El-Rufai insists on sacking over 20,000 teachers who failed competency test

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Eufai [Photo Credit: The Whistler]

The governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai, on Tuesday said the state will not rescind its decision to sack 21,780 teachers, who recently failed the competency test conducted by the state government.

The Kaduna State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, NUT, had threatened that its members will proceed on an indefinite strike from November 23 to protest the sack of the teachers.

Apparently responding to the threat in a Facebook post, Mr. El-rufai said, he will not bow to such threats.

“We have received a notice from the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Kaduna State wing demanding that we rescind our decision on unqualified teachers or else they (will) go on an indefinite strike. But then we ask, what’s the point of that strike?

“To force us to violate our oath of office and retain unqualified teachers? We have sworn by the Holy Books that we will only do justice and we are committed to ensuring that the children of the poor in Kaduna State must get free basic and quality education,” Mr. El-rufai wrote.

In another post, Mr. El-rufai said, “One evidence of the crisis in our society is that a union, whose members failed a Primary 4 examination thinks it can create problems over the issue rather than be a part of the solution.

“We are not people that bow to threats. We will respond appropriately. What will be point of the threatened strike? To force us to violate our oath of office and knowingly retain as teachers those that are not qualified? That will not happen!

“We will recruit as many qualified teachers as we can find. We will not keep unqualified teachers on our payroll.”

About two-thirds of primary school teachers in Kaduna State who sat for the test, made up of primary four questions, failed to score up to 75 per cent in the grading.


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  • Yego V

    This man is heartless. There are many solutions to the problem, one of which is to request the affected teachers undergo refresher training after which they can be subjected to the test. I cannot understand why this man is targeting primary school teachers. What about secondary and tertiary school teachers. What about civil servants including your commissioners. The man has no balls. What a midget.

  • Willy

    Hopefully someone who knows governor El Rufai of Kaduna state can get this message across to him in earnest.

    He can never survive politically if he proceed on is so called ” replacing the incompetent people for the sake of the next generation …”

    Without being bias we have to commend his good intention but we will advice him to be cautious .
    Era of making such strick decision, like a doctor, and escaping if had gone long ago.

    He can institute teachers training institute, where all the state teachers will be trained on whatever you want them to know .

    Let this go round the teachers completely and conduct a fair exam for them again , any one that fail that will even surely sack himself before been sacked.

    We saw some of the questions asked and likewise the funny supplied answers , it should be noted that a teacher’s competency should be judged on his profession or the subject he teaches and not on PAPERS LIKE THIS THAT EVEN PROFESSOR CAN FAIL IF NOT INTERESTED IN SUCH ASPECT OF THE QUESTION. Is it everyone that is current in current affairs ? Is it everyone that listens to news, where is the stable electricity to power his radio or TV or subscribe to internet on his mobile phone.

    Mallam El Rufai sir, you should adopt a lenient and scientific approach in this matter .

    Give them another chance, train them on their core area and give them hints on what is expected from the exam, just like any globally recognized exam!

    The political effect of your action will cost you and your party 2019 election ! and we are not sure if you will ever come back to power again. Other parties are ready and PDP are ready to right their wrongs. The key point of APC campaign is anti corruption , a feature that can easily be adopted by any party and steal the show away from APC.

    Let’s analyze this scientifically, you want to sack 20,000 teachers .
    Let’s assume that each of them is mature with just 3 children which is not obtainable in the North , but the figure will cover for those without child or with less number. So we have four people already. Plus his spouse say one , making five.

    Each of them have 2 parents and say just 2 other dependants. That is nine people already. We are keeping the estimated figures small so that the excesses can care for the less or absences .

    Simply, a teacher or any worker is like nine valid votes. Have we forgotten that no one bites the finger that feeds him. The person that pays a piper will always dictate the tune. Hence none of these nine people who are assumed to be up to voting age will ever vote for a government that sacked or replaced their benefactors.

    So, 20,000 workers are equivalent to 20000*9 votes which equals to 180,000 votes.

    Your Excellency sir, I’m not sure if this is deducted from the vote that brought you into power by election tribunal you will still remain in power.

    No one dares sacking workers massively without regretting it.

    Ask your former party leader , Chief Adebisi Akande, he tried it in Osun State by sacking even a lesser number of teachers during his 1999-2003 era as the state governor. He regretted it bitterly as he never tasted power again. I wonder why he can’t advise you sincerely on this your unsocialized intention .

    In summary, periodic and often training of workers not even only teachers is very key to their performance and competency. In order to track their application of such acquired knowledge in practice you will adopt the method of Key Performance Indicator KPI and this is very easy for the teachers . Conduct a general class based exams for all the state students and ask any teacher with high number of student failure to explain the reason why ? You must have given out a syllabus to follow before this. The national exams ” WAEC and NECO” will be the final indicator at the secondary school level .

    There are many ways to kill a bird apart from stoning it. Try to seek advise from well educated, enlightened, civilized and well to do personalities who will give you good advise , rather than listening to your shallow minded supporters and analyst who will never follow you to the election pool, of share your good/bad name with you, or share your losses with you after the election.

    Perfection belongs to God , to err is human. Pardon me for any error in this be it grammatical, technical or analytical. The message is more important than the the messenger .
    HALF word is enough for a wise.

    Thank you very much.

    I humbly submit.