Igbo group attacks Ohaneze President Nwodo over Nnamdi Kanu, other matters

Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo
Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo

The South East Revival Group, SERG, has accused the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, of “engaging in political bazaar” and patronage rather than working to stabilise Igbo land in the face of growing marginalization.

The socio-political pressure organisation in a statement signed by its Secretary General, Benedict Ezeagu, observed that it was unfortunate that rather than defend and promote the overall interest of Igbos, Mr. Nwodo had turned himself into a ‘political tool.’

“It is very unfortunate that the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, rather than defend and promote the interest of Igbos, has made himself an available tool in the hands of Igbo detractors and non-Igbos, especially the Arewa irredentists, to denigrate Igbo nation, our sacred traditional institutions and prominent Igbo sons and daughters.

“Such despicable cases in recent time were when he decided to attack Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) agitators, a deviation from his earlier declaration as a father to the young Igbo people, who would have called his erring children into his bedchamber and counselled them, if he believed that they have missed the mark in their strategy for Igbo self-determination.

“Having forgotten so soon the apolitical nature of his office, in his bid to impress his newly found political allies, the Ohanaeze President General chose to openly castigate his acclaimed children after he has descended so low to represent a former military ruler at a book launch,” the statement read.

The group said Mr. Nwodo had departed from his role as a leader in the region.

“Why is it a bit difficult for him to sit down in his office to coordinate the efforts to liberate Ndigbo from their oppressors in Nigeria by bringing together the Igbo self-determination agitators and other Igbo sons and daughters to find a common solution to the Igbo Question in Nigeria?

“Is he not worried to see how the northern youths that issued quit notice to Ndigbo are being pampered and caressed by their northern leaders while their counterparts in the Eastern region are being hunted down daily?”

The group called on Mr. Nwodo “to retreat and sit down at the Ohanaeze Secretariat in Enugu and attend to myriads of sociopolitical and economic challenges confronting Igbo people and receive anyone on a courtesy call as a leader of a prominent Igbo socio-cultural organization, rather than cheapen his position by joining political entourage and gallivanting all over the eastern region as a mere ‘political errand boy.”

Mr. Nwodo, in a swift reaction, denied the allegations by the SERG.

In a statement by Ohaneze’s Publicity Secretary, Uche Achi-Okpaga, Mr. Nwodo said he retired from partisan politics years ago and does not intend to return to it.

He, however, said he would do all it takes to fight for the interest of the Igbos.

The Ohaneze chairman while describing the group’s statement as an attempt to distract the present Ohaneze leadership from the good works it is doing said the group was speaking from a stand point of ignorance.

“Note that the Ohanaeze has met with the South East Governors Forum, South East Caucus of the National Assembly. We have met the South South group, South West and the Middle Belt among others. Discussions are not for newspaper pages. Chief Nwodo led the entire South East leaders and met with the Acting President. They just don’t know the modus operandi of the present NEC. That is why they can’t distract us”

“The current National Executive Committee (NEC) of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo does not react or respond to every comment. Deliberate attacks on Ohanaeze are legion and we do not want them to distract or constitute a clog on our will of progress. Plausibly, people are entitled to their opinions and you know that one cannot reason above his knowledge”.

“There is an Igbo adage that says, “what an elder sees while lying down a child will climb a tree and still be looking for it. Let me state in clear terms that the President General of Ohanaeze retired from partisan politics long ago. He insists that he will not return to it again”, he said.

He noted that his network of friendship built across the country over the years is invaluable to Ohaneze and will continue to deploy them to work for the Igbo nation.

“Note however that the event that brought Alhaji Atiku (Abubakar) to UNN was organised by the Senior Staff Club of the University which includes professors of high note, pure academics (and not politicians). Nnia Nwodo was only invited to chair the event and coincidentally, Ohanaeze is routing and canvassing for restructuring just like Atiku has bought the idea hook, line, and sinker,” the statement said.


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  • Justice Equity

    The federal government must take nnamdi KANU into custody now before things begin to get worst,nnamdi KANU and his group of uncultured bunch of ignoramus are trying to lead igbos into tribulations, nnamdi KANU to me is an agent of destruction masquerading as a freedom fighter, his mission is to lead Igbos into enmity with every tribe and ethnic group in Nigeria.
    Nnamdi KANU is uncultured, uncivilized, haughty and proud. He can’t lead Igbos to any good. His agitation is wooved in lies,vulgar language, propaganda and hatred.
    May God save igbos from this agent of destruction.
    A son who abuses his father, mother and elders is a son of perdition, a son who sees himself as supreme to his father and elders, is a son that bringeth shame, a son who abuses other peoples fathers and elders, is a son that bringeth reproach.
    Nnamdi KANus style of agitation is a horrible shame to be associated with the wise men from the east.shame on him.

    • art mon

      your mother’s private part not Nnamdi is uncultured…culture it so it stop swallowing everything. dirty bastard

    • Ken

      Senseless comment

    • Julius

      Bro, I say leave him alone. They will take care of his ass soon all by themselves. My fear is they will then turn around and blame everybody else.

    • Darlington

      Why wait for none existent federal government? Why can’t you arrest him by yourself? Nnamdi Kanu has become untouchable!

      • Julius

        Just like you gave Buhari/FGN 30 days to release him from jail or ELSE ! Right ?

    • marc umeh

      While I do not support your call for his arrest , I believe Nnamdi Kanu is leading a non-focused , rudderless struggle , that will only end in disappointment and depression for those who believe they found their saviour.
      I had earlier advised Kanu that since he has wisely renounced violence , he has no choice left but to seek wise counsel in and outside igboland. They won’t listen.
      But in the end they will find that this is a futile struggle that is bound to fizzle out. So let’s give the youths space to vent , no matter how irritating .. No need for arrest , I promise you.

    • chukwuetomike obiasomba

      yes he is not culturedbut there is no lies in what he is saying.what we should do is to protect him from the Hausa fulani and then sit him down on the right path to follow not by joining the Hasa fulani to destory him. if we do that we will remain slaves to them God forbid..so how do we send the fulani soldiers back to the barracks and preserve IPOB will be our collective job now. If you llok down you will see that they have woken Nigerians up.Kanu is a and could be talked to calm down rather than trying to bring the beast in him. if we help mallam to destroy kanu and group we will regret it. so there is no equity from what you said. Hausa fulani is not ready to shift ground if we dont have the likes of Nnamdi.

  • easyman16

    Mumu equity has Just spoken

  • WestJohnson1

    Nnia Nwodo is a disgrace to Igbo race, to say the least. How can a man like him be sent on an errand by arewa youths, illiterate almajiris, who only depended on quo system in everything they in the country, to go and denounce the only good thing that has happened to Ndi Igbo (Nnamdi Kanu). I am ashamed of Oha na Eze, I am ashamed of Nnia Nwodo. He thinks by doing do, he will appease the northerners, Hell no! Nothing on earth can make the man who hated your father to love, no matter how nice you may appear.

  • Julius

    Lmaoooooooo !!!…dem go kill themselves. Make una just siddon dey look. No doubt !!

    • Darlington

      You think Igbos are blind followers? We’re not killing ourselves as you hypocritically alleged but calling Nnia Nwodo to other. We are republicans in nature. We say the truth not minding whose ox is gored.

      • Julius

        lol@we are republicans in nature…do you even know what being a republican means. Igbo republicans with emperor ! Just like you are Jewish…right ? Were you a republicans in nature when you followed Ojukwu like sheeps to some of your early graves ? None of you say shit till after all the misery which are still with you today. You need to just keep quiet and bury your delusional heads in shame. Get out !

  • Sir Louis

    Dr. Nnia Nwodo is a gentleman and a learned man. So far, he has done well leading the Ohaneze Ndigbo. All well- meaning Igbos and Nigerians should give him maximum support in the delicate task of being the spokes person of a major ethnic group.

  • Keny Blessed

    Dr. Nnia Nwodo, I commend and I respect you because I noticed something very commendable about you. It’s very sad that the grip of inconsistence turned and held you, so far, you fought a good fight as that of a hero, but at the end…. You fell so cheaply… Meaning that you have Nigeria at heart more than your people BIAFRA… the sudden u turn made to cry for restructuring in the Zoo is an indication of crocodile tears in all your faces… Today, where’s restructuring, and what is your stand in BIAFRA FREEDOM….LOSERS at the end.. ALL We want is BIAFRA FREEDOM…..REFERENDUM and NOTHING more!!!

    • Sam

      All you want is Biafra ? Be careful of what you wish yourself.

  • chukwuetomike obiasomba

    I must commend you so far but you need to do more. The south east gonernors want to preserve their jobs to the detriment of Ndi Igbo in general by dancing to the tune of fulani masters. how do they espect Nnamdi Kanu to attend the meeting at Enugu when it is glaring that Abuja want him death because the sycophants from Igbo land have told Abuja thta nothing will happen if they get him out of the way simply be in Abuja good book and avoid EFCC coming after them or political appointment and protection of their businesses shame on them. alu emeh. At least today Nnamdi Kanu has made Hausa Fulani realise that the game is up and now they want to bring their own type of restructure which must be dead on arrival. the south west has set they pase now bring Ndi Igbo togather and present a common front . Gather men of integrity and Good clegy men from Igbo land to speak to Nnamdi Kanu to give them chance for them to come with their agenda before we know the next line of action,Do not allow them to destroy IPOB BECAUSE, ONYE GBUKA UTEYA OHIE NA ANI. The nothern governors are moving around to con our gullible governors watch them so that they will not truncate our own agenda of a nigeria where equality reign supreme.finally our problem is becuase we forget God and throw away our values to the gutters,we now worship wealth not God ,it is get reach at all cost even if umunna are dying let them go so long as ino na ofe.let us go back to the era of what does he do, what manner of person is he or she and not how much he has through our traditional instituttions and our clergy men and woman thank you sir. Afam bu chukwuetomike ,abum Nwa afo Ihiala. i would like to have a private platform where i can reach you. . Oga dili Igbo Nma na afa Jesus christ Amen.

    • Justice Equity

      Dear Radio Biafra, I think that you guys are doing a very good job,I commend your doggedness, I salute your perseverance, I salute your courage.
      I am happy that beginning from mazi Raph Uwazulike to Nnamdi KANU,the mention of Biafra is no longer a sacrilege, it is no longer regarded as treasonous offences in Nigeria, uwazulike and kanu have brought the suffering, marginalization and criminal bias against the Igbo to the limelight in Nigeria and the world at large.
      I salute Uwazulike,I salute Nnamdi KANU and all the ipob family worldwide.
      However, I have some contributions to make to this struggle, I have some opinion to air ,I hope that we shall open our minds to consider alternative views and opinions of genuine brethren and friends of Biafra without been too rigid ,arrogant, unteachable and haughty. Let’s join our minds, wisdom, knowledge and revelations together because ‘anyuko mamiri onu ,ogboo ufufu’.
      I think that all the efforts and programs of ipob and kanu are good and marvelous, except this deployment of uncultured, vulgar, irresponsible vile words like the one you just reported here,for example, what is the purpose of such animalistic, vulgar, satanic, irresponsible ,vile words of bringing ‘buhari head’ statement to our just course of agitating for our home land ,the land of the rising sun.of what use is our perceived enemies heads ,legs,hands or even hairs to our land of Eldorado?, to me we must strive from henceforth not to ever deploy such barbaric, hate,maliciousness in our words and agitations, so that the Almighty God shall continue to be on our side.
      Again we must desist henceforth from making hate speeches against anybody, tribe or religion, let us understand that the ordinary Hausa Fulani citizens are not the ones marginalizing Igbos, ditto Yoruba,kanuri etc,our problem is with the system, structure and operators of Nigerian nation who are using their position of power, authority and position to perpetuate criminal bias, injustice, discrimination, cheating and hatred against us.therefore it is out of place for us to start deploying our anger and venom to the wrong direction and transferring our aggression to the wrong people, let us make it our rule and law that we shall no longer make ethnic, malicious ,hate and angry slurs against any ethnic, religious or tribe no matter the provocations, let us henceforth present our argument, mobilization, agitation in an unmistakable, clear ,clean and pure words ,to show forth that indeed we are the glorious sons of God.
      I want to also suggest that going forward, we should show remorse and open repentance in the areas where we have made mistakes ,like in our use of unclean words against the Yoruba,Hausa Fulani tribe or religion, let’s start building bridges of love, friendship, comradeship and fraternity across the Niger river. To me our envisaged land of the rising sun, shall be a land of love, peace, liberty and unity for all mankind and men of good will that cherish our ideals whether they are Hausa Fulani, Yoruba,kanuri,Ashanti or Zulu etc .Let us restructure our words and agitations to accommodate all citizens of Nigerian nation who believe in justice, equity, fairness and fear of God,whatever tribe, ethnicity or religion they may find themselves as the accident of their birth for which they have no control over.
      Again let ipob ,massob or every Biafra agitator be made to take a personal oath before God that in whatever circumstances,that on no account shall we ever attack innocent people living amongst us nor destroy their properties nor belongings nor that of anybody whatsoever because we are attacked by security forces.
      Let us put it on record that those Hausa Fulani citizens living amongst us, have no hand nor interest in our predicament, so attacking them is ungodly ,inhuman, satanic and an action against love. Never again shall we ever strip ourselves of our God given dignity, honor, love and nature.
      May God grant us the grace to follow the good path.