Kaduna University lecturer accused of “hate speech” challenges suspension in court

John Danfulani

A Political Science lecturer at the Kaduna State University, John Danfulani, suspended for posting an alleged “hate speech” on social media, has sued the university.

Mr. Danfulani was suspended by the university over a Facebook post the institution considered a hate speech.

Speaking to our reporter on Friday, Mr. Danfulani said he had decided to challenge his suspension by the university authorities.

“I have decided to head to court to institute three separate cases on the query and infringement of my fundamental human rights as guaranteed by our constitution, and other global and regional protocols on people’s rights,” Mr. Danfulani said.

He also said following an invitation for interrogations by the police, he cut short his foreign trip to meet with the state commissioner of police.

“On 24th January, I was told of another letter from KASU telling me that Kaduna State Commissioner of Police has requested the school to release me for an interview at 10am of 25th January, 2016 in their headquarters.

“Sequel to that, I terminated my mission and got an available flight back home on 26th January, 2016 to keep faith with CP’s invitation.

“I called the CP on arrival and told him I will be seeing him at 10am on 29th January, 2016 (today),” he said.

Part of the contentious Facebook post said, “To them, APC is a religious party. Northern leaders under the party are demigods and crusaders of their ways of life. These people living in dusty villages of Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Kano, Jigawa are quick in calling you ‘Arne or Kafiri’ (Meaning Pagan) once you express your view on anything their God PMB and his brigade of small angels are doing”.

Mr. Danfulani confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that he authored the post, which was widely circulated among Kaduna residents.

In the suspension letter which was signed by the school registrar Talatu A. Kuri, read “We refer to our letter of query dated 5th January, 2016, requesting you to explain within 48 hours why disciplinary action will not be taken against you for gross misconduct and confirm that you failed to respond.

“In line with S15 (1) 4 of KASU staff Conditions of Service, the Vice Chancellor has suspended you from duty forthwith and will report the matter to Council,” it said.


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    Someone that should be celebrated is being threatened? How can the north come out of darkness if they keep being allergic to light?

    • joahmed biu

      That is what the northerners do to any voice of light, hence the darkness in the north

      • amazing2012

        Do they complain on their darkness ?

  • onyema22ohaka

    From this feudalistic society with their anachronistic & medieval religion comes the people that are ruling project Nigeria. One step forward, nine steps backwards.

    • amazing2012

      Is your religion not medieval ?

      • onyema22ohaka

        My own religion was medieval,but we have been doing a lot of Reformation to bring it up to the 21st century standard.

  • Burbank

    A political science lecturer in a state university preaching hate?

    Wrong time to be a revolutionary in Nigeria now.

    • amazing2012

      Court will decides. If freedom of speech includes statements that will result to chaos.

  • abuasmau

    He is misinforming public. If those in sand and grassy houses from Kaduna to Kebbi for a second consider PMB to be their God, they are also arna and kafirai. The ‘Dr’ does not understand the terms ‘arne’ and ‘kafiri’ and thus used the words wrongly. It is probably hate which prevented him from researching.

    • joahmed biu

      But that is what those of you from this medieval religion actually call those who do not belong to your religion

      • amazing2012

        Is your religion not medieval ?

  • joahmed biu

    The north will continue to be in darkness as they continue in this line of intimidation. This has nothing to do with hate, its just the truth and the voice of the marginalised in the north.

    • amazing2012

      Yes what your problem ?

      • Damilola

        You people are just sick, including ur brothers exploited by the “pastors”. Your inability to think independently with rational mind and know ur God is the Genesis of ur bigotry… Continue in the darkness of ur elites, wallowing, while they live on ur ignorance and mediocrity

    • amazing2012

      What is darkness ? Northern people never complain about it. Why are you disturb ?
      Is there darkness more than worshipping pastors ? They collect your money and buy jeeps.
      They fu..d your wife in the name of the lord.
      They made you believed that your relations are behind your down fall.
      They keep in bondage of blindness, never allow you to know about others, for fear of truth.
      Pastors ATM.

      • Sparzo

        What a peasant thing to say. ”Northern people never complain about it”
        Could it be because they do not know any better, you know being ”in darkness”, and Kaduna state university is doing its best to keep it that way. You know, ”in darkness?

        • amazing2012

          “Darkness is a relative term” define by people who feel for others. Everybody can be define as living in darkness. The most important issue is minding your business especially when people did not complain. Remember comfortabiltity is not a condition but a state of your mind.

          • Sparzo

            You missed the point clearly. Shame that.

  • amazing2012

    whatever will be the outcome of the court, what I am sure is that the man life will never be the same again. Those that instigate to fight back they do so with hate in their minds and the result will bounce back to this “innocent” teacher:
    I condemned total his suspension by the university because face book is not the university’s site or avenue of communication. The school has no right to suspend him for Facebook comment no matter how bad is the statement. Suppose he made the statement in school, then the school will only demand him to explain the statements.
    The man is a political scientist but he does not understand politics.
    Lastly all the comments here are aimed at insulting people from those that has no business with the issue, thereby putting this innocent man more in public eye.

  • Sparzo

    A bit like the university Franco built or approved of.
    This university is supposed to protect the freedom of thoughts and speech of its academics and intellectuals at all cost.
    In fascist states the university becomes the tool of the state to control minds.
    Kaduna state university is setting a very unsettling and most worrying example and precedent.

  • Alhajivinco

    KSU should be ashamed of itself for stifling free speech and kow-towing to the dictates of the Kaduna Governor, Mr El-Rufai who, I believe, is the instigator in the shadows.

  • Dr.Dan

    I believe this is happening in Kaduna state secondary school.

  • Gbenga Olu

    Na awoooooo! Dictatorship has arrived in Nigeria!

  • What is a University?
    The case of Dr. John D. has brought my mind pondering on Kaduna State position and the society on the Issues on John. I thought that, most universities have historically played a major role as ideological apparatuses, expressing the ideological struggles present in all societies. With all endeavour in [my] educational achievements-courtesy the Northern Nigeria, North Central and the present Kaduna State government. I see the university as mechanisms of selection and socialisation of dominant elites. Also, the generation of concrete (and subtitle; e.g. Satanic Verses} knowledge, often seen as their most important function. Finally, the most traditional – and today the most frequently emphasises – function of universities is the training of a skilled labour force. In addition, subject to more implicit pressures from the host society, and that this combination – experience of this implicit and explicit pressures and of local and universal functions – generates contradictions in their roles. In comparative studies, the distinctive character of each higher education system lies in how these contradictions are managed and if we people of Kaduna State will positively look at two side of the coin on John, years to come the existence of the university will be subjected to societal challenges –especially on the unborn.


    This blocked headed university administration and police dont even understand what democracy stands on, freedom of speech and expression is cardinal to the survival of democracy. mark u he made the comment as a personal opinion on his face book not even in the country or university premises not in class while teachings but the barking dogs of RUFAI and old nomad buhari have unleashed terror on the young lecturer. for God sake the reaction of the university and the state Government is naive and exaggerated to please their pay master. El rufaii has said worse than this to johnathan and his Government. This is utter intolerance . The only thing if the security notice possibility of security risk just invite him and have un unannounced chat with him and possibily counsel him. For heading to court even a law student if presides over this case will reverse his suspension with alacrity and reaffirm his freedom of speech. they are surely taking Nigeria to banana republic.

  • Solomonson

    Hate speech? I think he is not the first to preach hate speech. We have the like of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, Sunusi Khalil and almost all Wahabi ulama. Do you know how? They Call Shias Unbelievers and call for their killing. They preach hate speech against Christians. Isn’t that hate speech. Any way, they have not preach hate speech against highly placed northerners like Emirs, Governors or President.