Two confirmed dead as bomb explodes in Adamawa

Adamawa on map
Adamawa on map

A bomb explosion has occurred in Fadaman Rake area of Hong Local Government in ‎Adamawa State.

At least two children were confirmed dead and three others injured from the Thursday evening explosion, locals and police have said.

Residents said the incident occurred at about 7 p.m. local time while residents were about to break their Ramadan fast.

The explosion caused hundreds of residents of the area to flee their homes.

A local vigilante said that a yet to be identified driver in a starlet delivered a polythene bag to some children who were playing.

“The man just stopped his starlet as if he is looking for help. He gave one of the boys playing a polythene bag that he should take it to his father as it contained money and valuables.The boys didn’t know and in the process of taking it to home,we just heard the blast.

“Two kids lost their lives instantly, while the remaining two and one passerby were seriously injured and rushed to nearby hospital unconscious,’’ the vigilante, Baba Yerima, said.

The police spokesperson in the state, Othman Abubakar, also confirmed the explosion.

“It was one unknown starlet driver that approached some children at Fadaman Rake holding a polythene bag and there he delivered it to one of the kids with a pretence that it was money and other valuables meant for their father.

“Unknowingly the children collected it and while in the process of taking it to their home, the bomb exploded.

“Two children were confirmed died instantly as three others including a passerby injured and were rushed to hospital in Hong.,” Mr. Abubakar said.

The Thursday‎ explosion occurred a day after coordinated Boko Haram attacks on Maiduguri which caused over a dozen deaths.


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    • Odafe Ihria


      APC party
      likes to blame the past; but that’s a normal reflex of thieves – to quickly
      point at someone else as alibi. But the slew of half-idiots making excuse for APC
      serial failure do not think. For it means they’re also saying that APC is irrelevant
      to Nigeria, if they say the worsening of the country into a violent cauldron now
      inhabited by living corpses famished into skeletons is inevitable, whatever APC
      party did after taking over power on 29th May 2015.

      Wise Nigerians
      should tell the half-idiots in APC that if whatever APC did will have no impact it
      means APC can’t claim any single achievement on that path of logic because
      ‘inevitability’ means Nigeria is on auto pilot and whatever happens for good or
      for ill has nothing to do with the time-wasting and treasury-stealing APC party
      mis-elected into office. Nigerians are wiser and far better educated than the
      stench of local wretches inside the APC party. Crude oil sold for $20 per
      barrel in 1999 but Nigeria did not worsen into bloodbath as a result.

    • Abu Qaqa 2017

      We are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against the Christians in Nigeria.
      We are fighting against Christian President Goodluck Jonathan and his Christian
      brethren. We are not fighting any ethnic war. Those saying we are fighting an
      ethnic war are telling lies to the public. They try to brainwash the people.
      No, we are fighting a religious war. We are fighting against Christians.
      We are fighting the Christian President Jonathan and his Christian

      ……….………..Abubakar Shekau

      (Leader of Boko Haram)

      December 28, 2013

  • tsunami1earthquake

    And these are people supposed to be doing the Ramadan? What type of Ramadan is that?

    • Big Daddy Cool [B.D.C]


      NIGERIA: A country between the rock and a hard place

      Nigeria is rotting
      and worsening into a bloody abattoir under Buhari with Nigerians now hanging
      to death in their stuffy rooms almost on a daily basis, or jumping from the 3rd
      Mainland bridge into Lagos lagoon, to escape the series of economic horrors
      of devaluation; plus inflation, and, 100% general price increase, versus stagnant
      wages, and with over five million retrenched workers so far, which Buhari wreaked
      on Nigeria in his ignorance of theoretical consequences of wrong policy decisions.
      That’s what’s now provided a chance for all sorts of disorderly conduct in Nigeria,
      as the alienated populace take the law into their own hands to rob, kill or maim or
      just banish others from the northern states of Nigeria.

      If Muhamadu Buhari had plotted a military coup and taken over power in
      the year 2015, rather than won Nigeria’s presidential election – assisted by
      hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots cast in Kano state and in neighbouring
      northern Nigerian states by underage voters – the Yoruba would have been the
      first to take to the streets with the usually funny likes of Tunde Bakare, Wole
      Soyinka, and, Femi Falana
      leading the dirty crowds and entirely exhausting
      whole thesauruses over the crowds’ heads in uttering dire imprecations on the
      government. But rather than take to the streets, these self-described activists
      took to their hiding places – nigh shamefacedly, because they’d wholly rooted
      for the Buhari presidency, without thought or reflection that knowledge is
      power, and now, they’ve lost face for self-inflicted bad judgment.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        “…and entirely exhausting whole thesauruses over the crowds’ heads…”

        That’s a good one.

        • Big Daddy Cool [B.D.C]


          But see, my brother. See the Yoruba hypocrisy under a crooked Bola Ahmed Tinubu which has
          lowered the respect other Nigerians have for Yoruba people. Today, Nigeria is witnessing the
          worst GOVERNANCE RESULT ever in history since October 1st, 1960. Now ask yourself.
          What did Yoruba people do? Nothing. Just silence! These were the same hypocrites
          who trooped to Ojota park in Lagos just three years ago. They said 65 Naira petrol
          or nothing. Two years later the Yoruba brought Buhari on a stretcher into power.
          Buhari inflicted 145 Naira per litre. What did the hypocrites in Yorubaland do?
          They kept quiet, like morons bribed into stupor. Have you seen Pastor
          Tunde Bakare say anything since Buhari took over power and ruined
          everything he met on the ground? No, Pastor Tunde Bakare is now
          deaf and dumb and blind too. That’s what hypocrisy does to those
          who practise dishonesty as public policy. They will flatter to deceive
          with a principle, but will shortly break down in shame once the
          shoe is on other leg. They will fail to apply the principle they
          announced with any consistency. That’s why there’s really
          no activist or radical in Nigeria – just rogues and crooks!

    • Akin. O. Williams




    • emmanuel

      They would not do Super Eagles trainings during Ramadan, but can kill during ramadan. What an irony

  • Agbalagba Oye


    Lai Muhammed is not the sort of reflexive lies-telling creature anyone would wish for a child. It won’t be a surprise if
    his parents rue him. But Lai Muhammed is not an exception to the crooks. In APC party he’s not the most dishonest –
    the top echelons of APC party comprise rogues, thieves and near-illiterates with no sense, morals or gumption.

    Nobody in APC party who’s in government today can hold a five-minute argument on facts thread into truth with
    any convincing logic – not one. This is the proof that Lai Muhammed is a symptom of a cranial disease called
    APC party which someone once aptly described as a coalition of illiterates. APC party is surely an aberration,
    if not the worst electoral mistake Nigerians have ever made. That’s why the country’s been getting worse,
    with death now stalking everyone, like the sun, because the country has lost faith in APC government.

    • newsbreak

      “At least 11 people have been killed and several others
      injured after Boko Haram fighters launched a series of attacks in the
      northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, according to police. Damian Chukwu,
      Borno state police commissioner, said one civilian was killed as locals in the
      Jiddari Polo area of the city fled the fighters, while 10 were killed nearby in
      three separate suicide blasts on Thursday.”

      ……………Al Jazeera

      (June 9th, 2017)

  • Foreinger View

    “Nigerian militants launched biggest attack in over a year on a northern city. Attacks by the group have killed at least
    191 people in Nigeria since the start of 2017, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Boko Haram launched
    the major attack on Wednesday on Maiduguri, the northeast Nigerian city of Nigeria where their insurgency began
    eight years ago. It began with explosions and heavy gunfire on the outskirts of the city, the capital of Borno State,
    aid workers and witnesses told Reuters, causing thousands of civilians to flee. The raid would constitute
    Boko Haram’s biggest attack on Maiduguri for a year-and-a-half”.


    [June 8th, 2017]

  • Emma U. Anslem


    Can the National Assembly rise for once and be responsible? Nigerians are dying like flies.
    Hundreds are being killed on daily basis by robbers, kidnappers, rapists, cultists and militants.
    A motion of state of emergency will be the right way to respond to the bloodiness in Nigeria today.
    In debating that motion the Senators should put party label aside and come together to save Nigeria.
    The useless government of Buhari/Osinbajo should be called out in parliament as a useless government.
    In a state of emergency there will be nothing wrong in passing a motion for a coalition government at once.

    • David Leigh

      No, no, no! Nigeria’s Christians must not deny what they have voted for. They may feel very dirty now,

      but they took a conscious decision. No Christian with a drop of Holy Spirit will go voting for Sharia Law.

  • Peter_Edo

    Question 1 —- What are the names of the Children? ANSWER = At least two Children (No names)
    Question 2 —- What is d name of d Man who brought d bomb? ANSWER = Male Driver (No names)
    Question 3 — Why did this “Driver” not deliver the polythene bag to some menssagers at Senators at National assembly for them to deliver to their Ogas at the top? ANSWER = Dog no dey eat Dog

    This is the work of the Kitchen Cabinet to disgrace Osinibinde and conclude that because Bokohari is not around that he cannot control and contain the Islamist terrorists. The same tactic was used for Jonathan – It is called making the country ungovernable.

    • uzay

      You are on point. Just read your post after i wrote mine. It shows that people are already aware of the schemes

  • uzay

    Same element, same pattern and old style. They used it in the days of coup to heighten tension, then against Jonathan, they have exhumed it now against Osinbajo. Their desired result is the military.
    Unfortunately, the World is on high gear waiting for the outcome of Biafra’s proposed exit and the new Rondel Republic.
    The military style is a forgone alternative, as two countries are fully geared to leave Nigeria.
    I know the Yorubas may wake up later when others have left.