How Akpabio threw Akwa Ibom into poverty after squandering N4trillion – Ex-PDP chairman, Otu Ita Toyo

Otu Ita Toyo

A former state chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Akwa Ibom State, Otu Ita Toyo, has accused a former governor of the state, Godswill Akpabio, of squandering N4 trillion that accrued to the state during his tenure.

Mr. Toyo said instead of creating wealth and lifting the people of the state out of poverty, Mr. Akpabio ended up throwing more people into poverty.

“Today we are broke,” the politician said. “Is that possible, after N4 trillion? If you have N4 trillion and you become broke, it means you’ve not been doing something right.

“There is so much want in Akwa Ibom. There are real men who have lived a life of contentment in the past, but today they can’t feed their family,” Mr. Toyo said.

The former PDP state chairman said he remained unfulfilled after 40 years in public service because of the state of affairs in his state.

He said what he was witnessing now wasn’t the kind of Akwa Ibom he envisaged when he conducted the governorship primary that produced Mr. Akpabio.

“I was looking for an Akwa Ibom where the state chairman of our party will call the government and say ‘listen, our party wants to achieve this, we are not here to build big houses and undergrounds and swimming pools, and local government chairmen buying 20 cars and building houses all over the country.”

Mr. Toyo also predicted that the PDP would be defeated by the All Progressives Congress in the state if the Supreme Court affirms the Court of Appeal judgment that there should be a re-run of the governorship election in the state.

“If the Supreme Court says we should go for a re-run of the governorship election in Akwa Ibom State, I have no doubt that the APC will win the election,” Mr. Toyo said on Monday in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES.

The former state chairman of the PDP decamped to the APC on Friday, four days after his interview with PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr. Toyo however said a victory for the APC in Akwa Ibom State would not necessarily mean a support for the APC, but a rejection of the PDP and its ways.

“The people voting for APC will be largely PDP people who are unhappy with the way they were treated in the PDP.

“And that puts the blame squarely on the head of those who ran the party in the state in the past eight years, and those who ran the government in the last eight years,” Mr. Toyo said.

Mr. Toyo said he would not support Udom Emmanuel who won the 2015 governorship as a candidate of the PDP.

He said his problem with Mr. Emmanuel was that he was the cause of the political dispute that brought division and tension in the state.

“It is not his making,” Mr. Toyo said. “I wish they had not dragged him into this. They have probably abandoned him and gone up to the senate.

“He’s got to manage it and he doesn’t even have the capacity in terms of experience to manage it,” the former Akwa Ibom PDP chairman said.

Mr. Toyo criticised the attempt by the PDP to resurrect the argument on the zoning of the governorship seat in Akwa Ibom State.

He said it was fraudulent in the first place for the PDP to have used senatorial district basis, instead of linguistics groupings, to zone the governorship of the state in the 2015 election.

“They are not true to the PDP zoning system which we all subscribed to many years ago. And they did not inform anybody when they changed the format, and therefore that cannot by any stretch of imagination be the subsisting PDP zoning system.

“This business of zoning on senatorial district is an afterthought by a fraudulent cabal who wants to hoodwink the people of the state and come in (to government) through the back door.

“Even if we come to Eket Senatorial District and we want to choose a governor from there, will you go to Awa which has had a governor before? Is that zoning? Chief Clement Isong was from Awa, in Onna Local Government Area.

“Okay, let’s continue to push the senatorial district argument. If you were to choose on senatorial district basis, a deputy to a governor from Eket Senatorial district, where would that deputy come from? Is it not Uyo Senatorial District, given that the immediate past governor was from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District?

“How come the deputy governor is from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District?

“Their argument is that ‘Oh, we don’t want two Ibibio persons to occupy the offices of the governor and that of the deputy governor’. How come you are talking about linguistic grouping in the deputy governorship position, but you use senatorial district when talking about the governorship?”

Mr. Toyo, who is from the Oro ethnic group in Akwa Ibom State, accused the former Akwa Ibom governor, Godswill Akpabio, of truncating the original zoning arrangement in the state when it was the turn of Oro to produce a governor.

He said mr. Akpabio was inexperienced in political matters to lead the state as governor when he took over from Victor Attah.

Mr. Toyo said it was delusional for people to keep referring to the PDP as being a religion in Akwa Ibom State, when the party was getting unpopular by the day.

“Which religion? The people own the religion, when they vote with their feet they create another religion,” he said.


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  • rad

    More propaganda from greedy politicians that have rule the state for years as PDP, because Akpabio would let them steal by appointing contracts to them rather appointing to construction companies direct like Julius Berger, Akwa Ibom people voting for these people are pathetic. Akwa Ibom is broke? we are offering free education to kids across the state?

    • Fred Duke

      Rubbish! Bullshit! When Toyo was the one supervising all sorts of deprivation of Akwa Ibom people, what was he thinking? He has now fallen out of the corridors of power but is frantically struggling to stay relevant. One after the other, they will reap what they sowed. I like saying it, and I will still say it that if Godswill had used Akwa Ibom funds prudently and with accountability, the state would have had real prosperity. But it is only Uyo the capital city and Ikot Ekpene that resembles a city. Go deep into Akwa Ibom State and see how people are suffering. The amount of poverty in Akwa Ibom is unbelievable. People have poverty written all over their faces. That is why women struggle for 2cups of rice during elections as if it is the best thing that has ever happened to them. There’s an uncommon level of poverty in Akwa Ibom State.

      • rad

        I think like many Nigerians, you exaggerate what can be accomplished with N4 trillion. People across Nigeria keep exaggerating the purchasing power of N4 trillion. you really need to understand all the elements needed to run a state and support infrastructural development on limited internally generated revenue and how the N4 trillion figure is even arrived at. compare Akwa Ibom’s money altogether with Rivers State or Lagos which never saw the scale of transformation that Akwa Ibom recieved in those 8 years.

        • Fred Duke

          I don’t know whether the money received was up to 4 trillion naira. But think of all the things Federal Govt can achieve with a budget of 4 trillion in a certain fiscal year. That is the purchasing power of N4trillion. Imagine the Federal govt paying all its staff in the country, building schools, hospitals, constructing highways, power, airport, and all the things in a typical budget of a certain fiscal year (2015 budget). Think of all the monies that are sunk into service delivery for all the ministries, security, aircrafts, foreign missions, ETc.. That is the purchasing power of N4trillion. Now imagine fixing all those things in Akwa Ibom alone. How many staff do we have in the state civil service and how much is their salary multiply that by 8 and compare with fed govt pay to all his staff in one year. The typical monthly wagebill of a place like UniUyo is about N800million naira. What of other Universities, polytechnics, COEs, etc? Then move to other Ministries, and parastatals, then consider capital expenditures,,, my dear, N4trillion is so much. I still believe that Akpabio did excellent in the 1st Erma. His 2nd term was a big scam and we need some of the money back. Don’t get me wrong, Akpabio is a man that I will admire for a long time. But we need him to refund some money or leave the scene.

          • Akpaniko

            If he returns the money as you advocate, are you the one to mange it or Umana Okon Umana. Udom is illegible bcos Akpabio brought him up.

          • Fred Duke

            I’m not saying that bringing up someone is the problem. But as a Governor, whoever is there should be independent. UMANA is illegible raise we know his antecedents. If Akwa Ibom people choose UDOM, then it Ia a wiser choice, considering the limited choices that we have at the moment. Udom is the deep blue sea because clearly UMANA is the devil.

          • Tamy Teks

            Stop confusing yourself. You said you are not sure of the exact amount yet you are still making analysis on 4 trillion. What you should know is this bulk money power is different from fragment power. If i owe you N12,000.00 and I pay you in bulk at once, you may attend a high rate of achievement than when I pay you installmentally such as N1,000.00 monthly for 12 months

      • Akpaniko

        Fred Duke, It is now that I keep hearing of 4 trillion. Is the money so claimed to have been squandered by Akpabio keep increasing by the day? Before 2015 election I used to here 2 trillion, after election, the figure was put at 2 to 3 trillions and now in this 2016 the figure miraculously increased to 4 trillions. The questions to answer and God in heaven judging everyone on Akpabio are: 1. The trillions of Naira did it came in bulk or in monthly segments of 8 years? 2. Can a typical village which the entire Akwa Ibom was before Akpabio regime be completely transformed to a city and be fully industrialized in 8 years? 3. What was the status of an average Akwa Ibom person before Akpabio regime (HOUSE HELP STIGMA) and now? 4. Does it mean that Akwa Ibom was the poorest state in Nigeria when states like Bayelsa, Ebonyi, Katsina, Cross river and many others before Akpabio era were able to build functional state Universities and even functional airport such as Katsina which was created the same day with Akwa Ibom? 5. Did the so call elders and Ibibio folks gave Akpabio free hand and supported him as was the case with Victor Attah? 6. Does it mean that Akpabio would have been going around the villages of Akwa IBOM to share money and food so that poverty mentality will no longer exist, is Anambra state giving money to her citizens to become millionaires in which some citizen such as Emeka Offor can single handedly constructs roads of 100 kilometers even when the government wants to compensate him he refused? 7. Must every Akwa Ibom be a governor to influence or develop his immediate community? What is the work of a state government in Nigeria? Is Itoyo, Umana Okon Umana and all APC supporters in Akwa Ibom angels from heaven, were they not the looters that did not allow Akpabio to do much? The truth remains that Akpabio fought a very serious war to take Akwa Ibom this far and he is still fighting the war now to make sure Akwa Ibom is industrialized through Udom and he is winning becos God in heaven is backing him. If there was no money and Akpabio remained the only thief ever in Akwa Ibom, Umana Okon Umana which his money comes from heaven to make him the richest person in Akwa Ibom will become governor. The final question which only God is the judge of all is, APART FROM IDONGESIT NKANGA GOVERNMENT THAT ACHIEVED MUCH WITH LITTLE FUND AND A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME SUCH AS: Secretariat, AKBC- Radio and TV, Ibom hall COE Affaha Nsit and many others, WHAT WAS ON GROUND IN AKWA IBOM FUNCTIONAL AND THE LEVEL OF POVERTY AND STIGMATIZATION AND INFLATION RATE (DOLLAR TO NAIRA) BEFORE MAY 29, 2007 AND NOW.

        • Fred Duke

          @AKPANIKO. You may be a politician but i’m not. But I can see through you. Using God and fear of God and thanking God for little things…bla…bla….. Bla does NOT in anyway make u different from your paymaster that you’re struggling rather unsuccessfully to defend. FYI, I can NEVER vote for Umana Umana or Ita Toyo or the likes of them, because they ARE the same people that worked with Akpabio to waste our resources. If you think that I will ever wish for Umana to be the Governor of our state, then you’re very wrong. Given the chance, UMANA IS WORSE THAN AKPABIO. just that he’s more quiet than Akpabio. You raised many questions which I won’t waste my time in answering because every kid on the street of Akwa Ibom can answer those questions. Concerning the standard or quality of life of an Akwa Ibom child, I really wonder when last you visited home. Those successes are on the pages of newspaper. I’m not saying that Akpabio didn’t try, BUT GIVEN THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT ACCRUED TO AKWA IBOM STATE DURING HIS TENIRE, HE WOULD HAVE COMPLETELY INDUSTRIALIZED THE STATE. but he spent 2nd tenure playing politics with our oil money in Abuja. The industries that formed the backbone of his manifesto for 2nd term, where are they? Only fools like you can believe that someone who was Governor for 8 years without building industries will now cause another governor to do so. Imagine what you can believe! Anambra state doesn’t earn highest from the federation account but they are able to develop like you said, so what happened to our money? Which road has any PDP politician built in Akwa Ibom State? Concerning the achievements of past governors, Attah wasted money but then he disnt have anything close to Akpabio had at his disposal. Akpabio just like the dumb Goodluck, was in charge during the period of oil boom. Yes, we’ve seen some structures in Uyo, but he. Old have done more. His former cronies are telling us that Akpabio wasted money. I believe them because they were partners in crime.
          All said and done, I still believe that Akpabio’s performance compared with the funds he received is not up to 50%. To whom much is given, much is expected. At least former Finance Minister rightly said so because she’s in a better position to tell how much was received and how much can be seen on ground.
          If I give u 30 million naira to build a house and you build the finest house in the neighborhood that doesn’t cost up to 15 million naira, am I supposed to give u a handshake so I can have a better house next time? Hell no! People can praise the house because it is the finest around, but I who gave the money know that you’re not doing well. This is an ABC version of what I am saying.

          Akpabio may be your prophet, but he’s not to me. He’s my ex-governor that I still admire because of his noise-making and boldness. But let him stay away and concentrate on his Senate job. Lawmaking is a serious business, especially as opposition leader.

          His continuous shadow on Udom is creating bad blood for UDOM. Like I said earlier, Udom is a better candidate than UMANA in all standing. But as long as Godswill is still hovering around UDOM, he’ll never reach his potential and we’re the ones to lose.

          And mind you Sir, I don’t play ethnic politics. Let the Governor come from hell, as long as he’ll be fair to all men. By the way, I heard Akpabio made it a duty to pump in only Annangs in The state civil service. I blame him not, charity begins at home, but things like this makes governance a do or die affair. But people like you, UMANA, Ita Toyo, Akpabio and all the old brigade of looters need to go and hide because sooner or later, Buhari will get to you all. God bless Akwa Ibom State.

          • Tamy Teks

            Did you give Akpabio money and he did excellently but did not use all the money you gave him.

      • Akpaniko

        This is a very good revelation. You have made people to know that Akpabio had succeeded in transforming Ikot Ekpene and Uyo to modern cities bcos there was oil boom which Victor Attah and co were busy fighting for resource control to the detriment of the whole of Akwa Ibom being a primitive village before the advent of Akpabio. The question now is why couldn’t Victor Attah copied Yar adua of Katsina which was created the same day with Akwa Ibom yet it could boast of functional state University, airport and others but Attah had nothing to boast of? Does it mean that Katsina had more money than Akwa Ibom then?
        For your information, Akpabio is God sent to Akwa Ibom and Africa in general. His type is very rare. Appreciate God in Akpabio to avert God’s wrath now or you be doomed forever. For now,there is no one that can truthfully transform Akwa Ibom than Akpabio and co. May be you want to mention the 419ner, gamblers and tricksters like Umana Okon Umana, Victor Attah, Ekere, Etiebet and co who had opportunities before Akpabio but could not do one single positive thing for Akwa Ibom than the following slogans “THERE WAS NO MONEY” ” I WAS BUSY FIGHTING FOR RESOURCE CONTROL” ” THERE IS NO ZONING IN AKWA IBOM STATE” “THERE WAS NO ELECTION UNDER THE SUN IN AKWA IBOM STATE AND MANY OTHERS SO NUMEROUS TO MENTION” But the Akpabios are different, they are busy praying for more transformations and industrialization of the entire Akwa Ibom if the Federal Government could refund what they had spent to construct Federal Roads across the state. NOTE: Buhari has just approved 100billion Naira for the construction of Federal Roads in Akwa Ibom. Also, 90% of roads in Akwa Ibom are Federal roads and without Federal Government approval you cannot touch it, and refund is also another problem. Stop listening to some animal like Itoyo of making exaggeration of 4trillions which is a very big lie.

        • Fred Duke

          4 trillion or whatever the figure is, as a beneficiary of the looting of Akwa Ibom and a card carrying member of PDP that you are, I don’t expect u to speak against Akpabio or the PDP. Under Attah, we all know there was nothing like 13% Derivation. He fought for it, and that makes him a father as long as South South is concerned. There was no money and the states you mentioned like Katsina had those things built during the military era. Mind you, Katsina is the home of the generals. They used their positions to develop their states. So your reasoning is baseless. We in the South-South were clearly marginalized. It was people like Attah who fought for our rights. and Akpabio became the prime beneficiary of that struggle. the benefits started falling like rain when he resumed as Governor. Give that amount that Akpabio got to someone who is accountable and Akwa Ibom would never know suffering. But the development were superficial. Akwa Ibom money was spent Abuja and we only saw a fraction in Akwa Ibom. Let the truth be told.

          • Akpaniko

            For your information, 13% derivation was paid during Attah and the late Yar’adua built State Universities and Airport and commissioned them in Katsina in 2006 and still had in the state cover the sum of 60 billion Naira. Let me ask you another question, did Enbonyi state received 13% derivation fund to build a functional state University which in 2004, Ebonyi state University was rated the Best state University in Nigeria in terms of teaching staff and facilities. Also Attah received nothing less than 5 to 7 billion Naira every month while Ebonyi and Katsina received a pastry 1 billion Naira as monthly allocation. Finally, between Donald duke and Victor Attah who received better allocation and who was more outstanding in terms of performance? If there was no 13% during Attah regime, what sense does it make for Attah that did not have money to enact a bogus pension scheme for himself at the twilight of his administration? If Attah is a good man why did he try to impose a clueless son inlaw to Akwa Ibom people

          • Fred Duke

            My friend, it is possible for a governor to focus on one development project that would bring him the highest returns. I’m not surprised that Ebonyi governor at that time, Sam Egwu went for building a State University. That state was one of the most backwards in education. They had no University at all at that time. And there’s a difference between a visionary leader and just a chief executive. Do you know the current economic situation of Ebonyi? Attah was a visionary. Even though I’m not speaking for him because he failed at where it mattered most, he had nothing close to ur principal received.

          • Tamy Teks

            So Akpabio would have started clearing bare ground and erect sign post without any tangible thing to show, then you will call that vision. Also the non extension of Aka Road to atleast champion brewery was a very big vision. Let me give you a typical example, Attah established a Collage of Agriculture, and many Akwa Ibom and non indegenes were victims. I was also a victim bcos I sponsored my sister who got admission to strudy Agric. Engineerining after the two year Diploma programme, She couldn’t obtain a certificate bcos the school did not have accreditation to offer certificate in any course and you still call that vision. Attah deceived the entire Akwa Ibom that he is paying WAEC fees for all secondary School students across the state but none was ever paid and you still adore him as a visioner. Akwapoly was a gloriuos secondary school during Attah your chief visioner. There are numerous atrocities commited by Attah your chief visioner – BOGUS PENSION FOR HIMSELF AND THE MORTGAGING OF ALL STATE PROPERTY TO HIMSELF ON 30%(STATE) 70%(ATTAH) RATIO. I Pray Attah should graduate from a mere visioner to prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Bishop to Arch. Bishop Victor Attah. The only way I can forgive Attah is for him to refund all the fees his nonfunctional callege of Agriculture collected from all participants with a written apology. Nothing Attah did that was functional. Akwa Ibom was a dead state untill God brought Akpabio to resurrect and bring Akwa Ibom to life. I will stop joining issues with you bcos you are an ingrate. To you, Akpabio is not good. To me apart from Idongesit Nkanga. Umana, Attah, Etiebet, Itoyo, Udoedeghe, and any other politician in Akwa Ibom are worse than Akpabio. To this end I still conclude with heaven mandate that Akpabio remain the only and best option for Akwa Ibom for now.

      • Akpaniko

        You say you like Udom but Udom was discovered by the same Akpabio. This means that Akpabio meant well for Akwa Ibom that is why he gives you a good governor. Point of correction, there is no way Udom can succeed without Akpabio inputs. What Umana and co could not allow Akpabio to achieve he will achieve through Udom. Can you fight the kind of war Akpabio is fighting in Akwa Ibom and succeed? (from May 2007 till date)

        • Fred Duke

          Akpabio has brought UDOM, let him relax except he wants to tell us that UDOM is an infant or a retard who cannot tell his left from right. If UDOM is mature enough to govern a state, then let Akpabio and co allow him to so his work. Meanwhile it is my earnest desire that the Supreme Court nullifies that charade that Akpabio put up in the name of election. Let’s see UDOM’s acceptance by Akwa Ibom people. Yes I will vote for Udom but for the first time, let democratic process be followed. Akpabio fought for 8 years because we all know what PDP did to enthrone him. We know what Ita Enang did while in PDP to go to Senate when in the real sense, it was Obong Nsima Umoh who won that election. PDP is bad news, and most of those people have enough decamped to APC. I don’t support parties, but I still see APC as the right karma for the shenanigans of PDP. Akpabio knew he was not accepted by the majority in his 2nd term, that’s why he fought for his life. Politics should not be a do or die affair. Akpabio should allow the people to judge UDOM for who he is, but not as Akpabio’s errand boy.

  • Spoken word

    Akpabio was not the Governor of Akwa Ibom he was the Father Christmas of Akwa Ibom

    • Akpaniko

      If Akpabio was a father Christmas then why the complain of poverty in Akwa Ibom? Also, if the constructions of industrious motorable roads, fly overs, stadium, airport/others and consistent advocacy for Udom to industrialize the state is a father Christmas act. It is a reality and a good OMEN to Akwa Ibom and Nigeria in general

      • Spoken word

        lol.nobody wants a father Christmas as governor.governance is not charity.If Akpabio builds a road he should not be congratulated because that was what he was elected to do.

        • Fred Duke

          That is my point. Nobody should be worshipped for doing his work. I do my work and I’m paid salary, what’s the big deal? Akpabio didn’t use all our money to do what he was supposed to do, that’s why he should refund some or he should quietly walk away. But people like Toyo have no moral justification to even call Akpabio corrupt because as the leader of the PDP in Akwa Ibom, he wielded a so much power. He’s one of those that decided who gets what. Because he’s started getting hungry, he’s now saying rubbish against his partner in crime. We the people have such right, not crooks like Toyo.

          • Akpaniko

            Return it to be managed by who? Udom or the chief looter of treasury Umana Okon Umana?

        • Akpaniko

          He should be congratulated bcos apart from Idongesit Nkanga’s military regime which in a very short period of time with little resources at disposal achieved much for Akwa Ibom ( COE Afaha Nsit, State Secretariat, AKBC radio and television, Ibom hall, UNIUYO, Roads and many others) Akpabio is the only man that have done much morer for Akwa Ibom other wise if he towed the path of Victor Attah, we will be hearing excuses of ” I am fighting for a higher level of resource control than Attah that is why there is no money to construct a single road and there is nothing the masses will do than to keep quiet and be clapping hand that Attah fought a low level of resource control and Akpabio is fighting a higher level to the detriment of lobbying Federal government for approval to rehabilitate and construct Federal roads which are 90% of all Akwa Ibom roads.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Toyo sounds like a bitter man because he did not get a cut of the loot. Loyalty to PDP values simply comes down to how much you are able to loot your people’s wealth.

  • GbemigaO

    Yeye man. Now you are talking. Why did you not oppose Akpabio before! Hungry politician

  • PolyGon2013

    Although I am APC supporter, I believe that Akpabio has transformed Akwa-Ibiom. Akpabio may have stolen money, and that should be left for EFCC and / or ICPC to investigate. Since government is continous, I expect whoever takes over after him should start where Akpabio left off.

    • Akpaniko

      The truth is that Akpabio is an annang man that is why. If Akpabio happen to be an Ibibio, they will keep singing praise songs as the case with Victor Attah. GOD IS LOVE, KIND MERCIFUL FAITHFUL ETC. A child of God must be kind, love, faithful, merciful etc. Ibibio people should better tow God’s path for a better Akwa Ibom, otherwise, Akwa Ibom will be doomed forever