Union kicks against merger of Plateau University with School of Technology

Jonah Jang

The Chairman, Joint Union of Plateau State-owned Tertiary Institutions, JUPTI, Victor Dawurung, has said the union would not accept the intending merger of the state-owned University with the Plateau State College of Arts, Science Technology, CAST.

The union leader in a press conference in Jos, on Tuesday, said the Plateau State government had concluded plans to merge the Plateau State University, Bokkos with CAST.

According to the union, the state government had sent a bill to the state Assembly to repeal the law establishing the institutions, to pave way for the merger.

The union noted with concern that “the laws establishing the Plateau State College of Arts, Science Technology and the Plateau State University, Bokkos are two separate laws passed in 2000 and the year 2006 respectively.”

“We therefore reject the merger based on the observations that have been raised above and we are calling on all Plateau people to lend their voices to this unwholesome practice that may undermine educational growth on the Plateau,” he said.

The union insisted that “the separate nature of the laws establishing these institutions does not give room for any section or sub-sections to be included as an additional to the new bill. Section 28 which seek to repeal the law establishing the CAST Kurgwi is tantamount to wrong legislation.”

“The new bill has not undergone the due process of legislation where a public hearing will be conducted to get input from stakeholders and members of the public,” it said.

On the pending entitlements of members of the union, a demand which degenerated into a state-wide strike by the members in 2012 and early 2013, JUPTI said the state government seemed to have ignored the plight of the union.

Mr. Dawurung said the entitlements were still pending since May 2013 when the union suspended it strike.

“It is over one year now and we have not witness any development on our demand. We feel short-changed and undermined. (The government’s) prolonged silence is a demonstration of its lack of commitment and an engagement in political chicanery. We are appealing to the Plateau state government not to play politics with education but to respect the agreement reached with us.”


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  • Maria

    Chimamanda has never hidden her disgust and hate towards Yorubas…

    • taewo

      Just like Okonjo-Iweala. Look at all the top civil servants around her and heads of finance-related MDAs, it’s either an Igbo person or no one else. That’s someone from the World bank. It’s terrible!

      • Proud Yoruba

        Believe me, they didn’t like her at the World bank either

        • Ekwu

          I have friends and family at the World Bank and you are a gaddam liar…Ngozi was much loved and admired.

          you do sound extremely tribalistic and bitter, with comments steeped in sentiments and no basis in reality. And I suspect you’re not even a Lagos indegene…probably from Ondo or Oshun, but crying more than the Lagos indegene.

          Well keep hating, Igbos are busy progressing.

          Ekwi- Staunch APC supporter.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Name your friends and family or if you can’t at least tell me where they work in the Bank. Liar!

            I am a Lagos girl, born at Island Maternity hospital, VI. I have never been to Ondo or Oshun, so I don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t try to be smart, you’ll never figure out who i am.

            I am not tribalistic, I just hate ibos, period. Most Yorubas do.

            We’ll be happy if ibos will progress, but the evidence is otherwise. Has your land developed since 1999. Your 2015 elections is a mess, no results declared, everybody fighting and refusing to accept results, too much rigging…. Ibo land is a mess. Goodluck with your progress IN YOUR LAND.

            Staunch APC supporter my foot, do you people ever get tired of lying?

          • Ayo Ogunjimi

            Will you all stop this nonsense? Do people own the land or does the land own the people. The same land, for which all of you fight, will swallow all of you one day. Nonsense! (Ayo Ogunjimi)

          • Proud Yoruba

            People own the land dude! what is your problem ibo parasite? Nobody’s fighting for land, read first before butting in.

          • Ekwu

            One valid point you mentioned earlier is the disastrous elections in the SE & SS.

            I think these regions are politically behind, however they’re in the process of liberating themselves from the stranglehold of PDP political barbarism.

            Think about it – If the people were not resistant to PDP, then there would be no reason for PDP’s desperation exhibited in the mayhem PDP unleashed there….imagine Olisa Metuh and Akobundu holding Abia REC hostage!

            SE liberation will not be easy, and the rest of the country should support them.

          • Proud Yoruba

            You are a Joker. Support them, what is my concern? How can you refer to your people as them, you are part of them! You think you can abandon your own and call them “them”? My friend, go back to your village and get involved, you CANNOT develop by remote control. Also, this policy of ibo parasites to go to other people’s land to bring money home is not working, because your GDP is atrociously low. THINK MAN, THINK.


          • Ekwu

            No wonder the blind bigotry and xenophobia. So you’ve never even ventured out of Lagos? Wow.

            Being born in Lagos does not make you an indegeneous population. Unless you’re from the Awori tribe, your family, like Tinubu’s and Fashola’s, may have migrated from Osun and Ekiti.

            Anyway, Like you, I was born and live in Lagos. But I have been lucky to live in Osun and Ondo where I’ve met my best friends. Also I’m quite familiar with Ibadan and Abeokuta on account of school friends.

            I am Igbo, but find it impossible to hate Yorubas…they are family to me having grown up with them and I thank my parents for the wonderful exposure.

            Although you have never visited outside Lagos, I really suggest you open your mind to other cultures – let’s celebrate our differences.

          • Proud Yoruba

            Never ventured out of Lagos, who told you that? I schooled abroad since I was thirteen dumbo!

            Look who is indigenous in Lagos is not your business, go and worry about your own land. In Yoruba land we all live together in harmony. We just don’t want ibos, so I am not xenophobic.

            I am sorry that you somehow thing that living in Lagos can make you Yoruba, but the constitution is quite clear, your national identity is your state of origin and that is why Fashola legally deported ibo parasites back to their SE states of origin.

            If you sit on your fat ass in Lagos, who will develop your land? By now you guys should have created a port in the SE/SS region and making serious money from custom duty like Lagos, you can develop coal, oil and gas, palm oil, create refineries, and exploit whatever else is in your land. instead, you live a slave life in my land. Your governors are ripping you off, nobody to scrutinize them because your greedy eyes are on our politics.


      • Naija Poet

        You got that right. She is nothing but an ethnic bigot. I once read an article on the Golden Girl and the Icarus Paradox and another on the Red Herrings of Okonjo Iweala’s Sycophant. There is need for people to be broad minded, but not NOI.

      • Arabakpura

        Don’t worry we will now have Akinbade-Osibade!

        • taewo

          Anyone who does that sort of thing, whether Ibo, Yoruba or Hausa, has something to hide and I think this is the case with NOI. If she doesn’t have something to hide, she will not surround herself with Igbo speaking people.

    • bobjk

      You sound very disgusting. If every region keeps its resources. Niger delta will become the dubai of Nigeria.

      • Mosaku 147

        Not with the likes of GEJ,Tompolo,Asari,boyloaf,Alams,ateke,Wike and her imperial majesty,Mama Piss at the healms of affairs.

    • Mosaku 147

      I had always suspected she is tribalistic.Her views confirm it.

    • Collins Ikem Ejiofor

      Maria has never masked her hatred for anything that starts with letter I!

  • Hakeem Akindipe


  • Proud Yoruba

    Fellow Yorubas, we have done it, we fired GEJ (the big fish), we fired Agbaje (the ibo lover) now it remains for us to fire ibos from Yorubaland. Hear me out please.

    Please let us not be sentimental, it is good to nip a problem in the bud. The ibos have provoked us, deceived us, scammed us, hated us despite our goodwill and benevolence. It is clear to everyone that they have come not to live in harmony, but to dominate and take over. In their infantile mind, they believe that stealing political power from the Yorubas will give them the easy wealth they seek. Unfortunately, ibos cannot run our state better than Yorubas. They are not stakeholders.

    Their incessant taunting is driving Yorubas to loose their cool like the Oba. It is the devils work to harass people to bad behavior. We do not want things to escalate to a point of violence. We Yorubas are level-headed and sophisticated people, we will not be provoked to violence, but we will not be trampled on either. We have all seen it, they call Yorubas, cowards, amala monkeys, ewedu, etc. Ask yourself why do you deserve this abuse for your goodwill? Ibos are incurable haters.

    God is opening the door to deal with ibos for us. As the plan starts to unfold, please do not resist or start fighting for ibos, it is God’s will.

    1. God wants to develop Nigeria very fast, if ibos do not go back to their land, who will develop it for them? Are we supposed to keep developing in Yoruba land at the expense of the rest of Nigeria developing? Our development is already lobsided with SW GDP of $136billion,and SE GDP of $36 billion. By the time we get to $250 billion, there will be no ibo left in the SE.

    2. Imagine a senario where something happens to Lagos, do you have any other homeland to go to? Ibos will run fast back to their homeland. If you have nowhere else to go, that is what makes you a stakeholder.

    3. Yorubaland has developed fast because we Yorubas stayed in our land through the difficult times, we did not run away to other lands.

    4. There are resources in every land in Nigeria. We need the synergy of having every area of Nigeria contributing their resources to benefit all peoples of Nigeria.

    If Yorubaland keeps developing at current pace, we will not have room for the overcrowding that is already occurring now! Developing our area is causing lazy parasites to abandon their land for our cities, now they have started taking our jobs, our youths are getting restless and we pray it does not reach a boiling point.

    Let us move Nigeria forward, all REGIONS must be developed.

    God bless the Yoruba Nation, God bless Nigeria.

    • Peace

      Hatred upon hatred is what I deduct from this. Wiv out being biased, yorubas r in the east and no one is sounding like this towards them. How can Nigeria progress with such venomous pple like you loitering around. If any igbo person shuld go missing or even worse(God for bid), u should be one of the pple to suspect bcos wiv a heart like urs, God knows what u r capable of. U just go renew ur mind please. Such filthy heart wouldn’t get u anywhere in life. Peace

      • Proud Yoruba

        Look, ibos are evil, nothing good can come from them, let them go and develop their own land. I know personally how much blessings came into my life once I got rid of my ibo parasites. People don’t treat Yorubas badly because they know how to behave.

        ibos are just no good.

        • Onipede Bamidele Oluwagbenga

          Have you not seen Beastly demonic yoruba? Trust me I have seen. Have I seen wonderful Igbo, the answer is yes. Like the writer said, every tribe is guilty of tribalism

          • Proud Yoruba

            The mist evil Yoruba is childs play compared to the best evil ibo. trust me, they just ooze evil,

      • Onipede Bamidele Oluwagbenga

        I didn’t want to say this all these while, but yes, there are yorubas in the east. However the question is this: Can you point out just one who has been as successful as any of the Igbos in the west? I was born and brought up in Igboland as a yoruba guy. In my over 16 years in Owerri, there was hardly any non-igbo that successfully had a shop in the two main markets in Owerri. What about that? However, I have been persecuted by yoruba friends of taking sides with my igbo brothers. I will forever do that. Why? because I have seen and met very terrible yoruba tribesmen.

        Have I stayed among northerners? Yes. I schooled there (university) and didn’t live in the student hostels. I lived in an angwan.

        So basically, if the writer says all tribes are tribal, I concur 100%

    • You are the most uninformed Nigerian I’ve come across in a very long time! Did the yorubas build the sea port or the international airport in Lagos? The FG did! Which is what is keeping Igbos in Lagos, you can start your campaign right by telling FG to build an inland port in SE and improve the newly licenced international airport so planes can land at night, then you will see how Igbos will leave Lagos in a second! Chimamanda asked a question, What does it mean to be a Nigerian citizen, this writer could not answer that question, and after agreeing to all other points Chimamanda raised, she still says she is wrong, how? Well, like I said, start ur campaign right! #FGLetIgbosGo after all they’ve been asking for a Biafran state and FG refused to let them go, wants them to develop other regions for them 1st. Which they are doing and u still beef them. You people are the ingrates! #FGLetIgbosGo Simple! Get your facts right before you embarrass yourself in public again.

      • Proud Yoruba

        No, the FG built it and they should be maintaining it, have you ever heard of a capital city withour an international airport. Ibos have the Port Harcourt port, Calabar, and other ports, that’s much closer than Lagos. Also Port Harcourt has an international airport closer to the SE, I believe within 2 hours drive. The FG built all those too. So what is you excuse for staying in Lagos again?

        What does it mean to be a Nigerian? it means that you are from one of the nations that existed before the British came that became amalgamated. It means that your national identity is with your state of origin as enshrined in the constitution, it means you own your land in your region, but not in any other region, it means you can live anywhere, but you’ll never be an indigene of anywhere except your state of origin, you will always be what your national identity is, your state of origin.

        Biafra is not my business, talk to Buhari.

      • damilareakintunde

        My take on all these is that no tribe can lay claim to being the perfect tribe. Every tribe has its own “good, bad and ugly ” side. I’m part Igbo and part Yoruba, and I’ve had some of the most fantastic Igbo friends (who by the way didn’t know of my igbo heritage ), but accepted me for whom I am, and some extremely horrible Yoruba friends, and vice versa. Humans will be humans no matter the tribe or tongue. Knowing and understanding our differences is key if we’ll ever rise above this incessant tribal war of words. I see strong myopia in most of the comments by participants.

      • Tayo

        You fail to understand the fact that only Yoruba and Hausa have a say in this country called Nigeria, reason being that BIAFRA/IGBOS was defeated. So I guess you’re educated enough to understand what that means. Just in case you don’t, the vanquished don’t have a say in Nigeria. It hurts to comprehend but that’s the better true my Igbo friends. There are solutions to gain respect in this entity called Nigeria though. Humble yourself before your masters. Lol

        • Arabakpura

          You need to express yourself very well before you can admonish another! Poor communication skills!

        • Reminisce6

          Quite pathetic what i`ve just read,it doesn`t have to be this extreme.

      • Arabakpura

        May your tribe prosper forever!

    • Emeka

      You keep dreaming! Lagos belongs all Nigerians, and will remain so for as long as Nigeria remains indivisible, too bad you don’t seem to have the capacity to understand what a federal capital is, which is what Eko still is today and will continue to be, the federal industrial and the commercial capital of Nigeria

      • Proud Yoruba

        Abuja is the federal capital, Lagos is whatever we say it is, fashola said it is a commercial capital, cosmopolitan, mega city, but now we are changing things back to how it was before ibo infestation. ibos will not be welcome anymore come May 29.

        • emeka

          You and your Fashola can keep leaving in your cloud koo-koo land for as long as you care to, the truth still remains that neither the Igbo nor any other Nigerian will be dictated to in Lagos, for a stone is at home on ground surface as well and even better inside a pit (an Igbo adage)

          • Proud Yoruba

            You live by our rules in Lagos, whether you like it or not, you don’t conform we throw you in Jail or deport you back to your SE state of origin. We dictate to you every day dumbo!

    • Fems

      Please can you get off this Igbo/ yoruba high horse. If you may know, this so called leaders only fight when politics is involved . The onl weep up this sentiments for political patronage.

  • dd

    Mrs Chima, do you have to comment on everything you read or hear just because you think you have control of English? If you want to leads in your area of choice at global level, be selective in what you put your pen on just as Obama wouldn’t reply all letters? Please respect yourself as Christ also warn we shouldn’t cast our bread before swan – hence to come back and fight us.

    • Warwick Onyeama

      I have no idea what you are talking about or how it relates in any way to the article by Ijeoma Omotade. And who is Mr Chima in any event? And about, “shouldn’t cast bread before swan”. I don’t believe there is any record in the New Testament of Christ making any such statement.

  • Ade

    God bless you Mrs Chima. I am afraid your wise counsel fell mostly on deaf ears. May your type of Nigerian increase!

    • Arabakpura

      That is the problem! When another tribe commits an offense, you will say it is Ibo. Ordinary name; you couldn’t represent correctly!

  • Ade

    Correction: The blessing goes to Mrs ijeoma Omotade for her wise counsel.

  • Lanre

    Mrs. Ijeoma Omotade. Thank you for this piece. You are our daughter and wife and so we can only commend your reasoned thought. If I tell you how I fought Chimamanda when she decided to join Chinua Achebe in insulting My Leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Yorubas as a whole. Ha! It was a battle o. Anyway, I have forgiven her. It is not her fault. Now, Ijeoma to move forward. How do we solve the problem that the Babangidas, Obasanjos and Abachas have created? Not to mention the Danjumas and the Akiolus? Why do we not recognize the right of the Igbos to have their own land – Biafra? Why can the South-South not manage their oil resources? A french man marries an english lady but they are europeans. If I marry an Ibo woman tomorrow, nothing spoil. I am from Odualand, she is from Biafra. We are africans. Ijeoma, Nigeria is a farce; a deceit that some have used to steal and milk the resources of others. IT MUST STOP! Think about this, Ijeoma. Our problem is the deceit called Nigeria which Ojukwu tried to correct and failed. My leader Chief Awolowo had the best intentions. But good intentions are not enough. Our generation must come together so that our own kids in the future will not be confused about their identity and nationhood. We must work for the independence of Igboland and Yorubaland from Nigeria. Therein lies our salvation. If you are going to take anything away from my piece, it is not to fight your sister Chimamanda. Understand her pain. Must Igbos be made the subject of derisive discourse all the time? From things like Danjuma of all the creatures that can open their dental orifices? Best wishes, my Sister.

    • Arabakpura


    • FactsandFigures

      Thank you. You get it. But I do not think separation is the key. In my view, what Nigeria needs is a way to function as a nation where our distinct tribal/ethnic differences is not seen as a weakness or something that needs to be corrected but rather as a strength. The Northern protectorate as a food basin, the southern protectorate for industrialization.

  • Arabakpura

    I hope you are not trying to use this platform to resolve marital problems with your in-laws with your excessive patronage! However, like a typical Ibo daughter, you have shown impeccable education! It is well with you!

    • Fems

      Your 1st line was so childish

      • Arabakpura

        But the last line was so mature! Life is progressive! You move from child to maturity(Adult)! Hope you’re soothed!

        • irapada


  • Bourdillion King

    Going by historical views, Obama as a black man would not be the President of the US, the Germans would not accept the Jews. The Oba of Benin would be ruling Lagos, blacks in South Africa would have no place in Government, Nigerian would be a British colony. Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade’s sense of reasoning has been beclouded by the chaos that is Lagos. One should tell her that today people are governed by constitutions and not by historical views. And while at it, she should understand that the issue here is not whether the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or the South African on the street discriminate, rather the issue here is the institutionisation of discrimination. And that is what obtains when the Oba of Lagos comes in.

    • Onipede Bamidele Oluwagbenga

      She didn’t deny that the Oba was discriminating; She only stated the obvious if not for anything – that all tribes are innately tribal. Why is that hard to accept?

    • Taiwo

      And the constitution is derived from empty space. You cannot do away with history when you talk about the constitution . It is built on history.

  • Collins Ikem Ejiofor

    What the Oba of Lagos did was desecration of the throne of his forefathers, never in the recent history has such a high throne been bashed left,right and centre the way it has been bashed in the last two weeks and his ancestors must be turning in their graves in anger, he should be expecting some knocks on the head from some of them.

  • Asinwin

    Why this letter worked

    Because It is against everything Adichie stands for. Adichie sees
    everything from either tribal or gender injustice whether real or imaginary. On the other hand, the author of this very
    wise write-up is igbo, married and proud enough to take his husbands surname, a
    Yoruba surname at that. That Adichie
    cannot take because it is against her feminism. To her, Mrs Ijeoma Omotade is
    not freeing herself enough from male domination nor proud of her female individuality.

    If Adiche is truly concerned about welfare of women, she
    should be at the frontline of campign to find the chibok girls. But she isn’t.
    now imagine if the chibok girls are igbo……

    • Kekedu

      Honestly, I never knew Chimanamnda is that shallow. Glorified tribalist on the world stage!

      • Obiorah

        Kekedu I think that is not fair…honestly. I think you need to read her write-up again…this time with an open mind.

        • Doyin Solarin

          Chimamanda is not shallow, neither is she a tribalist. Her article is fair and right and so is Ijeoma Omotade’s article. Ijeoma Omotade however goes further in preaching love, respect, understanding and tolerance among our various ethnicities which we really need in Nigeria for us to move forward.I believe Chimamanda also believes in the values I just listed above.Anyway, good articles from both women. We need to love and respect each other.

  • Chu

    So lagos sister what did we just miss ? , we in the igbo heartland tend to see things a little more clearly , your feelings are to me a little if i might say private, that is ,between your adopted dwellings and you, you might also find out in the course of your sojourn that your your adopted culture is different from yours, that is assuming you were born and raised (at least ) in the Igbo heartland , you would also have learnt to hit the nail a tard too softly, very “un -Igbo ” if i might add, this will explain the apologetic and aimless write up!

    • Onipede Bamidele Oluwagbenga

      Unfortunately, I think she did justice to the subject than you think. Does birth and raising make a difference? And I am sorry to say, it’s not an apologetic write up.

      • Warwick Onyeama

        I completely agree with you and consider Chu’s response churlish and narrow minded. I suspect it is just this type of myopic “Igbo nation” type of thinking that creates such animosity towards the tribe among virtually every other language group in Nigeria..

      • FactsandFigures

        I don’t think so. You cannot compare what a leader says in public with everyday utterances of the average Nigerian.We must continue to hold our leaders to higher standards. However, the Oba has been vilified enough and maybe the response so far will serve as a deterrent to our leaders in the future but that remains to be seen.

        • Onipede Bamidele Oluwagbenga

          She’s not here saying the Oba is acquitted, bulk of her piece is centered on the fact that all tribes have the propensity of tribalism. Further, I believe she’s advocating a more non congenital Nigeria.

  • UnapologeticallyYoruba

    God bless you Ijeoma for this. Its indeed great and timely. Unfortunately, many of the Igbos are bent on sticking to their guns. I mean from the responses here. I wish them luck and also await what they want to do with the Oba of Lagos. Anyway, I sincerely pray we all let this go and move past the whole issue. Like Ijeoma said, “..every tribe is guilty of tribalism; it’s by default..”


    Only the Igbos gloat about their conquest” and superiority any where they are allowed to settle. Let the Igbos watch their mouths. Actions and reactions are equal but opposite. The Oba has a right to promote what is best for his kingdom, take it or leave it. But it is the height of insensitivity for any Igbo person, no matter his/her status to insult the Oba of Lagos. If Igbo culture does not include the respect for elders and community leaders, then it is shame on your fore-fathers. Unfortunately for the Igbos in Lagos, the Alaba marketers, the drug-peddlers and the 419-ers, you have sown the wind and you will reap the whirlwind, not only in Lagos but throughout the whole of South West. The day a tenant dares his/her landlord, the end of the tenancy is near.

    • Warwick Onyeama

      I am interested that you say this because I have often wondered why it is that it is the Igbo who seem to be the perennial victims of Nigerian mob violence no matter where this occurs. From what you say, there seems to be something about their utterances and attitudes that the other tribes find intolerable. Yet I also know as a fact, that there are Hausa and Yoruba traders and craftsmen who have lived in Enugu without harassment for many years. In fact my former tailor spoke both Hausa and Igbo and no English at all. So peaceful and mutually profitable multi ethnic communities are by no means impossible.

    • Preco01

      I wholeheartedly agree with you that “Only the Igbos gloat about their conquest” and superiority any where they are allowed to settle. This same attitude contributed in no small way to the counter coup of July 1966 and the senseless war that followed. In the North then, Igbos were stumping on copies of photograph of the then premier of Northern Nigeria killed in the January coup of same year and making very derogatory remarks, when will this ‘know all’ ‘superior to all” attitude of the Igbos abate?


      Afemo u are very myopic

  • Kate Entonu Otene

    Haba, Chim and IJ, why are you all giving examples of Emirs, Obas and Ezes only as if these are the only places on the Nigerian map who have traditional rulers na, what about the Oche’Idoma of Idoma land, Tortiv of Tiv land and DangaGomo of Jos. Then you are guilty of being tribalistic too. Anyway, that’s being on the lighter side.
    However, I think I agree with you 2 girls. I am happy that these write ups are coming from women because, when women intervene to make peace, they present it in such a subtle and emotional way that will melt even the heart of the warrior.
    It is true, every tribe in Nigeria is guilty of tribalism, even among the same ethnic groups, we still have the cases of dialecticism if I am allowed to use that, where the part of village you come from will work for or against you. Tribalism exists in other countries of the world as well, you must also realise that the other evil name for tribalism is Racism, you know what I mean. This thing has completely eaten the world and takes only the heart of a true Child of God to realise that, God created us according to His own image and likeness, who then are we to condemn any other dialect, ethnic, tribe or nation?
    Much as this exists, I feel that, everyone, especially public figures whose word is command, should by all means weigh and check their words before uttering them, because, try hard you may, to retract your words, the damage would have been done.
    Let us strive to pass a one nation and one world to our children. This is only possible when we stop thinking and talking, the way the Kabiyesi of Lagos has done. Thanks for reading.

    • Olusegun Oladipo

      Its Gwom gwom of Jos, not DangaGomo please

      • Kate Entonu Otene

        Thanks very much Olusegun for the correction, DangaGomo is of Zuru tribe in Kebbi State.

        Thanks again.

  • Warwick Onyeama

    I am very impressed by this essay by Ijeoma Omotade. It seems a thoughtful and balanced response to the controversy stirred up by the ill judged remarks of the Lagos traditional ruler. It also presents the “other side” to the debate that Chimamanda’s lucid essay raised. There is nothing here I find to disagree with. Tribal sentiment and stereotyping is a long standing and ingrained aspect of Nigerian social culture and will take generations to detoxify. In the interim, those of us who know better, are less bigoted and more open minded, have a duty not to project the type of intolerance and disrespect that Ijeoma Omotade has illustrated so clearly.

  • Gidi

    An intelligent essay, from an intelligent woman, who I am proud to associate myself with. She cut through the chase and present a view that all of us can relate to.

    After living among multiple cultures over the years, Hausa (at Kaduna), Nupe (at Bida), Igbo & Ijaw (at Lagos), White, Jews (at NYC), African American, Hispanic, my world view of others changed entirely. The more one takes time to learn of multiple cultures, the more tolerant we become and less bigot we turn out to be.

    As a Yoruba man, I have a tremendous respect for the Hausa, In fact, I enjoyed living among them, both educated and non-educated alike. While i was in University, two of my landlords were hausa & Nupe , i learned tremendously from them. When I was struggling, they came to my rescue in time of needs. In turn, i took my time to understand their culture and religious belief, though I was born a Christian. The first boss I ever had as teenager was given to me by an Hausa woman from Kano. Contrary to the stereotype of the tribe, she was well educated and taught me a lot about paying attention to detail.

    Like i have said in other fora, the Oba made a mistake, however, it is time to move on. The lesson we can all learn from this saga is that we should all learn from each other. Nigeria needs all the tribes to survive and succeed. I see Igbos as partner in development not a threat.

  • felix


  • Bambam

    This rubbish article written by a so called Ijeoma Omotade would not wash..what a name to choose for their writer by Tinubu and the APC..they knew Chimamanda Adichie once had a public spittle with Omotola Jalade..so chose the Omotade name..anyway the truth of the matter is no matter what APC tries to do was Oba Akiolu’s stains..the fact still remains he made a genocidal inciting statement..which if it had led to genocide had Agbaje won..Akiolu would have been on his way to the Hague..there is absolutely no excuse for the genocidal remark Akiolu made with backing from Tinubu..a classic case of the voice of Jacob..the hand of Esau..anyway I trust the Ibos to never forget his remarks..everyone remembers how the Ibos still have something to say about Awolowo’s role in the civil 40 years after..they surely would never forget Akiolu’s genocidal remarks..and they shouldn’t!!

    • Omo Akin

      There is no doubt that what the Oba said was bad and uncalled for. But I keep on wondering what Ifeanyi Uba led the Igbos to the Oba’s palace for. Then I heard the crowd applauding the Oba. So where is the anger against the Igbo crowd that “took politics” to the Oba’s palace and applauded when the Oba spoke? Tinubu you mentioned had an Igboman in his cabinet and the current governor has an Igbo as his budget commissioner. Tinubu and APC have been accommodating and good to Igbos. You can take the Oba to wherever you wish but leave Tinubu and APC out of this.
      With all the hype that Igbos are the majority in Lagos, APC won the National and State elections without the Igobs. What the Igobs have done in Lagos is to galvanize the apolitical Yorubas.

      • Bambam

        Forget about your Tinubu he is rubbish..and with time the Yorubas who follow him..would soon wake up and realise he is leading them no where but into an alleyway..and I’m proudly Yoruba by the way!!

        What the Oba said was evidently sanctioned by Tinubu..its the biblical case of Hand of Esau but Voice of Jacob..it was the hand of Tinubu but the voice of Akiolu..then they used the African classic of a hunter wearing an evil red robe going ahead to dig a trap for an Elephant..when the Elephant falls into the trap the hunter then reappears in White angelic robes to bandage the Elephant’s wounds..

        Uba could lead anybody to the Oba’s palace to pay homage..its not enough to make a genocidal inciting remarks..Uba had earlier before the presidential elections made a statement at Sheraton hotel that Lagos is no man’s land..the Ibos went on to win 5 House of Reps seats and gave APC a close challenge..and pushed them into panic mode ahead of the Guber elections..hence they knew he was coming to visit the Oba and used that as an opportunity to lay the trap for the big elephant..so the oba in his evil robe made the genocidal statement..and expected the Ibos to fall into the trap..by saying to his face Lagos belongs to everyone..but instead they laughed and applauded him..to show they are much smarter..

        But it didn’t end there..the APC then leaked the story online..in one obscure news medium and every other bigger online medium which they have all bought out picked on the news..if you followed the story well the Ibos who went to the palace never leaked the news from their own end..but those who didn’t know about it..including some Ibos started saying Lagos is no man’s land..even Okupe tweeted Lagos is cosmpolitan..all the while the APC who should react immediately to what Akiolu said (if they genuinely loved the Ibos) waited for two full days from Monday when they (APC) covertly leaked the news..for it to gain full currency..before they then put on a White angelic robe with Tinubu..Fashola..Ambode and an alatenuje Ibo man Igbokwe then went to campaign to Ibos at Orile-Iganmu on Wednesday..saying how much they loved the Ibos..how many Ibos they have appointed just like you saying too

        In the end they believe that would pit the Yorubas against the Ibos in voting..an with a unified Yoruba vote they can outvote the Ibos…but my advise to them is those who sow a wind should not be surprised when they reap a whirlwind..the impact of their genocidal tactics due to desperation would start to show in a few years..just mark my words!!

        • Olusegun Oladipo

          I won’t say much, you claim to be Yoruba and like most educated Yoruba I know, I’m fairly certain you’ve not lived outside Yoruba land for an appreciable lenght of time, I have, 22 years in fact, in the north and east. Believe me, if you had lived and done business in these places, you wouldn’t be saying the things you are! Believe it or not, the Yorubas are the most accommodating tribe in Nigeria! What my Oba said is wrong, but the Igbos should be the last people to complain about something like that! Go to the east and find out for yourself

          • Bambam

            I’ve lived in the East for four years..traveled extensively around Nigeria and the world..met lots of Ibos and other tribes from Nigeria..I can tell you straight away the Ibos have their own issues..and plenty of it too..

            But in desperation to win an election you can never justify making a genocidal statement..look at what is happening in South Africa it started from a xenophobic statement from the Zulu King in that country..who holds large influence over South Africans in Durban and Jo’burg..it could have been the same in Lagos if Agbaje had won..Tinubu..Akiolu and his party would have led Yorubas into a violent tribal war just for their own personal ambitions and benefit..

            All I’m saying is separate personal ambition from Yoruba’s ambition..when you lead a people either as Tinubu..Fashola..or an Oba..learn to separate your own personal ambitions and wishes (which in their cases is borne out of greed) from the greater good and ambition of Yorubas..you can’t wish the Ibos away by threatening to kill them..they would fight back in self defence..you have to use your intelligence and brain more to make your people in charge in their own lands..not threat of violence..but mark my words..Tinubu and Akiolu have sown the beginning of disaster for Lagos state in their desperation..they have sown a wind and should expect to reap a whirlwind!!

  • Obiorah

    So what is the message here…? You repeated everything Chimamanda said, but that due to the Oba’s Position such is not expected from him. I did not see where she exonerated the Igbos from not being inclined too to their tribe. I think you need to read her write-up again madam.

  • OmoLasgidi

    Resorting to tribal perspectives or enclaves when an outsider speaks against one’s tribal identity merely reflects a siege mentality in any context. As correctly pointed out from the write-up, the core essence of tribal identity ought to be driven from the cultural identification and affinity that one should naturally feel from within. For those who have been bold enough to step out of their myopic tribal stereotype mindset, every tribe has more than their own far share of tribal bigots and tribalists. The more matured minds are those who refuse to resort to tit-for-tat, but sue the opportunity to educate their antagonists of the richness of their tribe and how different they are from the stereotypes. As the writer rightfully posits, settlers have a responsibility to understand their hosts, so they can live in live in peace and harmony. For those bailing their voices out on the Oba of Lagos, it may interest them to know from Yoruba history that the so-called Oba of Lagos is not even considered one of the mainstream Yoruba kings, so cannot claim to speak for the Yorubas! The likes of Chimamanda obviously needs some lessons in acculturation – hopefully she has somewhat assimilated the American culture – her adopted second home country!

  • Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade

    When I wrote this piece, I thought to myself “there will be backlash, and support”; yet I went ahead, thanks to the encouragement of some of my friends (you know yourselves). I’m glad I did.

    Our tribal differences are like a wound.

    A wound heals when it is exposed; then it can be diagnosed properly, and prescribed the right medicine and the extent of its administration.

    Our nation needs healing…healing from the past…healing from unspoken words…healing from tribalistic lash-outs. (I say again without repentance that ALL tribes are guilty of tribalism).

    But let’s study a wound very briefly; what do you do when you discover a wound?
    1. Hmm…do you poke at it? No!…it will cause more damage.
    2. Do you deny it? No it will only get gangrene and a valuable part of your body will be lost.
    3. Do you tend it? Yes. How? By first cleaning it, soothing it and then adding the necessary drugs…

    Healing is a step by step process; sometimes slow, sometimes painful. Yet it cannot begin until we agree that there is a wound.

    Nigeria, that’s what we need!
    Not denial, of course not! BUT not insult upon injury either!

    Peeps, I’m just a voice speaking up on one of the most sensitive areas to address in order for all our clamour for change and effort to move Nigeria forward not to be in vain.
    I don’t boast of knowing all the details of the past; tribal unrests, the civil war, even unrest among smaller sub-groups AMONG THE SAME TRIBE! I only know many touching stories my parents shared with us and stuff I studied over the internet about Nigerian history; stories of horror, hunger, hopelessness and numerous death among the Igbos and other tribes. I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like. AND THAT IS WHY THOSE STORIES INSPIRED ME TO ALWAYS SPEAK FOR PEACE because war has no friends.

    Let me speak respectfully to ALL influential people, people who have been privileged to be in positions where when you cough, a tribe or the whole nation brings out a handky for you; use your influence wisely. Take a cue from Luther and Mandela.

    Martin Luther spoke for peace; no segregation of ANY colour;and he was black.

    Mandela the most recent spoke for peace; no more fighting; working together and letting go of the past for a greater South africa. How could he say that after 27years!!!; when had earned the right to be unforgiving; and what did he do with his rightly earned card? He traded it for PEACE. Was it easy? I doubt it, but it was worth it.

    As much as I love Instagram and Facebook and Twitter, I don’t want it to get to a time when we are tweeting #ethnicunrest or posting #bloodyclashpics

    I want to say thank you to those who contributed respectfully, gave their honest opinion with respect for each others own. Keep it up; that’s what we need for lasting change. I personally didn’t write to be RIGHT; I wrote to HE’S.

    For those who vehemently insulted and hurled threats at me and other contributors…well I choose to pick out your own opinion amidst the hate words and just throw away the rest; I have chosen to blame it on the hot weather…Honestly it is really hot these days! *no seriously*

    On a much lighter note I’m just so happy today that the Orekoya kids have been found that I’m almost walking on air!!yaay…and in my prayers today I prayed for the Chibok girls too…I’m still very hopeful.

    All that being said, I’m off to prepare for evening service; where in the presence of God you temporarily forget you are Hausa or Igbo or Yoruba; where He just reminds you that you are Nigerian, and You are loved!

  • Doyin Solarin

    “Mulla” is originally a yoruba corruption of the word Mallam, it is not derogatory in meaning.It might, however sound derogatory depending on the user of the word.

  • ikusika dan godwin

    I try as much as possible to run away from issues like this basically because those from the affected ‘tribe’ will always see it their way.I will want to digress a bit,when the first couple in nigeria was led by an igbo man named nzeogu,the igbos in the north took to the streets,jubilating that an igbo man has finally taken over the reins government of nigeria.meanwhile,the coup was supposed to be a nigerians thing and not an igbo ‘victory’.this action of course sparked a brutal reaction and the rest is history.when Nnamdi addressed his kinsmen back in the days,he told them in igbo that they have captured the West,soon they take over the country.Either we accept it or the average igbo man thinks only of dominating wherever he finds himself and someone once said,it is a generic problem that is in the subconscious,but manifest anytime it’s needed.The talk like ‘lagos is no man’s land,we’ll soon takeover the lagos,we own lagos’is inciting enough.nobody can say this in igbo land I can bet anything on that,and you all know it.igbos in Lagos take due advantage of the nature of the yorubas and do all sorts.the areaboyism in igbo land can’t be compared to any other part of nigeria and that is a fact.what the oba said is not expected from someone like him but the fact still remain that tribalism is a black man’s sickness and we need to get over it.