No jail break attempt in Yola Prison – Official

Iconinc road junction in Yola

The Nigerian Prisons Service, NPS, has denied reports of an alleged attempted jailbreak by some convicted soldiers in Yola Prison in Adamawa.

The spokesperson of the NPS, Ope Fatinukun, made the denial in a statement issued to journalists on Saturday in Abuja.

“There was no pandemonium, commotion nor gun shot fired into the air in Yola prison as reported.

“What really happened was argument among inmates around 7.30 pm after prayers on Thursday, Nov. 27.

“The argument was quickly brought under control,” he added.

Mr. Fatinukun said the Controller, Adamawa Prison Command, A.S. Ekijere, was at the Yola prison on Friday for his fourth quarter visit to all prisons under his command between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

He appealed to journalists to use appropriate nomenclature in describing inmates for legal and security reasons.

“Inmates can either be addressed as convicted inmates (CM) or Awaiting Trial inmates (ATI) rather than the derogatory words of incarcerated soldiers or civilians,” he said.

He assured that the NPS would continue to work round the clock to beef up security around prisons across the country



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  • kammykazee

    What is the meaning of all these??

    • Danladee

      Lol!!! Honestly, I couldn’t figure out anything meaningful out of this crap from a crack-head.

      • Aliyu

        @Danladi, Kamikazee, I feel sorry for you both. If you say this is crap then you are both very sick mem. Maybe you just cant read more tham three lines. Did you go to school at all? I was moved to tears by this brilliant piece. It is not for idle minds and children like you. It is simply mind blowing. This mans pen is like an atomic bomb and every word has the backing of heaven. More of this please Femi Fani-Kayode. We love you! To hell with the haters. FFK has honored God in this write up and challenged his detractors and enemies. God will honor him before the entire country and the whole world. I feel sorry for those that hate him and try to fight him. Their end shall be terrible.

        • kammykazee

          You are really Aliyu, If you chose FFK as your role model that is your prerogative but don’t force me to like him, I ve been following FFK vituperations for long not to be deceived by this trash hes preaching about his closeness to God.

          • tora tora

            Kamikaze, And you are Kamikazee because you want to kill yourself over something you cant change or stop. Whether you like it or not FFK is great and he will be even greater.You are just blinded by hate. Stop carrying your petty prejudices to this forum. The essay is fantastic and it is from the heart. If you dont like it or the author who cares. I think it is very moving.

          • kammykazee

            ..and the last time I checked you are ‘toro toro’ not FFK , solicitor general. I bet you don’t even know where your fake prophet(FFK) hails from, but what do I know, maybe you meet at joints, fellow addict. #junkies.

          • Tora tors

            He hails from Ife and there is nothing fake about him. I suspect that he must have had carnal knowledge of your mother and wife. They must havr screamed with joy and that is why you are so bitter. T

          • Aliyu

            Who is trying to force you to like FFK? He doesnt even know you exist so you dont count. People like you are like old farts. They stink but they refuse to go away. FFK is my role model any day and anytime. I am very proud of him. Especially after reading this brilliant piece. Now go and jump in the lagoon.

    • Crispin Saltzer

      Read it and find out. You will never be the same again. It is simply awesome. I never knew any Nigerian could write like this or be this deep. Great stuff!!!

    • Nasir

      Cant you read? If you dont understand the words then get a dictionary. Mumu…

  • KBE

    In the times of adversity you need strength. Spoken words are word of prophecy and prophecies are meant to be spoken. These are deep things very difficult for the natural to understand. Deep calleth unto deep. Let’s keep moving……….victory assured.

    • Bunmi

      Amen. Now someone is talking. You are so right. This essay is power packed.

  • jideofor Madu

    The deep call to the deep. Those who know the Lord of Hosts understand his meaning. This is a powerful personal testimony and prophetic declaration over his life by a gladiator in the agora, which is a dangerous space. Like he admits, like all of us he is imperfect. I do not always agree with him, but this man is a warrior against injustice in our land.

    • Daniel

      Agreed. He really is a warrior and a King too.

  • Amir

    Bola Ige picked this drug addict and begged Obasanjo to employ him. Obasanjo did, not realising that the man has no legitimate means of livelihood but squandered what remained of his family estate on ‘gbana’. They took him to the church for deliverance, he came out with fertile ground for 7 demons of hatred, jealousy, deceit, fraud, sycophancy, propaganda, and confusion. That Bola Ige was murdered at the time he was close to these conscienceless political miscreants leaves more questions than answers. Alas, there is the law of karma or nemesis that haunts men over their hidden actions against the creations of God. Betrayers die miserably, for Christ already pronounced woe to them before He was crucified.
    This 55 year old idle boy called FFK who feeds from begging, scamming and lying his way through politics must realise his music and dance is fading, for his audience is tired and already making for the exit.

    • Nigel

      @Amir, only a blind or deaf person would not acknowlwdg the brilliance of FFK’s write up. Us are nothing but the rantings of a sick twisted and jealous mind. If drug addicts and miscreants write and revere God like this genius called FFK has done in this essayi then I would love to be one myself. This man u are insulting was probably the bestt Aviation Minister and most articuate presidential spokesman that this country has ever had. Yet u just come here and spill your vile bitterness and hatred against him out of nothing but hate and envy. The problem with the black man is that he hates to see his fellow blacks rise up and prosper. This is especially so with Nigerians. If anyone but FFK had written this piece u would be hailing him. Meanwhile as u are on this thread trying to demean him he is rising fast to be one of the most formidable and credible voices in the nation. He was a blessing to OBJ and his government just as he was to Nigeria. And he still is. He also did a great job in the presidential campaign for Jonathan as the spokeman to the Pres. Campaign Organisation. Everything he said about APC and Buhari at that time has proved to be true. God spoke through him and is clearly still doing so. This is a powerful rising star in Nigerias political firmament and instead of celebrating him u are trying to shoot him down. Well it wont work. U will fail and ur lies and evil will consumme u. U should get on ur knees and beg God for forgiveness for the cruel lies u have writen here before His wrath fals on u. Whether u like it or not milllions of us love and admire FFK and we always will. U sound like a bitter and jolted wife. Probably one of his past conquests.
      Bury ur head in shame, get help, go to church for prayers and get deliverance. It is the only hope for lost and bitter souls like u. FFK is so far above u that u wouldnt even get past his front gate security post. That is what is bothering u.

      • So oju abe niko

        Nigel, I’m not for or against Femi. There is no question that from a literary standpoint alone, this work is superb. Looking at the content, it appears at least to me to be drug induced. Indeed, many artists do their superior work under the influence, and this appears to me to be one of such. Unfortunately this is not intended as a literary work of fiction, but an address to the public by a deeply flawed politician. Viewed properly as such, It is vainglorious and somewhat blasphemous in few places.

        As for some of your other claims, I am not well informed enough to comment on FFK performance in aviation, As Obasanjo’s spokeperson for a time, I think he was a disaster. However, I am inclined to agree with you that he was excellent in his work for GEJ on the presidential campaign. And that captures the essence of FFK, an eccentric character who is brilliant at times, but his “foot-in-mouth” pathology makes him a curse to almost every issue he supports.

        • Oloye

          So oju, absolute rubbish. Not only are you wrong but you are also talking nonsense. This essay was induced and delivered by the Holy Spirit. It has brought joy to many and inspired them. FFK is a blessing. He saved lives at aviation, defended OBJ like no other and put Buhari and APC on the defensive during the presidential campaign. In any battle or war I qould like to have him on my side. He is one of the most blessed people in Nigerian politics and he is a true believer. Run him down as muxh as you like: you cannot stop a man of destiny.

  • Joe

    I am really moved by this poem by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode. He did not wrote these words: God did. Through this essay God has given me strength and hope. Thank you Jesus.

    • Amir

      @ Joe otherwise known as Nigel, formerly called Daniel or Bunmi, alias Aliyu: “he did not wrote these words: God did” Hmmm! Signs of madness. If you were in the same rehab home with FFK, did you try to complete your programme or you aslo absconded? It will take a long time for the country to get over Obasanjo’s misjudgement in engaging an unsound mind for even 6 months as a minister. Bola Ige is gone. Those who murdered him will remain to suffer the punishment.

      • Nolan

        Amir, poor little bitter Amir. It is people like you that murdered Bola Ige. You killed him with hate. FFK was a Minister in two separate Ministries for 9 months. Whilst he was Minister of Aviation he saved lives because crashes stopped. After he left crashes started again. He was the best spokesman that OBJ had and he was at the Presidency for over 3 years always defending his boss loyally. He has been politically active since then and he ran a great presidential campaign for Pres. Jonathan last year. He is now one of the best writers and most liud and credible voices in Nigeria today. People look for his essays and read him every week. He has also pur the Buhari govt on the defensive and spoken up for the suffering, persecuted and voiceless . The man is now a household name and he is respected and loved by many. If you dont know that God is wuth him then you know nothing. Now tell me what have you ever achieved in your sorry little life apart from abusing him on his essay threads. You or your family have achieved nothing. I doubt that you are any better than a pure water seller on Third Mainland Bridge. You are not fit to lick FFK’s shoes. Finally if you didnt know that God speaks through people then you are the one that is suffering from an affliction and obviously you need help. I and milluons if others love FFK and we believe God is using him in Nigeria today. You can believe what you like but try and quit the hate otherwise you may choke to death on it.

    • Burbank

      God also wrote the lyrics for “Gangnam Style!”

      • Lily

        Shame on you.

  • Babatunde

    My Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ hates hypocrites. Hypocrites for the purpose of this discussion, are the people who wear their religions on their sleeves for the world to notice them and think that they are pious. They quote the holy books out of context to further entrench themselves with their god of lies (satan). Mr. Femi Anfani-Adugbo-Kayode should first of all repent and pay restitution for all the atrocities he had committed against the people of Nigeria. He should return all the money he accumulated illegitimately while in government through greed and corruption. Trying to launder such illicit gains by opening a shop (sorry church) is to further complicate the problem with the Almighty. The true God of heaven cannot be mocked, not in the least, by a ridiculous poem writer.

    • Lionel

      You are a shameless liar and slanderer. FFK was acquitted of all charges of looting public funds when he was in government. Do you even know the one true God? You are the one trying to mock God here. Did he tell you that he wants to open a church? You are just full of Sh..t. One day you will bow before this poet (not poem writer). Until then go back to school or better still go to a bible believing church and get delivered of your demons.

      • Babatunde

        In a village of the blind, a one-eye man is king. “Bow” before your poet? I don’t think so. I only bow before my Lord. As to your advise of me “going back to school or better yet go to a bible believing church and get delivered of your demons”, your advise comes twenty plus years too late. Once again, the true God cannot be mocked by a ridiculous poem writer nor by his not too bright sidekicks.

        • Lionel

          May God take you out as soon as possible. You are what they call “an accuser of the brethern”: you are not eorthy of life. You should have been drowned at birth. 20 years my foot. You know nothing about God. You are filled with devils and you are doing satans bidding. I doubt you could even read the poem for more than three lines because the words are beyond you.

          • Babatunde

            By their fruits you shall know them. You and Femi Anfani-Adugbo-Kayode are truly the children of your father (god, small “g” for emphasis). Tell your hero to stay away from blaspheming the word of God. What he and his late father have done to bastardize the SW politics is bad enough. What he needs to do is to retreat quietly into his room and repent and pay restitution to those whom he has devoured. Next time he wants to write his ridiculous and rehabilitative poem, advise him to write about coconuts and palm kernels. Your earthly tin-god (“brethern”) might be a heavyweight to you, but for me, he is a paperweight. As for your god you are asking to “take you out”: Don’t count on it, it is an invalid god of your mind.

          • Lionel

            You are so shameless that you even go as far as to insult FFK’s father. May God punish you and ypur entire family. Ur curses will fall on your own head. You are already cursed otherwise you wont spend your days jusging others and spewing hate. Who made you a judge and what makes you think your opinion even counts? All you do is write hate messages about your elders and betters. Were you the houseboy of the Fani-Kayodes who was sacked or something? Or are you a jilted lover? Again one wonders who and what your father was or is since you talk about other peoples fathers. Urs was probably a palm wine tapper. The whole country knows who and what the Fani-Kayodes are and we appreciate their great contributions to the legal profession and to politics for 4 generations. Where were your forefathers when the Fani-Kayodes were at Oxford and Cambridge Universities three generations ago? They are one of the top and most respected families in the country because they are refined, v well educated and rich but losers like you cant handle it. That is the source of your bitterness because you obviously come from a very poverty striken and challenged background. Filth like you are nothing but scum. If you see FFK now u would tremble and crawl before him. You would even beg him for help. Tell us ur achivements before you start running others down and giving fake history lessons. Like I said God, whom you dont know, will soon take you and your entire family out because you are evil. Worse of all the remnants of your family will eat from the dustbin from generation to generation whilst you burn in hell. That is the lot of wicked and bitter hate-filled souls like you.

          • Babatunde

            You are a true child of your father. Before, I was wondering why Nigeria is the way it is. Then it dawned on me: With people like Femi and his co-travelers, the answer is pretty clear. For your information, Femi Fani-Kayode’s father was an election rigger and a thug in the old Western Region of Nigeria. Oxford and Cambridge University notwithstanding. Go check it out if it is not too much for you. This is not a forum for road side illiterates and hypocrites who always curse and yell pretending they are contributing something to humanity. Next time, tell us the achievement/s of Fani-Kayodes in Osun State talk less of Nigeria. No facts, no figures, just curses and abuses. Sounds like Femi’s logic.
            Please leave your deaf and dumb god out of this forum. Your god and that of your master is an invalid.

          • Lionel

            That God that you have just insulted afain will torment you and all your loved ones forever. How many people in Osun are known worldwide or are bigger than the Fani-Kayode’s? You are just a bitter little soul. Chief Remi Fani-Kayode, FFK’s father, not only successfully moved the motion for Nigera’s independence in 1958 but he was also the top lawyer of his generation. He and Chief Rotimi Williams and Chief Bode Thomas set up the first indigenous law firm in Nigeria called Thomas, Williams and Kayode and they were all at Cambridge University. Which other person in Ife or your little Osun state has achieved all that? Not only FFK’s father but also his grandfather and his greatgrandfather also did well in the legal profession and in the clegy. It was Femi Fani-Kayode’s greatgrandfather Rev. Emmanuel Kayode that introduced christianity to Ife and built and opened the first Anglican Church in Ife. He went to Durham University in 1890 and he studied theology. He was Anglucan resident pastor in Ife for many years. FFK’s grandfather was a Cambridge trained lawyer and the third Nigerian to be appointed a judge. He came top in the Tripos exams in Cambridge and in the British Bar exams just as his son was to do many years later. Apart from being a great lawyer FFK’s father was a great politician and Deputy Premier of the old Western Region. Osun only formed a tiny portion of that region. He was also the third Nigerian to be appointed as a British Q.C. and the third to be appointed as a S.A.N.. His son Femi Fani-Kayode was a two time Minister of the Federal Republic and a Presidential spokesman. He is also one of the leading opposition voices if not the leading one in Nigeria today. He is certainly one of the best known politician of his generation in Nigeria today. I have little doubt that he will lead this country one day. You are insulting and denigrating a family that is as blessed and distinguished as this. They keep going from strength to strength and you are just there talking about Osun state, a tiny enclave with a governor that looks and talks like a vulcaniser. Honestly I feel sorry for you yoruba people. It is hate and envy for yourselves that will kill you. A dog like you who has been cursed by God is still trying to run down a great and distinguished lineage. I bet you didnt even go to any school let alone any university. That is why you have such a big chip on your shoulder. You and your palm wine tapping father. Even your Bola Ige let alone your area boy governor Aregbesola do not come close to the Fani-Kayodes in terns of education or class or anything else. Live with these facts and just shut up or better still go and die. Whether you like it or not or whether you believe it or not FFK and his whole family are way above you and obviously God loves them very much. 1000 generations of your wretched and poor pure water -selling and palm wine-tapping family cannot come close to the lowest if them.

          • Lionel

            Finally I repeat tell us your name, who your father, grandfather and greatgrandfather were and what they managed to achieve apart from palm wine tapping. I doubt that you even know them because your mother is not sure which of the many men she lay with for coins fathered you.

          • Dayo

            @Babatunde, I have been reading your contribution to this thread and I am disgusted. Havent you got anything better to do than to insult other peoples fathers and family members on essay threads? If you dont like the write up go write your own and stop behaving like a spoilt little brat. Your contributions are so filled with hate that anyone would know that you are a sick man and troubled soul. Fani’s essay is first class and few of our people in Nigeria , let alone our leaders, can write like that. He is obviously gifted but you hate him for it. You hate his father too. Guy give us a break and quit the hating. You sound like a broken record and an obsessed soul. You are obsessed with Fani and his family. Nigeria is the way it is because cursed and bitter souls like you keep on fouling the air and the nation with your bad spirit and wrethched soul. Do yourself a favor and get a job. After that do us all a favor and die. No-one cares about your bitter words or historical revisionism because they are borne out of nothing but pure envy.

  • Burbank

    This Bianca-Ojukwu banger again?

    • Mr. Crossman

      Sharrrraaaapppp…….did someone noy bang your mother before she met your father? Leave FFK alone and try and appreciate this great work of art that he has written. If you cant then just go and jump in the lagoon

  • So oju abe niko

    Religion is the refuge of the scoundrel. Looks like Femi has finally lost it.

    • Alloysious

      You are the scoundrel you unbelieving little cynic. Nigeria finally gets a literary genius with strong and commendable religious convictions and all you can do is attempt to mock him. Shame on you. Were all the great Christian and Muslim leaders in world history scoundrels too????

  • Dapo

    This is the best and most inspiring prose that I have read in 20 years. Please keep it coming Mr. Fani-Kayode.

  • Iskacountryman


  • John Abayomi

    Seriously Femi, anyway you have plenty of time on your hands, no more free money from incompetent buffoon so your resort to this cheap self praise, please be prudent with your loot, ‘cos none is coming your way for a long time. Have a nice day.

    • Okon

      Senseless goat. Keep hating. FFK is one thousand times the man you are. Go get a life.