2015: Jonathan will lose if he contests — Rivers APC

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised not to bow to the pressure being mounted on him by selfish groups and individuals to contest the 2015 presidential election. Giving the advice in a statement in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, predicted that Jonathan will lose if he allows himself to be deceived into seeking re-election next year.

“The handwriting is already on the wall for President Jonathan in view of the calibre of leaders and unprecedented masses that attended the historic declaration of Muhammadu Buhari to contest the 2015 presidential election. It has therefore become imperative for President Jonathan to start writing his handover notes as his game is up,” Rivers APC said in the statement signed by the Chairman, Davies Ikanya.

According to Mr. Ikanya, “It is now clear why President Jonathan is scared and reluctant in accepting the call to contest the 2015 general election as evident in his recent statement: ‘In deciding on an appropriate response to such calls, I will place the greater interests of national harmony, cohesion, unity, security, political stability, progress, equity, justice and fairness above any personal ambition or sectional agenda.’ We must commend him for this wise stand as he knows that his contesting will not be in the greatest interest of national harmony. He must, therefore, perish the thought if he really loves Nigeria and wishes to promote the greatest interest of national harmony.”

Rivers APC said that “If Dr. Jonathan however succumbs to the pressure of haters of Nigeria to contest the 2015 general election he should prepare to be the first sitting President to lose a general election since there is no basis whatsoever for him to win any election again as his record card shows that he is a failure. Today, Nigeria has never had it so bad as the present leadership under Jonathan has inflicted unimaginable suffering on Nigerians.”

Mr. Ikanya noted that apart from the imminent failure awaiting him at the polls, Mr. Jonathan very well knows that his participation in the 2015 election would be totally immoral since he is not qualified to run, as he is presently enjoying a second term in office. “The Constitution of our country makes it clear that no one can enjoy three consecutive tenures as President and Jonathan is bound by the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution,” Mr. Ikanya declared.

He expressed happiness over the quality of tested and trusted leaders who have indicated interest to fly the flag of APC in its rescue mission. “PDP’s reign these past fifteen years has brought shame and hardship to our nation and we must unite to salvage this nation from the hands of the present confused leaders of PDP,” he said.

Rivers APC aligned with the position of its Leader, Governor Chibuike Amaechi, who recently asked President Jonathan from where he intends to get the votes that will get him elected in 2015 knowing that he has lost Lagos, Kano and Rivers states before the election as rigging will not be considered for the 2015 general election.

The statement concluded by echoing Amaechi’s position: “For us as APC, we will line up behind the party. Go back home now and get your voters cards. We will punish these people. Rivers State is not in their hands. Lagos State is not in their hands. Kano State is not in their hands. So, tell me where we are going? They are banking on using security against us.

We shall teach them a lesson. We will fight with our body, with our lives because there must be change this time.

“And I have said it again and again, there is no aspirant in APC that is not better than the aspirants in PDP. What we must do is not only to vote for the aspirants in support; we must also take the voters card so that when we finish nominating our candidate here, we will line behind that candidate and ensure that we will vote out Jonathan.


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    I feel very sorry for the southerners. They will remain 2nd class citizen in their own country if care is not taken. Hausa/Fulani will continue to mess southerners up if they refuse to unit.

    By the grace of Allah, Jonathan will win 2015.


    Allah will shame all the Southerners who refuse to support Jonathan. Hausa/Fulani will never support Southerners for president be you molsim or christian.

    • hh

      I think you dont even know the scorecard of Nigerian politics. Who supported Jonathan in 2011, and who are now supporting him? You think your SS votes can bring him back? You de joke.

    • clairvoyance

      Moron keep quiet, ethnic bigot like, if ur clown refuses to heed a good advice HE WILL BE TROUNCED.

    • Scalywag

      Et tu Otile, redeem or truth? Is the tribal card your trump card?

  • Ken

    When does the APC begin to cry for GEJ? We don’t need their advice. They should go and sleep. It is painful how our brothers have turned themselves into slaves. Amaechi will get it if he doesn’t change now. Let Apc begin to dance naked because GEJ will contest and win. Apc, Janjaweed, we don’t need you, go!

    • Ken

      It is obvious Amaechi and Apc are afraid of their future, that is why he is begging GEJ not to contest. Shame! if you know you can defeat GEJ, better encourage him to run so that you can humiliate him. Ride on GEJ

      • Wähala

        First, ask him to accept his gold-plated nomination nah. Why is he reluctant?

    • Wähala

      Even his pitbull dog, Nysom Wike, has turned against him… indeed, where does he intend to get the winning votes? The ACP successfully decoded the electronic rigging they pulled-off in Ekiti and punished the PDP with a crushing defeat in Osun State… at 20,000 goon/state, there’s no military might to rig and stop Nigerians from flushing your crumbs-giver down the toilet in 2015. Better start sandbagging for rainy days ahead… Gejito!

  • Transformation Agenda?


    Goodluck Jonathan is his own un-doing. Nigerians were pelting him in the past 4 years to wake up and deliver results.
    He instead let loose Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe to trade insults with the people. His government then became rickety and childish. In other words, Muhammadu Buhari would have had no breathing space today if Godluck Jonathan had taken the advice of the people, had self-respect, cared for honour, fought corruption and done concretely visible reforms. He did not do any of those. .

    He rather wasted his first term in office junketing. He wasted his own luck too, and wasted Nigeria’s time by offering nothing more today than platitudes and a litany excuses for failures. For instance, It took 7 months for President Jonathan to (reluctantly) remove Stella Oduah as Aviation Minister. After her removal on 13th February, it took President Jonathan another 5 months to replace her.

    In other words, it took one-quarter of President Jonathan’s term in office just to remove and replace a corrupt Aviation Minister. It then took President Jonathan another 15 months of letter-writing to remove an un-accountable Central Bank Governor – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Now. except for the overlap of these two cases, removing and replacing Stella Oduah and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi took exactly half of President Jonathan’s 4-year term in office.

    Yet, President Jonathan has no remedial result to show for those two cases of stealing. On his part, Sanusi Lamido has slipped into Kano palace and donned the toga of Emir so as to scuttle further criminal investigation of over 650billion Naira missing at Central Bank, un-accounted. Stella Oduah is herself freely prancing around as the newly-elected Market Women Leader of Anambra state, without facing criminal criminal arraignment for her audit-proven thefts. Little wonder then that Nigeria is without a doubt is almost a failed state under President Jonathan’s fumbling hands?

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      Sanusi is a CLEAN as a wistle. Fact is jonathan carrried out the largest HEIST in the history of the planet, the STEALING OF 20 BILLION DOLLARS OR ALMOST 4 TRILLION NAIRA!. Thanks to the BOLDNESS of Sanusi Nigerians would never have found out about this sinle largest THEFT in the world

  • Prof. Wole Soyinka

    I have always asked myself the question: are these APC people really serious ?

    Why are they crying for PDP instead of celebrating their so called “victory” which is indeed does not exist ?

  • Wähala

    Dr. Dumbo is the first and only Nigerian President to make enemies in all our nation’s regions with deep resentment from virtually everyone. From little ol’ Mrs. Gani to Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie; from ol’ warlords Baba Iyabo & Admiral Nyako, to fossil Prof. Ango Abdullahi and our Northern brethren. In the Sou-South, he stole Echte oil wells from Rivers to Abia State, and cornered more oil to his native Bayelsa. To rub it in, the East-West Rd. along which his mother-in-law died in a motor accident remains a pathway-to-mortuary after 5yrs of their son in the saddle. The only bridge linking riverine communities to Yenagua, The Dumbo Bridge, had been buried in the sea beds long before Azazi died because he couldn’t swing home on tree branches like Aborigine monkeys. East nko? The 2nd. Niger Bridge he promised Ndigbo and pocketed a huge loan/debt on Igbo generations remains a pipe dream… even the upgraded Enugu Int’l Airport has since been downgraded to a cargo depot Airport. His spiteful marginalization of our Great Egba nation in the South West, and his deliberate destruction of the North with his “Anarchy Agenda” effectively earned him, ‘persona-non-grata’ status in those regions. So tell me, who in their sane senses would vote for catastrophe? Who wants to remain in a car whose driver is looking in the rear-view mirror? Change, biko! We’re caught in quicksand and must change not only the driver but the wheels and engine block: PDP must Go… wallahi!

    • Prof. Wole Soyinka

      Boy stop wasting your life ……. comeback in 2019 when GEJ would have completed his second term ……… the words of our Elders are words of wisdom …… the wise man hears and gets wiser.

      GEJ forever !!!

      • Wähala

        He-Goat indeed! First, ask him to accept nah… Otile olosi!

    • Robert

      @ Wahala:


      Don’t mind Prof. He can’t see the issues on the ground. Goodluck Jonathan is a let-down and a complete disgrace. The only thing working for him now is the Islamic blunder of Alhaji Bola Tinubu and his ACN party Mujahedeens. That Islamic blunder has come home to roost in APC after the merger of the parties.

      Yoruba Christians have announced they will not vote for APC. They also say they will not accept any fake Christian candidate from the APC as an Islamic party. That is the default program running in south-west to Jonathan’s advantage. Otherwise he is bound to lose. As it is, Bola Tinubu cannot get on a joint presidential ticket with Muhammadu Buhari without scaring all Christians away with a fanatical Muslim-Muslim ticket.

      • Wähala

        There is nothing like, “Yoruba Christians” in Nigerian diction…
        All that is the divisive policies of regional and religious bigots that has sunk Jona Dumbo deeper into the soakaway. The Egba are the most educated sophisticated voters in Nigeria today and they will ask tough question based on track record which Dumbo doesn’t have. Forget it, the ploy failed that day pastor Adeboye lambasted your mugu for cutting the morally offensive CD video using one RCCG pastor as the transmitter. Until we know the line-up, don’t count Bola Tinubu in/out as the APC has grown beyond one man… Go-siddon, Gejito!

        • Lanre Fowler


          Ehn, nothing like ‘Yoruba Christians’ or what are you saying? Just phone Lagos and ask about the bulk text messages making the rounds today. Yoruba Christians are very angry and determined to get rid of APC in Lagos and in Oyo and Ogun states. I beg, my brother, if you are based in Aba or Owerri, just buy small credits and phone Lagos now. The anti-Jihad movement in Lagos is now in full motion.

          • No Comment

            “Bola Tinubu has become the most hated politician in the South-West.
            Association with him is increasingly as politically contagious as leprosy.
            Ekiti was presumed to be one of Tinubu’s South-West strongholds. Kayode Fayemi
            lost in every local government area of the state. Coming on the heels of its
            defeat in Ondo, the APC rout in Ekiti is conclusive proof that Tinubu’s fabled
            stranglehold on South-West politics has ended. Lagosians are disgusted that
            Tinubu has privatized their politics. His wife, daughter and even son-in-law
            have been steam-rolled into vantage political positions. The state’s finances
            are tied to Alpha Beta. Tinubu has even gone ahead to anoint Akinwunmi Ambode
            as the next governor of Lagos state without the benefit of any election. This
            is asking for trouble. If Bola Tinubu is not careful, a big implosion is
            likely in APC Lagos State over the issue of the choice of the next governor.
            With the contempt for the people that has come with years of monarchical
            control over the ACN, Bola Tinubu presumes South-West people will follow him
            sheepishly into this alliance with the North, just because his burning ambition
            to become the vice-president of Nigeria now demands it. But what this has
            achieved is to show that Bola Tinubu’s ambitions are anathema to South-West
            interests. “

            …………………… Femi Aribisala

            (July 1st, 2014)

          • Dele

            Mr. No Comment:

            How about Raji Fashola – his accomplice – does he not have multi-billion dollar case to answer?
            Lagosians truly deserve a clean and accountable government. They must all insist on that point.
            They must bring Raji Fashola and Bola Tinubu to justice to answer charges of stealing by tricks.

          • Wähala

            My cousins Amina ati Aminu are Igbo Muslims born-n-raised in the North…
            What about “Igbo Muslims” voting en masse for Buhari? Did you know that Igbos are 2nd. in population to native Kano citizens, and in 17 other Northern States? How many of them are Muslims and what if they swing the vote to a Northern candidate’s favor? My friend, whatever text message you got is pure act of desperation… Nothing like Yoruba Muslims, it’s akin to the video dubious PDP gejitoes manufactured and were circulating until Adeboye dissociated his church from the scam. Gulp a bottle of odeku and get some sleep, Dumbo has no prayer in the South West…
            Gba believing!

          • Otitokoro

            Lanre Fowler, you need to re-read Yoruba culture very well. . The concept Yoruba “Christian” or Yoruba “Muslim” is a HUGE CONCEPTUAL MISNOMER in Yoruba land, in Yoruba Politics, in Yoruba Culture. It may make sense to the PDP drunkards led by President Goodluck Jonathan and so-called Yorubas like Femi Fanikayode, but it is a CONCEPTUAL ABSURDITY IN YORUBA LAND. The very depth of Yoruba culture, civilization and education rejects that binary and dichotomy very strongly and intensely. I am Yoruba to the core. That dichotomy is not just an INSULT to us, it is alien and foreign. Please forget Femi Fanikayode. He is a merchant, a trader. He goes where the oil money is for his own benefit. He has to play the opportunistic game he is playing because EFCC is after him . I am sorry Yoruba culture is too deep and vibrant to allow such division and binary. That is who we are. That is why we are who we are. So please stop the insult of Yoruba “Christian” and Yoruba “Muslim”. We know why Goodluck Jonathan is doing all that. But it will not work with us. I am Yoruba to the core. Please check my posts historically on this platform, smell the tenor of the post and place my cultural background. I am saying this so that you do not think it is some non_Yoruba using a Yoruba name. I am Yoruba, and I have put the weight of my knowledge of Yoruba culture, politics and practices behind these claims. Thank you.

          • Deremi Thanni


            Bola Tinubu is academically a write-off and a bane on Yorubaland.
            He hasn’t the mental sagacity to lead. He can’t articulate any set of
            political or economic thought with coherence. His personal survival
            is only in a coalition of Muslims. That is why he injected Islam into
            politics in Yorubaland. The reaction to that is a coalition of Christians.

          • Otitokoro

            I am sorry I am talking about Yoruba. I am not talking about Nigeria. The fundamental thing for us Yoruba is our humaness-okay? And that precedes any other identity-. Please ask any Yoruba. Actually, it is that sense of indivisibility of the human in us that we represent to the world. In our culture we do not think in binary terms-and it is too late in the day to change. You are dealing with a Yoruba culture which (were it not for the set back of colonialism) will stand shoulder to shoulder to any other global culture-and one of the finest features is that we just do not think in binary terms-christian/muslim. This is why the Yorubas will go after the thieves who are muslims and christians among us. Now Goodluck Jonathan is desperately looking for votes among Yorubas. I have this message for him. Please pass it on to him anytime you people meet either in Aso Rock or in your PDP meeting. The Yoruba culture and society are anchored on certain democratic ethos such that to mobilise them you have to present programs, you have to have zero tolerance for corruption, you have to have a sense of morality to governance that makes you privilege the interests of the vulnerable in our society in your policies, you have to be development oriented, you have to invest very strongly in developing society so that we do not have to depend on govt. We do not like depending on govt, that is why we are fiercely independent-what people wrongly call “being in opposition”-That is the ethos of independence in Yoruba. But your Goodluck Jonathan FAILED in all these. Just look around, the Yoruba middle class shouted for long pointing these things out to him, but HE WAS STONE DEAF. PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN SAID “I DO NOT CARE…” You cannot say that to a Yoruba person and mind and you will win him again-It cannot happen. You guys can rig as you often do, and “win”. But when a president says as President Jonathan said “I do not care…” to his people, he CANNOT WIN again in Yorubaland even if he sleeps in Jerusalem or Mecca every second and hold the bible or koran. We Yorubas will remind such president what he/she said. That sense of society is our Yorubaness, and I do not see any Yoruba person, family or middle class that wants to lose that. So advise President Jonathan that it is too late to divide Yorubas into some dubious dichotomy-christian/muslim-far too late. The Yoruba middle class(because we are rooted among our people and we understand them because they suffered to educate us) will mobilise against President Jonathan in Yorubaland for his corrupt practices and for daring to introduce the politics of division based on religion in Nigeria and in Yorubaland-hope this helps you.

          • Igbo Mandate

            Did you just write: “Yoruba culture is too deep and vibrant to allow such division and binary”?
            For sure, Yorubas have alway been united and sophisticated and wetie was just a dream and I am from the moon. Nonsense.

          • Dede

            Igbo Mandate:


            These people don’y know what they are saying! They don’t understand the permanent damage Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu has done to Yoruba history. His name will be cited in Yoruba history as a much worse character than Afonja who ‘sold off’ Ilorin to the Hausa Fulani.

            Bola Tinubu has ended up destroying the culture of entente in Yoruba’s multi-religious society.

            Everybody knows that Christians are peaceable and endure in forbearance until pushed to the wall to react. Alll churches called a meeting last year in Lagos and declared in a communique that Christians will not accept a Muslim governor in Lagos state next year. Bola Tinubu’s decline and fall started because it is the first time in Yoruba history that the huge Christian community took such a stance against a perceived common enemy.

          • Otitokoro

            Only those who have eyes can see. Only the deep can call to the deep. There is no way for Goodluck Jonathan’s binary Yoruba Christian/Muslim division in Yorubaland. We have started the conversation. We lighted the thunder under the Emmanuel Bosun the so-called Pastor who collected oil money to come and spread the disease of Yoruba Christian/Muslim in Yorubaland in service of the election of the most corrupt ruler ever in Nigerian history-Goodluck Jonathan. Now back to the history and culture of Yoruba, I am not here for any silly tribal rivalry. I am having an internal intra Yoruba conversation. Right? We know our culture. We know where we are headed. We think other ethnic groups and very good and have all the capacities you can think of. But I am talking about Yoruba. And I am having an intra Yoruba conversation. If you want to join I advise you go back about the culture of the people I am talking about. Finally-we Yoruba middle class will mobilize against Goodluck Jonathan in Yoruba land. Why? I have stated those reasons. Given our culture we do not tolerate a ruler who looks his employers, those who “elected” him in the face and says “I DO NOT CARE” . Go into Yoruba history, (pre-colonial) and read how we used the power of conversation to drive corrupt and insensitive oligarch out of power in Yorubaland. Please read before you contribute. I am not here for any silly and usual Nigerian tribal talk. Last word-wetie- precisely the reason we are rejecting very intensely and strongly Goodluck Jonathan UPFRONT-Remember the Yoruba psyche and mind? Remember I said “Only the deep can call to the deep”? Think. A total and categorical rejection of the dubious Goodluck Jonathan Yoruba Christian/Muslim binary is our recipe and panacea to wetie in 2015. Yu hear my broda?

          • Igbo Mandate

            You made reference to Yoruba pre-colonial history and I have done a quick check and here is what prominently stands out: In early 19th century a Fulani Jihadist Usman dan Fadio in his drive to expand the Sokoto Cliphate and export Sharia to the South made easy inroads into Yorubaland with the support of traitors in that land, who were easily bought over. The rest of the South rejected and fought them to a standstill. With his death in 1815 came what now looks like a temporary halt to the ambition of Fulani-led drive to export Sharia to the rest of Nigeria. Moving fast foward to 2015, the Fulani Jihadists, led by Buhari, are at it again, and what a surpise, like the years till 1815, they are counting on Yoruba support to export Northern religious intolerance to the south. Like in 1815, they will be stopped come 2015 because there are now many enlightened Yorubas and we have come to know their antics all too well. We shall resist every move, in what colouration whatsoever, to deprive us in the South and Middle Belt of the freedom, tolerance and the lifestyle we are used to and have come to love so much. We have not lost sight that corruption in a problem in Nigeria but we have every reason to be suspicious when the worst corrupt individuals the world over, the Atikus, Danjumas, Sanusis, Tinubus and Amaechi’s of this world will stand up in Nigeria and claim to be fighting corruption. One can only laugh it off.

          • Otitokoro

            You are free to be frivolous with history. We members of the Yoruba middle class are used to the constructed rivalry. If you ask us, we will tell you quite bluntly that our primary concern is our values, ways of life, cultures etc. You may be interested in your usual rivalry. We are not. We are thru with that. Remember the old debate? It is dead. It is not productive intellectually, politically, economically. That constructed rivalry is actually the bane of Nigeria. You can see all that written over your posts, and I will avoid it. Why? We have resolved all those questions long time ago. We are more focused on our land, culture and economy. I am sure you will agree with me that each national group-Igbo,Ijaw,South South., Hausa Fulani, Tiv-just name us in Nigeria- has a right to that kind of focus. However, I presume you speak for your Igboland and South South. So? Let me ask you a simple question: when last did a Yoruba middle class or Yoruba intellectual or Yoruba politician come to your land in the East and South -South and talk about some intellectual disease and political epidemic called Christian/Muslim dichotomy? In Yorubaland we will call that “. :O be ibe scout” You are just jumping like a small scout boy all over the place carelessly and rudely on issues that are Yoruba and that are not yours!!! Our culture and way of life do not allow us cross the line-to “be ibe scout-so to say”. Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan and his campaigners like you CROSSED that line, and we need to CHECK you. You mentioned traitors. Right? And they are found in all polities. Right? So? the PDP political contractors like Femi Aribisala, Femi Fanikayode, Pastor Emmanuel Bosun are some of the contemporary 21st century TRAITORS to Yoruba course we Yoruba families and middle class, and Yoruba working people have to deal with. They are TRAITOROUS sorties deployed in our midst. And we are dealing with that gradually in our own civil ways. They will be overwhelmed and undermined. Remember they are Yorubas. So? It is none of your business how we deal with ourselves so far the law is not violated. And the reason for their actions is simple: Femi Fanikayode has a corruption charge hanging over his head. Pastor Emmanuel Bosun is a straight from the textbook political contractor mobilized by Goodluck Jonathan oil money. Femi Aribisala is a business man needing contracts from the oil master. So we know this. Those are the merchants and purveyors of your intellectual disease and epidemic called the dichotomy and binary-Yoruba Christian/Muslim.
            Just as you have every right and I support that right for you to defend your land, you will agree with me that we Yorubas have that same right. This is why we will mobilise against any merchant, traders, purveyors of division called Yoruba Muslim/Christian in Yoruba land. Since you made reference to wetie, you will agree with me at least for reason of the universal human concept called ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST- that given that each national group in Nigeria and elsewhere has riights to self preservation based on this same universal human concept(called ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST) , to prevent wetie in Yoruba land we must stop the traders, political contractors and the merchants of the disease and epidemic called Yoruba Muslim/Christian.It is sound, it is valid, it is moral to do this. I have only used your own thought here (while respecting the interests of your national group) to show you that we Yorubas will not do less than what/the right you ascribe to yourself. See what I mean? Think Broda and face your own affairs-period. We are Yorubas. We are not Igbos, We are not South South. I do hope this helped you.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            Look, look, you have made your point in rejecting the term, ‘Yoruba Christian’ or ‘Yoruba Muslim’. So what is the correct term to use with regard to the religion expressed by the Yoruba person? That you have not sounded out here. For educational purpose please tell us!

          • Otitokoro

            My interest is the defence of Yoruba interests (culture, economy, ways of life, families, values, etc)-just as your interest is the defense of your interests no matter how you conceptualise that-but which I presume is primarily Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s political career and survival in 2015. So? You have a right to that. But our interest is different. It is NOT the survival of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s political career. So Yoruba Christian/Muslim dichotomy is Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s platform for his political survival-something we are not interested in. I will deal with the issues that advance Yoruba interests, and not issues that advance your interests or those of your political principal-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. In this regard, focused on our own economy as you can see we are gradually doing, we will be asking you to go with your oil-Does that help you?

          • Pointblank

            @ Otitokoro:


            The Action Congress (AC) party in Yorubaland, now morphed as APC,
            is an on-going insult against Yoruba Christians. Since its formation in 2002,
            the ACN/APC party has NEVER fielded a Christian as governorship candidate
            in any of the six (6) Yoruba states of the South-West.

            Yoruba Christians have no stake in APC anymore than Biblical Prophet Elijah
            could have had a stake in aiding an Islamic state in old Israel. As a divisive Islamic
            party in a multi-religious Yoruba society, APC is the worst political mistake the
            Yoruba ever made.

            These clear facts have nothing to do with Mr. Goodluck Jonathan –
            who was a deputy governor in Bayelsa state in 2002 when ACN was formed, or,
            anything to do with PDP – which had no hands in how ACN/APC formalized its
            Islamist supremacist ideology in the year 2012.

            Any little child in any other part of Nigeria knows there’s an ongoing Islamic Jihad in Nigeria.
            The only group of people who do NOT know this simple fact are Yoruba Christians in the South-West (having the highest number of professors, doctorates and university graduates), but who rather throng, en masse, behind an Islamic party, APC.
            How my people perish for lack of knowledge!

          • tsunami1earthquake

            My earlier question was just straight and focused but you answered by lunging into long discourse that carried along Jonathan’s character and all that. I am not interested in those. Again, what will one call a Yoruba person found to embrace a particular religion? Can such a person not be characterized? Can such a person not be placed in a demographic mapping that details religious affiliation as a compartmental tool?

          • Omo Oodua

            Thank you my brother, omo akin ni e ..ti e o ni baje loruko Oodua!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Robert, where did you get the term “Yoruba Christians” from?

        Did you get a brainwave or did your brain get microwaved?

        • Encore

          Robert is right. He’s on point. Any little child in any other part of Nigeria knows there’s an ongoing Islamic Jihad in Nigeria. The only group of people who do NOT know this simple fact are Yoruba Christians in the South-West (having the highest number of professors, doctorates and
          university graduates), but who rather throng, en masse, behind an Islamic party,
          How my people perish for lack of knowledge!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Amazing that you guys can look from outside and what the alleged victims cannot see, despite you crediting them with intelligence!

            If only your ethnically-tinted glasses can do better.

            The people you refer to do not see themselves as “Yoruba Christians”. I certainly don’t and I struggle to see any of my friends who do.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


  • Psalm Baba

    You guys are funny, so divided along ethnicity, religion and partisanship, it is a pity, both APC and PDP are evil, playing a game on us all and u ignoramous are falling for it, corruption exists in both APC and PDP, both are failures and enemies of the poor mases, there is no remarkable difference between APC and PDP states, in policies or party manifestos, they keep crossing over from one party to another for their selfish interest, yes PDP is bad, yes but they keep shopping for the same bad politicans from PDP, GEJ is bad but yet they have asked him to join them twice, bunch of cheeky devils who ar jostling for aso rock money for themselves and not for the poor mases,if APC or PDP cared for the mases then where are the free education at all levels, where is the free med care, where is the standard schools and hospitals, where are the tiled streets and roads, the skill aquisition centres, the employment etc or is all that FG work too, they the opposition cannot even do half of what awolowo did, will APC do for the whole nigeria what it cant do in one states within their control? but people like tunde bakare whose save nigeria group is being sponsored by APC and wole soyinka whose son is an APC comissioner in an APC state and daughter a cocubine to an APC gov in rivers, both of them will say that it is only PDP that is bad, as if inubu is not milking the southwest dry, as if fayemi who left debt above 40 billion with nothing to show for did not dip his hands in the cookey jar, pastors, activits, novel laurettes, elders, unionists, clergymen, imams, kings etc all have themselves in the pockets of politicians form all parties, everyone has an angle, no one is selfless but you guys get carried away by polarisation, they opposition cannot comeout to articulate what they will do differently instead they are saying just vote us in and leave the rest, and who are the us, inubu, rufai, tiku, maechi etc, hahahahaha i del laugh O, do any of these men look like champions of anti-graft law, but NO it is only PDP that is bad and APC is good, there is no poverty, unemployment, lack of development etc in APC states, coming back to the question at hand, psychology makes me know that when a man is not sure of himself and lacks confidence he resorts to deflecting attention from himself, APC knows they have not distinguished themselves from PDP so they resort to such aproach, cheeky devils, isnt it funny that it is the APC that is throwing insults, accusations, boasts etc and PDP is quiet, dont you know why, it is because empty barrels always make the loudest noise, this is not 2011, times have changed, yet people have not changed with the times, it will be foolhardy for anyone to be relying on the last electoral map votings in 2011 elections, there were a few factors then that worked against PDP but now they were working against APC, the PDP and GEJ is more wiser now and they have a game plan as such buhari and APC in reality may not get as much votes as he did in 2011, infact PDP may floor the APC in number votes, wether that is a true situation of peoples cotes or free and fair election i will not be able to say but let me break it down for you, in the south east buhari and APC will not get up to the number of votes in 2011, the ibos view the attacks on their citizens like ihejirika as an attack on all ibos, wether it is true that he is a boko haram sponsor or not they dont care, and will not be emphatic to vote APC, infact PDP and GEJ may likely get 80% or more of peoples votes, remember that APGA is basically PDP and has endorsed GEJ, peter obi is now PDP, in the south south PDP will flor APC hands down, the only state that APC may get votes is rivers state, but i put it to you that i am not even sure that amaechi can deliver that state for And even if he does, the major votes for PDP in delta,bayelsa, cross river, akwaibom etc will overshadow any small votes APC may get in rivers, remember that rivers has never been an opposition state so in the southsouth PDP will get 80% of votes, in the southwest, ofcourse APC will get most votes but it will be like 60%, the yorubas are very intelligent and are not so palatable to tinubu and buhari, remember that ekiti and ondo are PDP, in the middle belt PDP will get more votes, in the north west PDP will get more votes, in the north central APC will get more votes, in the insurgent ridden north east PDP will get more votes, because of the insurgency during election time it is not so easy like before to open the borders and allow millions of people to pack themselves in from niger and chad and be ounted as nigerian votes for the oposition like in the past, all of us are in this country so we know what is happening here during elections,. You see, GEJ and PDP are much wiser now, this is not 2011 where 6 out of the G7 who were PDP govs secretly sponsored buharis APC because they wanted a northerner even if it was from another party, only amaechi delivered rivers for PDP, and after GEJ won the truth came out but because GEJ is not vindictive like OBJ he let sleeping dogs lie, so when the same G7 were saying they would leave PDP, GEJ wanted to give them transport, because they were never for him and even spent money to opposition to win their states for a northerner, GEJ and PDP are wiser now and will not depend on any PDP gov especially from the north, they have perfected their game plan and have appointed arrow men for each regions to use the state PDP to win elections wether the govs work in support or not, so you see, if you look at things as i said, it is very likely that buhari may receive less votes now than he did in 2011, and if his votes are declared dont disuade it as lies, look at this analysis very well, you find much truth and reality in it. God bless nigeria

  • akinapopo

    PDP should know that they are the one holding this country stargnately for the economy of this Nation not moving ahead we have a long way to go,in policies or party manifesto they keep crossing over from one party to another for thier selfish interest PDP is because the keep looking for bad politician reason because they have nothing to offer this country.

  • Es3

    APC never cease to amaze me negatively???!!!

    Anyway, what would expect from from such a retrogressed group of individuals?!!!

    • Troublesome

      I don’t expect any other comment from you either. This is the best you can say since you don’t respect people’s opinion. I can see you are progressive mind!

    • Weydem


      Islamization is the policy of the APC party and Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the arrowhead of that Islamization
      – with Alhaji Raji Fashola as a foot-soldier. In reaction, Christians had met in mid-2013 at a plenary
      conference in Lagos and resolved to reject APC in 2015 (for emplacing Islamic rule in Lagos state)
      and instead vote en masse for a Christian governorship candidate of any other political party.

      • israel

        ES3,You seems not to live in Lagos,have you not heard and read where the governor ban the use of hijab in public schools all over lagos and the muslim society took the state government to court?

  • mike


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold

    in a give away price. All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.

  • Omo Oodua

    This is Ambode Akinwunmi’s, the anointed Lagos State APC gov Aspirant jamb form where he filled Ondo State as his state of origin.