Emir of Kano, Sanusi, wants divorce severely punished

Muhammad Sanusi II

The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II has urged the Kano State Government to enact a law that will punish those who end their marriages on questionable grounds.

Mr. Sanusi lamented the spate of divorce in Kano State, and said there must be punitive steps to reverse the trend.
He said many residents end their marriages on flimsy excuses.

The Emir who spoke in Kano, Friday, noted that women are often the most affected after divorce.

The worst hit, he said, are the uneducated and the economically-disadvantaged whose marriages are ended by their husbands over matters that could have been resolved.

Mr. Sanusi said anyone found guilty of separating from his or her spouse without sufficient reasons will be appropriately penalized to deter others and help reduce the huge number of divorce cases in the state.

He also warned his subjects, district heads, ward and village heads against drug addiction, saying he will not hesitate to expel anybody found in drug addiction.


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  • emmanuel

    So he expect the man wen he dey chop im wife for CBN to swallow the rubbish?

    • Chris1408


  • naso

    Oh the irony!

  • Wise Head

    That’s okay, Mr. Sanusi, but what about adultery? Shouldn’t be punished too?

  • sharp shape

    What a hypocrite ! This man is going to bring the kano emirate to disrepute ! A man that was having an affair with a married woman can now pontificate about fidelity and marriage ! Only in Nigeria !

    • emmanuel

      This man has played out all the cards meant to venerate him.

      He began with $49billion which he used to buy the peoples hearts.

      Sanusi what more?

    • larry

      Sanusi the randy animal ! How about if mallam Yaro decide to divorce his wife for sleeping with you in lagos?
      Chei de is godoooooooo!

  • Public Tribune

    “Come and kiss me quickly before the Board meeting!” that he text to a subordinate is not economics;
    but Yaronomics. Lodging in Federal Palace Hotel for two straight nights with the same married, woman (Hajia Yaro)

    who’s a subordinate staff in the same work-place at Central Bank of Nigeria, is not Islamic but adultery.

    Doing both whilst the poor got poorer in Nigeria despite increased oil revenues is not monetary economics,

    but incompetence. Paying out un-due ₦2.4 trillion Naira on fictitious bills of lading is not economics, but ignorance.

    Emir Sanusi Lamido did all of those whilst at the Central Bank as a staff; and so, he was not engaged in any sensible

    or obvious morality or economics at the time as Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor to give him a standing now.

  • Man_Enough

    the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. the message is righteous; hate him or not

    • osogbo

      You are correct. Nigerians often discourage leaders from doing the right thing by emphasizing the form rather than the substance.

      • redeem


        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          Lead by an example, has Sanusa ever divorce? He’s talking about divorce and boozing of his district leaders and nothing. Hate him or like him, he has spoken the right words and it’s left for discerning minds to take it or leave it

          • solomonlas

            he never divorce before yes but he is bedding married women so he has many ladies available to his bed so what of a man who has just one wife and that man is not ready to be bedding other men wife and the wife is misbehaving what should that man do, keep the woman and start bedding others wife as this SANUSI is known for.

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            What Sanusi said is only meant for discerning minds. I would have put you in the same ladder by your name but your comments often prove me wrong. Don’t divorce by flimsy excuses and don’t high and go home and misbehave and thereby beat-up and later send your wife/wives parking. Effects of alcohol on mental judgement is limited. Now I believe that some of us high and comment on this forum and this limit our level of judgement when a sound mind talk or say something reasonable.

          • the truth

            U are myopic in your sense of reasoning.adultery leads to divorce.this is a man that was caught sleeping with a married woman and is now preaching to you about morality and u are in support of it

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            Can you swear with your life that Sanusi was caught sleeping with a married woman or just by media and political propagada. Yes, adultery leads to divorce. That was the same thing he’s messaging the world that don’t divorce without cogent reason or not flimsy excuse. But you never carefully read a line that says “He said many residents end their marriages on flimsy excuses” but since you’ve seen Emir of Kano, Sanusi at the heading, you’re caught off foot” There’s no knowledge loss, his message could be useful if not today, then tomorrow.

      • solomonlas

        substance my foots he should stop bedding married women first

    • redeem


      • solomonlas

        that is the critarial to be an emir

    • solomonlas

      we don’t hate but God hate him and his generations

  • Jossy

    Will you force people into marriage? this man doesn’t talk like a learned person. This is a pure sharia speech. smh

    • JJ

      is lyk u re d one who speak like an illiterate..who told u he is forcin people into marriage ?..ur level of assimilation seems to b vry vry low…he is talking of divorce nt marriage..n if u re goin against dat then it means even d court maarriage in d church dt u used to have “4 BETTER 4 WORSE” then its also spearheaded by bunch of illiterates

  • murtala bg

    That’s a good and wellcome suggestion coming from a visionary leader.those posting hate comments are the product of failed marriages,with sunusi’s idea the next generation will be free from your types.

    • larry

      The guy is not god.let him clean him self first!

    • solomonlas

      yes for you reasoning with your anus he is a visionary leader but for us he is a just animalistic-idiotic-mumu-fellow

    • the truth

      An adulterer preaching about divorce.don’t u see the contradiction,?

  • redeem

    Una see my trouble again—its because he has been bedding married women ALL HIS LIFE and does not want their husbands to re-act to his evil behaviours————–conscience OUR FATHERS TOLDED US——– is the only clear impartial judge on mother earth————-not matter how u try to hide behind some of these blood stained boko haramic turbans————God Almighty will fish u out————–expose yr hidden satanic thoughts–against the human society—————life is a choice———–yesterday una announced to us that u do not want Independence—-no freedom cause u were not ripe for it——no be so?——–today the South South yearns for a divorce————–u say NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA___CAUSE OF MY OIL WELLS THAT IS UNDER YOUR JANJAWEED CONTROL IN YOUR DOMAIN——–

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    I presumed some people here are having brain touch. I don’t see anything wrong with the advice the man gave. Well, some are born to mess around with our ladies and make them single mothers at the end. May God punish anyone that make our women single mothers without cogent reason. But must we continue to hate someone even if he says good and sane thing?
    The number of children on the street today attest to the emir’s submission. Children that have caregivers you will never see them on the road asking for alms. God bless the emir and those that will have reasonable thing to say about people’s welfare.

    • redeem

      Central Bank of Nigeria Governor,Sanusi Lamido,is in the centre of a storm which was brought about by his alleged illicit affair with a married woman,Mrs. Maryam Yaro.
      As the story goes, the CBN Governor, who is very influential, had embarked on an affair with this woman who happens to be an assistant director and subordinate to him at the apex bank.
      The only problem was that both the Governor and the lady in question are married, with kids.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        redeem, stay by your name and don’t always look for the bad side of a man or people, this could ruin the benefit you could derive from the person. The spirit of hearsay has ruined many destiny and for you to tour the same path the result may be unpalatable.

        • solomonlas

          SANUSI has no right to talk about married men and women affair ok because he is a destroyers

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            You will continue posting unconfirmed allegation about Sanusi why he continue growing in God’s agenda for his life. There are also allegations that GEJ is going out with Allison Madueke and Ngozi Nwella and both are married individuals still in their husbands’ houses. If we are to take such allegations seriously as you depicted in virtually all your conversations in the subject above, then GEJ is facing the same fate. Can’t you just leave politics and face the reality for better tomorrow and benefit of our born and unborn generations to come. Solomon in the Bible was a wise man of his time, he never take side even when occasion calls for him to do so. Don’t just bear a name, live by it and portray the name’s image.

    • JJ

      U re ryt my friend,,dis is a complete hatred for d north..at times if i see a comment frm a southerner it makes me laugh till i laigh no more..cos dey re doin dat out of frustration…always see dem as animals…pple dat doesnt even trust demselves

      • solomonlas

        Animals —– they are

  • redeem

    -@WAHALA WHY WOULD–U——NOT SAY SUCH–as an–Ibo/Fulani janjaweed——Central Bank of Nigeria Governor,Sanusi Lamido,is in the centre of a storm which was brought about by his alleged illicit affair with a married woman,Mrs. Maryam Yaro.
    As the story goes, the CBN Governor, who is very influential, had embarked on an affair with this woman who happens to be an assistant director and subordinate to him at the apex bank.
    The only problem was that both the Governor and the lady in question are married, with kids.

  • No Comment


    “Stephen Davis [the Australian Boko Haram mediator] also mentions a Boko Haram financier
    within the Nigerian Central Bank. Independently we are able to give backing to that claim,
    even to the extent of naming the individual. In the process of our
    enquiries, we solicited the help of a foreign embassy whose government, we learnt,

    was actually on the same trail, thanks to its independent
    investigation into some money laundering that involved the Central Bank.”

    “That name, we confidently learnt, has also been passed on to President Jonathan.
    When he is ready to abandon his accommodating policy towards the implicated, even the criminalized,
    an attitude that owes so much to re-election desperation, when he moves from a passive
    ‘letting the law to take its course’ to galvanizing the law to take its course, we shall
    gladly supply that name. ”

    ………..Professor Wole Soyinka
    [September 13, 2014]

    • redeem

      The name of that janjaweed former Governor of CBN is Alpha Imam A.P.C Sanusi

      • Yemi Badejo [Ibadan]

        @ Redeem:

        If that is the case, and given that Professor Wole Soyinka has publicly disclosed that
        the Boko Haram financier’s name was long passed to President Goodluck Jonathan;
        and, corroborated with foreign intelligence in documentary form proving money-laundering
        at the Central Bank of Nigeria, all Nigerians must now ask that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi be
        brought into investigative custody immediately. National security must not be treated lightly
        as President Jonathan treats this Boko Haram security issue.

        • Mrs. Dunni Anise

          Dear Editor:

          These disclosures are shocking to me, not because of any other thing, but because
          Sanusi Lamido Sanusi should not be made to face investigation alone without journalists
          in the media houses arraigned with him and tried jointly for fraud and national sabotage.
          Nigerian journalists were not ignorant of the facts but were complicit in covering up Sanusi Lamido.
          These mostly useless journalists intentionally covered up financial frauds traced to Sanusi Lamido.
          If Sanusi Lamido thereafter used those funds to partly fund Boko Haram Jihadists, then it follows
          that these complicit journalists were criminal co-conspirators that should also face trial as such.

          • redeem

            blame the whole mess on sharia reporters—the media arm of APC period–it was Nigeria Journalist who covered the face of Sanusi–did u read the speech by Soyinka in any of the main stream media——-sharia reporters–ati punch—and lately PT?—naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa——–they all busy publishing janjaweeds stories for elrufai ati his Islamic party APC

        • redeem

          Happily for us u are Yoruba–when Sanusi was removed as governor of CBN—where did he go to-he rushed to lagos to meet with tinubu————he was there for one week——It was Tinubu ati Fashola that mobilized the press against Jonathan—called him all sorts of names——-The records are there for all to see–Yorubas almost went to war on behalf of Fulani Sanusi——They were all over the place backing Sansui–via tinubu and calling for the head of Jonathan—-It was tinubu who even went to court———-He was awarded 50m by a court in LAGOS——–was it Ijaws where moved over to Kano to install him as emir of Kano or the Yorubas in APC——-to spite Jonathan?—-See the trouble with Nigeria—————some of u insulted Jonathan for removing sanusi–and said as emir—Jonathan will bow down to him———————-the Yorubas used every available space in the media to back the installation of sanusi———————happily another sane Yoruba man—-Soyinka is now doing all in his power to atone for the sins of the yorubas- by exposing the mess in the Yoruba arm of APC——its very sad—————yet some of u claim to want to end corruption in 9ja via Obj? look corruption has tribal marks in Nigeria———if u are from the SS–all they have to do is to tie yr sins to that of Alams–ati Ibori or the president————and u are gone——————–cheeeeeeeers

    • Qui Pro Quo

      Sanusi was being prosecuted by the SSS for sponsoring terrorism before he was hurriedly and in most shameless manner elevated to Emir by his friends in APC.

  • the truth

    If adultery was a title this man would be the undisputed champion.emir adultery sanusi lamido

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Muhammad Sanusi II, be careful otherwise you might be deposed. You want to rewrite Islam or something? Islam is very clear on divorce. Once you pronounce, “I divorce you” three times, that’s the end; the marriage is ended and this has been Islamic law. Exiling a drug addict is not in Nigeria’s law. Any drug addict should be reported to the appropriate social welfare authority for drug rehab; this is the standard practice. But a drug runner or baron should be reported to the NDLEA for further action. Sanusi, are you now telling us that all the education you have received and which made you a CBN governor are just for nothing? Wake up, mister!

    • Aboki

      Islamic State things… Emir is creating his own country with his laws. A dictator since 140AD.

    • wode

      You are indeed talking base on ignorance and as result ending up in misrepresentation of facts. There are serious rulings that guide divorce in Islam. It’s not just I divorce you! I divorce you!! I divorce you!!! mentality that you obviously have. I challenge you to go and listen to eminent scholars of the religion for more education on this.

      For example, you can listen to/watch several Marriage lectures by Mufti Ismail Menk. You would definitely realize your folly and the need to go out of the enclave you find yourself. A simple google search on Youtube is all you need and you would be guided. One of the lectures is “Problems and Difficulties in Marriage Mufti Ismail Menk”. You would find it in Youtube.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        I see that you are continuously bathed in anger! There is no single thing I have seen you write without using insults, abuses and explosive anger! Were you overly abused in your childhood? I ask because only those that had been exposed to such abuses show this kind of antisocial behaviour. Why can’t you make your point against my submission rather than going for insult? In any case, I don’t have the time for somebody like you. If you have a personal problem you better go and have it solved. As for the matter on ground, I shall not challenge you on Islamic mode of divorce. I stand by my earlier message. Period.

        • wode

          Open your mind!

      • Rudeboi

        Why should we listen to Mufti Ismail Menk? Why should we listen to an Arab? Are you saying we Africans have no common sense on how to guide our domestic affairs? There are several black Africans who can offer great advice on marital issues, why should we go to the Arabs or Europeans or Americans for advice?

        • wode

          There you go…
          1 – First, how do you know this man is an Arab? For your information, he is not. Do your research.

          2 – I wonder the kind of person you are to have defined boundary for your knowledge searching and sharing? All people of wisdom that I know never define such boundary for getting knowledge because nobody is an island of knowledge. At least, Muslims are not encouraged to build such a wall around them.

          A question you may want to ask yourself on the inclination towards racism in search of knowledge or idea is that, why do people travel to different lands – USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, etc for more knowledge/training/degree?

  • gab san

    Mr Emir, this divorce issue shouldn’t be your priority… There are more pressing issues like child marriages, illiteracy and extreme poverty that is plaguing Kano…

    If you had said parents that refuse to send their children to school should be severely punished, then you talking…. Leave the divorce issue for now!!

    • wode

      Read my comments.

    • Benedict

      when the family institution is destroyed, what do you think happens next? This is as happen as all you have mentioned. But it begins with the family.

  • wode

    Most of the people commenting here are condemning the Emir’s stance either because of complete ignorance of what is happening in most parts of North as to the rate of divorce or their condemnation is born out of deceit or contempt for the person of the Emir. Whoever has lived in the North for at least one year would know how most men in the region have bastardized the institution of marriage by the privileges given by God Almighty for one to quit a troubling marriage if the problem between the couple become unmanageable.

    This is one of the major causes of the problem bedeviling the region up til today, including the BH problem. In most case, the husbands divorce their wife as a result of flimsy excuses and as a results, one or two children that come out the marriage have nobody to bring them up. The boys end up being Almajiris just roaming the street all in the name of being attached to an Islamic cleric that virtually nobody is paying him for teaching and taking care of the boys and as a result, most of them turn wayward and ready tool for political thuggery and even even Boko Haram foot-soldiers.

    For the young girls that are victims of these unfortunate relegation of marriage institution, are on the waiting list for a very early or what you may call Girl-child marriages. This happens because of irresponsibility of most of the parents (most especially the fathers) who want to have the girls as wives but not ready to take on the responsibility of the marriage institution. Before you know, the young girls too, without any form of empowerment enter the cycle of divorce and the cycle continues.

    Because of the lack of responsibility to the marriage contracts, a lot of men have several children form several women without any care for this children. As a result, most of them become social burden with serious economical problem.

    The Emir indeed knows very well what he is talking about, but people of little knowledge and deceit are delusional.

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      Many of them hate the truth and when they hear one it get them disturbe. Don’t mind them. They turn every issues to politics.

  • Lanre

    Just keep your violent ideas to Kano.

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