South East APC tackles Nnamani over Jonathan comment

Ken Nnamani

The South East chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has expressed outrage over the claim by a former Senate President, Ken Nnamani, that the zone would support President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid to enable him complete the second Niger Bridge.

Mr. Nnamani, who spoke for the South East members of the People Democratic Party, PDP, at Mr. Jonathan’s declaration on Tuesday, said the region was backing the president in the February presidential election to avoid the abandonment of the bridge.

He also expressed worry that the president had not rehabilitated the Enugu-Onitsha Highway, which is the busiest highway in the region.

The party, in a statement by its spokesperson, Osita Okechukwu, said it was yet to recover from Mr. Nnamani’s double-speak on one hand indicting Mr. Jonathan for neglecting the highway, which is in terrible condition, and on the other hand that it was only the president that could fix it.

It regretted that the former senate president’s hinged the support of the South East zone for the president on the fear that the 2nd Niger Bridge would be abandoned.

“We rate this as grave insult to our collective intelligence, a double-speak and corrupted propaganda; coming from someone we thought we can follow to battle, blind,” the APC said.

“May we ask, is Senator Nnamani and cohorts not aware that President Jonathan followed due process and funded the Oweto bridge over successive federal budgets?

“Why is the 2nd Niger Bridge not in any federal budget? Is the 2nd Niger Bridge not dead on arrival, for Julius Berger is not known for borrowing?”

The party said Mr. Nnamani’s position exposed the underbelly as one of those yet to appreciate that there are two major parties prevailing in the country, the PDP and the APC, and that the 2015 presidential race would be close to call.

It argued that no reasonable and responsible leadership would “put all its eggs of their people in one basket,” as the Ndigbo are trying to do.

“To say that we are highly disappointed with Senator Nnamani is to say the least. For how long will Igbo leaders sell their people for stomach infrastructure?” the APC said.

“It is our considered view that it will be fool hardy for the South East region to vote again for a president who lives under the illusion that if you settle their leaders you have settled them; hence taking our support for granted.”


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  • nnadoris

    We don’t need APC in South east jonathan we trust

    • Okemute1

      I see you have decided regardless.

    • True Nigerian

      Don’t say “we”. Speak for yourself, bro. I am as Igbo as Amadi and Mazi. And I can tell you that currently, I don’t know any Igbo friend of mine who is excited about Jonathan’s candidacy in 2015. Truth is, Jonathan is a disaster for everybody, including the Niger Deltans.

      As for Ken Nnamani, I know him in person. And I can tell you that he is too intelligent to say what he has just said. Ken may vote against Jonathan on the election day. Hahahaha! Ken is a very brilliant man with a judgement that is as critical as it can get. As a PDP man, he’s not going to look Jonathan in the face and tell him “I and Ndi Igbo will never vote for you”. But he can say exactly the same thing in another way. And that is exactly what he has just done. In case you didn’t get the message, here is what Ken was saying in that statement: “Jonathan, you have failed woefully; we know you duped Igbos on the 2nd Niger bridge. If not that we need to hold you ransom to finish that bridge, we would send you to Otuoke…by the way, the fact that you have promised a bridge that may not be completed does not mean that we have also forgotten that you also failed on the Enugu/Onitsha road”.

      If Jonathan and his people are intelligent enough, they will know that Ken Nnamani’s words have absolutely no semblance of a wholehearted support and can never be enough to swing Igbo votes in his favour.

      • MrFesh

        Ewu. You think any Igbo man even in their dream will vote Buhari or Shekau? Lwkm. Keep drinking that ogogoro.

        • John

          Mr Fresh i am an Igbo man and i would vote for Buhari because when he was in Power before he fought corruption and Nigeria was very stable.I can challenge you with the fact that if Buhari were in Power,you would have been happier with the Nigeria you would have seen.Remove sentiments when you want to make a decision that will affect your life, that is how to progress.If you want to marry a lady, the first question should not be where is she from.The first question should be; Will i be better man with her?I am a christian but i feel bad when you associate all Muslims with Shekau.I have very good Muslim friends that if i tell you what they did for me,i don’t think any of my christian friends would have done the same.It is unfair to them.

          • elmok

            I strongly belive you are not ibo, no ibo man who have stayed in the north or gave a relation there will vote APC, Gej maybe the devil we know which is better than that angel in buhari Kwankwaso who refuse to develop where ibos are living in sabon gari kano till date, these people hate us to the marrow, so in Gej we support unless God says under wise

          • Onyeze

            If they hate you, why are you in the north?
            You’re shifting GEJ’s blame to other people. GEJ is the president and he’s supposed to provide security. Is Buhari the president or state governor of all northern states? What is it about “these people”?. If kwankwaso as state governor did not meet your expectation as a governor, you vote against him. That’s your personal choice. Don’t say “these people” hate you.
            If you don’t like your living condition, you move….it’s a personal choice. If you decide to stay, please don’t complain.

          • elmok

            This is all you have to say I guess you are not matured to understand the politics of nigeria I rest my case

          • MrFesh

            Park one side, lemme hear from an Igbo man abeg.

        • True Nigerian

          You don’t know me; I have never spoken to you or had any issues with you; My words above were not directed at you. I did not abuse anybody in my comment, let alone abuse you. I did not even use a derogatory word in responding to the person I responded to. And yet, somehow, you felt it was logical and sensible for you to start your comment by calling me “ewu”. You probably don’t appreciate how much it says about you. If you are man enough and mannered enough, you should be saying sorry! Not that I need the apology to feel happy or forgive you. It’s just for you to demonstrate that you are reasonable enough to take responsibility for your own errors. That’s the first quality of a true man. The absence of that simple wisdom is why Nigeria is in the gutters today.

          Gowon refuses to accept responsibility for the breach of the Aburi Accord; he refuses to accpt that the massacre of Igbos in the North did not justify the secession attempt, and he refuses to accept that injustice was perpetrated against the Igbos; IBB refuses to take responsibility for the countless evils he did against this country despite the story of General Vatsa, monumental corruption, June 12, etc.; Obasanjo refuses to take responsibility for the mindless and needless electoral rape he committed against the people of this country in 2007; instead, he blames Jonathan for his own irresponsibility in foisting on Nigeria a dying Yaradua and a horrendously incompetent corrupt Jonathan whose records had nothing to show that he would be able to handle Nigeria; then ebeano now is that Jonathan is also blaming everybody else, except himself, for his inactions, wrong actions, wrong words, and choices. That same culture is what you will be showing yourself to have if you cannot see anything wrong in what you have just done. Like I said, I don’t need your apology in order to move on from this. If you get to find out who I am, you will not feel good that you behaved in this way towards me. If you were to find out by background, my identity and the calibre of Nigerians that consult me and pay for my words and advice, you will know that I don’t need your respect to be who and what I am. I am just saying all these things to help you deal with your own challenges as a young person. If Nigeria gets any worse than it is today, I won’t be here to face the music, neither will my family be here. We won’t need a visa or a flight ticket to arrive in a first world country. So the reason I speak about Nigeria is not because those of you who feel happy with the horrible state of the country have any advantages over people like me. You need to understand that.

          • Xman

            True Nigeria, it is unfortunate that majority of Nigerians are like this guy, we have them every where, amongst the Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, amongst the Muslims, Christians and Atheists. What do you expect of a person that get to a position on non merit base? Merit will always scare such person.
            As you have said, majority of us championing good Nigeria for all have secured ourselves, our children against unforeseen circumstances that could further lead us into the gutter, but this people championing status quo are not benefitting anything other than stomach infrastructure which is less than $100 a month. You have said your own, let he who have ears listen and let he who does not continue to mortgage their future for a pot of porridge.
            Thanks you my brother, please search for me on facebook, Xman Ola.

          • UMUNKWO

            Even in Diaspora, you can still make a positive contribution. ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’ Traveling Documents don’t repudiate your real nationality. Every Jew has undiminished loyalty to state of Israel.

        • Onyeze

          Bro, You got it all wrong. What makes you think every igbo man will vote for GEJ? This is not about ethnicity. If all Hausa and yoruba vote for APC and all igbos vote for GEJ, do you think GEJ will win this game of numbers?
          You need to understand this is about political ideology and the direction the country needs to take. There is more at stake than mere ethnic origin of the candidate. I am so disappointed with people like you coming here to mouth off ignorantly. I’m igbo like you and you have no clue who I will vote for and it’s not going to be GEJ. You have to respect that. You can’t come here to act like you’re a spokeperson for ndigbo. Calling people “ewu” basically means you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion.

          • MrFesh

            I think you are the one getting it all wrong plus rushing to an unwarranted conclusion. I am positive that no Igbo man who can speak Igbo will vote GMB. will they vote GEJ? I cannot say. but most likely, so don’t say i said every igbo man will vote GEJ.

          • Contact Point

            My brother even if its an issue of ethnicity, if GEJ an Igboman? I really do not understand why some Igbos are so blind as not to see the deceit from this Ijawman from Otueke. Well, my family and I have decided not to vote GEJ, because he has failed.

    • John

      Even at the point of death in Jonathan we trust.Maybe you dont appreciate what progress is.Go and look at other countries like Ghana and see how stable their power is.They never take light in those countries.Look at security in even Ghana.I am from the south East and i am not going to vote for Jonathan.Even all my family members tell me they are not going to vote for Jonathan.I am not going to vote for some one because he is a Muslim or a christian.I am going to vote for someone who i know can do the Job and make Nigeria a country everyone would want to come back to again.I am a christian but if a Muslim can do the Job better than a christian,i am going to vote a muslim into office.No more sentiments

      • nnadoris

        Nigeria are not in point of death only the north who believes power are there birthright.

        • Onyeze

          @nnadoris: My brother you need to wake up. You should have a reason for backing somebody besides the fact he goes by “Ebele”…something that sounds like Igbo name. This guy has been in power for 6yrs and he could not reconstruct this busy highway or even start the 2nd Niger bridge construction. Appointing igbos to his administration is not doing you and I any favour. Get educated about what matters in electing public office holders. This is not a religious or ethnic competition. Like I always say, if you’re involved in a car accident, would you refuse treatment from a competent doctor who happens to be Hausa or Yoruba?
          Let’s all have some expectations on the people we elect. You have access to the internet and you should be one of the people educating the illiterates on what counts. You’re all over here saying GEJ forever and you have not mentioned a single reason why anybody should vote GEJ/PDP.
          If you continue to reward these politicians for doing nothing, you will never see a much better Nigeria in your life time…you can take that much to the bank. Maybe you have not been outside Nigeria and you don’t believe things can be better than they are today. It’s time to try somebody else…..this is not working.

          • Contact Point

            The blind fools only and always mention “he is our brother”, for their support to a failure. Such a silly and defeatist argument.

        • Contact Point

          Stop demonstrating your dumbest brain here.

    • Onyeamama

      Speak for yourself and family only. Don’t speak for the South East. South Easterners will make up their mind. It is a dumb statement. It is a democracy and support is based on what have you done for me lately not the stomach infrastructure.

    • Contact Point

      Blindness. Those slave-traders are the ones supporting GEJ in SE, those who always sell their people for pot of pottage. We know them and they are those who so much love money that they use their mother, father siblings or even their own child for ritual. They are the Judas of Igboland, the backbiters.

    • Edward Osadebay

      Sure, stay rooted in your misery. Personally, I will try the other party. PDP had votes of Ndigbo for fifteen years and nothing to show for all these years of support and steadfastness. These past six years have been the most annoying is the last six years of President Jonathan, a man we trusted with our whole heart, a man that told us his name is Azikiwe, we were very happy, we told ourselves, he is surely one of us even his wife has a branch of her family from the east. We can not get this one wrong. On election day, I carefully followed the letters that made up his name, I particularly liked two of them Ebele and Goodluck. How can you not like them, I then carefully again directed my finger onto the paper effectively voting for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. After the voting, I had a broad smile on my face winking knowingly at others in a conspiratorial manner. But after six years, where is the South east, in fact where is Nigeria, I will tell you, in doldrums, Ebele Azikiwe have taken us in reverse gear to an era no longer recognisable by the present generation of Nigerians. I don’t know I will be voting but I know I won’t be voting for Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

      • nnadoris

        If PDP didn’t get it right before somebody like Jonathan is trying his best so vote for him he sha be Well with you.

  • Son Of Naija

    The SouthEast Enugu Onitsha expressway is the busiest in the country, it is a major gateway into the biggest market/town in West Africa and for 6 years a Government that screams transformation agenda has not thought it wise to tackle its reconstruction. The last time this road was so much as rehabilitated was in the 80’s. Quite recently construction work restarted on the expressway, but alas its a year preceding an election year and the tempo of pretense in the form of “we are working” must be kept up. But the problem is not in infrastructural growth alone but mainly is a moral decay which has eaten into our souls and minds, unfortunately the next generations have not being spared. It really does not matter who is there come 2015, PDP or APC, there are all the same God forsaken crooks that only pretend to be messiahs. Nigeria’s savior is me and you. We hold our destiny in our hands and history will judge us and our forebears and future generations will judge us harshly for sitting around and being complacent to the cancer that has engulfed us. The sooner we truly say enough ! but not just saying that but also understanding that the road to recovery will be tortuous and full of personal sacrifices then there is no hope. Baring a cataclysmic event that will set the clock back to 00 and have us start Nigeria off from Mile 1… there is no hope !

  • Oladapo Adesope

    PDP cant give Nigeria the fast Igbo president…GEJ cant even gurantee such

  • Contact Point

    My people Nd’igbo, please, please, let everyone of us get ready with out voter’s card. Come 2015, please let us just make a statement, at least for the sake of it and see how it will look like. Enough of this deceit by people from other zones who always think as Mazi Okwu puts it, “if you settle their leaders you have settled them”. As for Senator Nnamani, he is already resting in his political grave which he dug for himself by himself.