IPOB: Police/military joint operation recovers lethal weapons from Kanu’s residence – Police Commissioner

Nnamdi Kanu
Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. [Photo credit: Daily Times Nigeria]

The Commissioner of Police in Abia State, Anthony Ogbizi, has said that lethal weapons, including petrol bombs and one double-barrel gun, were recovered during last Sunday’s raid of the residence of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

Mr. Ogbizi said this on Thursday during an interaction with newsmen in Umuahia, adding that the items were recovered during a joint operation by security personnel in the state.

He said that the petrol bombs were found in buckets and incriminating documents and letters, concerning IPOB’s activities and plans, were also recovered during the raid.

He said that the raid was carried out based on an intelligence report, regarding the continued activities of some members of the group.

“We recovered many of Biafra’s insignia, staff of office and some of those items are being analysed,” Mr. Ogbizi said.

The police boss said that the operation also led to the arrest of one suspected member of IPOB.

He said that the team also discovered the telephone numbers of the group’s zonal coordinators, adding that all the communications between the leadership of the group and their collaborators would be thoroughly analysed.

Mr. Ogbizi said that a Biafran flag was also found hanging on a telecommunications mast in the area.

According to him, the police will ask the Nigeria Communications Commission to sanction any telecommunication company that allowed its mast to be used to hoist Biafran flags.

He said that the activities of IPOB in the Southeast were “stirring insurrection” and that security agencies would not fold their arms and watch the group foment violence in the country.

He said that members of the group allegedly set a police station and van ablaze in Aba, and also attacked a military patrol team in Umuahia.

The police chief said that similar joint operations would be carried out intermittently in Kanu’s residence, anytime they received intelligence report that offensive weapons were brought to the place.

He said that it was wrong to say that the military was taking over the duties of the police rather the action should be seen as a synergy between the two organisations to check security challenges.

Mr. Ogbizi said that he would not hesitate to invite the army anytime the security situation in the state grew beyond the capacity of the police.



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  • Julius

    Like Tawanda go talk am, na lie. Those weapons and any increminating stuff were planted by the army..kanu has never seen a gun in his life..right Tawanda ?

    • 0tile

      I can’t believe what I am reading. I comment you for being honest in this particular incident, bro. Respect

      • Julius

        Maybe you need to read it again because I was being sarcastic. No mind bro Tawanda, he don miss road small. I’ll make a deal with you , stop insulting the Yorubas on everything UNLESS we deserves it ..which can happen sometimes,then I’ll leave you alone. Deal ? Respect !

      • Biafran 1967

        He’s a racist who is obsessed with Igbos and would never be honest in his life.

  • Okwy

    These allegations sound more like lies. Well, it was not unexpected. When you took your troop to his house, ransacked the whole place and even killed some of his members, you did not see anything, only for you to wake up one morning to assume you saw atomic bomb in his house (an after thought) because the world has started to protest. Don’t worry the world has already taken position while you go ahead deceiving yourselves.

    • newday

      That so-called commissioner may have planted those common items, to get PMB’s attention. Enough of his violating that family. Double barrel & petrol cannisters are common features of a Nigerian home since colonial times.

  • Bassey Frank


  • PureWater1985

    They planted the so-called lethal weapons by themselves and the army when they raided Kan’s residence last week.Liars.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Haba! These security operatives are becoming clowns of the first order! You allegedly recovered a double-barrel gun and petrol bombs; and these are what you call LETHAL WEAPONS? If a simpleton had described these as lethal weapons, as characterized in today’s weapon characterizations, we would have forgiven his lack of knowledge. But the characterization, ‘lethal weapons’, coming from a police commissioner leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    It appears this police commissioner has never seen weapons, in which case one would ask whether he is truly a policeman or where he trained as a policeman.

    These people would go to any length to make a point out of what is not a point. In any case, what is the truth that such ‘lethal weapons’ were even found in Kanu’s home?

    Mr. Police Commissioner, hunters everywhere use double-barrel guns; so one does not see any significance in your alleged finding. Please find another lie to tell in order to justify the proscription of IPOB which many countries have disagreed with.

    • princegab

      If they were trained , the army would not have usurped their functions

  • Agba

    They should tell this story to MARINE.

  • FreeNigeria

    NPF and military are sooooooooo worthless, they call a double barrel gun a “Lethal weapon.” No wonder they can’t defeat Boko Haram and the police are utterly USELESS

    • Julius

      Maybe you will consider it a lethal weapon if any of your family member is shot dead with a double barrel gun.

  • Jon

    They should call it weapons of mass destruction. Clowns. Anything, I say, anything to paint a Referendum seeker as a terrorist. These lies cannot fly within the international community.

    • Julius

      Keep waiting for the International community…Nigeria do not make laws for the international community and the international community do not make laws for Nigeria…hope you understand that. Bro, Trump will never allow anybody in the USA to do what kanu is doing in Nigeria. Period !

      • Jon

        Have you ever had of Kuke Klux Klan (KKK) in America? They have have done more than what Kanu did. They claim human rights and nobody touches them. Have you ever heard of Black Panthers during racial tensions in America?

        • Julius

          Really ? Tell me what member of the KKK or the outfit itself that declared another republic/ country within the United States and do you even know what the black panthers were about ? Were they also trying to form their own country within the United States ?

          • sab

            Julius, I’m disappointed in your line of agument. Whether KKK or Black what declared indepence in USA or not, does that criminalize struggle for self determination? Was it not PMB that openly declared support for Saharawi Arab Republic and urged UN to impress on Morocco to allow SAR to be independent? Was it not same PMB that backed Palestine struggle for self determination and urged Israel to allow Palestine to go? What about the recent Maghenmar who PMB strongly made case for? So it is not a crime for tribes in other nations to seek for self determination but here in Nigeria under PMB it is a taboo for any tribe to aspire for self rule? What an irony!

          • Julius

            Again, tell me which one of the groups you mentioned declared a republic within a country and flying their flags ?

          • Anasieze Donatus

            He can not give you an answer because they talk without thinking

          • Julius

            No, he can not because there is none. No responsible PM or President will allow that. Look at what’s going on in the North Eastern part of our country because of the BK because our Dear lazy Jonathan did nothing when they were taking territories under him. No mind them talking without thinking.

          • newday

            Jona was not lazy. PMB who claimed he would defeat BH before Xmas of the year he was elected has failed despite massive multinational assistamce.. Many Chibok girls are still missing.

          • newday

            ibop didnt declare a republic. it was only calling for a referendum just like scotland and catalonia.

          • Julius

            You must not have been following what your dear leader kanu was saying and doing. Yes, he declared his republic with flags, fake passport that he was selling to you fools. He even constituted his own security outfit he named BSS. Nobody did those things in Scotland and Catalonia. Stop lying !

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          The organizations you mentioned are welcomed in the US?

  • chinedu

    A bucket of petrol bomb? We hail the gallant troops for this wonderful discovery. Get on guys. Keep up the fantastic job. But where is the guy himself? Was he neutralized as we do with terrorists?


    They recovered HRH Eze Kanu’s hunting double barrel rifle……..oh what a brave operation by very brave troops, they also encountered stones and toy water pistols belonging to Nnamdi’s little niece but the brave Nigerian troops prevailed.


    • Julius

      The whole thing na fake…abi . Eze kanu dey hunt with Ak 47 ? lol@toy water pistols..you know some of them look so real and if you dare point them at the police or the army you are a gonner..bam, you dead !


        There was no.mention of Ak47.

        • princegab

          Nigeria has become an unserious joke, in self deceit and suspending the evil day. If care is not taken, sooner than later a 2nd civil war might end it all up.

        • Julius

          No gun at all.



          • Julius

            Tawanda, you will never ever tell the truth so, why would I be wasting my time with you. By the way, are you still employing Yorubas by mistake ?

      • Solomon Brown

        Where did you read anything about an assault rifle?

      • Netanyahu

        World bank president and secretary just announced to the whole world that buhari instructed them to concentrate all investments in northern Nigeria… Punch this morning. Keep looking out for news concerning Ibos. Are you not ashamed that your army and police discovered a den gun in the house of their assassinated victim without any member of the household present? They found a petrol bomb in a bucket and flags. All these in a house they ransacked and destroyed few weeks ago? Boko haram suicide bombers killed five in brono state yesterday. We did not see your comment on that. Shame.

  • Biafran 1967

    Where is Kanu?

  • Sandra

    What a bunch of jokers…!!! Can someone please tell these nitwits that they are the laughing stock of the nation, in fact the civilised world..!!!

  • Ayinde

    Joblessness. A whole Army of Nigeria turned hunter…..

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      hunting nigerian enemies is their job.

  • Royal

    Ah! Corruption is worse than aids virus. How on earth can a corrupt security sytem like this guarantee the unity and safty of Nigeria? Tomorrow you will discover atomic bomb in KANU’s house. Take it or leave it Nnamdi kanu has finnished his job. We shall all see it as the days go by.

  • Solomon Brown

    When did a single shot double barrel gun or molotov cocktail become lethal? Na wa o

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      When they are used against your family

      • Solomon Brown

        Tunji be fair .

      • Julius

        That’s what I said. You see, common sense is not common after-all.

  • Egbo Chukwu

    That was a fabricated liar by the army. No amount of liar can change the mind of the biafrans

  • Kenny

    My country my country! We thrive so much in lies. How do u define a petrol bomb? Fuel stockpiled in 20 litre paint buckets? What constitutes a lethal weapon? Let’s not make Nigeria a laughing stock. IPOB and the Presidency have one thing in common: their penchant for propaganda as typified by Emma Powerful and Lai Muhammed.

  • thusspokez

    The Commissioner of Police in Abia State, Anthony Ogbizi, has said that lethal weapons, including petrol bombs and one double-barrel gun, were recovered during last Sunday’s raid of the residence of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu

    Much as I despise Kanu, and would be inclined to use this report to strengthen my dislike of Kanu, but actually, I don’t believe this claim by the Police Commissioner.

    Kanu’s home was raided in the second week of September, so one would think that the army or police of both would conducted a thorough search of Kanu’s residence. Or are we to believe that this was not done, and only done, four weeks after the initial raid?

    Either the Commissioner of Police in Abia State is grossly incompetent for not conducting any search of the home 4 weeks ago or the alleged items claimed to have been found at Kanu’s residence had been planted, and the claim trumped-up!

    • newday

      U dont have to like Kanu to support freedom of speech because you’ll be simultaneously protecting your own rights. Police couldve taken advantage of the low mobilization of the citizens to plant anything. Pretty soon it would be tons of drugs & drug money uncovered.. I’m surprised the commissioner didnt include kitched knives & forks.

      • thusspokez

        U dont have to like Kanu to support freedom of speech because you’ll be simultaneously protecting your own rights.

        You are both naive and lack understanding of what “freedom of speech” entails if you think that Kanu was merely exercising freedom of speech. And don’t get me started on the effing Kanu!

  • Bright Ezeh

    Fake news forged by Liar Mohammed and buhari