El-Rufai visits Yakowa’s hometown as he declares Kaduna guber bid

The former Minister of Federal Capital Territory, FCT, and chieftain of All Progressive Congress, APC, Nasir El-Rufai on Tuesday announced his bid for the Kaduna State governorship.

Mr. El-Rufai visited Fadan Kagoma, the hometown of former governor of Kaduna state, late Patrick Yakowa, who died in a helicopter crash in 2012.

Speaking at the palace of Kpop Gwong, Paul Zakka Wyoms, the former FCT minister said he was at the palace to formally inform the people of Gwong Chiefdom of his gubernatorial ambition which he said is hinged on justice, responsible and sensitive leadership that will take the state to another level.

He paid tribute to Mr. Yakowa whom he described as a responsible and sincere leader whose death left a big vacuum in the polity of the state.

“I came here to formally inform you of our decision to seek the highest office in our dear state. It is a demonstration of deep commitment to the peace, development and unity of Kaduna state. I am set and ready to move to action, justice is paramount to development and that is my direction. I am seeking your blessings and moral backing,” Mr. El-Rufai said.

“I am not new to our state; I did my primary school, secondary school and university in our state. And also practiced here in our state before moving to Abuja where we both served with Yakowa in General Abdulsalam Abubakar’s government, and so I know our problems and together we will run a responsible and participatory government together. Justice is paramount in development and unity of any nation.”

The former minister concluded that diversities are strength and a cornerstone of purposeful development, saying, “Diversities and differences are strength as instituted by Almighty God and it is His making and so we must harness it for common good.”

The former minister has continued his familiarization tour in Southern Kaduna area of the state ahead of his public declaration.


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  • Hass

    Nasir El Rufai must firstly return the 5 billion Naira that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi gave him under the guise of a CBN contract to design a hotel for the Ventral Bank of Nigeria. It was a bogus, illegal contract without any tender or due process whatsoever.

    • Dr. Kay

      Dumbo must first return $20 billion before thinking of 2015 abi no be so?

      • The_Flying_Dutchman

        Stick to the topic. If Jona did wrong, does that justify Rufai’s actions????
        Judge issues on there merits. Not out of sick sentiments. Yet people like you will say we need a change. Change from SATAN to the DEVIL right?

        • Maria

          What wrong did el rufai do? He has been to court etc and what are you waiting for again to take him to court? Jonathan must be tried next year after his exit for monumental corruption and for crime against humanity.

          • solomonlas

            FUNSHO WILLIAMS death uko has Tinubu answered.

        • Tonnero

          You must be the very definition of id!ocy to even compare El-Rufai to the thieving, conniving, clueless persona at the rock.

      • Gbo_lee

        Na so my brother…and return our captured girls also

        • solomonlas

          which girls again those pregnant or those on suicide mission already

          • Tonnero

            all of them whether pregnant, suicide bombers or not.

  • Don M.

    Nice to hear (H)ell-Rufai talk about justice. The best way to see if he is indeed a just man is to put him in a closed hall with people whose houses and only means of livelihood he bulldozed. Then let him tell them he is a man of justice. If he is not mobbed and lynched, then I will agree he is a man of ‘justice’.
    I was initially impressed with his boldness in restoring Abuja masterplan. I will agree that several homes nd buildings wer illegal structures. But what worried me was where people had genuine allocations and there were cases of existing court orders stopping certain demolitions. Yet he went own destroying such..reallocating such to family and friends. Someone had even commented previously about Atikus former guest house he(rufai) allocated to himself and bought off. In the same location where he allocated a plot of land where a small shopping complex existed to serve residents of the Area! The shops were demolished and the land allocated to Fani Kayode! I lived down the street before leaving the country, so I am saying what I saw with my Koro Koro eyes. Anyone who lived around ‘there’ will corroborate.
    That aside, Rufai visiting Southern Kaduna is nothing more than a FUTILE-FLIGHT-OF FANCY!

    • Tonnero

      The opinion of PDPigs does not count. El Rufai is not looking for your votes, He wants the votes of ordinary Nigerians who are fed up with the state quo and need someone with the intellect and capacity to drive change as El-Rufai. A thousand PDPigs cannot match him. So keep smacking your weed in your corner and dreaming up all kinds of atrocities from your fertile imagination.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    Why ?

    Because Christians are in the majority in Kaduna State and El Rufai has complete contempt for Christians and for Jesus Christ.

    On a daily basis 24/7 El Rufai is busy insulting Jesus Christ and posting blasphemous tweets against the person of Jesus Christ without provocation.

    If El Rufai has no regard for Jesus Christ …….. how do we expect him to have regard for Christians ?

    Had it been that Christians are as animalistic as Muslims …… may be El Rufai should have been beheaded by now for always insulting Jesus Christ.

    • Dan Fulani

      You cannot succeed where Chukuma Nzegwu has failed, you can as well use Dimkas picture.

    • Gbo_lee

      You say on a daily basis, El-rufai is busy insulting Jesus Christ…so can you name just one instance he did so please? You will not be able to because you are telling a big lie which is against the teaching of Jesus himself. Secondly,no sane muslim will condemn Jesus Christ because while muslims do not see him as the sons of God,they see him as a prophet of God and every muslim is compelled to say a prayer for Jesus and every prophet including Prophet Muhammad when they hear their names. So if El Rufai even insulted Jesus,which is not true,he would have sinned against both christians and muslims. My advise to you….this is politics,trying to stir religious sentiments for political advantages is a bigger crime in christianity than what you are even accusing the man of,I hope you come to your senses sponde and argue like an intelligent person. Your comment was very very childish and senseless

      • Tonnero

        People like @goodluck_nigeria:disqus are not Christians. They simply use christianity as a crutch to achieve their personal objectives. They are Oritsejafor Christians. So do not expect him to know what is against the teaching of Jesus Christ or not. Their master, Jonathan, has taught them very well. When you have no substance, divide the people along religious and ethnic lines. That is the only way they get support even in the face of the worst security situation since the civil war, the worst stealing of public funds ever, the most division government ever and the government that does not give a damn about anyone or anything but their 2015 ambition.

    • kiliminati

      hahahahaha! ”christains are in the majority in kaduna state” your wish abi?
      just go back to the records one more time..
      fact number (2).. xtians and muslims have never been so divided in the history of nigeria like GEJ has done…
      it’s nice to know that members of both faith are fast realizing that they are been manipulated for politics and nothing more…
      try something else… time is running out…

      • solomonlas

        In your dream blood sucker muslims are always in majority

    • Maria

      You are propagating falsehood… Your master in aso villa, aka, Jomo Gbomo, put a moslem there in kaduna. When the last governor was murdered what did Jomo Gbomo do? His party installed a moslem. You think you can always have your way by playing religious and ethnic cards? As a Christian, I care less about the religion of a leader as long as he serves the people and do what brings progress, prosperity and protect their rights. Under the watch of
      Jonathan, a fak Christian, Nigeria has sunk deeper into woes and backwardness…. I think you and your masters are the blood suckers who must be kicked out before it is too late.

      • Ibrahim A

        Good one Maria

      • Mosaku 147

        You always make my day.nothing to add.

    • Tonnero

      Id!ot. Look for substance and leave these childish antics of drumming up religion or ethnicity when you have nothing else to run on. Mumu.

  • kamus

    this visit by NER is insulting to the intelligence of southern kd and the entire well meaning populace of our state.
    scores of people were attacked and killed in cold blood in southern kd, he never deemed such times as worthy moments to stand for justice and speak for the oppressed. instead, his quest for votes and power is more ‘just’ than the people on whose backs he intends to ride to power! SK people are waiting to surprise u!

  • Gbo_lee

    Nasir El-Rufai was the man who got Abuja to where it is today…whatever anyone says cannot take that away from him. It is like Fashola,to build a great city,you May have to step on toes but the people will be better for it eventually. I hope Kaduna makes the right choice but anyone close to Mallam physically and even just on social network like I am will admit he hits you as a charming gentleman who has been hunted by the powers that be but has always stood for the truth. El-Rufai is the best candidate for Kaduna!

    • redeem

      i beg make we hear better word—————–ojare———breaking kiosk and distributing land to friends——– wives –inlaws–ati gal friends is never part of the development process———————–he it was who sold APO village———seized the Guest House meant for the Vice President of the FRN————-Atiku——–under the cover of Obj—-ati Atiku fight———–Homes of civil servants were sold to the highest bidder and u call that development abi——————-now civil servants have to pay through their nose to have a roof over their heads————————–in abuja——yet he coud not account for the money that accrued to government over the sale of those houses—————-then launched himself into obtaining mouth watering contracts from his fulani brother————–He will win Kaduna—-aware its his ethnic fulani tribe that has been doing the killing in southern kaduna————–so he will——–since kaduna is owned by the fulanis—————————cheers

    • jimex

      What a laugh, El rufai is talking about Justice a man who has no respect for deity who despises ,scorns and treat with disdain his elders and arrogant towards his fellow men. Now he wants to be governor, may the earth resist people like him, he is not any different from Ramalan Yero the baby governor who apparently does not have integrity and too small for the office he stumbled into through some very macabre circumstances. God will choose for us a governor because he is sovereign and he rules in the affairs of men.

      • Tonnero

        Who is laughing with you, moron?

    • Tonnero

      Don’t mind the corrupt PDPigs who are shitting in their pants that the APC has deployed a heavy weight to Kaduna. Someone who is heads and shoulders above all their thugs intellectually, has the courage of a lion and who has a track record of delivering results not empty promises. As is usual with Jonathan and his merry band of thieves, look for sponsored personal attacks on the gentleman and attempts to label him as a tribalist or hater of christianity. Clueless people who cannot do the work but refuse to get out of the way for others to do it.

  • redeem

    i beg make we hear better word—————–ojare———breaking kiosk and distributing land to friends——– wives –inlaws–ati gal friends is never part of the development process———————–he it was who sold APO village———seized the Guest House meant for the Vice President of the FRN————-Atiku——–under the cover of Obj—-ati Atiku fight———–Homes of civil servants were sold to the highest bidder and u call that development abi———–Well the ethnic group that deceived Obj ati atiku to sell government owned houses to them will sure vote for elrufia——-Or are we not aware of how civil servants have to pay through their nose to have a roof over their heads————————in abuja——————-now————–Yet he coud not account for the money that accrued to government over the sale of those houses———As if that was not enough—-he later launched himself into obtaining mouth watering contracts from his fulani brother——Sanusi Ex CBN governor- Now emir of kanao——-Again he will win Kaduna—-since its his ethnic fulani tribe——- that has been doing the killing in southern kaduna————–so he will–cruise home to victors——since kaduna is owned by the fulanis——-from Chad ati Niger Republic——————-cheers

    • Patrick

      idle talk

  • Foresight

    Here comes the DREAMER!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    If El Rufai has no regard for Jesus Christ ……… how do we expect him to have regards for Christians ???????????????????

    • Patrick

      Silly talk.

      • solomonlas

        SILLY TALK mumu he will never win

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is public knowledge that when EL Rufai was the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory ……. El Rufai used world-class crook Jimmy Lawal (El Rufai’s closest friend, confidant and partner) to loot FCDA and defraud so many of bribes they paid hoping for allocation of land in Abuja that were never realised …… all bribes and kickbacks for El Rufai were paid thru Jimi Lawal running into N10trillion (lowest estimate).

    I would like to know if Jimi Lawal will be the running mate/Deputy Governor of El Rufai for Kaduna Governorship race…. this is very, very scary!

    Remember Jimi Lawal …… he is the crook that set-up defunct Alpha Merchant Bank and turned around to loot the bank and therafter fled to United States only to return when El Rufai brought him back because of the shaddy deals he and El Rufai did on a bogus project called Alpha Sofitel Hotel ….. the first 419 incident in Nigeria.

    • jaffbebeji

      El Rufai has demonstrated good leadership in different positions he held, all ur criticism would hold no water as we would vote massively to ensure he is emerge kaduna state Gov. By God grace. All we want is meaningful development and he is the right person 4 d job. Long live kaduna state, long live His Excellency Nasiru El Rufai

    • Tonnero

      Are you from Kaduna State? Why not focus on your corruption and incompetence ridden state and leave the good people of Kaduna alone to make their wise choice? Every sensible person knows and remembers the massive job El Rufai did in Abuja. And, in terms of intellect, people like yourself cannot even sit in the same class with him. Continue to clap for your Goodluck Jonathan who has elevated thievery, subterfuge and incompetence to high art and is now bent on bribing, intimidating or eliminating anyone that even dares to think of competing with him. Useless people.

  • Headbanger,u nor go win.

  • Usman

    that is exactly what we have been waiting for, we need a visionary leader like Kwankwaso in Kaduna

    • solomonlas

      Governor position why not president again.

      Is that why he sacrifices his children every year.

      • Tonnero

        How is this relevant to whether Nasir is a good candidate or not? Please continue to put the likes of Ibori, Alams, Theodore Orji etc in your state and leave people who want to make progress choose reasonable people.

        • solomonlas

          When did the useless Northerners started thinking toward progress or do you take killing as progress.

          • Nigerian

            Killing innocent people started in the South and the Delta areas. Cultistm, Armed Robbery, Baby factory production, Human Trafficking and all sorts of criminality.

      • Usman

        charity begins at home, by the way he never declares presidential ambition, again, he isn’t a bigot like you that sacrifices his kids for the sake of power