Kano govt hails judgment that sentenced 9 persons to death for blasphemy

Abdullahi Ganduje
Abdullahi Ganduje

The Kano state government  has expressed satisfaction that the rule of law was allowed to triumph in the case of a recent judgment by an Upper Shari’a Court, Rijiyar Lemo, in the state, which passed death sentences on nine persons for blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

The government noted that the judgment is a clear pointer to the fact that whoever breaks the law of the land will not be spared. 

It then appreciates the patience and the calmness with which the general public allowed the law to take its course despite the unwarranted provocation.

In a statement signed by the Director General, Media and Communications to the state governor, Baba Halilu Dantiye, it observed that accused persons were convicted under Sec­tion 110 and Section 382B of the Kano Shari’a Crimi­nal Procedure Law (2000).

The statement also appreciates the role played by the Ulama by calming frayed nerves and preaching for understanding during the whole saga and commended the court for the meticulous handling of the case and for disposing it in good time without subjecting it to unnecessary delays.

The statement further hopes that this will serve as deterrent to those who feel they can come and course a breach of the peace and further justifies government’s resolve to look into the existing law which provides for the regulation of preaching and preachers in the state through the State House of Assembly.


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  • Arabakpura

    Kani government should seriously try to remove itself from religion so that it can serve it’s people better!

    • IskaCountryman

      but religion ensures the government supplies us with fairly used wives…

  • Asiff Hussein

    The Kano government has been taken over by mobs. The verdict by a so-called Shariah Court in Kano, Nigeria, sentencing nine peopleto death for blaspheming the Prophet is absurd. The defendants do not seem to have even been given the chance to repent, whereas in the life story of our beloved Prophet we come across several examples of how he forgave those who lampooned him no sooner they sought his forgiveness, a good example being the poet Kab Ibn Zuhair.

    The verdict was driven by the fear of the authorities that extremists would riot had the death sentences not been handed down. This is a travesty of justice since the authorities were bowing to the will of the mob than let the law take its usual course and serves as a bad precedent for mob rule, as we have seen in Pakistan with all its attendant evils. Give the mob power and you’re only paving the way for anarchy and chaos.

    Such mobs taking the law to their own hands should be shot on sight. Those who show no mercy should not be shown any mercy. This is the only way we can rid this cancer from our society.

    • Ananas_Yolawa

      They are not going to be killed. They were just giving dead sentence because of the mob action. I think all does involve have already ask for Allah’s forgiveness. They will be release soon, but will not leave in Kano, so that they will never be spotted by somebody that knows them. May Allah guide our mouth from what we will say. Ameen.
      They Kano Government support the judgment openly, because we are in the period of politics.

      • Asiff Hussein

        Thanks for the response Ananas, but don’t you think it’s a bad precedent the Kano government is giving.

        The next thing you know, they’ll be rioting and killing government officials over petty things. The rioters already set fire to a Shariah Court with impunity. Don’t you think that these criminals should have had their hands and feet chopped off from opposite sides for their Satanic behaviour?

        That’s the way to go. Give them a little room and you’ll have hell to pay!


        How can Kano govt hail the judgment and you say it is time of politics? This is nonsense. Why should someone even say Mohamed has been blasphemed? Who is Mohammed? Is he God? Even Jesus who is the son of God is blasphemed everyday and nobody has sentenced anybody to death because of this. People say many things against God Almighty every day and nobody arrests them. Why do Muslims always talk about somebody blaspheming Mohammed? This is a shame. I have said it before: Mohammed is the god of Islam. That is why they talk about ‘blaspheming our prophet’. Nonsense!

      • Rumournaire

        It is hard to say, but the issue is the religion. A religion that orders someone to be killed for perceived blasphemy is warped. God is God, and does not need any human being to kill on His behalf. Christians know this and that is why even when a film was made to insult Jesus Christ – calling Him a homosexual, Christians did not go about rioting or looking for someone to kill. Muslims who truly love peace and oppose violence need to rewrite the Qu’ran, expunging all calls for violence from it, and perhaps declare a new religion you might call “Peacelam”. In its present raw form, Islam and peace are incompatible.

      • IskaCountryman

        what are you talking about?…

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      If they repent, Sharia law immediately becomes applicable to them.

    • IskaCountryman


  • OnyeAbia

    These northern Sunni muslims are really Boko Haram & ISIS – all of them. So only Sunnis are allowed to live. They kill ZakZaki’s followers because they’re Shia & sentence people to death because they follow Sufi Islam. When did being a Sunni = the law of the land? I’m sad that southerners and Christians in the north are asleep while they’ve been taken over by Islamic State.

    • IskaCountryman

      wake up and come to the north…

  • OnyeAbia

    Meanwhile deaf and dumb president says nothing about this. I can only conclude that he supports what has happened. What a con on the nation by Redeemed Church and yoruba politicians. Putting Islamic terrorists in charge of the country.

    • IskaCountryman

      he has no authority over a ruling of a properly constituted court…did you go to school?

    • Samuel Eleko

      Say who you are if you are confident of your opinion and stop being a mere guest.

  • OnyeAbia

    It’s now clear that Buhari is a trojan horse for islamic terrorism and sharia in Nigeria.

    • Samuel Eleko

      Why that conclusion? Sharia spread like wide fire under OBJ. He couldn’t stop it. GEJ was there 5 years he could prevent shariah in the North. Hatred blindfolds.

  • Evans

    I don,t think it is right for a mortal to fight for immortal. Vengeance is God. Though a religion like Islam like wasting human lives in the name of being faithful to Allah when Allah the most powerful can fight for himself.
    If I had my way, I would ban Islam because that religion like killing human being soooooooooooooooo much. Moreover all the countries in the world that have 40% of its citizens as Muslims is always in crises WHY.

    • nija pikin

      The issue is Your views don’t and will never matter so

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    These people are not Muslims. Therefore your ridiculously ignorant Sharia law does not apply to them. If you execute them, you are executing innocent people and God will see you burn in hell for it.Go and read the Quran again and see what Allah says about killing innocent people. Qur’an, 5:32

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    A lawyer for one of this people should immediately file a federal lawsuit against Sharia law and the Kano state government.
    Drag them to court and have the Judicial system declare Sharia law unconstitutional.

    How can you execute a human being because he said something? What next……executing people for what they are thinking? or the way the looked at a mosque?

  • Adegboyega Amos

    Is El-Rufai in support of this statement? This will surprise and disappoint me if he does.

  • Adegboyega Amos

    If we allow this, there is really no need to go after Gboko Haram if we do not after the whole Kano government itself. It is Gboko Haram in disguise.

    • IskaCountryman

      are you going after boko haram or boko haram has been coming after you?…