Fuel Scarcity: Ploy to frustrate Igbos at Christmas – Ohanaeze

John Nwodo
The leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo

The President General of the Igbo organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, has accused the federal government of deliberately allowing the ongoing fuel scarcity to fester in a bid to frustrate and impoverish Igbo people.

In his Christmas message, Mr. Nwodo said the federal government was very uncharitable to the people to allow fuel scarcity in the country during this Yuletide.

“They know that at this period in the year Ndigbo travel a lot to their homeland, that’s when the government chose to close our airport, that’s when they allow fuel shortage to take place, this is very unfair and insensitive”

“It’s a deliberate policy of impoverishing our people to ensure that whatever wealth our sons and daughters bring home during Christmas is expended on the obvious effect of fuel shortage and none for investment.”

Mr. Nwodo warned that any deliberate policy to undermine the economy of the South-east would affect the entire country.

He urged Igbos not to allow the hardship occasioned by the policy of this administration to affect them in ploughing some fractions of their wealth home.

“The proceeding events in the country especially as it relates to Ndigbo since this administration came to power underscores the imperatives for our people to think home with their wealth,” Mr. Nwodo said.

He urged the people to use this yuletide period to felicitate with their loved ones and try to recommit the security and welfare of Ndigbo into the hands of God.

“We should also use this Christmas period to reflect on the challenges before Ndigbo in the country and pray for peace in our homeland and in the country.”

He also urged the people to use this period of Christmas to intensify their prayers for peace in the country but never forget to bring back their wealth to the homeland.

The Ohanaeze leader said the period of Christmas provides good opportunity for Igbos to pray more to God to send succuor to alleviate their sufferings in the country.


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  • ladi

    One can imagine d thinkng of ds ppl. No wonder they are where they are In governance

  • Bassey Frank

    This is frivolous. Please avoid being naive.

    • Julius

      Really ? from the master race ?. You better don’t let them see/hear you saying that . No, it’s not frivolous, it came from the Igbo organization chairman. In his position, he is speaking for the Igbos.Imagine that coming from a Yoruba elder or anybody else. Don’t give him a pass !

      • Bassey Frank

        There is no need bringing Yoruba here. We are not talking “beriberi” matter here.

        • Julius

          Lol, I wonder why !

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    This is the more reason why I asked my fellow country men and women to be weary of our political elites, who are among the ‘one percenters’ that have refused to allow this country progress. The statement made by Mr. Nwodo, is the most irresponsible statement I ever heard of recent. Where were Mr. Nwodo all those years we have been forced to live with fuel scarcity in this country, year-in year-out , even before the coming of this Third Republic ? Is it only the Ndigbos that suffer from this criminal fuel scarcity? People like Nwodo, are the type of people I have been warning us about, who continue manipulating us, while they plunder our commonwealth with impunity. They continue fanning the embers of hatred amongst us with this kind of irresponsible, dangerous and criminally wicked statements, just for them to grab power. Thank God, Nigerians are beginning to shun and shame them, like the few comments here indicate.

  • Ijeuwa

    Soon he will come out and deny that he ever made the assinine statement.

    Mad people.

    • Julius

      Yes, that’s coming..watch out !

  • NChibuike

    Nwodo should be tested for drug abuse or maybe he need a dose of physiatric injection. It is only Igbos that travel home in festive period. I pity for younger generation that look up to these bunch of idiots called elites.

  • Olugbenga Roberts

    Such comments come on board when men store their brains under the soles of their feet! Is it only Igbos who travel in Nigeria?

  • petsan

    Always the victim.

    • Julius

      They play that card to no end and everybody is up to their whining and victimhood cries. Pitiful !

    • Kallah Bature

      Yes always crying more than the berieved.I can’t fathom why this man has associated himself with this balderdash.

  • Richard

    In a same society, this man would be called upon to step down from the exalted position he is occupying. He is not fit to be a spokesman for the Igbos.

  • Femi T.

    An unintelligent speech by an elder statesman. You should investigate and find out the causes of scarcity or people who caused it before running your mouth. Must everything be based on tribal sentiment?

  • Tola

    The FG brought hamartan to frustrate Ndigbo flying home during the Christmas! How wicked.

    • Julius

      lolz. Na God’s fault be dat one..oh wait, Buhari and Tinubu has something to do with that too.

    • Kallah Bature

      Haha hahaha!!!!

  • Bishop

    A very funny country! Imagine this coming from a ‘leader’.

  • raji

    It’s very unfortunate national issue is been turn to tribal. Is it only Igbos that travel, it’s high time Igbos should stop politics of bitterness.

    • Julius

      Yeah, look at the Bank and Mr. Innocent palava. How that became tribal , a plot by all the Yorubas is beyond me.Unfreaking-believable.

  • pheliciti

    Why is it every time this ohaneze president opens his mouth, he dispenses utter rubbish?

    • PolyGon2013

      Easy. It is because they are rubbish, and they represent rubbish people.

      • Julius

        No, I won’t go that far but, why do they love to ridicule themselves is the question that demand an answer. It’s sad especially coming from the people that think that they are better than everybody else. The all powerful NdiIgbo.I’m looking for the biafraudians online warriors to defend what this man said.

  • International games

    It’s Clear now that Ohanaeze has no concern about Igbos.There must be something that Buhari promised them and didn’t deliver.
    All the way from Kaduna and Plateau States down to Lagos and Port Harcourt are Christian States but it’s only Igbos that travel for Xmas?
    What a leader.

  • West

    Now we all know that this useless people are taking their blackmail too far. They believe they can always blackmail their ways through anything. Few days ago, it was Ekeremadu (or whatever his name is) that took over the floor of the senate trying to blackmail EFCC and GTbank over a criminal case of fraud and forgery against his kinsman, Innoson Motors. As seriously getting tired and irritated.

  • Opuruiche

    Is this what your professors at the London School of Economics taught you? This is why we don’t take Ohaneze seriously. There must be something this victim consciousness fetches Igbo leaders. Or maybe they are are straight up mentally ill.

  • Eikson

    Seriously, I don’t know what to say about this people again.

    • PolyGon2013

      Ibos are freaked up people. Nobody should allow iborokiti anywhere near power.

  • Salmanu Gwarzo

    What a leader?

  • Julius

    Something is definitely wrong with these people. Omg, can someone kindly talk sense into them and let them know that whining makes them look weak and lame. Are they the only tribe in Nigeria ? To the best of my knowledge, the fuel scarcity affects the whole country. Am I missing something ?

    • Kallah Bature

      No you are not.You are obsolutely right. The scarcity is general issue being used by Ohaneze to justify their squandering of the hard earned contribution of resources and finanecessary being made by the Igbos.

      • Kallah Bature

        I mean “resources and finances”

      • Julius

        Unbelievable…smdh ! Na wa ooo !!

  • Julius

    Na Buhari, Tinubu, the Yorubas and the Fulani/Hausa, Apc, Pdp, Abc, Def, efcc, Dss fault. Ijaw people dey included. It’s a conspiracy to pull down the most hardest working, successful, richest people on the planet.I’m surprised he didn’t finish it up by demanding referendum. It’s so sad !

  • JasV

    I start to wonder if the death of Ekuweme does not signify end of sensible leadership from this part of our zoo.

    • Kallah Bature

      Truly this allegation by Ohaneze is the most irresponsible and divisive statement ever made by a sectional organisation. I think it is high time we scrapped all this sectional representatives to allow our youth build a solid nation free of tribalism,ethnicity and religious bigotry.

  • Mizch

    Bitterness does not build a nation. Never knew people are so bitter against others and needed the “laxative” from the leader of Ohaneze to purge themselves. This country cannot move forward with all this bitterness.