Abia governor, Theodore Orji, is a political neophyte, says Orji Kalu

Mr. Kalu said the governor was behind his being stripped of an academic degree.

Former governor of Abia state, Orji Uzor Kalu, has hit at his successor and current governor, Theodore Orji, describing him as a “political neophyte”, in an unfolding clash that left Mr. Kalu stripped of an academic degree by the state university.

The Abia State University, on Saturday, announced the withdrawal of its Bachelors degree in Government and Public Administration, from the former governor, claiming it found out Mr. Kalu’s admission was flawed.

Mr. Kalu, who had earlier dropped out of the University of Maiduguri before becoming governor, enrolled for the ABSU programme while he was governor. His successor was his chief of staff.

The former governor is believed not to have concluded the programme when he was issued with a degree certificate.

Still, the school’s decision, some six years after he left office, is seen by many as part of a long-running rift between the two politicians who had long fallen apart.

In a statement Sunday, Mr. Kalu said the recent decision to revoke the degree was the “latest in the failed attempts of Orji to silence him.”

“What the Senate of ABSU has done amounts to shifting the goal post after the goal has been scored,” Mr. Kalu’s spokesperson, Oyekunle Oyewunmi, said in the statement.

“No one can deny the fact that His Excellency (Kalu) was in ABSU for lectures and examinations. And how do you withdraw a degree that has been duly awarded?

“And to think it is the same Senate that awarded it that is withdrawing it. It is obvious where the drummer is playing for the Senate to dance from.”

Mr. Oyewunmi said the former governor will “definitely react appropriately” to the school’s decision.

The spokesperson said Mr. Kalu was currently in Gambia overseeing “some of his multibillion dollar businesses.”

Mr. Kalu, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, while in office, midwife the birth of a new party, the Peoples Progressive Alliance, PPA, upon which he engineered Mr. Orji’s election to office even while Mr. Orji was detained over corruption charges.

The former governor’s decision to return to PDP has reportedly been at the heart of a bitter and grueling dispute between the two men.

The release by Mr. Kalu is the most bare-knuckled challenge of his successor since they fell apart.

Mr. Kalu said the governor was “jittery” as elections were getting closer and it was becoming clearer that Mr. Orji’s preferred candidate will not win to cover the governor’s tracks when he quits.

“He will only panic the more as he has set the ground for a battle he cannot withstand and win.

“Recent events have shown who truly is an Abian among Dr. Kalu and Orji.

“This non-performing governor is challenged to a public walk alongside Dr. Kalu on the streets of Abia State and let us see who will get stoned,” he said.

“How can he so quickly forget the political staying power of Dr. Kalu, which earned him (Orji) the governorship despite the fact he was in the custody of the EFCC when the election was held and a new party had to be registered for him to emerge as the governor of Abia State,” the statement asked.

“That same staying power, which only God and forthrightness can grant, is what has kept Dr. Kalu above all foes.

“And if Orji still thinks it is possible for him to run Dr. Kalu out of Abia State, then he should have a rethink.”


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    • Forged transcript

    • Employed six different persons to enter for six exams for him

    • Returned to ABSU, sixteen years after ‘leaving’ University of Maiduguri

    Shame has a way of locating the man with impeachable integrity. There is
    usually a judgment day. Some times in life, we are poisoned by the instruments
    of our chalice. This is obviously the case of Orji Uzor Kalu (OUK), a lowly
    rated secondary school and University drop – out who traded his way to the
    enviable position of Governor of Abia State and for eight years, he carried on
    with the stamp of shame; afflicting the State with fraud, indecent malpractice
    and the shameless act of lying under oath.

    The Senate of Abia State University insists that in the first place Orji Uzor
    was not qualified to be admitted as a student having exceeded the stipulated
    three years for which a student can transfer from a University (he was
    rusticated by University of Maiduguri in 1984 after trading in school for four
    years) while he managed to do two out of the mandatory six semesters. So, his
    stay in ABSU is declared ultra vires and of no effect. What a shame!

    The Senate of Abia State University literarily went dead

    when documents were presented to show that Orji Uzor Kalu based his admission
    on a Transcript from a “ghost University”. Here was a man who claimed to have
    attended University of Maiduguri between 1980 and 1984 but presented a
    Transcript purportedly issued by Abia State University. In his display of acute
    illiteracy, the courses listed in the transcript were non – existent and
    unfortunately inconsistent with his claim of a transfer.

    At its 69th extra ordinary meeting of 1st March 2013, the Senate of Abia State
    University in a resounding vote of 88 against 3; basically acting on the
    prompting of an Investigative Panel that looked into the allegations of
    irregular admission and wrongful award of the University Degree to former
    Governor of the State, Orji Uzor Kalu; cancelled the degree awarded to Orji
    Uzor and declared ultra vires any claim whatsoever made by him in that regard.
    To that effect, Orji Uzor seizes from the 1st day of March, 2012 to be a holder
    of the University Degree and declared a criminal impersonator; should he
    continue to so describe himself.

    The Senate while cancelling the degree, said among other things that: In
    accordance with Section 9 Sub section 5 of the Abia State University law 1995;
    subject to right of appeal to the Council for a decision of the Senate, the
    Senate may deprive any person of Degree awarded to him/her or cancel it if the
    Person is not qualified to be a student or found to be engaged in any
    misconduct or guilty of any exam misconduct. Based on that amongst others, Kalu
    Orji Uzor violated the academic regulations of Abia State University on
    admission by transfer which rendered the admission invalid.” The University
    maintains that the action aforesaid derives from its onerous statutory
    responsibility to guide and maintain at all times the academic reputation of
    the university and the credibility of the University Degrees so awarded”

    The self – acclaimed “Master Strategist” failed to cover his tracks and in what
    could be described as the dumbest forgery in the history of mankind, committed
    unpardonable mistakes in his quest to acquire a University degree, which was
    denied him by University of Maiduguri in 1984.

    It would be recalled that sometime in 2000, OUK made the news for his ingenuity
    in going back to school having been reportedly admitted into the Government
    & Public Administration of the same University he was a Visitor – Abia State
    University. Right thinking members of the public condemned the ignoble act and
    lampooned OUk for desecrating the Ivory Tower. Reuben Abati had in his column
    in December 2001 said among other things: “OUK’s admission into ABSU is
    depressingly annoying as it further reduces what is remaining of the integrity
    of the Nigerian Universities. His act will bring further disrepute to the Ivory
    Tower as in the first place he is not known to have a School Certificate”.
    Eleven years after, Abati is vindicated.

    Interestingly, Prof. Ogwo; OUK’s kinsman and the University Vice Chancellor at
    the time was one of the three dissenting voices while the Senate voted. Ogwo
    represents the college of shameless scholars whose character rating is
    despicable and nauseating. He ought to cover his face in shame after those
    startling revelations. He should tell us why of the six courses Orji Uzor
    managed to write its exams, why six different writings were identified in the
    scripts. He should tell us which Officer of the University certified OUK
    qualified for admission sixteen years after he claimed to have left the
    University of Maiduguri. The Chairman of ASUU, ABSU chapter Chimezie and his
    friend Prof Obeten Kalu failed to reason beyond ethnic sentiments while

    Prof Victor Nmaju summed the matter in this intelligent manner, “by this
    decision, the University has over turned an executive fiat that saw a Visitor
    intimidating his employees in the most bizarre manner. We have been able to
    subtly redeem the integrity of the University having erroneously awarded her
    Degree to a person who is neither worthy in learning or character”.

    Very few persons know that Orji Uzor does not even have a School Certificate.
    That would be a story for another day. In the meantime, I encourage him to go
    back to primary five as he was last seen in the Primary four class.

    • Charles Elmer

      My question here: Did Kalu build Aba for good 8years as governor? if yes then why is are like as it is today? those that criticized T.A Orji’s administration. Was Aba a heaven and Ochendo came in and destroy aba? What about our past governor Kalu, who was bone and grown up in Aba and he was the past Governor of Abia State for good undisturbed 8years and he failed to build Aba, … if Ouk build aba for his 8years as Govern will aba be as it is today? the simple truth here is that Ochendo is far better than OUK….. Let us face the truth and yes big no to Kalu guy man politics.. how can Kalu do his own people 419, gee, guy, the more you look the less you see? why is Kalu making noise now? he is the problem of Aba state… and we shall say big no to Kalu any time any day.. we trusted OUK but he plays us OBT.. Shame to oRJI Uzo Kalu… My advice for Ochendo is that he still have 2 more years to right his name on the heart of Abia’s. T.A Orji. if you truly love your people and if you truly to work.. yes you are doing fine we had seen what the past did not show us. but we want you to start great jobs in Aba today today not tomorrow. start it and you will see that OUK will go and sleep forever in Abia State.

      • DE KING

        They are all fools!