See ridiculous answers Kaduna teachers gave to ‘Primary 4’ questions

Kaduna Teachers Answer sheet - Released by Kaduna state government

The Kaduna State government has released the answer scripts of some teachers who participated in the competency test set by the government.

Basic questions like the full name of the governor, the three state of matter and so on were found difficult to answer by some of the teachers.

The government said it plans to sack over 20,000 teachers who failed the test, a move opposed by the workers’ union.

See some of the answer scripts as released by the government below.



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  • Screw-em

    Oga Rufai, l get standard seven certificate, l swear me self for fail this exam oooh, sacking them will accomplish nada. Just retrain them.

    • GreenNature

      Get real! How can you say that dismissing them will accomplish nada? Are you insinuating they should carry on with their lacklustre performance inspite of our deteriorating education system? And we have millions of you out there. May God help Nigeria!

      • Innocent

        Quite absurd, spelling very bad, articulation just like a baby learning in the kindergarten. This kind of teacher to prepare the next generation,? Not possible. Please sir just sack them. It’s things like this that Nlc knows how to protest. Have they done that concerning the minimum wage, skipping of grade by some agencies? God bless you Governor.

        • Screw-em

          Throwing the baby with the bathwater is not the solution. But removing the wheat from the chaff will do the trick. Dumping 20000 Teachers into the unemployment lines solves nada.

      • Screw-em

        By your admonition, you have concluded that creating further unemployment would solve the dismal state of education in Kaduna State. I stand by the fact that retaining and retraining them is the only viable option/solution, not withstanding the Teachers appalling performance.

    • Charles

      your English said it all, well done bros.

      • Screw-em

        Only standard seven Sir…remove the clog from your eye’s, it will help you read between the lines. …lol


        • Chima Obim

          Your “grammar” is still as horrible!

  • Angry Niaja

    Incredible, so how do you even begin to resolve this?. Some idiots were begging to retain these illiterate teachers, haba , this is beyond disgraceful. If a primary school student wrote this gibberish you could perhaps give them the benefit of doubt, you could still word and educating and putting them on the right path, but TEACHERS!!!, is it a wonder that our education is churning out unemployable illiterates. Sack them ALL, they have no business being called teachers.

    • Danladee

      “If a primary school student wrote this gibberish you could perhaps give them the benefit of doubt, you could still word and educating and putting them on the right path, but TEACHERS!!!”
      Mr. Angry Niaja, are you any better?

      • Angry Niaja

        YES, I am better, there’s no justification for the abysmal results. Sentiments, will not help the situation. A teacher should be able to Read and Write

  • Frank Bassey

    It is not their fault. Even if you sack them, what are you doing to improve the educational system as a whole? The truth is that the North has never been keen about Education in the real sense of it.

    • Anonymous

      Am sure it’s even worse where you come from. At least we all saw what happened in Edo during Oshomole. Or is Edo also North

      • Charles

        My brother what i saw above is dismal and abomination, this is not the time to be emotional, the north need to sit up, i dont think there is a place as bad as this in the south, if kaduna state many thought is the elite state of the north is this bad, oh………. my God.

      • Frank Bassey

        Does that justify this madness? In whose interest is this controversy? Do you want it as “bad” as in Edo? What really is your argument?

  • Voice of Hope

    They should sack them all. Give competent people the chance to step in. I know many sound graduates who are teaching in private schools with low pay. Government should absorb them into the system. You can’t tell me that there are no better heads in Kaduna. They should be given a chance to serve. A lot of these so called teachers bought their way into the government school. Their employer should be sanctioned too. How did they pass the interview. They should all be flushed out. This is the first step to fighting corruption at the grassroot level.

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      Did your president has certificate?. Was he not from kaduna state before katsina?. These guys preaches against western education in their mosque, but their children are in Europe, America, Asia and middle east receiving quality western education. Northern elites are the most wicked creatures God ever created. The elites are eager to use government funds to send thousands to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, spending billions of tax payers., and deceiving their subject!!.

  • Igyundunase Dominic

    Honestly, I am aghast.

  • bigboss

    These are the kind of results you will get from most teachers in the northern states of Nigeria. This is because the issue of education has not been taken seriously by the nothern government. They promote mediocrity by the insertion of the term ‘Educationally less developed states” in the constitution. You will be suprised that most of these teachers passed through various colleges of education in the north to get their NCE certificate. The question now is how do they secure the admission to these schools? I have seen situations where by some students in the higher institutions in the north cannot even speak english. They communicate in Hausa language. What do you expect from such graduates? The northern government should sit up and focus more on education and remove the clause of ‘educationally less developed states’ from our Laws so that there will be competition in educational performance across Nigeria.

  • Charles

    i think the north should reach out and call for help from the southern part of the country, because the people you are going to recruit are also product of the same system and so their quality cannot be assured. the genesis of all this is that, southerners mostly the south easterners who forms the larger crops of the teaching staff in the north left because of security issues.

    • m

      The Preaching of the Islamic scholars/clerics against western education has killed northern nigeria. I feel sorry for my brothers and sisters in the north. Elrufai is right, but the approach to correct the problem may not be right. These people did not pickup the teaching job for the sake of teaching but for them to get “salary”.

    • Adam

      well, I still think the entire education sector in the country is in need of a total over haul. Because the move to correct this educational decay commenced from the north doesn’t mean that the solution to the problem in kaduna and generally the north lies in the intervention by the south. the southern part of Nigeria also has it’s own challenges with education and should their dirty undies be washed in public…. then who will come to their own rescue. I think our various Governments ought to re-define the processes of employment of teachers,make it competitive and not just use teaching employment opportunities to appease their political friends who more or less have no good qualifications nor interest in the profession or any desire to impact any value to the lives of children but rather a means to earn a living only. It’s a shameful discovery any way the happenings in kaduna primary and secondary education sector but I also believe this attributed failure is a report of only a few un-baked and half baked graduates. out there there are many qualified graduates who are still searching for opportunities to teach in our Government schools and willing to add value to the lives of our children. Therefore I totally disagree with you on the statement ” product of the same system so their quality cannot be assured” . You cannot just generalise on that basis without sufficient proof.

    • Screw-em

      “Mr. Grammar”, read @ Dayor light’s comment above to give you an in depth understanding of the collateral damage sacking these Teachers will have on the States economy.

  • Dayorlight NtimeHarvest

    This situation seems simple but delicate. It’s easy to sack 20,000 incompetent workers…& honestly, it’s the RIGHT THING to do, but the government and the society should be battle-ready for the RIPPLE EFFECT from the angle of CRIME, this is the URGENCY! The REALITY is that Kaduna State is expecting 20,000 POTENTIAL CRIMINALS soon, with additional 30,000 mature boys feeding under the sacked parents, so altogether, Kaduna State should get ready for 50,000 criminal minds as well as those that would be easily enticed into dangerous FANATICAL groups (through PROMISED MONEY). I would advise the Governor to take holistic look at this issue and take actions with enough readiness for the aftermath.

  • JasV

    This problem is not only in Kaduna State. Give this same test to Lagos State teachers and call me a bastard if at least 10,000 do not fail woefully.

  • Slim

    What the state needs to do is enrol the whole lot of them in adult schools or colleges of education to gain better education. Draft them back in gradually, maybe on a part time basis as its not all of them that are beyond redemption. The problem we have in this country is we think by destroying something we’ve solved the problem. What is needed here is real leadership and a sense of growth. Dignity is so lacking in our country today its almost criminal. Instead of sacking all these people who just want to cater for their families and keep busy maybe we should be sacking those two sons on rivers who “clashed” yesterday because neither of them had any decency to behave as their positions in government demands. Imagine a sitting governor accusing minister of assassination, likewise how a minister convoy can knock down driver of another convoy is just beyond comprehension. God help this country.
    Edit: I’m tired of calling Gods name, I’m sure he’s tired of hearing our squealing as well. We have all it takes to turn this mess of a country around but we’re too preoccupied with amassing wealth. We’ve been told poverty is a sin so Everyman and his dog is gunning for the billionaire club. What a shame

  • wode

    The truth of the matter is that, if the same type of exam is administered for all the teachers in primary schools in all the states, the results would be almost the same! And if anybody is in doubt as to what we have in all the primary schools, most especially the public schools, let the person carry out a research to find out. It’s not really about a state or a region but more about our education system generally. Most of the teachers never realized any need for self development. So, their condition continue to get worsen. I doubt if there are training and tests being conducted for these teachers across the country. There is a need for serious overall of the system across board. I think, the step being taken by the Kaduna state government is one of such conscious effort to right the wrong.

    Meanwhile, for the Kaduna state government, it may be reasonable to consider giving the teachers the second chance. It shouldn’t stop there, there should be developmental programs, a kind of train-the-trainer program, to keep the teachers up to date on what is expected of them from time to time. Over 20,000 teachers is a quite a lot to throw out of job. It would definitely have adverse ripple effects on the affected teachers, the pupils as well as the government. There is a need to strike a balance so as to give consideration to all that needs to be considered.