Kaduna govt. introduces residency card

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai
Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

The Kaduna State Government on Wednesday formally announced the introduction of residency card for all its residents.

The government said the move was to enable it plan and provide social services.

The state’s Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Muhammad Abdullahi, told journalists the initiative was crucial for planning purposes.

He spoke shortly after he was registered for the card at the North West Zonal Office of the National Identity Card Management Commission (NIMC) in Kaduna.

He said: “Kaduna State Government is currently providing a number of free social services for the people in the state.

“But to achieve the desired impact, we need to have the accurate figure of those residing in the state. We need to know who and who resides in our state and where.

“When we know the number of people residing in the state and where they are, it will help us to plan and provide better services and for all residents. ’’

He said people would soon be required to present their residency card before they could access such services.

“Kaduna state is open for everyone due to its strategic location, geographically, economically and politically.

“But if you are going to stay in the state beyond 180 days, you would be required to register and obtain our residency card.

“This is very important not only in planning, but also in ensuring security. We gathered that most of the security issues we are having in the state are cause by people from other states,” he said.

The commissioner explained that the registration exercise was being carried out in partnership with NIMC and open to all residents of all ages.

He appealed to everyone to come out en mass and get registered in the more than 31 centres across the state.

The NIMC North West Zonal Director, Oyesola Taiwo, explained that registration for the residency card was linked with the NIMC data base.

“The process is very easy, if you already have the national identification number, all you need to do is just to present the number and you will be captured immediately.

“In a situation that you do not have, the first step is to register for the national identification number, after, you will be captured for the state residency card,” he added.

Idris Abdullahi, Chairman, Kaduna House of Assembly Committee on Budget and Planning, said the exercise had legal backing and was appropriated for in the 2017 budget.

He enjoined all residents in the state to support the government in meeting their needs by coming out with their families, friends and relations to register.



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  • Dazmillion

    Very soon el-Rufai will start issuing resident cards to fulani herdsmen from Niger, then these madmen will start burning, raping and grabbing land in southern Kaduna. By the time people start asking questions el-Rufai will inform us that the ravaging herdmen are legal residents of Kaduna.

    • marcos avelino

      Always negative people will do bad you blame they do good you blame

      • Adele Uhuru

        If this was initiated in a South East state now it would have been a reason for these same egg heads up north to start clamoring for blood in the name of Allah

        • Aminu Hammanyero

          So much negativity and sentiments? Make your positive contribution in your state or BiaFra…we shall celebrate your success….Let Kaduna people oppose this proposition,,,it’s their palava!! Nite

          • Kickboxer

            oh Terrorist…it is no longer one Zoo but one Kaduna zoo…

          • Tess

            Don’t mind him. Always copying things that you can’t sustain while avoiding the real issues of development. Where are the census figures and the NIMC cards? This man just want to swindle the state and always want to make headlines with no output. He is the most subjective governor of that state ever.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Do you live in Kaduna state?

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Why don’t you go do something different in your LGA, state or region. Let Kaduna state do what the feel is good for their people. Too much sentiments, this is done in most developed nations. Regards

          • AFRICANER

            I’ve caught being divisive; you were pretending to be different from Awogbeobas of this world. See?

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            No I am not my point is this is a novel idea for KD and has nothing to do with you guys…it’s not like Abuja business where all of us has a stake…it’s KD business let them oppose it as of others stay out of it! Don’t make it a scandal like the Infamous KD quick notice or How people that has no business to BiaFra violently oppose it….keep to our business…my 2 cents!

          • AFRICANER


          • Aminu Hammanyero


          • AFRICANER

            I agree with your input, and observation regarding El Rufai.

            Nasir is always introducing one form of austerity, or another, or he is reducing things, when he is not destroying something; you will never hear him suggest building anything, or a monument that will benefit the poor masses. Go ahead, check his entire history.

          • Adele Uhuru

            you speak of opposition where there is none- my perspective is just that-a perspective and nothing more/ celebrating contributions – is complete your palava –

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Why will you even think that the north will oppose such a noble policy if it’s implemented the SE….who told you people like me hate the SE or Ndigbo…common wise up. This is KD policy and it doesn’t bother anybody so stop this opposition…

          • Adele Uhuru

            You are retarded – none of my statements opposed the policy so your progression is misconceived utterly…. This same progression was announced as a means to counter the Fulani and Hausa herdsmen murderous progression – their vile attack on farmers and villagers in SS,SE and North Central, as a way to track their movement to repel their attacks but the North was up in arms seeing the policy as a process to single out their evil minions –

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            I don’t do insults you have heard the last from me.

          • Adele Uhuru

            Your perspective or comments matter not to me – as you can tell ?

    • Chyke Obasi

      please have you ever seen a developed country without proper identification? I wish we could grow beyond negativism and strengthen leadership

      • Dazmillion

        Good morning this afternoon. Census is used all over the world for planning and development, but when it comes to Northern Nigeria, census is turned on its head where cows and ram are counted as human beings and you still want me to be optimistic.

        I say again, Good morning this afternoon

        • Aminu Hammanyero

          Why don’t you go do something different in your LGA, state or region. Let Kaduna state do what the feel is good for their people. Too much sentiments, this is done in most developed nations. Regards

          • Kickboxer

            oh Terrorist…it is no longer one Zoo but one Kaduna zoo…

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Oh now I am a terrorist, waoo I made my point you called me names and nothing in my comment gives any inkling of hate, fanaticism or terrorism but it’s ok I am used to your kind.

            I am happy to belong to which ever Zoo I find myself and supportive of what our able governor is doing in Kaduna. As of you why don’t you go deal with your agitation beside you are now getting support all over Nigeria, heard of the infamous Kaduna declaration last week? Thats your chance to get what you always wanted, so take your chance.

            I am happy in our Zoo and will never interfere with the affairs of your lovely BiaFra. I wish you luck with your BiaFra…ameen to your agitation!

          • Charles

            you are gentleman keep it up, it takes a brave heart to make this kind of comment.

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Anytime Sir!!!

          • whereto

            Very rational and civilised comment. Unfortunately, communicating with some people is like gathering water on the back of a tortoise -a complete waste of time.

      • Tess

        The NIMC is enough identification for every Nigerian. We don’t need a residency permit in our country, which is in effect not anything except deception and to score cheap political points.

    • aboki

      Understanding the law and the benefit would do away the SENTIMENTS inbuilt.
      Some of us that travel across the globe it’s a common exercise that helps authority on implementation of social services.

      • Phire


    • Tess

      You got it. You got the game and the direction.

  • Mariam, Col.

    Apartheid South African policy slowly making its way into Nigeria.
    This is nothing but a pass law. Is this the same governor who wanted all preachers to register with his government. This guy actually has his sight on the presidency of Nigeria.

    • Jimi

      Every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada has its own identification document in addition to the national identity documents. Nigerians there do everything to obtain theirs. It is an accident that those complaining about this policy move will either do anything for a visa to either of these countries or already have their wife and children living there. Criminals and tax evaders are getting worried. Push on governor. The welfare of the majority should prevail against those of criminals, tax evaders and other miscreants.

      • Tess

        Is this US? Everything, you set standards with the US with no comparative sincerity and output. Abeggi.

      • Aminu Hammanyero

        Jimi, these people trading commodities are paranoia and sentiments. You will never win so drop it and ignore.

  • K-kay

    This is quite commendable. Some states are getting governance right. Clear examples are kaduna and Lagos.

  • Otile

    Thanks to the truthful governors of Lagos and Borno, the plans of the North and Yorubas for Igbo are leaked. It is good to know the price differential now that Yorubas and the Northerners will be paying 1,000 but Igbo will be paying 1,000,000 for the same thing, and yet Igbo is lied to that they are not cheated. Thanks also for Yoruba Muslims are to aid the North to exterminate Igbo. Again thanks to Fashola, Oba, Tinubu, and Kwankwaso for being in the vanguard of Igbo oppression and extermination. It is good to know these things, no matter how some lairs will use al-Taqiyya to whitewash the grand plan. God is in charge.

    • Guest

      Stop listening to the street Otile, this is Fake News!! Don’t allow paranoia to give you sleepless nights.

    • Faskari Babangida

      Why not them paying 1,000,000 for anything?Igbos in the North are foreigners from their proclaimed Biafra nation.

  • bernarddoro

    Great job, kudos to kaduna state government on this initiative.

  • Kickboxer



  • Jimi

    great vision Mr. Governor.

    • Right Minded

      You are so pathetic! did u just say “great move”?

    • Phire

      You are need glasses because you don’t see far!

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    El-Rufai is a potential presidential candidate because of his guts. Brilliant move!

    • Tess

      I can’t believe you. Someone who has not been able to hold a state is a potential presidential candidate? That man knows the truth and is only diverting attention from what he himself planted which has busted into flames. He pretends to be working. All contracts to himself and his family members only and he thinks people are fools. Most FG his cronies lie that they’re state’s projects. This is another chop chop project for him and his battalion from FCT days.

      • Aminu Hammanyero

        Fortunately even the Okada boys he kicked out of Abuja still confesses he is the best FCT minister ever….It’s now full of rubbish and dead traffic lights. If only you know Nasir, you won’t be saying all this….But as it’s said in Nigeria prejudice dies hard…very hard!!!

        • Yego V

          Some of us know el-rufai first hand and therefore what Tess said is nothing but the truth. Truth is TRUTH, no matter who it comes from.

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            You know him, is it? But his FCT tracked record is still unmatched and surely he will replicate this in Kaduna….We love our Governor….How is your own Governor doing by the way? Good day

          • AFRICANER

            This is why you need a government of laws, not men.

            Whatever he did as FCT minister has expired because the man is gone.

          • Yego V

            You are entitled to your assessment of el-rufai. Let me remind you that he was the 12th Minister. I was fortunate to have worked with 5 including el-rufai. You are right; el-rufai is replicating what he did at FCT: Blatant corruption, and mass murder.

  • PolyGon2013

    We need to identify the ibos. That is all.

  • Bright Ezeh

    Resident card or permit in your country it’s not done any where in the world, Nigerians should ask El rufai his plans

    • EkoILe

      Stop your misinformation, the Kaduna State residency registration is simply for a State ID. I don’t foresee any confusion there, nothing new.

      • Right Minded

        you are the one misinforming the public. Hell-Rufai has a sinister plan against non hausas, and the way to know the actual numbers of non hausas in kaduna and their residential addresses is to introduce a residency permit or card. This will surely not work! We all will rise against it.

    • Faskari Babangida

      Have you forgot Imo’s registration of all Hausa resident in Imo State

  • Right Minded

    Hell-Rufai has a sinister plan against non hausas and Christians, and the way to know the actual numbers of non hausas and in kaduna and their residential addresses is to introduce a residency permit or card. This will surely not work! We all will rise against it.

  • George

    That was exactly what that He-goat Okorochas wanted to do sometimes ago when the whole Mallams came with arrows now that Half a man of a paint seize want it no one is shouting again.

    Everyone should please watch the recorded telephone conversation between Amousun and Shatima to know what is going on and what to expect.

  • Phire 511

    This is not done anywhere in the world that its own citizens need residential card, only foreigners who needs a residential card this is a plan to fish out the Southerns in their evil agenda of 1st October deadline, Will Mr. Governor be so kind enough to name the benefits of these cards specifically, what social services has he provided before? where are the Northern Youths that he said he will arrest? if its Chocolate City former boss Audu now the dwarf will jump out. Yorubas should be wise the Northern don’t want Osibanjo to be President so they are trying to make the country ungovernable so the military can take over, who are the Military heads today? All Northern. Nobody knows where Buhari is now. We can’t live together if we segregate each other. If the agenda is not evil, he will just provide social services for everybody including visitors, foreigners etc. the Dwarf is up to something be wise.

    • Owejah

      Yorubas are not in need of any unsolicited advice. Osibajos presidency can only happen if Buhari dies. Also his ascendancy does not put a loaf of bread on any Yorubaman’s table. What happens to Osibajo is the least of your problems. Please sew your cloth where it has torn.

      • Aminu Hammanyero

        Hear Hear!!

      • whereto

        Solid words!!

    • IIS

      Dont be silly. Its done in the US and Canada. Its called state ID in the US and provincial ID in Canada. I think its a good idea if implemented properly. If it says its only open to indigenes of Kaduna as opposed to anyone that lives there then its a problem.

    • Naphy’uh Gusau

      The card has no benefit at all, it’s part of our plan to fish out Igbos from d Zoo, so that dai can achieve dai long time dream. 1 Oct 4 sure. #North4Northerners

    • leonardsonyekwere

      In Cameroun, citizens carry cart d’ identite nationals while foreigners carry cart d’ senior. In the United States, both citi

  • Kevin Peter

    So much duplication using the meagre resources of the state and wasting tax-payers’ money for some ulterior motives. The good thing is that this government will not rule forever.

  • oyoko

    Very good, at least let us start from somewhere. With this we will now know who we are, where are and account for us. Good move Kaduna leaders, another strategic thinking!

  • John Amaechi Okemefuna

    Good move Mallam El-rufai

  • Otile

    God forgive sin. So mass rape has started in Kano state. According to Sahara Reporters breaking news Police spokesman DSP Magaji Musa Majia said the Kano State command has swooped into action and so far 124 cases of ugly rape, sodomy and acts of gross indecency have been netted. This is frightening.

  • criticbeauty

    El rufai is one of the best and brillant governors in Nigeria. I read the memo he wrote to PMB if only the president did 50% of what was in the memo , Nigeria should have been a better place today. El rufai is the begining of good Governance. He is very courageous and proactive. It will be a blessing to nigeria if El rufai becomes the president of Nigeria.