APC, PDP, civil society, INEC disagreed over card reader performance in Kano

Card reader

As the Independent National Electoral Commission conduct mock elections using the controversial card readers, the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party have disagreed over the performance or otherwise of the card in Kano.

The APC representative, Hakeem Baba Ahmad, said the machine successfully captured about 60 per cent of the test voters while 40 per cent had difficulties with fingerprinting and biometric data.

However, his PDP counterpart, Umar Maimistaleta, a former governorship aspirant in the state said there were huge problems with the card readers and it might end up disfranchising many Nigerians.

The exercise, conducted at Danmaliki Ward of Kumbotso Local Government area of the state, which both covered the municipality and the rural areas, saw hundreds of women, youth and elderly persons trooping out as early as 5.30am to 7am to be tested.

Mohammed Adam leader of the Nigeria United for Democracy, Kano wing, explained to journalists that the turnout of electorates from the Danmaliki Ward was marvellous.

He said according to their observation as civil society observers the card reader was doing a fantastic and excellent work with 60 per cent success. He said the 40 per cent failure stemmed mainly from the fact that some of the test voters were farmers and women with henna decorations on their hands.

The United for Democracy group urged INEC to provide sprit Ink for those whose hands could not be captured by the biometric data machines before the elections so that the exercise could be 90 per cent successful.

INEC Kano Resident Electoral Commissioner, Munkaila Abdullahi, said the card reader was a huge success, but he still observed some problems which he has since directed his team to register. He assured INEC would come out with a way of addressing them before the elections.

Meanwhile, the PDP representative, Mr. Umar expressed doubts the card reader would guaranteed a successful elections in the next few weeks to come. He said INEC could have allowed the card readers be used in future elections while this one should be done with the PVC as they are.


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  • Adam B

    PDP & card readers

  • DD

    INEC has 3 wks to iron out any issues with people who have unreadable fingers. That exactly was the purpose of this trial.

    PDP should stop hyperventillating.

    • Kabiru

      Do you realise ‘people who have unreadable fingers’ will be replicated nationwide where this test was not carried out??
      So 60% is a ‘huge success’??? Do you people realise what 40% of the electorate in Nigeria will amount to??
      For God’s sake, why must you people politicise everything in this country? Even the glaringly obvious??

      • Amir

        The fight against corruption starts with insisting on card reader. It will send a strong message to those who wilfully manipulated thumb prints during the registration exercise, or those buying PVC cards. We must respect, trust and cooperate with a leader elected by the majority based on transparency. APC leaders congratulated Buhari after nomination because the process was transparent, free and fair. Jonathan will never be respected locally and internationally if he continues to use federal money on bribery and propaganda campaign against INEC.

  • Amir

    If card reader gave 60% success, without card reader we will have less than 20% success. In previous elections INEC was so ashamed to allow a forensic examination of their so called ‘free and fair’ elections. Some elections may have been peaceful but was never free and fair. We must use card reader so that Nigerians can trust and respect whom they elected. Card reader does not select political parties to disenfranchise so every party has equal chance within the %age failure.

  • Awarawa

    24 – 40% failure rate is huge. If I own a company and my procurement received such order and paid the supplier, he is fired with no benefit. It means for every 100, 40 failed!

  • Jika

    Why is PDP so AVERSE to the use of card readers and PVC?My humble opinion is that,by using card readers and pvcs ,we are sure that there will be no chance of multiple voting.That is all well meaning Nigerians are asking for.Or,is it asking for too much?Let us have card readers and pvcs for this and all future elections please.

  • Romberg

    Dear Author, is university meant for only you, your sons and daughters and your relatives? That should rather be the question,,,,

    • truthseeker

      Please don’t make this a personal thing. University should be for future strategists. So they should be filled with the brightest with the imagination to plan like chess grand-masters for the future. The economy on the other hand should be run by the Technicians who are more like tacticians who actually do the hard work. It is when the two are in sync that everybody benefits. After all, a head that is too big will fall over, and a body that is too big will not be able to see where to go. A war cannot be won with foot soldiers or generals alone. Everyone has a part to play.

      Read this: Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government

    • Manuel Tobby

      Can you see how you have confirmed all she wrote in the article with your typical Nigerian pedestrian understanding of every intellectual discussion! !!! What a pity!!!

      Togolese, Beniniose and Ghanaian labourers and artisans are already talking over the construction industry while you and other internet warriors abuse each other and government daily.

      Don’t worry, let all 1.7million students keep on Trying JAMB every year and see our economy grow in leaps and bounds.

      • Romberg

        The fuul in you doesn’t know freedom of choice is non negotiable. It’s toads like you and Ademola that think you and your children deserve university education and that you deserve the right to look back at people (not sure who you are referring to in particular) and educate them about their choice to go for diploma education. That is the height of lawlessness.

        We need technical education. Don’t tell us. Lead by example. We will admire you for it and emulate. You can’t stay in your glass houses (not sure if you ever saw one), you and your relative, only to turn around and tel others that you’d prefer to stay in your loathy house but they deserve to work on your construction sites because Togolese are taking over. Fuuls like you…. are there Nigerians in Togo doing well? Are those Togolese designing your house for you here? So skilled trades work is what you learn in polytechnics?

        Why bother myself with a moron like you sef

  • truthseeker

    Dear Author,

    You are right. The problem is that most people do not go to university for the education. They go there for the degree, the so-called prestige and the the NYSC certificate. Why else do we have so many sub-par graduates, or worse, people with degrees they do not use! I wish we could have taken the route of Germany or Switzerland. There, apprenticeships are prized as they result in highly skilled technicians and laborers, who drive the economy. South Korea would not have become the powerhouse it is now if they had not sent their best and brightest after their civil war to Germany to gain the technical skills they are now banking on.

    In Nigeria, we have to overcome this stigma we have against polytechnics and make it so that someone who has no interest in spending 4 years in University can instead do a 2 year fit-for-purpose diplomas and go out into the diversified economy we want to build.

    It is so shameful that the economy recovery program does not put any serious effort into revamping our education system to achieve the diversity they are shooting for. It does not matter which party is in power if they have not realized yet that they should be putting 25% of our budget into Education at all levels (including high powered Adult education.) It will only result in our continued poverty of mind, body and soul.

  • Remi

    Additionally, we can take the “stigma” out of apprenticeship
    and vocational training by establishing equivalents among all our
    qualifications, through a level-based classification system, as they have in
    Europe. Thus, students who follow the
    apprenticeship / vocational training route can aspire to, and obtain, degree-level
    qualifications, without the “loss of prestige” or financial disadvantage, of
    not attending a University. For example, in the U.K they have the qualification
    and credit framework, which classifies all qualifications according to levels
    i.e. levels 1 – 8, with level one being the equivalent of a JSS certificate and
    level 8 being the equivalent of a University doctoral degree. These levels
    establish equivalents between academic and non-academic qualifications. Hence,
    for example, a non-academic qualification (obtained from an
    apprenticeship/vocational training institution/ programme) at level 6 is deemed
    the equivalent of a university degree – with every rights and privileges
    accruing. These rights include, for example, the ability to progress towards a
    level 7 (Masters degree) qualification in a University or in an
    apprenticeship/vocational institution /training programme, as the holder may

    Besides, the apprenticeship / vocational training programmes
    will help reduce the rampant youth unemployment and give youths the real skills
    that they need, as opposed to the University system which is presently handing
    out “skills” that most students either do not need or which are irrelevant to
    their situation.