Journalist raises alarm on his ‘SSS’ invitation

SSS operatives

The publisher of an online news portal,, Ikenna Ezenekwe, has said that he may be on the radar of Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Service, SSS.

In a statement he issued on Wednesday, Mr. Ezenekwe said he received a call from an unknown person at about 3 p.m. on Monday.

He said the caller introduced himself as “Ugochukwu from SSS” and said the Director of SSS, also called DSS, at Owerri, Imo State, wants to see him.

“I quickly responded, is it SSS or DSS? And who exactly are you looking to speak with.

“Sounding a little agitated, he said, the SSS wanted the owner of the phone number (08136697979) to come see their Director.

“I then asked him to make a formal invitation. Of which he responded that I should not make this difficult,” he said.

Mr. Ezenekwe told PREMIUM TIMES he has no idea why the SSS in Imo would want to see him; saying “I do not reside in Imo State”.

Asked why he thinks the SSS wanted to see him, Mr. Ezenekwe said “of recent, had published reports critical of the Imo State government particularly against the excesses of the office of the 1st Lady of Imo State.

“We had also published critical reports against the APC government in Owerri over its mistreatment of Biafra activists.”

Efforts to reach the number the publisher said was used in inviting him were unsuccessful. The line appeared to have been switched off.

The journalist also said his lawyers failed to reach the SSS in Owerri through the number used in calling him.

“They had tried to reach the DSS to inquire on the reasons for the invite.

“At the moment, I await the DSS’s next attention. As I have not been able to confirm that the call was indeed coming from the DSS,” he said.

The SSS currently has no spokesperson from whom clarification can be sought.


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  • amazing2012

    …My friend go and answer for your deeds. Journalism in Nigeria is that negative reporting that in most times creates anxiety, hate, division and harvoc on people. Substansive percentage of media reporting are based on lies and fabricated stories just to sell for money not honor or integrity.

    • durotimi oye

      My friend go and enlighten yourself on the tenets of free speech in a democracy and don’t come here and start spewing rubbish just because you have access to laptop and can write English.

      • amazing2012

        What is free speech ?

        • durotimi oye

          The right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint, anything else you would like me to enlighten you on?

          • amazing2012

            ..the right to expression on any opinion without censorship or restraint, does not include right to lie, right to blackmail or right to cause injury to another person character or to cause mayhem in the society that will lead to the deaths of millions EVEN IF WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY IS TRUE. The sanctity of truth is peace, the truth can be declined if it may is not relevant to time, logical reasoning, acceptable perception, and coherent value.
            This satanic definition of right become the genesis of most wars in our world today and the birth of terrorism. Other people rights start where your right ends. When talking about your right please also think of other people right. The World is not built on greed and selfishness.
            My friend you are not enlighten, but lack light to see the reality about life. For instance, from your comment, one will come to understand that your knowledge is lacking comparative analysis with other discipline and courage to see and accept the truth.

          • durotimi oye

            The sanctity of truth is peace,the truth maybe declined if it is may not
            relevant with time,logical reasoning,acceptable perception and coherent value? What language are you speaking is that English language? You are just muddling up English words that you have heard without trying to even find out what they really mean. My brother I am not insulting but you sound like an ignoramus, plenty talk No substance please return that laptop to the owner and go back to school. The sanctity of truth is peace, please explain exactly what you mean by that phrase you have made no sense with your long epistle.

          • amazing2012

            ”The sanctity of truth is peace” exactly destroying a nation in order to save it. The concept of freedom and peace in satanic western ideology is defined by interest, not fact or truth.
            To have peace in Iraq, over 10 million were murdered and more on daily basis.
            To have peace in Libya, over 3 million people were killed and more in every hour.
            To have peace in Afghanistan over 20 million innocent souls of civilian were bombed and women raped and more bombs each day.
            To have peace in Syria, Asad must go and do away with Asad over 4 million were killed by the western countries that advocate peace and truth.
            To have peace in the world, you and your like proliferates millions of arms and form terrorist organizations all over the world.
            What is true in killing people? Must you destroy to have peace?
            How the West creates the present unpeaceful world.
            1. Use world financial institutions to creates an avenue of recession and economic hardship in target countries which will lead to massive unemployment and underdevelopment.
            2. Creates political tension and division among people on the basis of religion identity, ethnic nationality, race or color division.
            3. Creates human rights groups, sponsored and backed by the western world.
            4. Use media groups, drugs cartel, and politicians.
            5. Creates civil unrest, using planted human right groups.
            6. Proliferates arms for the people to kill themselves.

          • durotimi oye

            Dude you need to see a doctor there is a screw loose somewhere, what the hell are you rambling about?