Patience Jonathan shuns North-West PDP women rally

The wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, was on Wednesday, absent at the North-West Peoples Democratic Party women rally held in Kaduna.

There were insinuations that the First Lady did not attend for fear of attack by hoodlums who might want to revenge her criticisms of Muhammadu Buhari, and Tuesday’s reported attack on the convoy of Mr. Buhari’s wife in Kwara.

Mr. Buhari is the presidential candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC. The First Lady has repeatedly attacked the former military ruler, at one time, saying he is “brain dead”.

The wife of the Vice President, Amina Sambo, told the crowd of PDP supporters at the venue that Mrs. Jonathan could not make it to Kaduna due to other important national assignment.

The First Lady, in her speech delivered by Mrs. Sambo, told Nigerians that her husband who is seeking re-election has performed creditably to guarantee him a fresh term.

She said President Jonathan has given women priority in all sectors and have continued to accord them their rightful places even in federal appointments.

The first lady also said that President Jonathan’s administration has provided various empowerment to the women across the country, adding that it was time for the women to reciprocate such gesture by voting him and all the candidates of the PDP in the forthcoming elections.

“Women, as the mother of the nation, please come out en masse and vote for President Jonathan for continuity and consolidation. I urge you to also vote for Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero and all the other PDP candidates,” Mrs. Jonathan said.

“He has placed us in our rightful positions ‎ and has promised to do more, so, I appeal to you to collect your Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) and vote for the PDP all through the elections.”

Earlier in his address, the Kaduna State Governor, ‎Mukhtar Yero, told the gathering that only the PDP can take Nigeria to the promised land. He said Kaduna state will always be a PDP state.

Mr. Yero said that about 40 per cent of women in the state will be benefit from the SMEDAN ‎project which will soon to be launched in the state.

In her welcome address, the Kaduna State Governor’s wife, Fatima Yero, said women in Kaduna State were adequately sensitized and ready to vote for the PDP in the elections.


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  • DTaj

    Why won’t the classless thug of a lady called Jonathan not run away from the North West? After she continued to insult their people everywhere she has gone to campaign and their thugs attacked Buhari’s wife in Ilorin…She’s running away from her shadow. She will cry with her husband in the next 10 days!

    • August January

      A big “amen”

    • U are d type of child that will sleep with his mother,useless aboki.

      • Jujubeans

        And you’re an id1ot for calling him that. Bigot !

        • So ur castrated father d he goat is d biggest S.O.B. useless boy so demented like buhari.

    • Nubianlady

      We all know who has been crying for over a decade now as a result of his loosing several Presidential elections! We are waiting for part 4 of that cry come March 28! lolzzzzz

  • ice queen

    Goodluck is still the best

    • ice king

      For Otuoke Republic

  • anneedu

    That’s why madueke sue premium times because of their fake stories.

    • udeenna

      So you read fake stories? You must be fake then. Madueke is struggling to avoid International trial after March 28. Wait, see and taste.

  • Spoken word

    Fear don catch patience.let her try any nonsense in the north.they will use her to make suya

  • Tatafo

    Premium Times, a simply investigation, or even TV watching would have educated your reporter and his editors that Patience could not have been in Port Harcourt and Kaduna at the same time. Haba! Why are you now behaving like Tinubu’s The Nation.

    • ofatat

      Please correct your grammar. I am sure you meant “a simple…” and not a “simply…” The whole world read PT and you do not want to spew bad grammar. Stop speaking bad grammar like Patience Jonathan-small “schildren”-children

    • Rabel

      Name a single North West state where she campaigned? Are they all scheduling problems?

      • Timi

        Of what economic importance is the North West to her or Nigeria? Her state alone has resources to run the whole of Nigeria including perhaps other countries from Benin to Ghana. Her husbands state of Bayelsa is the Kuwait of Sub Saharan africa. So, why should she fret over North West with Fulani herds men who go kill over 100 villagers in their sleep all bcos they want a fellow Fulani in power?…If not for eccentric Britain, what Business has someone from Okrika in Rivers state in the Niger Delta Republic with the Bokostani Republic?

  • Jodi

    PT, are u guys telling us what happened or what you think that made her not to go kaduna?.

    • idoj

      What happened. You know also-right?

    • Nubianlady

      What do you expect? usual propaganda but we can’t be deceived! We have eyes to see…

  • Dankasa

    Almajiris throwe street no wanta am in their part of the country oooO! But as said by Konkwaso last weekend in Lagos, the North will reply all the hate campaigns on the 28th March, the De-day…,,! That day? She will come to know who are these Almajiris.

    • Nubianlady

      sure we are waiting! GEJ all the way!

  • Acosta

    Premium times playing partisan politics.

    • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

      Yes, just like the NTA, AIT, etc.

  • Acosta

    Madame PGEJ cannot be in two places the same time. Daft APC members find that difficult to comprehend, just like their illiterate GMB

    • Rabel

      Name a single North West state where she campaigned? Are they all scheduling problems? She sent a representative to Sokoto too. PT is right.



  • richkid

    Your here reporting hate news against GEJ wife. But we the masses now know the truth. GEJ all the way

    • musa aliyu

      you the ‘masses’ who collected 100,000 naira and are ready to die with the looters! Shame on you and your gej. cowards.



      • richkid

        You again. Your spokes man is lai mohammed. Him and I who can lie. You are learning too



    • Sadiq Garba

      What’s the hate here?

      • richkid

        Inciting people against the chosen one

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    The first lady was quoted as saying they don’t want or need people who born children and throw to the streets and her husband once said that the votes he got from the north in 2011 came from the Igbos residing in the north and the Igbos for comfort reasons and being Nigerians are still there a good reason perhaps why the first lady put off her campaign in Kaduna and the entire north.

  • musa aliyu

    It is a lie! Kaduna State has nebver been a pdp state. pdp always hijack it from the people. this time around pdp and its izala accomplices will be trounced to oblivion.

    • Dan Arewa

      The IZALA thing is unnecessary brother.

    • Sadiq Garba

      What of those working for GSG on the eve of elections?

  • Dan Fulani

    She like her husband doesn’t need the North and they have forgotten that Abuja is also North.

  • favourtalk

    They know that PDP is gone on arrival, they can’t win any post here in the north, they have failed totally. Nigeria must change and GEJ will be voted out

  • alabi olubunmi

    North west with 18million registered voters while south south and south east combined have 16 million voters. I dey laugh ooooo. U want to win without northern votes. Ok na



    • ice queen

      Why are u insulting your president and u are here talkin about Jesus with ur DP.give honor to whom honor is due.



        • Muhammad ur prophet with d little willy



          • Muhammad d prophet sh#t on his head



          • Sh#t & piss on his rotten head in hell



  • UO

    “Mrs. Jonathan could not make it to Kaduna due to other important national assignment” Lol. This a joke. What important national assignment does Patience Jonathan have? Going round telling people to stone those demanding change is not a national assignment nor is it important. Nigeria should get rid of this couple on March 28

    • ice queen

      Lies lies lies,be careful what u say!Goodluck the only solution!

  • Wise Head

    MUST READ: “How APC Is Terrorizing Lives in Aguda, Surulere in Lagos”
    “The Real Face of Change In Lagos”

    In Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, residents are suffering untold hardship because of the egregious insincerity of the APC led-government in Lagos. Nearly two years
    ago, the APC-led Lagos State Government descended on Adetola Street a major street in Aguda, Surulere, claiming it was working on it. They did about 2% of the work, destroyed most of the remaining part with their caterpillars and abandoned it. Now, most parts of Adetola, a prominent street in Aguda, are impassable. Next they descended on Brown Road, another prominent street. More than a year ago, they covered one side of the Brown Road with slabs for making gutters and left them there for several months, thereby bringing undue pressure on the remaining part which did not take time to degenerate and become impassable.

    Now, as the elections approached (that is February 14, before the postponement), they returned to Brown Road. They cut off virtually all the streets joining the road in the name of constructing gutters; majority of them are still like that, posing great hardship to road users. Then they used their caterpillars and rendered Brown impassable, I mean impassable. Every morning now, for people to drive to work, they would have navigate through several shut cuts to get out of Aguda. It is very horrible. Only God knows the number of people that may have been punished at work or sacked since this terror commenced. And when the elections were postponed, they abandoned the road again. If there is a small rain in Aguda today, you would weep watching little children going to school and workers going to work, even those who are driving. Everywhere will become muddy with read earth soiling all the cars. But the more heart-breaking sight is watching school children getting stuck in the mud and destroying their shoes, with some of them slipping and falling and damaging their uniforms, books and even their bodies. Despite this, the APC workers still left greater part of Brown Road in that horrible state and descended on a short stretch of road between Brown Junction (By Olorunda Presbyterian Church) and Aguda Market, a road that is not up to a kilometer, but a very important escape route for the hapless, trapped Aguda people. For a very long time they have destroyed that one too, making it impassable and locking out residents of the adjoining streets. Soon, they began to place interlocks on the road (a work that should otherwise take about two days), but till now, they are yet to even done half of it, assuming they are still plan to do it. These people are experts in raising and quashing hopes. Their heartlessness is unparalleled.

    Next, they descended on Nuro Oniwo Street – another escape route, closed it, and now, to get out of Aguda every morning has become the worst nightmare.

    I learnt that nobody can say anything about this, not even Gov Fashola, because the company unleashing this terror on Aguda residents is owned by the wife of the Lagos godfather himself, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, who is contesting to return to the Senate. There is a suspicion that if the APC wins in Lagos, that the work will be abandoned completely so that the new government that renegotiate the contract. This is rainy season will be hell for people living in Aguda.

    Now, my question is: why not at least take one road and finish it before descending on others? Why cut off almost every street that empty into these roads, thereby making it very difficult for people to drive out? Why destroy virtually all the roads without sincerely intending to work on any of them, thereby imposing untold hardship on the people? One can only imagine the trauma Aguda people will go through once the rains arrive, given that virtually all the road that take people out of Aguda has been horribly destroyed by these merciless APC tractors, without any of them done. Anyone in Aguda who votes for the APC (the party that has brought the people so much hardship) should have his head reexamined. That is the solid truth.

  • bib

    She has insulted them thus cannot face them.

  • Precious Nelly

    Really, GEJ has done well to empower we women. My fellow women, lets come out and support our able president GEJ till 2019 because he deserves it.

  • Aminu Baba

    Once beaten twice shy. She took the rightdecision. No point taking the trouble adressing very scanty crowd, ironically in a town that should rank next to Otuoke in PDPism, being the VP’s main base. By the way have the First Family collected their balance from Hussaini Jalo, their Kaduna campaign co-ordinator? He boasted to mobilise 2million supporters for Mr. President in Kaduna but ended u managing the crowd into a 20,000 capacity stadium that was’nt filled to capacity.

  • pinky minaj

    Whatever was the reason for not going for the rally is best known to her… let’s stop attaching insignificant reasons to that… vote for GEJ for a brighter future.. Buhari will destroy this country and for Christians will turn them to Muslims by force… is that the change we Nigerians want? A change that is a do or die affair, no freedom at all?

    • Samadani

      Nigerians are more smarter. No amount of devide-and-rule under the ethno-religious guise will work. The change has come and is inevitable. We are tired of seeing the same faces for sixteen years. We must change this zero-performing inept cabal called the PDP come 28th March.

  • pinky minaj

    I read the claims of the respected Rev. Fr. Mbaka and ever since I am trying to piece together the events leading to his fall out with Dame Patience and of course GEJ. Also bothering my mind is why at this time would he chose to make such an allegation.

    Is he acting a script?

    Is he by all means trying his level best to put a clog in the wheel of progress and the momentum the Jonathan campaign team has garnered since the postponement of polls to March 28, by INEC?

    Are his political associate jittery at this stage and feel compelled to use him?

    Has his political associates asked him to throw in the joker knowing fully well that the game is indeed up for them and the fat lady is about to sing?

    Time indeed is a revealed of all things. If you would recall when dame Patience Jonathan visited him (Rev. Fr Mbaka) last year, he was practically all over her and even prayed for her and her husband. He also released four pigeons into the air, while three of them flew away and the remaining one fell to the ground, he had prophesied that to mean that the South, West and East were in full support of GEJ and that the only place he had problems was in the north. In his prayers for GEJ and Dame Patience Jonathan, he confessed openly that God is on the side of GEJ and that come what may, GEJ would defeat all his enemies and record phenomenal success in the coming elections.

    God is not an author of confusion and as such he cannot send one message through his prophet and again send another contradicting message through the same mouth piece so as to cause confusion. I would at this point chose to remind the Rev. Fr of the story of Jonah in the bible. God had asked him to deliver a message to the king at Nineve, but his refusal cost him a lot of pains and suffering. However he finally complied and delivered the message. But alas the king had realised his faults and repented fully of his sins and attracted the mercies of God. He was forgiven by God and destruction did not come to Nineve and it’s people. Jonah was angry with this and had to be scolded by God in a revelation.

    Rev. Fr. Mbaka please you may refuse any gifts that the first couple may have sent to you, maybe, and I say maybe you have given your assurances to your sponsors. That I don’t know of. But you as a human being cannot change what God has ordained and that is what you have acknowledge in your prayers earlier for the first couple, which is that God would defeat and confound all their enemies and also Jonathan would be returned as President to serve a second term in office.

    Please be reminded that this is the only government that we have not experienced any politically motivated assassination ordered from the helm of affairs, irrespective of it suffering the most in criticism in the political history of Nigeria. This government has not even been irrational with the lives of perceived threats. Yaradua would have scaled this vital test had he not approved the killing of Yusuf the founder of boko haram.

    Mbaka would have been picked up by Buhari and slammed into jail straight away. People who committed lesser crimes of criticizing Buhari were jailed during Buhari’s administration, how much more when somebody falsely accuses the President and his wife of trying to kill him, with absolutely no evidence.
    I pray Rev. Fr Mbaka is not committing the grave sin of blasphemy.

    I can go on but as it ‘time is a revealed of all thing’. More important people and serious political threats have not been assassinated nor thrown into prison so how come you are crying wolf”…

    • Arabakpura

      Whoever visited the other is the one that courted trouble and should be rewarded with all mischief!

  • Arabakpura

    It was a wise decision that she didn’t carry her gyrations down to that side. Those Almajiris that she denigrated would have used bows and arrows against her instead of the stones she advocated for the proponents of changi

    • concernednigerian

      Was it Buhari’s military junta that built schools for the almajiris?

      • Arabakpura

        Then she should visit them to be thanked and honored. Call me APC if they don’t change her destiny forever if she undertakes such a journey.
        Anyway, even if she exhibits ignorance in every other thing, she knows where to be wise