Nda-Isaiah slams Nigerian government over $15million arms deal

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Sam Nda-Isaiah, has criticised the federal government over the $15 million cash arms deal in South Africa.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah said the deal did not only violate the laws of both countries, but was a sad reminder of how far Nigeria’s potential had been wasted.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah said as the largest economy in Africa, it was highly regrettable that Nigeria could not produce the arms and ammunition needed to fully equip its military.

Nigeria, he said, had the potential to produce all the arms needed for the Nigerian military and to supply other African nations.

The former publisher of Leadership Newspapers “decried the fact that Nigeria has a huge population from which we can source the labour force, and the positive ripple effects that such a huge enterprise would have on other businesses from raw materials supply to logistics.”

He said this would have also been a revenue earner for the federal government as well as being of key importance in the national security and foreign policy.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah said Nigeria would yield a lot of benefits in foreign policy if “we had the ability to fully arm our military and provide the necessary military equipment to the security forces of other African nations.”

The presidential aspirant said there was an urgent need to ensure that Nigeria self-sufficient in military supplies as no nation could pursue a successful war against enemies both foreign and domestic without fully equipping its military.

He said the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, DICON, which was established in 1964, should be manufacturing fighter jets and helicopters as in other nations such as Brazil, which had established similar industries as Nigeria.


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  • Franklyne Emmanuel Ogbunwezeh

    This article is one inspid and tired rehashing of old obscene stereotypes pretending to objectivitiy. The generalisations contained therein affronts logic so much so that one wonders how someone who claims to be an economist would be caught pants down rearranging outmoded prejudices in such a brazenly ignorant manner. This explains why dialogue with so many Nigerians on the Igbo question is like Ojukwu said, a dialogue with the deaf. Each sentence submitted in defence of that tired thesis reeks with maladrous atavism and phobia for the Igbo. An Analyst had no facts and figures to submit on what it is that propels the Igbo youth out there on the streets protesting. And yet, one attaches Analyst to one’s name like a Nigerian title, full of sound and fury but containing only grotesque incompetence and noise.

    • Julius

      Exactly what I expect from you folks. There is nothing short of onward Biafra that will be enough for you. Even if this is written by an Ibo man, you will call him names, that he has no facts. We all will be losers if this fight/war starts. Funny thing is majority of us will stay where we are..Overseas !!

      • Bioseh

        Julius, why would discussing our union result in war? I am amazed at people who refuse to talk about their relationship and the way forward. I guess some people are satisfied with just muddling along. That is never the road to becoming a great country.

        Some people complain that Igbo people don’t respect their norms and customs. Why can’t we talk about those things and establish clear parameters for everyone. instead imaginary rules for people that you decide not to like. Talking can clear a lot of ambiguities and misunderstandings and the sooner we do that the better.

        The writer has only regurgitated old and worn platitudes and stereotypes. It does not move the country forward. The Igbo value system revolves around his personal liberty, freewill and equity. That what he wants for himself and everyone.

        • Julius

          Havent you seen how Ibos treat others with insults ?. If they cant stand the heat they ought to get the hell out of the kitchen sir. They get as much and they give, even more. It takes 2 to tangle. Im not gonna hold my tongue when some idiots heap insults on the Yorubas. As much as they claim to be the most advanced humans on the planet. shouldnt they know how to approach and respect others ?

  • imagine_2012

    There should be a referendum on the national question of Nigeria. The Nigerian government knows it is a contraption of failure and corruption and like an unprepared student is afraid of examination, Nigerian government is afraid of a referendum. I belief in regional government and true federalism and if still not working please lets dissolve this stone age country into whatever number of hamlets wishes to leave.

    • Proud Yoruba

      Nigeria is indivisible. You can renounce your citizenship and go, no one is stopping you!

      • imagine_2012

        God forbid the prison yard called Zoogeria.

  • Bayo Ola

    Tope this is simply briliant. Good job.

    • Akachi Odoemene

      Why not!? Slaves of the Fulani!

      • Bayo Ola

        Your parents, grand parents, and great grand parents have always being Fulani’s slaves. Even when we Yorubas voted regionally along our ethnic interests you these barbarians always align with the Fulanis to shortchange your region. During the last election, we aligned with the Fulani for the first time, something your parents have been doing for or many years. THE aliance paid off for us. This is what is making you these sore losers to run your mouth. In fact if not for Obasanjo (aYoruba man) that strategically positioned your Jonathan as Yar Adua deputy, do you think the Fulanis would vote for you these barbarians? Better go and dust up your houseboy file again. The gravy train is over !

  • Bejim

    My little sympathy for Kanu is just because I loathe Buhari (and some Northerners) for the wickedness shown to Igbos during the Biafran War (as I read in most history books). Although Kanu talks nonsense, I still listen to his radio in my free time. I have not been able to agree with anything I have heard him say. I am surprised that anyone does. He is certainly a charlatan. But when Buhari has indicated his intention to deal with those who did not vote for him (in a multi-party democracy), what option has the loser but sympathize with confusionists? I think that it is only such confusion (provided it does not get out of hand) that can distract Buhari from the evil he has vowed to onleash.

  • Obed

    I am a bit impressed with the write up.To me the Igbo people stand a better chance in Nigeria more than in Biafra.My problem is that apart from the likes of music,sports,there is no level playing ground for other people from other tribes .Almost twenty years ago a delta guy who read communication and was looking for job in Lagos ,you have to be twice better than a Yoruba chap before you get a job here.
    Look at the state of the roads in the east.The people demonstrating would have been to other parts of country and seen their roads.What of federal precense in terms of industries,obviously non exitense
    It is enough to say the Igbo people are enterprising bla bla bla but what about the tokens from the centre which other people are enjoying with resources from their backyard even if you say its not theirs.
    Palestine is existing after thousands of years of struggle and wars,Israel has defied any theory of self destruction,Japan and even the Yoruba people who fought themselves for many years.Nobody wins a war no matter the casualties.Babangida still has a bullet lodged in his body as a result of the civil.Others will not tell what they saw and what they are still suffering as a result of the war. Let there be one Nigeria where everybody will have a sense of belonging.Intimidation and reminding people of what happened during the will even make them want to die for a cause just like a suicide bomber will be ready to die for a cause