rule of law and monetization of our politics. Until elective offices are highly demonetized, there isn’t much progress to expects because these THIEFS will do everything possible to obstruct the Nigeria Development.

    The good news is, it’s not going to be business as usual anymore because the youth are beginning to realized that their future is in their hands. So there must a total change in attitude towards politics. The conclusion in this article convey that idea of change. Let’s begin to hold these law makers responsible. Know the lawmakers representing your constituencies and begin to make them to be accountable. Thank God for social media, put those issues in their face and also get ready for mass protests. This is our change and not President Buhari’s change. #Nigeriamustwork

  • mike u

    Meaningful change can only come from one that understands change and change process. Unfortunately events are showing that while we all desire change, we were sold a tired horse who is perceived as having integrity. I agree with the writer that integrity is not enough, events has shown that our man lacks political, social and intellectual capacity to understand the change we are seeking not to talk of leading it. The way out for him as usual is for him to have an “Idiagbon”. Unfortunately I don’t see the Vice President as being capable of playing that role. Buhari must find a person with political swervity and knowledge to assist him otherwise he will end up as the worst President if he fails to meet the electoral promises of his party and expectations of those calling for change. Saraki and Dogara have nothing to do with Buhari ‘s lack of knowledge, it is the President himself who must show us that he has what it takes to move Nigeria forward. There will always be opportunists and enemies but it iis for him to discern a friend from a foe and get the right people to help him run his tenure. I agree with the writer that integrity without knowledge is useless, we may then minimize our expectations for change knowing that Baba lacks the knowledge and ability to deliver the change we want.

  • Obivine

    All this PMB bashing, just because some people feel he is not dancing to the tune they are playing. Dear columnist, I am not sure majority of Nigerians agrees with you on your reading of what happened at the NASS. It is still to early in the day to start judging the Govt of PMB as having derailed, as for his reaction to the NASS issue, I will give him 95%, as he opted to give a free hand to the legislature and has maintained that stance.
    We Nigerians are the ones who had been lamenting that State Governors have pocketed the legislature in their state and here we are condemning PMB for walking the talk in the change he promised by not doing same with the NASS. For avoidance of doubt, I believe the change we were promised includes this (Buhari’s non-interference, NASS insistence on not being influenced, the struggle in APC not to be controlled by one man etc), that is all in the change package and for me as a NIgerian that is what I expect from the change train.
    If you and whoever is pulling the string are for change also, then it must not be “my way only or we pull down the house”. Your write-up and others like it, which is obviously coming from the same source(have seen many like it in the past few weeks), does more to derail the change project, than what happened at NASS. My advice to you all should sheath your swords and allow PMB to bring about the change we all believe he can, not on our own terms but on his and for the good of the nation, as he said in his inaugral speech, He is owned by everyone, and owned by no one.

  • Jude

    This article is very much a hate speech which is inciting people to violence. I think it is terrible to equate those who do not support buhari with ennemies of Nigeria, because it would mean that a big percentage of Nigeria is an ennemy of Nigeria, and this also means that the auhtor is equating buhari to Nigeria. On my part I think Nigeria is bigger than any given man. I think you are expecting just too much from a 72 year old man who doesn’t have the energy to do what you expect of him. Stop inciting people into violence against the senate president and the speaker of the house and the opposition, that is a felony and you should be arrested if Nigeria is a country ruled by law.

  • Jude

    Also the fact that you started by saying a lie against GEJ is noted. I will try and forward this piece of paper to GEJ’s legal team and I hope they will take legal action against you. The dehumanization of the former president GEJ has gone unpunished long enough. GEJ did all he could to serve the country and his reward is to have 100 lies told against him everyday ! The elections are over, it is time to let the propaganda and personnal attacks and diffamation go away. GEJ paid nobody. Leave him alone. He is no longer president, he is minding his business and he has left the presidency for your champions. So stop blaming GEJ for the failings of your champions.

  • SAM .A

    Thank u for reminding us that our change has been hijacked . We have to mobilize again to enforce the Real Change # real change.