Fire burns six-year-old child to death in Enugu


The Police in Enugu on Wednesday confirmed the death of a six-year-old child, Sochimaobi Nwatu, in a fire incident which occurred on January 17, at Awkunanaw, Enugu.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Ebere Amaraizu.

It said the incident which occurred at No. 9, Umueze St. Awkunanaw, gutted two flats in a two- storey building.

“It was discovered that the child was burnt to death during the incident.

“The police are yet to identify the cause of the incident because investigation is ongoing,’’ the statement said.



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  • James Ojapa

    If as you say, you listened to the interview before it was aired, then you should have begged your friend not to air it. That interview was not a cry for help of a worried woman-it was a vote of no confidence from a pompous and arrogant wonan who over estimated her contribution to pmb victory at the general election. It is the norm in our climes for men not to heed the counsel of their wives – if those wives were to take to BBC to talk to their husbands, BBC will have no space for other programs. In any case Aisha’s antecedents so far do not make her a worthy adviser of PMB. Take for instance her role in the kogi fiasco, where she championed the trouncing of James abiodun faleke-the DG campaign for PMB election in Lagos in favour of ‘her’ yahaya bello who openly worked against the APC and who has no voters card and is not even a registered member of the apc. If there is any thing that triggered the open was with tinubu today it is that injustice she championed in kogi. If I were buhari, I will send her out of my house. She should thank her stars he is magnanimous enough to give her space in this kitchen, living room and other room.

    • Reasonable

      No more bottom power in Naija. Aisha Park well o!!!

  • Yusuf

    u have gone too far to think that buhari will lose a ticket, i can not even see him on the sit for much longer. he may be the first civilian to stay less than 4 years

  • Ocean

    This woman is a faithful wife, who love her husband and want the best for her country. If Mrs Jonathan had help her husband like this, maybe he might have win the 2015 re-election bid

  • TotheZ

    Jafar you need to start checking your facts before hitting the send button! Haba this misinformation is actually lying. Allah Ya tsine ma masu spreading false information intentionally Amin. ‘Yan banza bakwai kawai.

    • David Dimas

      Me ya kai har ga ashar haka? haba!!

  • Avant

    Man. This article went downhill real quick. Started seriously and became a farce. Are you more concerned about former Jonathan appointees retaining their positions regardless of performance than you are about good governance Mr. Jafar. Northerners are simply too clannish and that’s why this country is in this state. You want all Jonathan appointees replaced with APC members as if they’ve done well so far. Lai Mohammed, Kemi Adeosun and Adebay Shittu aren’t exactly shinning examples

  • Avant

    Also, forgive me for thinking, based on the title of the article, that you were going to add more details to what we already know about the interview. Instead, the article loses its way abysmally and ends up being about people who supported other parties but we’re appointend by Buhari. No mention of competence etc. Pretty much like Aisha’s interview which is less about good governance and more about patronage and cronyism

  • Darlington

    This writer did not mention people who made Buhari president, like Tinubu and Kwankwaso? An hungry political jobber shouting for attention. Did GEJ sack all Yaradua or Obasanjo appointees when he took over power? Government is a continuum. Insufferable hypocrite.

  • Kenny Ogundipe

    Could it be that they were used to work for @MBuhari within the #GEJ PDP? Their appointments defy logic to Nigerians and is tearing #APC into embittered factions that is not in the interest of the party’s cohesiveness. Are they indispensable to the reelection of @MBuhari in 2019? Are they the ones that pulled the overwhelming majority vote for @MBuhari from the north and not his own personal electoral mass popularity as believed? Were they his financiers? Many questions and riddle that needs clarification and openness. #AishaBuhari is not convinced that they are politically indispensable to her husband’s reelection in 2019 but rather the core members of @APCNigeria who sweated very hard to change #GEJ in 2015. As for we the masses of this great country, we are disappointed with the management of the economy. There seems to be no competent hand to stabilise the comatose state of the economy, talk less of revamping it. It will be the same blame game, excuses and promises without action till 2019. We shall then be sold the usual, over familiar arrogant demand for more time. We all accused #GEJ for mediocre performance in office. What is going on today? 15ml Nigerians electorally believed that @MBuhari is above nepotism, but what is going on today in appointments? Does he and his inner circle think they can successfully override the mass objections to their style of managing a complex, pluralistic country as Nigeria? The objection to the managerial style of no manifest positive grip of the economy by the relevant agencies cut across regional, ethnic, religious and party divide of this country.
    Please, our beloved President, Nigerians want you to succeed. Do not tag all of us including your beloved wife as your opponents or opposition members. You sound as if you intentionally deceived us to vote for you. Some noticed this body language during the electioneering campaign but we gave the benefits of the doubt to you to prove yourself in office for the first term.
    You should give your wife the same benefit of doubt and rejuvenate your cabinet and the very sensitive agencies that are relevant to the economic management, micro and macro. Please Sir, it is very urgent. You have only 1year more to revamp this economy before the open electoral activities for 2015 become the priority engagement of political actors and an important concern to the business community.

  • Kufre

    Seconded. You speak for us

  • Ahmad Armayau

    Whenever a word is speaks there most to be a lesson out of it. Let me draw the attention of Mr President to carefully scrutinize all said words to fish out the ai ta of truth and quickly act on it. Never have grudges on the people that draw your intentions on this claim. Act act please act now.

  • Reasonable

    Did anyone thopught of why was Aisha Buhari this much frustrated with her Husband’s way of governance?
    Would she have open up the way she did if she was having a free run on governance (commanding greater control) just like Maryam Babangida, Maryam Abacha, Stella Obasanjo, Turai Yaradua and Patience Jonathan had during their husband’s regimes?
    Assuming she did exert greater influence on PMB and those given appointment were her nominees/cronies, would she agree to any insinuations that she hijacked PMB government?
    I probably thought she had tried to use her influence on PMB as his wife to get juicy political post for her cronies or nominees but the President refused to give in to her desires.
    PMB sang the change melody, scrapped first lady’s office and remarked that (he is for everybody and for nobody) that includes her. Has he not said EFCC should investigate his family members and prosecute any if found wanting. Has she forgotten so soon?
    This is PMB for you Aisha. It’s like we knew your husband, our president better than you.


    And so what ??? This is called “Government of national unity”. Aisha Buhari is just frustrated because she tot she can control her husband and be having her way !

  • Muhammad Ibn Muhsin al-Ansari

    The recent interview with Mrs Aisha Buhari by BBC Hausa Service has drawn the attention of many political analyst and social commentators more than any other political issue that requires attention in the polity. Yes, it is an outburst which some public commentators said it is long awaited because of the style of leadership of PMB which is considered old-fashioned on not in tune with the dynamics of the change mantra. Most unfortunate was the response of PMB to the interview which was, when critically analyzed, intended to reduce Aisha to a kitchen warrior.
    In my attempt to discern the politics of the message, I understand that a lot might have gone wrong in the “other rooms”, otherwise, she wouldn’t have granted such an explosive interview. In politics, women are known to position themselves on the threshold of doggedness as well as steadfastness in supporting their husband policy initiative. A flashback to the roles of other First Ladies from IBB era to that of JEG provides revelation to this fact.
    While I agree with Jibrin (in his article on Aisha and Muhammadu Buhari: Discerning the politics of the message) that “whatever the message might be,…his comments are demeaning to his own history and actions…we might just be seeing mundane politics at play”; I recall with pride how Maryam Babangida and Nana Agyeman-Rawlings of Ghana carved out a place for themselves and for their husbands in the politics and political power relations of their country. But for Aisha to make such damning remarks on her husband, I think the centre can no longer hold. Things are falling apart!
    Those who remain resolute to continue to support President Buhari who has turned dictatorial and no longer respect the rule of law needs a rethink. Nigeria is gradually turning into a gestapo state never known to us in the history of this country. However, one of the politics of the message is that the government of PMB has surreptitiously continued with his 1984 leadership style in disguise. I humbly think it is important for those God forsaken Sheiks who collected GEJ’s slush fund and are now reinforcing the thinking of Southern Igbo that Buhari belongs to the North or Muslims alone through their actions to also remind the President of the saying of their foremost theoretician, Ibn Taymiyyah in Majmu Fatawa that “Allah will support the just state even if it is led by unbelievers, but Allah will not support the oppressive state even if it is led by believers.” The situation of our country is deteriorating everyday while many still leave in illusion that things will change when thing have actually changed for the worse. Oppression and suppression of all perceived opposition is now the order of the day.
    Even in neighboring Niger, Aisha Hamani Diouri was believed to be supportive to her husband the former President Diouri in all ramifications for which she paid the supreme price of being assassinated at the end of the day. For PMB not to be able to manage his domestic life and resolve his “internal affairs” without this outrageous verbal explosion from his wife, I think his ability to govern Nigeria as a multi-ethnic nation remains very doubtful.
    To borrow the words of IBB aftermath 1984 coup, all the energies of the rulership are directed at imaginary opposition rather than to effective leadership. The economy does not seem to be getting any better as we witness daily increased inflation. Thus, PMB is not a democrat in every sense of the word! I am not a prophet of doom but, I am sure, time would prove me right or other commentators would prove me wrong.
    The revelations by the wife of the President portend a serious danger for the President himself and all his cohorts but, only the wise ones would understand. To succinctly put it, this is the beginning of the end of PMB.

    • Jayjay

      You have written a very long rubbish!!!! You must be walking on your own head instead of your two feet…!!!

      • Muhammad Ibn Muhsin al-Ansari

        I guess you are one of those still leaving in the world of
        illusion. I expected your response to the “rubbish” to be based on logic,
        reason and facts; the fulcrum upon which social communication is