INEC provides alternatives centres for displaced people in Nasarawa


The Nasarawa state office of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, on Tuesday said that it would use local government headquarters as alternative centres during the distribution of Permanent Voters Card, PVC, for displaced persons, IDPs, affected by the recent communal crisis across the state.

Speaking in Lafia, the Resident Electoral Commissioner, REC, Ahmed Makama, said staff and materials would be provided at the local government headquarters of the 42 affected polling units.

Mr. Makama explained that the headquarters of Keana, Obi and Lafia Local Government Areas, all in the Southern Senatorial district, would be used for the affected polling units that were deserted because of the crisis.

He added that 95 percent of the voters’ card is ready for distribution while the remaining five percent will be available before the end of the exercise.

He said that the distribution of the Permanent Voters Card, PVC, would commence on November 28 and 30 while the Continuous Voters Registration, CVR, would begin on December 3 and end on December 8.

A representative of the police at the meeting¸ Emmanuel Peter, urged political party leaders to sensitize their supporters on the need to be orderly during the exercise.

Mr. Peter said that security agencies have concluded arrangements to ensure that the exercise is carried out without hitches.


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    You are are not too perfect-though no one is- I still love your way of reasoning.

  • wode

    No need playing to the gallery. Whoever that has not sinned should not have any cause to fear any repercussion or punishment. Those games of playing sentimental cards is no longer in vogue.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Mr Fani -Kayode, please stop blackmailing and blaspheming God or presuming on His mercies. It was God Himself that testified of His anointed and not the other way round – just as it was God that testified of Abraham as being His friend and not the other way. God (or YOUR CONSCIENCE) was not in your calculation or equation when you were taking blood money from Jonathan Goodluck. But now that you are caught out, God is suddenly your ‘refuge’, abi? To deceive ourselves is bad enough; but to imagine we can deceive God who ‘knows the very thoughts of our hearts’ before we execute them, is unpardonable.

    • wode

      You’re simply spot on,

  • Scatter


    FFK, you are a sick and cruel joke. Did you inhale or snort it when you wrote the above piece? Jesus didn’t give you life to speak or do evil in the land. For invoking his name and grace in vain, the deepest pit of grief and disgrace shall be your abode.

    You compound hypocrite, did Jesus give you life to blow nearly a billion of public money insulting and scandalising your elders and betters, spreading hate and evil in the land?

    Did Jesus give you life to nick Mercedes jeeps from the Aviation Ministry and hide them in your village?

    Did Jesus give you life to fraudulently collect US$1.5m from the Dasuki loot in the name of a bogus media “Situation Room” project?

    Did Jesus give you life to use US$75,000.00 of the stolen US$1.5m to buy a brand new Range Rover for your Igbo girl friend?

    Did Jesus give you life to commit adultery in the land and yet pretend to speak for the voiceless or oppressed?

    Did Jesus give you life to cheat those that helped you to get that US$1.5m from the Dasuki loot — like the guy from Benue State?

    Did Jesus give you life to use fake names to spread evil, insult people and defend and promote your rants as you do on this and other pages?

    Did you, in fact, ever know Jesus let alone receive any life from him other than the life you received from the devil?

    FFk, you returned to Dumbo Dumbo’s tent in time for the 2015 elections for reasons that we all know: to be left off the hook for your misdeeds at Aviation, which case the EFCC splendidly bungled in court; to collect more lucre from a violently corrupt Government, which you did; and escape from near bankruptcy as you couldn’t even pay your lawyers and resorted to begging for bail outs from the likes of El-Rufa’i and co.

    Oh boy, keep dreaming … you will vomit all that you corruptly obtained from our commonwealth. I give you the assurance in Jesus name!

    • Ade

      “bankruptcy as you couldn’t even pay your lawyers and resorted to begging for bailouts from the likes of Nasir El-Rufa’i and co.”

      Is it Nasir El-Rufai the chief corrupt officer of Kaduna state?? or Other El-Rufai from another planet??

  • Justice

    For all those ranting about and dishing out spurious accusations against Chief Honourable FFK I say why don’t you test these in the courts. The newspapers and social media is not the platform to fight corruption. Did I hear you say corruption fighting back?

    • Scatter

      Hahaha hahaha… “Chief Honourable FFK” indeed. Am laughing my as* off ….

      FFK, did you really think you could adopt a new alias without being found out? This your new name, with only 20+ comments, has all the hallmarks of your diction and familiar insults. Since you’re actually that dumb not to suppose you’d be found out, let me tell you a better way to better disguise yourself.

      Start writing in pidgin or Yoruba. Even so, I can still track you from your Internet co-ordinates with a special software. So keep running, but you can never hide.

      • wode

        You’re smartly discerning!

        • Justice

          Sorry mister, but why would you assume that this is FFK’s moniker? From my understanding of the person FFK , though I ve never met him, I don’t believe he is the type that hides away. One thing I know is that the man is not a coward. Call him whatever but never a coward. This is my own handle to chat and exchange ideas with people like you. I hope this clarification helps.

          • Scatter


            Hehehe … Justice (aka FFK), alas, the clarification didn’t help at all. But at least you were very, very civil for once; not a single word of insult! Which is a tremendous achievement, for which I humbly salute you.

            However, Femi, I feel obliged to say though that you’re seriously delusional. But, then, come to think of it, this is how you earn your keep and flamboyant, false lifestyle — by being a disruptive social and national nuisance for nice little fees here and there. Which is why you take what you do very seriously, and which those who don’t understand the motivation fall for your theatrics and loquacity. In a way, this does really all fit in; you merely took over from where Uncle RFK left off.

            You have relentlessly been throwing around all your usual nasty tantrums so that PMB can quietly pull you aside to his side, settle you well, and so that you can also get away with your GEJ-era excesses — as you did with GEJ himself prior to the 2015 elections. But this time around, you have miscalculated big time.

            PMB isn’t like your IBB, whom you once went visiting during the 2015 elections campaign and came out feeling pretty important. PMB doesn’t have time for “noise makers” like you — more so one who spent quite sometime in some strange resort in Ghana. Just look at how he has also utterly ignored that other ‘Original Raskal’ Governor Ayo Fayose, and the dude is getting more neurotic by day as a result.

            So, Femi, I know you damn well. Your madness — no pun intended — has a cold, shameless method to it. Just like your elephantine cowardice, which you mask with both bravado and rascality in generous and equal measure.

            Was it not you, the same brave “Chief Honourable FFK”, who having viciously and maliciously insulted Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in one of your usual newspaper rants rapidly flew from Abuja to Lagos and then visited Tinubu’s home in the dead of night to try to do him ‘kabiyesi’ to forgive you, and he rightly refused to see you after you waited several hours?

            Was it not you, the same brave “Chief Honourable FFK”, who after you tastelessly, mercilessly and shamelessly attacked the Igbo (with one of whose daughters you’re in illicit relationship) over their status in Lagos subsequently went to eat your words at a night rendezvous with some of their leaders, but then failed to declare or admit same publicly?

            Was it not you, the same brave “Chief Honourable FFK”, who in 2015 got one of your flunkies on the phone to threaten the Peoples Daily newspaper with libel suit but you were heard in the background nervously nudging and directing your flunky what to say or not say? This was after the paper exposed one of your sleazy acts during the 2015 elections campaign, and not a word has been heard from either you or your flunky ever since after the paper called off your buff to see you in court.

            This time round, rest doubly assured that your antics with PMB won’t also get you far. You sure enough will soon have your day in court, face-to-face with Magu’s men, and from there hopefully to a well-deserved bunk in Kuje or Kirikiri, from where you can continue with your insane rants if it pleases you and the rules permit. Justice, you will surely get — as certain as the night follows the day.

          • Enemona

            My only plea is that he should be allowed to take his pills in prison else “were re ma bugije o!”. He would relapsed to total insanity, he would go naked and bite off his cell mates’ ears.

  • Prophet

    You are trembling, cowering, bowing……….
    All the things you wrote here that you won’t do is what you are doing with the article itself!
    Of course you can not see the hypocrisy of your position. Just shut up and take comeuppance like a man! Stop whining like a biatch!

  • James Bond

    Is this man called FFK well at all? Buhari is now the accuser of the brethren to him? Seems FFK is high on something.

  • Kitunde

    My goodness….one of the best long winded joke ever…..haha this guy will not kill us. The guilty are afraid.

  • Femi Odere

    Another nonsense from a perpetually high on something man. I wonder if he shared his own loot with “the oppressed, the voiceless, the weak, the vulnerable, the misrepresented, the hated and the despised” that he has always been speaking up for.

    • Scatter

      For weeya, my broda!

      There is still a balance of over N180,000,000.00 (one hundred and eighty million naira) in his personal account from the Dasuki loot that he collected from Mrs Nenadi Usman, the GEJ Campaign Finance Director.

  • val77

    U Rock. Femi. Carry Go Baba. your haters can’t do shit

  • Ade

    Amen bro Femi.

  • New Nigerian

    LOL….and the point is? I was waiting for the real message after the “I and I” ones…Femi, the only thing you have to fear is your action – in word and deeds. If you have not broken any law, you have nothing to fear. If you have, you have everything to fear – this is the same for everyone else. You shared in the commonwealth, that would be retrieved – that is NOT your blood. Good luck as you face the music of your deeds!

  • Enemona

    Well written like a man under serious pressure. I guess magu and his boys have tightened their noose around you neck and now you’re squealing like a sisi. Bros, prepare for court Joor and spare us some space Jare. Omo ale, baba ale! Shio!