Panic in Kano as second explosion hits city

Kano return

The Nigeria Police say a second explosion has rocked the ancient city of Kano.

The police announced the fresh explosion via its twitter handle.

The explosion came less than five hours after a blast tore through the Hotoro area of the city, killing no fewer than five persons.

The police say the second explosion was also detonated by a female suicide bomber just like the first.

“One female suicide bomber about 18yrs died, 6 persons injured,” the police announced.

There is panic across the city and sorrow is etched on the faces of residents, our correspondent says.

Details later…


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  • Clay

    Kwankwaso and Emir Sanusi, your children are at work.

    • Shehu


  • Hero

    I am a christian.Are you asking Muslims not to vote for PDP?

    • neat

      Read to understand don’t read to reply. Ur question is ill-asked

      • Hero

        If Fanikayode says that APC has a Muslim agenda .Is he not implying there is nothing for them in PDP so my point is should they vote for a party that does not have something for them.

  • Otitokoro

    Femi Fanikayode, I am not surprised that you and the other Femi, Femi Aribisala who abused you and your father (Fani Power) last year or two years ago or so on this platform have suddenly become your ally. We Yorubas say two things (i) “Egbe eye ni eye n ba rin.” And that means “Birds of the same feather flock together.” And (ii) “Ole lo mo ese ole to lori apata” You are Yoruba, so think about the Yoruba proverb independent of the very slender and thin English translation. The English translation does not capture the deep knowledge in the Yoruba proverb. Having said that I have this for you. (a) Does what you wrote here make sense to you? (b) Do you have to lie from both sides of your mouth just because President Jonathan will use EFCC to prosecute the charges against you if you do not show that you are loyal to him and his presidential ambition in 2015 elections? (c) This is just for the purpose of argument, If what you wrote here make sense to you, and suppose I am a muslim, christian or an atheist, why will I vote for your party-PDP and your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan? I want to vote for programs and those who will fight the scourge of corruption and unemployment in the land. Can you see how you and your party -PDP and President Jonathan are the real sources of disunity, corruption, poverty in this country? And back to my original question, Femi why must you just LIE this way? Who is pursuing you Femi? Are you so afraid of your past such that you must LIE and LIE and LIE and LIE to show that you are loyal in order to be protected by the PDP corrupt machine as headed by President Jonathan? Ah! O ga o Femi Omo Fanikayode!!!

  • warawara


  • simonibekwe

    A prebendal article from a narcissistic looney toon pretending to scholarship. This writer should never have been a minister if Nigeria had a focused leadership.

  • Tobi

    with this kind of mindset from a supposedly educated person is pity. these are the instrument of the elites to continue dividing the country into religion and ethnic line that will do us no good.

  • tulampa

    Rubbish article by a rubbish n useless writer. Whoever took his bread in APC must just return it. Cos am sick and tired of all this nonestical journals

  • Mister Femi is one interesting Nigerian. He evokes false intellectual aura in most of his viewpoints. His present effort further alienates reasonable men from PDP. If his comments get to the Northern Muslims, the serial abuses he has been heaping on them will harden their resolve never to vote for Jonathan. For the first time in the history of elections in Nigeria, this Country will witness an electoral contest where no presidential candidate will win outside his tribal enclave, thanks to the poisons oozing out of the pens of men like Femi Fani Kayode.

  • Kwango

    This man’s madness is strengthening the opposition party. Fani weed is still angry, envious and jealous of APC for being the first party to tell him before Nigerians that he is not wanted in their party. Some hyper jealous lovers will go to the extent of pouring acid on the face of their lovers when jilted. This is Fani in politics. He can’t stomach that he was jilted by his loved APC hence his useless acidic rants! The last time this professional failure used tax payers money to fund his Olympic speed consumption of wawaa. Uh la la!!

  • True Nigerian

    Too bad! For an entire month and still counting, not one article from you has received as few as one – not even one – positive comment from your readers. You should look in the mirror and stop writing!

    I am not pro-APC or PDP. I am just a Nigerian. And from the people I see everyday, I know that the ticket you called a dream would not have been a dream for the APC. Worse still, I also know that if the so-called dream ticket that exists only in your feverish brains were to become reality, you are not even in the APC anymore and will therefore have spent the best of the next few months vomitting the same hypocrisy and bigotry against the so-called dream ticket. This is why I genuinely believe that you are a psychopathic lunatic. Something is fundamentally wrong with your faculties and conscience.

    Now, just read yourself again! You are here suggesting that an El-Rufai/Fashola ticket would have been a dream.
    Are you not the same guy who wrote so recently that a Muslim/Muslim ticket would be unbearable for you and unbearable for Nigerians? Are you not the same person that wrote repeatedly that Muslim/Muslim ticket was unnacceptable? Are you not the same Femi Fani-Kayode who cited the likelihood of a Muslim/Muslim ticket as the reason you can no longer stay in APC? Or are you oblivious of the fact that El-Rufai and Fashola are both Muslims? Mumu!

    Can you see why I say that you are a psychopathic lunatic? You are just one hopeless intellectual fraud parading as genuine intellectualism. No true intellectual would find you engaging enough to be a columnist. I don’t know why Premium Times is wasting this space by giving it to an objectionable character and squalid intellect like yours.

    You went to Cambridge and this is how poor you reason. It’s such a shame! Sometimes, I pity you!

  • Wale

    so called christians are the most bias set of people I’ve ever seen,
    you should learn to live in peace with one another, you don’t want a
    muslim man to become president yet you want to become president for
    life, by the way you spoke of APC been a cult, but we know how many
    pastors and christian leaders are cultist and how many pdp leaders been
    ritualist, its such a shame that Christians are now harboring hate, and
    seeing muslims as enemy, let me say this if we truly say we are one, ask
    pdp what stop us to having president and vice president been muslim vis
    a vis both christian, pdp its the party dividing Nigerians into tribal
    and religious lines, because we only here division in their mouth,

    • Truth

      I think it is the Muslims who don’t want Christians to become the president of this country and that is why they have sworn to make the nation ungovernable for Mr president. go and check the Abuja declaration of 1986

      • patriot

        I agree entirely with Fani Kayode. Let those who have ears listen.

  • Truth

    Truth is better but it takes the couragous to say it. You have simply said what others knows and are afraid to say. Ride on bro

    • tai

      So to your coconut brain, you agree with Fani-Kayode that Alimodu Sherif is a moderate muslim?

  • tai

    This man is insane? In one article, you wrote that you left APC because some leaders of the party are pushing hard a Muslim/Muslim ticket for 2015 but now Elrufai/Fashola ticket would have been the best for you, is Elrufai a christian? Or is it Fashola that is a christian? Why can’t you uphold a principle be truthful to yourself once.

  • newvoice404

    Hahahahahaha, Femi is losing the plot,his mind and his soul by the day. Femi hurry up…APC is about taking over Aso Rock because this plot/lie/propaganda is/are not working…..and you and your pay master will end up in prison. OMG! Femi is in deep trouble.

  • Tunde


  • shadrach

    Nigerians, plz think in ur hearts. Mr Femi is saying something to ur heart, allow it and stop rejecting it. It’s just a matter of time, u’ll understand soon and I pray it won’t be late by then

  • Bature

    A dullard pretending to be intelligent. It only demonstrates the primordial level that these so-called politicians truly are. Instead of chasing and castigating others, why not just tell us what you stand for!