Police arrest 25 suspected criminals in Plateau

The Plateau state Police said it has arrested 25 suspected criminals, among them a man who attempted to sell his wife to ritualists.

The Commissioner of Police, Nairu Oki, made the disclosure on Wednesday at the Police command in Jos, while briefing journalists.

According to the police, the man who attempted selling his wife to suspected ritualists was arrested on August 30, in Quanpan Local Government Area, Southern Plateau state.

“Police in Quanpan Local Government Area arrested one Maimako Shephang at Kwalla, following information that the middle aged man lured and took his wife Agnes to a nearby bush in a pretext to fetch fire wood.

“On getting to the bush, the man handed over the wife Agnes to two men, who masked themselves. The two dreaded men asked Agnes whether she is a spinster or not. And the woman told them that the man who handed her over to them is her husband” the police spokesman said.

Similarly, the Police Commissioner told Journalists that his officers arrested one Hwok Markus who attempted slaughtering his father in Riyom local government.

“On August 1st 2014, at Riyom, one Hwok Markus gave his father, one Markus Joke of the same address severe matched cuts on the head and neck with intension to kill him.”

Mr. Oki also told journalists that the command arrested one Jerry Daden who allegedly robbed a female student of the University of Jos, at gun point.

Mr. Oki said the police recovered a Toyota Camry belonging to one Remi Adeoye, who was attacked by four robbers, in Rantya, Jos south local government of Plateau state.

Mr. Oki also said the Toyota car was subsequently recovered in Makurdi, the Benue state capital from one Labaran Ubere, who claimed he bought the car at Gadabiu, in Jos North local government area of the state.

The Commissioner of Police said that the Police recovered a lot of ammunition from the arrests made within three months of intensive operation.

“During the period under review, about 26 arms of different sizes 40 ammunition and 10 cartridges were recovered,” he said.

Mr. Oki said the Police intercepted a truck load of cattle believed to have been rustled by a group of persons.

“A truck with Registration no XB 601 SHD was intercepted at Shendam on 16th August 2014 conveying twenty seven cows by the Military check point.”

He said the animals had been handed over to the owners with the help of the leader of the Fulani cattle breeders in the state.


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  • Republican in VI

    What a load of rubbish.

  • Jonathan Fadare

    I love FFK for this

  • Thanks you, my Ex-minister! May be Senator Leahy does not see what is happening andntskibg place in his backyard. He seems too busy elsewhere to see and ask why their so called police and other military persnnels take comfort to bully humiliate and kill innocent male and female blacks on daily bases there in America.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Femi Coyote is not the voice for Americans. His rant does not accurately depict the events that he so generally described. Coyote doesn’t understand the concept of separation of church and state, or what constitutes discrimination. He is a gangster and cannot defend the acts of his own party. Stay out of America.

  • Guguru

    Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) exemplifies the best Nigeria can offer the world in terms of personalities with limited and oblique intelligence and a constrained propensity to fully engage intellectually with the world. I am not particularly sure what in-depth analysis FFK conducted before he penned down this superficial piece of unclear rhetoric. Since 1860, many disenchanted and uninformed individuals have made similar but uninformed claims about the US. These individuals have passed but the US still stands till this day as the greatest nation on earth. FFK simply joins the long list of losers who speak from the instability conjoured in their warped minds.

    What is clear is that the information FFK provided was merely an attempt to voice what is supposed to be a personal, uninformed, and contrived frustration with the United States of America. But what Fani Kayode does not tell Nigerians is the extent to which the United States has supported Nigeria and other African nations in becoming more progressive in their ideals and thinking. For example, in 2012, the US provided Nigeria with about $20 million in aid to help fight Boko Haram. The US provided many non-lethal aid to the Nigerian Army in 2013 to help fight Boko Haram. The US also handed 2 naval ships, at no cost to the Nigerian Navy. Nigeria remains one of the top eight nations that receive direct aid from the United States. Teh US passed the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) which is a most liberal trade act created specifically for African nation to improve their balance of payment and trade with the USA. The United States single-handedly, above any other nation on the planet, funded the campaign to end AIDS in Africa and in Nigeria. The USA more than any other nation has been at the fore front funding the prevention of obstetric fistula among young Nigerian girls who give birth as a result of being married off as teenagers to older men. The US is to provide a $100 million grant to fund education in northern Nigeria. I can go on and on about what good the US does, which the dishonest and psychologically unstable Femi Fani Kayode has either refused to address or has chosen to be dishonest about with respect to the USA. See link below for more information


    Why do i suggest that Femi Fani Kayode may be psychologically unstable? Consider that Femi Fani Kayode, after predicting or yearning for the political downfall of Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 after Sanusi was fired, decidedly chose to go and work for the campaign of a man (Goodluck Jonathan) he had written off politically. If this is not psychological instability of sorts, i wonder what is. In fact, FFK once suggested to Jonathan, “It is the custom of the immortal gods to grant temporary prosperity and a fairly long period of impunity to those whom they plan to punish for their crimes, so that they may feel it all the more keenly as a result of the change in their fortunes.” How do you make such comments to a man you would eventually work for, if not for some level of psychological instability

    In summary, people should take care when reading from or listening to those with some level of psychological instability, while they wallow in their ignorance with support from dishonest quarters.

    • Intrepid

      Your watery rubbish is focusing only on Femis’s persona, and not about America’s hypocrisy, which Femi emphasised on. Why does your perceived prejudice against an individual or group of people, always lead you into making rash responses on what others write, instead of going for the substance in an issue.

      Cleanse your mind of the devil within.

      • Guguru

        You are either half baked or too dull to realize that a person’s credibility is also important when assessing the credibility of what they say, do, or think.

        • Intrepid

          There you are, credibility or no credibility, get the essence of a topic first, before your prejudiced mind lead you to any judgement. Sigmund Freud was assumed a Psychopath, yet he hold the ace in most emperical theories in Psychology, among his peers.

          Perhaps your half-baked education from the hinterlands of Taraba/ nasarawa, distorts your reasoning faculty, when it comes to matters of higher knowledge.

          • Guguru

            Are you done? Why don’t you hire a pig and a dog to write the article instead of wasting your time with FFK? You actually take FFK seriously irrespective of the rubbish he just wrote? I provided evidence to my comments which is fact and FFK has not done the same. Yet, you want any reasonable person to listen to you and FFK’s rubbish that s based on nothing more than hearsay and illusory premonitions? LOL. When you and FFk are ready to back up your fairy tales, then we can talk.

          • Intrepid

            In your own debased and prejudiced mind, you called them rubbish because it
            was FFK writing. Get the facts and forget about the writer. I am not a fan of
            FFK, but whenever he comes with well known facts on issues, I take them on
            board. I am not like you, once you hate or dislike someone, everything from
            that person becomes distasteful to your little mind.

            Who does not know how America’s Foreign policies had been hypocritical for
            decades, to different countries at different times and situations. Where comes
            these illusions and premonitions? Are you just scribbling anything that comes
            into your little mind, just to present your cheap points.

            Go for a more polished education, just like some of your folks are coming
            here to do. Although most come here, if they are not reading public
            administration, they are into water resources, just to get into one of the
            ministries back home. Next you will see them sizing up with people they don’t
            know in the internet.

          • Guguru

            I asked you to produce facts and you are here saying rubbish as all quacks do. Stop the long talk and produce evidence of your fairy tales. Else, shut up, Mr. Quack.

          • Intrepid

            Only an elementary school chap like you will be looking for facts, about America’ decade long double dealings with other countries, as far as their foreign policies are concern. From the way you are looking for simple facts, that are not far fetched from me, it goes to show you are a green horn in international politics. Who does not hear about the recuring diplomatic language of American and British interests? And when it comes to those interests, they would keep close ears to human rights.

            China is America’s biggest trading partner, everyone knows the language of human rights is not spoken there. Have you noticed what goes on in Bahrain, but their American allies directs their energies elsewhere. Most of your best African statemen, were liquidated by the CIA, just for not falling in line to their imperialists trajectory, during the cold war.

            Stop bringing up your later day websites to convince a master in the field of international politics. I would not take any unnecessary pain to dig deeper to help you with informations that are indelibly buried in my brain. I can decipher from your elementary presentations, you don’t fall beyond the brackets of kids of the 70s, if not later. You seek knowledge, and I have no time to teach a block head like you. Because you will keep on arguing sheepishly with your mentor.

            For goodness sake what Buhari is asking for, are needed and vital armaments to finish up Boko haram. As a military man he knows what he wants, but here America’s shows her hypocrisy of human rights, whilst supplying Saudia Arabia with the latest F16 fighters.

            That is what an egg head better and miles ahead of you like FFK, is writing about. Get that kid.

          • Guguru


            So, in summary you cannot produce facts or support your comments, right? You want us to continue to listen to your fairy tales, right? Okay, carry on with the fairy tales. If you say the facts are simple, then produce your evidence, right? I love your fairy tales. LOL. Below is another article of how the US supported Nigeria in its fight with BH. The more you talk without facts, the more you appear questionable and without merit—fairy tales. How you manage to appear intelligent and yet depend largely on hearsay for your unsubstantiated
            assertions, is a thing to be concerned about. LOL.

            And you traveled to Bahrain recently, right? And as smart as you are you think Boko Haram problem will be solved with military equipments? You work in Saudi Arabia inventory to know how many F-16s they have and use, right? Do you see how silly your comments sound since they are not backed up with nothing more than the spittle in your mouth? LOL.


  • tiiye

    Fine job, FFK.
    The USA, Senator Leahy and their acolytes are fulfilling the designs of Anglo-masons

  • Sonny Martin

    Leahy Act addressed Countries military and not militias. The conservative right will be happy with the piece on religion. However, no country should foster their culture on another.