Gov. Lamido regrets leaving N11bn debt for incoming govt.

Former Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State

Governor. Sule Lamido of Jigawa State on Thursday said he would leave N11 billion liability to the incoming government on May 29.

Mr. Lamido said this while assenting to the state’s 2015 Appropriation Bill in Dutse.

He said the liability was part of the N17 billion used to construct an airport in Dutse which was sourced from the budget of different sectors.

He said the Federal Government promised to refund the money used to construct the airport in the state but he could only get N6 billion out of the money.

“We took the money from the state budgetary allocation from other sectors to build an airport within shortest period of time.

“We used the money where we think are useful and needed especially to get the airport started, with the intention of recovering it from the Federal Government but it was not forthcoming.

“This had affected our ongoing projects which we could not complete like in health sector and road projects.”

He said the projects included the eastern bye-pass, Andaza-Birma, Maigatari-Birniwa and Gabas-Maruta-Kila.

The governor said he felt bad for not fulfilling the promise made to the people to work within the available resources without leaving any debt.

He said as a human being, he had his own limitation and things he could not do, no matter what his wishes were.
Mr. Lamido said the incoming government would be properly briefed on the debt.

He urged the Governor-elect, Badaru Abubakar, to follow-up the money promised by the Federal Government.

He expressed delight that both the governor-elect and president-elect were in the same party and would be easier to get the money.



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  • Arabakpura

    There are so many unclear things and so many things wrong with what Lamido said! I saw ineptitude, I saw incompetence and I thought I saw betrayal!

    • This is how far your head can carry you.

      • Arabakpura

        Yes madam Peace! is that you?

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    Obasanjo said that Lamido is the ONLY GOVERNOR that has not accrued debts. This goes to show who Obasanjo really is. He talks without facts. Lamido himself did not refute Obasanjo’s FALSEHOOD. This implies that both of them were in a pact to LIE and DECIEVE the Nigerian People. I am happy that the truth are coming out now that GEJ is leaving. Those that ganged up against GEJ have done a VERY BIG DISSERVICE to themselves. NO ONE SHALL FOREVER believe anything that comes out of the mouth of Obasanjo again.

    • mustapha Shehu

      But few weeks ago President jonathan had said that no state govt is owning them money.

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        Owing who?

        • Your support for Jonathan has made you as blind and dumb as the person you’re supporting.

        • mustapha Shehu

          Gov Sule Lamido of jigawa state had said this morning that his debt profile is over 11b naira being own by the Fed govt.

        • mustapha Shehu

          Gov lamido they advised you not to build that airport because it is going to be a waste rather you should have established more schools and hospitals across the state but you refuse. Now you re leaving a debt of over 11b.

    • I must tell you without mincing words and without apology that you are downright dumb. You are really a dummy. Read this story carefully. The money was used on the understanding that the federal government would pay the state back. Your question should have been why did the federal government not honour their agreement if actually there was one. Another issue could be if the airport was really a priority project for the state. The ‘debt’ was incurred on a capital project unlike other states that will huge debts behind without any project to show. Ypou are really really dumb.

    • Bbb

      Godfrey Orubebe or what do you call your name. When Obasanjo was a member of BOT, he said lamido first tenure he did not borrow money to execute any project, that was a fact , but since he has infected with Ebola virus from goodluck and PDP led govt after Obasanjo left the scene , he has no choice than to Join your president who said stealing is not corruption. Now Buhari said stealing is not corruption . So both Lamido, President Jonathan ,Mama peace or Mama wahala and your minister of petroleum will go back to Jail, and Fanikayode will be their spokesman inside the prison

  • Maitama Tambari

    Elites stupidity. How many citizens of Jigawa State will use the airport? Your predecessor built a good free trade zone spending good money, you abandoned it because the masses are to benefit from it. The same predecessor built an IT gateway to Africa you also abandoned it leaving Nigeria businesses to depend on South Africa and other gateways. It is the beginning of pain in your heart.

    • Arabakpura

      The question to ask is; was the airport not built with the intention of revenue generation? If so, how much has he generated therefrom?

  • amazing2012

    …..what of the money your children stole? They should return such money to pay some part of tthe debt !

  • Was there an agreement between the state and the federal government that the state would be refunded the cost of building the airport? Lamido said the federal government “promised to refund the money used to construct the airport..” Is this true? It will be nice to hear the side of the federal government. Lamido has spoken publicly. It is now left for the federal government to go public with their own side of the story.

  • Agbo Gabriel

    Nigerians human capital development without encumbrances of party affiliations. Did I hear His Excellency say this:
    “He expressed delight that both the governor-elect and president-elect were in the same party and would be easier to get the money”. Your track record speak volume but we don’t want a situation where prior approval or consent was not given to States Gov’t for certain capital-intensive projects to then turn in for refund would be unfair to the budgetary provisions of the Fed. Gov’t.

  • Hah!

    .. Sule the Chameleon. He abused anybody who does not share his opinion, yet he want everybody to agree and respect him. Sule and his friend (The Ruble-Rouser and loser of Niger state) should just hand over without making too much noise and present themselves to EFCC for further investigation of all debts in their respective states. Primitive – greedy Sule who parade himself as a comrade of the Talakawa but in real sense a core capitalist. May we not see all these pretenders in power again.

  • KMJA

    I can’t believe a governor would speak like this. I am highly disappointed governor Lamido. To be honest, the money would have been better spent providing essential services to people of the state. I really cant see how building an airport would have improved the quality of life of majority of inhabitants of Jagawa State

  • Bbb

    This lamido will go to Jail, how will airport improve the life of common man in the state like yours, where the only develop town is your state capital. Walai prison go full . From our First Lady down to the governor and some minister be ready especially the minister of petroleum, Prison go full.

    • Africa

      Beats my imagination that the airport project was more important than health sector projects. All for a selfish reason- a place where the thieves can land their private jets…

    • Kabuki

      Na you go jail them?

  • Babagana UMAR

    Za ka ci ubanka! You and your thieving sons loot will pay for this debt easily…… Crook, with fingers caught in the states till.

  • Ad

    “He expressed delight that both the governor-elect and president-elect were in the same party and would be easier to get the money”
    Are you not in the same party with the out-going president?

  • Lawali Shehu

    “The governor-elect and the president-elect are in the same party”
    Were you not in the same party with GEJ? ??????

    • Ahmad

      That is what is called hallucination. Anyway, I wish him a quickly recovery from the shock of the massive vote of no confidence casted against him by Jigawa people.

  • DanielOsazuwa

    What is a poor state like Jigawa doing with a 17 billion Naira (85 million Dollars) airport?

    A State with no IGR.

    A State with less than 9% literacy rate.

    A State with the highest child mortality rate.

    A State with the least school enrolment.

    A State where 89% of it people lives on a dollar a day.

    This was the way PDP brought Nigeria to it knees. This waster must be investigated and found guilty must be allowed to waste in prison the way he wasted Jigawa scarce resources.

    He must not go unpunished.

    • Agbo Gabriel

      We may not agree on his style and priorities but your bogus and unverifiable statistics smacks any intelligence to say the least. Stat are not cooked up.

      • DanielOsazuwa

        May your life be rule the way Lamido rule Jigawa State.

        Say a big amen to that.

    • Eagle eye

      Yes! You are right.

  • Sword of Damocles

    I really can not add much to what has been said by commentators, but to add that this man apparently was favored by OBJ for the Presidency? After reading his comment it is very easy to see how we ended up with people like Jonathan in leadership positions. All it says about Nigeria is that we are not serious. It is truly embarassing. N17billion for an airport in an under developed agrarian society? while neglecting “health sector and road projects.” How does a sane person’s brain compute that this makes senses? Answers anyone?

    • Eagle eye

      Tq by brother…

  • Spoken word

    Rubbish.a completely useless person and leader.

  • SAM .A

    This man has just told the people in his state that he governed for 8 yrs why he is not fit to be their governor.
    How many Jigawa people will fly through his white elephant project . Why did you not give a billion each to a local government & creat cottage industry, or build 11 specialist Hospital or some other thing that will benefit the people.
    You have sealed your political carrier with 11billion debt , you only served yourself not the people u sworn to serve for 8 yrs.

  • Ibrahim Gashash

    Malam Aminu Kano will surely be turning in his grave…to say that this is what has become of the “progressives” he left behind who are supposed to fight for the rights of the Talakawas. Many of his types aligned themselves to Malam to gain popularity only to betray his trust after he is gone. For Gods sake how far away is the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport from Dutse to warrant this useless egocentric project at the expense of roads or health care for the people of Jigawa? Surely they will answer to God

    • Bioseh

      Before we hang this man in the public square, let us look objectively at his overall performance as Governor. I miust first of all make it clear that I am not from Jigawa State and have no dog in this fight. This man is one of the few politicians that I have followed their work over the years. I am non affiliated with any political party and have not lived in Nigeria for over 25 years.

      The man transformed the State in every sector. I am very familiar with the State and can tell you that he has left a legacy of forward looking leadership in his State. This man is one, if not the best Governor in the whole North. He was the only Governor who positively addressed the Herdsmen/Farmers issue in the North.

      The idea that his sons may have been corrupt, is different matter. These sons are adult citizens that may have abused their proximity to power. This is generally common in Nigeria and is wrong. Let us not throw away the bath water with the baby. Please visit the State, before ignorantly condemning the man.

  • Eze1

    WHen you use scarce resources to build Airport in the desert, there is no foresight in that action because such a project will not benefit the masses in Jigawa. How many people in Jigawa uses the airports? This is just another phantom project aimed at looting the state treasury….

  • Guguru

    Lamido, please go away. You are such a weak man and you have no foresight. I am so glad you never entered the APC. Your sons and their corruption was used as a noose to keep you in line at the PDP. Your sons became your political Achilles heel, meaning that you stood by corruption. You may be a great guy on a personal level but you are no leader because you lack integrity and ability to influence others positively.

    • Tunsj

      You got that right.

      • Guguru


        At first, Lamido came across as a guy with integrity. However, as i dug deeper I began to see a man who was opportunistic. Everyone is opportunistic but he had the responsibility of being honest about it rather than creating an image that he was above board in his dealings.

  • Joseph ekhediare

    This bastard needs to be shot by firing squad or hanged with his sons that stole the state empty,my advice to the incoming governor is to set up an investigative audit of the state to find out what was overinflated and stolen, I am sure he must have chopped four or five billion out of this money he is shouting about. Olori buruku, ole………ole…….ole……. Barawo…… barawo….. shege…

    • Saydo Shan

      Four or Five Billion? You must be kidding. That is Chicken change.

      • Gwazy

        yup its chicken change his sons will have to be the ones with that amount. A case is still pending with EFCC on that

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  • Tunsj

    N11 bn and he is still smiling. What a country!!

  • Comfortkay

    Governor Lamido you have failed, you dont start spending money that you don’t have . It is a very simple mathematics.

  • MushinSpeaks

    You’ve done well; the APC government will surely put smile to the faces of Nigerians. CHANGE has come; a New Nigeria

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    This is governance by deceit.How many airlines use this airport.Where is priority here..The state needs cannot be an airport.Education ,Health and agriculture would have been more enduring.

  • Shahokaya

    Shameless Sule Lamido why can’t you get the money from the excess looted by your children? Hear him advising the governor elect to seek the money from Buhari because they belong to the same party. Last time I checked arrogant Lamido and clueless Jonathan were both in PDP, why did he not collect the money all these while?

  • Worried Mother

    Shege, dandaudu. You ignored education, health and the welfare of your people to build an airport!? First and foremost the incoming governor should seize every thing of value you have and then banish you from Jigawa State. Your people should stone you like shetan.

  • Son Of Naija

    After he ends his term, the immunity clause falls off. Jail time sounds like party time for this Olodo !

  • Awarawa

    Lamido’s N11bn debt is understandable. At least, you have the airport and you can still get the money back from the FG. How do you explain Osun state governor owing N12bn he borrowed to pay salaries? This N12bn loan is for salaries alone o! Yet, the same governor is owing 6months salaries! APC, need to examine themselves in the mirror and tell themselves home truth.

  • UMAR Baballe

    Liar! Liar! He is leaving a total liability of 82 billion and out of it his children’s contract outstanding is 22 billion. This man and his children should go to prison.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Jigawa Governor lect, Alhajbadaru should thoroughly investigate Sule Lamido. He manupated the Jigawa procurement to enrich himself through his children. That was what made him to btray his colleagues in decamping to APC. He was affraid of Jonathan does not think the Jigawa people areimportant. Badaru has a date with history and that would leave him at the wrong side if Sule does not return the huge amount he stole.