Group suspect use of abducted Chibok girls as female suicide bombers

Kano explosion

At least 14 people have been killed in four separate attacks by suspected female Boko Haram terrorists in Kano State.

President Goodluck Jonathan has been asked to ensure that security agencies in Nigeria checkmate the new trend of suicide bombing by suspected teenage girls.

Already, 14 people have been killed in four separate attacks by suspected female Boko Haram terrorists in Kano State this week.

A group, Centre For the Advocacy of Justice and Rights, stated on Thursday in a press release sent to journalists in Jos that the terrorists might be using the abducted Chibok girls to perpetrate the evil acts.

According to the group, the suspected female suicide bombers who have bombed Kano metropolis in four separate attacks recently might be some of the over 200 Chiboks girls that were abducted by the Boko Haram over 100 days ago.

“Our greatest fear is that we hope it is not the Chibok girls that are being brain washed by their captors to commit such acts and if our fears are true, then it is already a national tragedy as many of these girls are yet to be accounted for,” the group said in the statement signed by it’s programme officer, Pwakim Choji.

It called on the public to cooperate with the security operatives to curb the new dimension to bombing in the country.


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  • Abiodun

    Yeah…Femi, you have good command of English but I have a question for you, aside those that joined APC lately, point your finger at two or three members of the party who had previously been convicted on misappropriation of funds like bode George, Muhammed abacha, dieprieye alams, oduah, bankole, GBENGA Daniel…? You made some lies in your write-ups especially about buhari’s appearance before oputa… Tai solarin was made to be the head of national bank wt unscrupulous slemnts under him but the bank failed under him because that’s how babangida wanted it to be so…are you now referring to solarin as unworthy of truth??

  • Salihu Sule Khalid

    I do not even see the command of language in the write up, all I can see in it desperation, hatred and shamelessness put together from a rich man when it comes to those habits.

    • Omo Oodua

      Why would you see any command of English when you were and are being taught English in hausa language.

      • Paiko

        Ethnic bigot!!!

      • Salihu Sule Khalid

        Yeah, and right now I’m writing in Hausa, Mr. I think-I’m-wise.

  • Hameed Aderemi Ojiwusi

    Oga Femi, if all this is true, are you now suggesting we should vote Buhari and we should vote Jonathan? Abi what is all this write-up all about.

    • Omo Oodua

      What else would come out of your stinking gworo mouth!

  • Umar Jibril Abdulkadir

    I don’t understanding this writer anymore, the last time you try to sell GEJ to all premium times reader, and now your rediculling yourself by dancing naked in the market palce, from shagari regime to obj, no single panel or competent court indict buhari as somebody that enrich himself with corruption money, according to you, for buhari to partake in abacha regime he must be corrupt, I said this is simply illogical, at that time when buhari was heading PTF, he build road more than what the PDP govt were able to construct in their miserable 15 years of misrule, if you are trying to deceive the readers by saying the man is driving in bullet proof, for your own information the cars were given to him as a gift from your very own GEJ after buhari attacked BH ideology, this writer up is a waste of time. Make una dey fear God, say the truth and allow voters to decide don’t cover the truth with false cuz on the day of judgement we will definitely answer for it.

    • Omo Oodua

      Where the roads built all over Nigeria or in the Northern part of Nigeria?

    • Mr Kamarudeen

      Constructive Criticism makes one a better person.So I want mr Femi 2 continue,but I wish he could convinced me of someone better than buhari based on antecedent & I will follow the person.
      However,I wish a FACTUAL source could also help proof right or otherwise if buhari actually stole the $2.8billion as a minister. Is saraki late or if the NTA person is still alive,please premium times,help us to authenticate this accusation.

      • ucy

        he did mention names , without fear of libel , what other proof, the onus is on those mentioned to come and put a lie to his statement. chikena!

    • Wole

      The truth? Femi said Buhari stole $2.8 billion. That was in 1970. A reporter, not Femi, was involved! It was in the news. He did not enrich himself with ‘corruption money’, yet without any legitimate business, he was able to run for presidency thee times!

      Wait a minute, do you how much $2.8billion of 1970 is worth today? Please think about this.

      • Ogom

        The reported said it, so it must be true. I see.

        Some of us are just asking if there is any corroborating evidence for this allegation – houses, hotels, large mechanised farms, private universities, private jets, etc. As you said, “$2.8 billion of 1970” is a lot of money in today’s terms.

        I think that kind of money would be very hard to hide.

      • Ide4u

        Buhari was not an oil minister in 1970, dummy!!

    • ucy

      This is not about GEJj , its about Buhari and his efforts at hypnotizing us all.

      • King Carlos

        Shut up your mouth. It is about GEJ deceiving the people. Just imagine your age, and think of where you should be by now if not for the failed 16 years of PDP rule. Don’t you want a better life for yourself? Assuming you are even close to the people in power and you get some looted money to buy jeep and drive around, are you still not going to drive through bad roads scattered all over the country? I am pretty sure you are able to come online through a power generator because power generation has dropped over the past week. Don’t you want to have stable power supply?

        it is better you wake up now and join the movement for CHANGE.

  • bayo



    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold

    in a give away price. All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.8e3993

    • concerned 9ja

      We are discussing serious issue here and you are disturbing us with your 419 noise. Ewu, get off this forum

  • Mr Kamarudeen

    I love constructive criticism.Mr Femi’s
    helping me to know more about buhari.I understand if you are paid to malign someone at all cost it will be difficult but if you’re truelly unbiased,then I think you should not call a dog a bad name so as to be killed.
    Nevertheless,Mr Femi,from your wealth of experience in politics & governance which i’ll like to tap from,who do your believe & convinced to be the best candidate irrespective of the party that NIGERIAN should vote for come 2015?

  • Cox

    I was totally amazed about this write up, honestly i don’t know what is all about. Buhari said he doesn’t have 27 million naira to purchase a nomination form that he has to take a loan from a bank and you are attacking him why shouldn’t he has that kind of money. Is it a crime to be honest. Your write up is meaningless and senseless to me. because you just really want to discredit the man called Buhari. But is not working for me. Buhari may not be the best man in the country but at this present time he is the man we need now or never.

    • Mr Kamarudeen

      Cox,I think Mr Femi position is not all meaningless because of the $2.8billion accusation. We all need to know the truth over this.
      I also agree with you until mr femi can convince me of a better person than buhari that “he may not be the best man in the country but among all the aspirants he is the best choice”

      • Ide4u

        Buhari could not have stolen that money under under Obasanjo’s watch

        • salihu audu

          I agree with you! If GMB had embezzled such amount of money under Obasanjo, there was no way Obasanjo would have contested election with him twice without making reference to it. Infact, Obasanjo had in several occasion extolled the corruption free virtue of GMB.

    • Wole

      Dear Cox, Femi’s position is pretty clear: Buhari is dishonest; no bank will grant him 27m loan for an election – his entourage worths more than than, and he will need more than 27m to prosecute a presidential election. I quite agree with this. It is logical to ask how he intends to pay back the loan whether he wins or looses. His salary as a president (on paper) should be less than 25m per anum. Will he spent his entire salary paying back loans? If he looses, will he sell his only house because of an election he would loose. But what is even that guarantee that Buhari will win the primaries of the APC?

      We have a long way to go as a country. It is impossible to control parties before an election. It is even much more impossible to control them after an election. Governance is not only about the presidency, how about the legislature? If Buhari is the commodity that APC has got to sell to the electorates, then the party is not ready yet.

      • Haruna Chiroma

        It seems Femi Aribisala lack the simple knowledge of our electoral act. Aspirants campaign expenses are sponsored by the political party, not the aspirant himself. The masses will contribute N1, N2, N10 etc. similar to what we did in CPC to pull 12million votes to raise funds for APC with a significant number of fellowship than CPC. About fund raising refers to response 3 above. Point of correction, Buhari popularity is not limited to North-West but he is the most popular opposition politician in Nigeria. For example, Femi Aribisala you are not from the North-West but you spent all your time to be writing against Buhari, if his popularity is limited to North-West I am sure you could have not known Buhari not to talk of spending your time writing against him without providing alternative to Nigerians. Don’t forget he was president of Nigeria.
        16 Buhari wants to fight an election that will take place in four months time. From what he tells us, he does not have 27 million to prosecute that election now. If this is true, he is not the right man to be president of Nigeria. For a man who is running for election for the fourth time, that is the height of cluelessness. It shows Buhari is lousy at marshaling resources. Otherwise, he is fooling nobody but himself. ‪#‎kufre‬ okon
        According to Femi Aribisala analysis since Buhari does not have N27 millions he is not fit to be Nigerian president. This is a total ignorance of the highest order and significant insufficient knowledge in Nigerian political history and our constitution. The constitution of Nigeria does not require aspirant to have a certain amount of money before he/she contest the president of Nigeria. For example, former president Olusegun Obasanjo does not have N27 million before he becomes president of Nigeria in 1999, former prime minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as well as Shehu Shagari were not having such amount before they became a Nigerian prime minister and President respectively. In Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from a shoe shiner to labour union leader and later become president of Brazil does not have such amount before becoming president. After he became president, he removed 20 million people out of extreme poverty and made Brazil economy 8th position in the world according to the Washington post of 10 October 2010 not by his minister of finance as the case Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Nigeria. Buahri do not require to have millions or billions to become a president in Nigeria. Therefore, Buhari is the right man to be president of Nigeria. On the issue of cluellessness, in the history of Nigeria we have never had a clueless president like the present president. For example, presently some portion of our country is now under the control of ragtag insurgents, defending MEND for the atrocities they committed and admitted etc.

    • ucy

      may we know the bank that will grant that amount of loan with following due process. maybe we can then see that the right up may still have some meaning.

  • AA

    U have finish go & collect ur balance, 4 me i can not çhange my trust on that gentle man.

    • ucy

      with his likes in power the north is still singing the same old song of poverty and backward educational standards, even after over 30 years at the helm of affairs, i’m just sorry for the likes of you who can’t see beyond their noses.

      • King Carlos

        See them… enemy of progress. Can you dare say AMEN to this prayer: May your life be run the way Jonathan is running the country. Did you see beyond your nose when you voted Ebola Jonathan? He has ruined the country and you people still want to have him as president for 4 years.

      • Ide4u

        Sorry for yourself for believing Femi Aribisala’s hateful garbage

  • King Carlos

    Iru eyan radarada wo ni ogbeni Aribisala yi na…ehn? For the fact that you penned a smear write up, devoid of objectivity and intellectual analysis. I will also not spear any word in my comment.

    You are here attacking a presidential hopeful without providing an alternative for voters. Are you not man enough to publicly endorse Jonathan or Jonathan is simply not sellable? You have chosen to present Buhari as a corrupt dictator and serial loser. Did you ever think of the electoral malpractices that characterized the elections? Ehn?

    Aribisala shame on you and your PDPigs, after 16 years of democratic rule, you have never proffered solutions to the mirage of problems facing us in the country, but rather attack the people that have summoned the courage to CHANGE things.

    A sensible writer would have applauded the APC stalwarts for throwing their support behind an anti-corruption crusader, which can be translated to mean they are giving themselves up to be probed. If they actually want to milk the country dry, they would have opted for Atiku or someone that will ensure that the ‘loot is well protected’.

    On the other hand, despite the fact that the PDP controls all security agencies and all arms of government including the judiciary, PDP as a party has the highest number of convicts and thieves among Nigerian politicians.

    You an old man that claims to be a veteran journalist but you have given yourself up to be used for political propaganda just because of few naira notes that can’t last you a lifetime. You are a 10kobo journalist. The other day you complained about resigning at Vanguard np, I just hope that you don’t get sacked by Premium Times. And you will be surprised that the presidential appointment you crave will never come.

    You are a disgrace to journalism. Media men are supposed to be on the side of the people and not a failed Jonathan administration. You are an enemy of progress, a failed journalist looking for relevance. You are like a drowning man that’s clinging to the nearest object to avoid being submerged.

    You people have tried using tribal sentiments, it didn’t work. ..una change to religion..that 1 sef fail, now you have decided to fight an open fight. But I tell you one thing, the Nigerian people will surely prevail. Check your history books. Anytime the people of Nigeria rise up against a leader/president, that person is a goner…

    At a time of widespread feeling of national emancipation, you’re here trying to mislead people. I dare you to provide an alternative presidential candidate or you remain silence forever.

    Aribisala is an errand boy to Reuben Abati, Useless man. Aribisala, I know you are so jobless that you have time to read and reply comments on all your write ups, I dare you to reply me if you have the balls. I’m saying this because I detest anybody that doesn’t want my beloved country Nigeria to move forward.

    The collective Nigerian spirit will prevail over all bad people God bless Nigeria

    • Tunde

      Well said King Carlos.
      I was going to ask if this moron called Aribisala can look himself in the mirror and spout this absolute rubbish, but when one does not have any moral compass or shame, he is totally blind to the fact that its a pointless, shameless, irrelevant, morally corrupt excuse for a man that is reflected in the mirror. Personally I believe we have a problem with the calibre of leaders we have currently and even the crop presenting themselves for the presidency at the moment, but out of all the lot we have now, Buhari represents the most desirable. As you said King Carlos, Nigerians are waking up and will not accept it anymore. We will continue to take our so-called leaders to task if they fall short and paid hacks and sellouts like Aribisala and Abati will not derail our collective spirit.
      Aribisala, you are a shameless old man and may you reap the harvest of what you have sown.

      • ucy

        lack of comprehension is really a big factor in nigeria.

      • King Carlos

        Aribisala’s write up is not different from a PDP press release. i just wonder why he can’t just be a confirm PDPig journalist/or member. Then we will know that he is fighting for his party affiliation. Awon 50 kobo journalist.

    • Es3

      When did it become Femi’s responsibility to provide an alternative to a huge pretender called Muhammadu Buhari??? Many still fail to realize that the little discipline they saw or read about during Buhari’s time as head of state was the handwork of late Tunde Idiagbon (his deputy)?!!!

      Femi has done what he needs to do and which, informing Nigerians on the facts and truths about the man some of them idolize, which is like opening thier eyes, ears and brains to the truth and reality!!

      Femi even spared Buhari the case of the 73 suitcases that entered Nigeria through the airport at a time that the same Buhari had shut down all of Nigeria’s borders and was changing the country’s currency?! The suitcases were impounded by Atiku (as customs officers) before Buhari ordered for all of it to be released intact with its cargo of currencies!!!

      Buhari….Mr. anti-corruption my foot!!!

      • King Carlos

        Okay i heard you. can you please inform Nigerians of the facts and truths about Jonathan? You must list them now or your argument becomes irrelevant.

        • Es3

          What a clumsy way to attempt to dodge and divert attention from the issue and topic at hand???!!!

          When the topic is Jonathan, we discuss Jonathan, not Buhari?! So stay on the topic please!!!

    • gboromiro

      Eyan rederede. Omo lasan ti o lo juti.
      The other day his younger brother, Akin Osuntokun gave it to him in defence of FFK, and we thought he was being rude. Now we know why , opuro, agba iya lasan lasan

    • Bimbo

      And he is so much older than Reuben if I’m not mistaken, from all the grey hair he has on his head and mustache. I don’t understand how at his age he would be running errands of stupidity for Reuben.

      • King Carlos

        U get it right. Please read his latest write up. It is even worse than this one.

  • deenee

    The paid agent call columnist with a dubious and callous manner have started their hatred campaign against people general including this clown call journalist, as buhari’s use to say that “As they continuously fabricating lies against his personality, he challenges anyone including arigbisala to came forward and mention where and @ what point I discriminate anyone against faith or tribe” knowing well you will never bring such evidence,except misleading your misinform readers and your fellow tribal and religious fanatics! Weather you like it or not femi will never tarnish the image of GMB by your negative comment against his personality and you will never succeeding in bringing him down, remember history is always on the side of oppressed one! Please femi arigbisala continues with your paid campaign of hatred, you are doing this since 1985, before we were born and still doing the same, and you will again and again fail, like those before you sir. Wish you all best.

    • ucy

      can you please counter some of the lies, he spoke in clear terms without fear of contradiction, the least expected of you ,would be to take his so called lies against Buhari one by one and disprove it .

      • Es3

        The very last thing they will attempt to do is to counter Femi on the facts he has marshalled out here!!! The reason? Some of them are terribly deficient on the truth while others are too far gone (soaked to the eyelids) with propaganda that this piece means nothing to them?!!!

        No, it is not the character of APC to attempt to counter facts and truths verifiable facts and ‘correctional’ truths, but to lie, lie and lie again!!!

        • gboromiro

          How can them say be called ‘facts’? Do you even know the meaning of that word. I quote” Vera revealed that Saraki TOLD her the missing money was traced to Buhari’s account at Midkand Bank””. And why did the same Saraki not corroborate the story after military rule? Where is the finding of the panel? And what happened to the money during subsequent administrations.
          This man is doing a hatchet job without recourse to the truth. Buhari was cleared of any wrong doing. Thank God, a no of us were alive and refuse to be taken in by this tale by the moonlight. He has turned the truth upside down. Maybe we should challenge the one that doesn’t give a damn to undergo a similar scrutiny. I know the one that still won’t give a damn what we think.
          At least, we have seen the private jets of the recent times, so Buhari made USD2B, so much money he chose to live a spartan life with no known mansion in Abuja nor a private jet?
          And this clown claims to be a pastor; probably of the thieving cabal.

          • Es3

            It would have been better if you asked to be informed and apply your heart to wisdom in your response here?!

            If I do not know the meaning of fact, probably you can help??? Is it not a fact that Buhari overthrew Shagari’s government and took over power in the past, or your own understanding, what was that???

            Now to answer you a bit I ask: Was there any money missing under Buhari’s watch at the Petroleum fund agency??? Did Shagari set up probe panel on Buhari tenor at the agency??? Yes he did! Did the panel sit and submit their report??? Yes, they did! Was Shagari overthrown before the report of the missing money or after??? It was after! Was there a certain Vero in NTA at that time??? Yes, there was! Was she sacked???! Yes she was!!! After, her sacking, was she called backed, sumptuously rewarded for wrongful sacking??? Of course she was!!!

            Now, was there a panel set up with an opportunity for Buhari to appear to clear his name by OBJ government? Yes, but Buhari refused to appear before the panel as the guilty are always afraid!!!

            There many other cases like that of the 73 suitcases that came in and were impounded by Atiku (as customs officer) at a time our border were on total lock-down on Buhari’s orders and currency was being changed. That same Buhari ordered an immediate release of the 73 suitcases to the single owner!!!

            So, all these your talks about spartan life, no mansions, etc are complete inanities, completely lacking in substance as facts to counter Femi’s facts and truths, or clear your anti-corruption god who in reality, is corruption on two legs!!!

          • gboromiro

            Truth is sacred. I don’t know how much of this history you lived, aware of or told. I lived it and also aware. All the allusions above about Vera being sacked and the coup are facts that happened but not in the tale by moonlight manner you presented. They are all tales intended to ascribe a tag of corruption on Buhari. They are concocted by the ‘corrupt establishment’ of this country. They are simply petrified of this man but it won’t work. It is easy to ascribe corruption to a person as all you need to do, eg, is point at the president’s action over the pipeline security contract award to Tompolo ( a known militant), his reluctance to sack and prosecute the indicted former aviation Minister, his reluctance to make his personal networth an open book like his predecessor and global best practices, his declaration that corruption in Nigeria is overblown or that stealing is not corruption, his cover up and inability to prosecute Farouk Lawan or all those indicted for the pension fraud. In all these instances, there were no merry go round or ‘i was told’ tale.
            Not quite a few agree that Buhari’s administration launched a war against corruption and indiscipline to the extent of jailing several perceived corrupt public servants. He also issued a draconian decree to ward of claims like Veras that are defamatory and cannot be backed by evidence. However, Buhari twice faced tribunals over Vera’s ridiculous claim and others for which he was under lock for over 3years by IBB and thereafter OBJ and never indicted, but was found to be sparkling clean as a snow white b/sheet. It is a ‘LIE’ that he did not appear at the tribunals.
            For your info, Buhari is the only known HOS( past and present )without a foriegn account and a property in Abuja. That is the truth known to everyone but the manufacturers of deceit. Is it conceivable that someone accused of embezzling US 2b will not possess these assets?
            At least, he is honest, upfront and transparent enough about what he owns and does not own. His level of affluence or otherwise is common knowledge and an open book to a large section of the society. Kindly let us know that of the president on whose behalf you have engaged in this discourse. We all know who has declined and will still decline a contest of Open book on personal wealth between these personalities.
            If truly you are interested in some truth, let me refer you to a video assesing the strengths and weaknesses of the 3 major participants in the pending 2015 elections by Deola ‘keeping it real’ captured by Sahara Reporters yday. It is refreshing and will assist your recollection of past events.
            Also refer to Tam David- West prelude to Buhari’s declaration which addresses lies/myths you seem to have gobbled up.
            Only the truth can set you free!
            Trust me, not holding my breadth tho.

          • Es3

            I was equally on ground, well conscious and fully informed before Shagari contested elections in Nigeria! Perhaps that will help you a bit on the fact that I equally know what happened then?!

            You make references to Tam David West without his popular gold Rolex wrist watch??? Is it Deola and his Shara Reporters that have not hidden their bias against other candidates in the race??? If you wish to make a point on report, always remember to cite a report that gave a balanced view on all involved and not on one designed and skewed in favour of one?!
            Good that you admitted that monies went missing under Buhari’s watch, so who is accountable for that??? After Buhari’s overthrow, he appeared before IBB panel but spurned OBJ’s Oputa’s panel and the records are there!!! So which other panel did OBJ set up to probe Buhari that he attended as you claimed here???

            No foreign accounts before and till now??? Only few things are THIS FAR from the truth!!! When and and others use his level of affluence, spartan lifestyle, etc as excuses, claiming Buhari is sparkling white without a speck of corruption??? I just conclude (based on what I know and have long verified) that there is no single iota of truth in that claim – as far as the truth is concerned,

            You also admitted on the issue of draconian decrees but failed to say anything about the retroactive one that killed Nigerians long after the crime was committed from the latter date of the decree itself?! This is besides the fact that what some Nigerians worship Buhari for during his coup and pretense rule, are actually the handiwork of now late Tunde Idiagbon!!!

            Yes, it is the truth about the 73 suitcases and many others that will truly set Nigeria and Nigerians free!!!

          • gboromiro

            Since our understanding of truth/facts on these matters is in contradiction to the other, it will serve to remember who among the two candidates ‘does not give a damn’ and is a ‘serial duck’ on matters of public and open declaration of assets. It will be helpful if his supporters can encourage him to do the right thing not only to clear the air about info out there but for the sake of probity and leadership.

          • Es3

            Jonathan is not ducking anything on asset declaration, you need to get your facts right here!!! The asset declaration law does not demand an open (public) declaration, even as it is equally not opposed to it!

            Jonathan had satisfied the requirement of the law by declaring his assets to CCB and it is completely his (Jonathan’s) prerogative to make that declaration public or not!!!

            If it wasn’t so, then OBJ, the governors and all other elective public office holders would have had their assets on the pages of the newspapers all these years before Jonathan. Though anyone can still obtain the declaration by applying through the courts, still courtesy of Jonathan!!!

            Has it bothered you enough to find out why all the flurry of court cases against him for public declaration failed?!!!

        • Tonnero

          Will you shut your mouth there? What facts are you countering? Is it not clear to anyone who has a brain that these allegations are stoopid? Why would a man who stole $2.8bn in the 80’s still be living such a modest life 30 years later? When will he start enjoying the money? In the grave? Where are his oil fields? How many blocks did he give his friends? Does he own telecom companies? Banks? Contrast that to your principal who is orchestrating the most organised looting of a national treasury ever seen in these parts. A guy who openly refused to declare his assets publicly, whose administration ADMITS misallocating more than $20bn and may have misallocated as much as $50bn but only responds by sacking a sitting CBN governor? Who is caught redhanded shipping money out of the country in privately owned jets and giving laughable reasons for doing so and who says stealing is not corruption? During OBJs 8 years, he paid off $18bn debt and left a surplus of $67bn Today, that surplus has dropped to about $40bn inspite of another 8 years of earnings! Only idyots like you and Femi Aribisala would even dare to make any argument for GEJ. I would vote a confirmed armed robber before I vote GEJ.

          • Es3

            When you refer to “anyone with brain”, It’s very obvious here that it’s either you are not making use of one in your response here or somehow, somewhere…?

            Femi raised issues that are clear facts and truths and I had expected you and your APC to counter them one by one?! What do we have here, complete hogwash, even from one like you which leaves me worrying the more on the hope for such a party?!!!

            On the one only and that is the $2.8 billion. The question you and your APC party should answer is, did that money go missing under Buhari’s watch as stated by Femi or not??? The answer remains that the truth that it did!!! Was it probed as stated by Femi??? Yes, it was!!! Was there a Vera in NTA as at that time??? Of course, there was!!! Was she sacked as stated by Femi under Buhari’s government??? Yes she was!!! What was the reason for her sacking that led to her being generously rewarded for wrongful sacking – to keep her quite???! I leave you and your APC party to answer that, but we know the answer already as she was not that quite afterall! That is just one of so many others!!!

            Why was Shagari’s government overthrown just days to the announcement and action on the panel report Buhari???!

            Now and after all that, a panel was set up by OBJ where he (Buhari) had a golden opportunity to prove his innocence and clear his name, but he refused to make use of it knowing fully well that the evidence remains both locally and internationally on that against him!!! As generally known and said “it is the guilty that would be afraid”?!!!

            Your anti-corruption god called Buhari, is corruption on two legs!!!

      • Haruna Chiroma

        Please Femi Aribisala don’t be blind with the truth just simply because you are paid by PDP to write against him. You don’t collect loan and say I will pay back if I get elected, if not I will not pay back. The condition for paying loan has nothing to do with winning election for your information. Please go back and read the Banking Acts. Don’t write about what you have no knowledge about. Please don’t tarnish the image of our banks in Nigeria. Again repetitions of Buhari’s losses in 3 elections refer to response 1.
        Again Femi Aribisala is showing his ignorant of the banking loan procedure. All the questions you ask Buhari he is not the one to answer, is the bank that answer those questions. Buhari cannot collect loan and then decide on the conditions for collecting and repayment of the loan, that is a total injustice and monumental corruption which Buhari is seriously against. Compare to Jonathan, he was invited for presidential debate by a private, neutral, and independent television, but refuse to attend while he prefer NTA so that he will decide the questions to be asked and not to be asked. That is corrupt practice and can equally be treated as exam malpractice.

  • Mr. Abdin

    As for me i believe the write is working for GEJ, though i am not that fan of Buhari but it seems was too pro- PDP and subjective inn his analysis. left for me i will prefer Atiku.

  • Ayelala

    Does anyone bother to read this clown’s Articles?

  • me

    Hahaha this writer end off campaigning for GMB

  • concerned9ja

    This is a fantastic script!!! However, it is only fantastic to the Okupes of this world and GEJ sympathisers. Any sane Nigerian would know this is a commissioned script and I am happy for you for a good pay cheque from slush fund. However, bad you laboured to paint GMB, the issue is that he could not be worse than Jonathan. GEJ is worse than Ebola in deed, action and words. On assessment so far, he cannot be a local council chairman, but we had been deceived and we have accepted our fate. It was high time to make amends and i would not open my eyes to vote for a proven moron in GEJ no matter how terrible you painted Buhari. To lose three times and still ready to go is for me a mark of tenacity and seriousness rather than desperation. Everyone knows that corruption is the dinosaur wrestling against Nigeria’s progress, yet, Jonathan your master says there is no corruption in this land. He says what we have is petty stealing and that it is not synonymous in any way with corruption. I am sure corrupted and twisted souls like yours must have sold the theory to the Otuoke man. For me and millions of Nigeria who want this country liberated from the hand s of mediocres like Jonathan, we would rather go with someone like Buhari who knows and acknowledged the Leviathan called corruption.

    • King Carlos

      God bless you. Aribisala is a disgrace, fooling himself in anticipation of a political appointment.

    • Es3

      Either out of ignorance or on purpose, you failed or decided against acknowledging that where the truths about the real Muhammadu Buhari is involved, Jonathan is a saint!!!

      • Tonnero

        Jonathan can only be a saint where you are the pope.

        • Es3

          That is because you know next to nothing about the real Buhari and also suffering from the overdose of APC’s evil propaganda!!!

          • tundemash

            Mor0n….. am i the one messing your life up as President ? Am I the one who is heading a notoriously corrupt govt. who is quickly becoming known internationally as crooked ?
            You e-rats make it easy to lampoon your benefactor as you are so d@ft, nothing intelligent comes from you.

          • Es3

            Ha, ha, ha.. I dey laugh ooo!

            You are already bitter when only very tip of the iceberg is coming up to the surface on your god Buhari??? It means you will burst your aorta and splatter your brains on others when half of the monster surfaces?!!!

            Asking for something new when the ‘old debt’ remains unpaid??? Your case must be chronic!!! Is it not expected that you would answer to the facts and truths of the old first before any serious minded person can attempt bothering himself/herself with giving you the new?!!!

          • tundemash

            Feeble mind, asking you to tell us something new means one is bitter to you ? what is the old debt that was owed that remains unpaid Mr. Clown? You claimed Tonerro knows next to nothing about the real Buhari so why don’t you tell us ? Is that too much to ask Mr. D@ft ? I know once the discuss isn’t religious or ethnicity, you are empty !!

          • Es3

            I sincerely pity you cos the more you post, the more you expose your emptiness on this forum!!! Very typical APC hypocrites!!! Only good in lies, insults and abuses!!!!

            If you do not know the basics of a simple meaning of ‘paying the old debt to qualify for new one’ and the context that it was used here, then sorry cos this forum was not designed to fill those obvious knowledge gaps?!

            My sincere advise to you? Withdraw for a while a study, research and investigate to be informed!!! Meanwhile, more information on the real Buhari will only come your way when you can give meaningful counters to Femi post on Buhari?!

          • tundemash

            You challenge an e-rat to defend his postulation and he ducks ! Typical Amnesty camp miscreants.

          • Es3

            Duck???!!! One of the very last thing I will ever do on this blog or elsewhere!!!

            Rather, you are the one ducking as you have asking questions in a desperate bid to divert attention from the cardinal issues (questions) that Femi raised on your god Buhari!!!

            You have attempted severally to dodge answering them but I wont just let you go unless you answer them?! So the sooner you start, the better for you!

      • tundemash

        Ebele is like ebola, he should be flushed in 2015.

        • Es3

          Is it the one you transmitted to him???! In that case, you must be first flushed out now!!!

          • tundemash

            Mor0n….. am i the one messing your life up as President ? Am I the one who is heading a notoriously corrupt govt. who is quickly becoming known internationally as crooked ?
            You e-rats make it easy to lampoon your benefactor as you are so d@ft, nothing intelligent comes from you. Ask Reno for better material cl0wn .

          • Es3

            I still dey laugh at you?! If your life is so messed up, mine is not!!!

            Even in that mess, look elsewhere for the cause for Jonathan is definitely not responsible! Your first port of call is yourself, then your APC next, before looking anywhere else!!!

            On Jonathan being internationally known as crook??? It’s obvious that you have been taking, in overdoses, that your APC thing because you seem not to have the ability to see things and think for yourself, or seeing by inspiration of ‘that thing’?!!! All you have left is these worn-out APC propaganda lines?!!!

            After the exposition by two South African newspapers (with documentary evidences published as well), South African have come around to apologize to the people and government of Nigeria on the $9.3 million arms transaction, have you or will you ever????! No, it is not in your character to be decent or to possess the strength of character to admit when wrong!!!

            Answer first to the facts and truths presented against your god Buhari by Femi, after that (and if you have facts and figures on the issues raised to counter them), you can return to this blog to scrap for whatever credibility that may be left for you?! If not hang that “MORON” name boldly on your own neck going forward!!!

            Nigerians know better!!!

          • tundemash

            Mr. D@ft, what is legitimate in ferrying $15m cash across international borders ? What does the law say about the amount of cash you can have on you either out of Nigeria or into South Africa? Why is the identity ofthe two Nigerians so secretive ? What is your Dumbo doing havng meeting with an accused Modu Sheriff in Chad and Aso Rock ? Keep deluding your sef. Dumbo would be the 1st ex. President to be jailed if he’s lucky not to be executed for crimes agaunst humanity. By that time, you would have been thrown out of the Amnesty village and laugh your way into obscurity you came from.

          • Es3

            With the “$15 million cash across international borders” that you are bandying here, are you that you even the anything about that transaction at all???! What do you know about international arms trade and the market???

            Go and gather factual information first, not your APC propaganda, and revert after to make meaning on this forum!!!

          • tundemash

            Clown … only rogues and terrorists carry cash to buy arms in black market. Your Dumbo is a terrorist. Boko Haram started having a set back when USA blocked arms sale. Tell us what you know about arms black market since you probably are a terrorist too !

          • Es3

            This confirms that you know absolutely nothing about the two arms markets!!!

            US, UK, Russian, etc governments buy arms from both markets and your terribly deficient brain is here referring to them as terrorists and rogues?!!!

            Very pitiable a person!!!

          • OJS

            Are you making us believe that Jonathan’s Government is not corrupt? I am not for APC but then you need wake up from your dream world!!!!!!

          • Es3

            You either got it wrong or decided to narrow it down this on purpose?! The Punch newspaper, on the instructions of their paymaster (Tinubu and his APC) blocked my posts and responses to Tundemash!!!

            That is how objective and free Punch is today??? I weep for Punch newspaper that late Pa Awo helped to nourish in the past!!!

            Because I was writing about Buhari’s records-testified corruption while responding to Tundemash, he directed Punch to block me!!! I will how many others will behave like Punch newspaper has?!!!

            I hardly object to any objective comment on any corruption issue in Jonathan’s govenment, but would not accept any that is subjective and highly politicized as such from Tundemash and his likes!!!

          • Haruna Chiroma

            1 One thing is for sure: Muhammadu Buhari would like to be the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He has tried three times and has failed every time. Finally realizing it is a lost cause, he said he would not try again. But now he is persuaded to try again. Since the third time did not turn out to be a charm for Buhari, what are we to call his fourth attempt? Listening to the declaration of his new-fangled presidential bid in Eagles’ Square, Abuja a few days ago, it is seems this fourth time is going to be one big charade. The sign was provided by none other than Buhari himself. No dought because of the massive corruption ($20 billion crude oil sales missing, siphoning trillions of naira in the name of fuel subsidy, etc.), insecurity (insurgents, kidnapping, arm robarry, etc), lack of adequate power supply (less than 2000MW), unprecedented inflation, election rigging (Ekiti, Anambra, Niger, etc), unemployment (6.5 million unemployed youths jostling for 4000 vacant positions in Nigeria emigration service and each paid N1000, over 20 applicants died in the process), economic sabotage (announcing excellent economic figures while all economic indicators prove the contrary), etc. of the Jonathan PDP adminidtration certainly Buhari will like to be next president of Nigeria to up turn the anomalies unleash on Nigerians by almost 15 years of PDP miss rule. Buhari lost elections three times, mainly because of massive rigging as well as the collusion of the presidency and the electoral umpire, yet, Buhari took the loss like Abraham Lincoln of the USA. Femi Aribisala should know that in Africa as well as some other developing countries outside Africa is very difficult or even impossible to contest presidential election for the first time from opposition party and wine. You need to consistently be contesting and scoring significant percentage of the votes cast. By consistently contesting for the presidential election, the opposition can devise a means as well as building strong opposition throughout the country to stop the rigging machines of the ruling government and eventually win the election. For example, in Ghana with a population of less than 26 million people, John Kufor contested presidential election from opposition party in 1996 and lost. He re-contested in 2001 and wrestle power from the incumbent government to become the president of Ghana. In Kenya with a population of 44 million people, Mwai Kibaki contested from opposition party in 1992, 1997, and lost twice. Subsequently, in 2002, Mwai Kibaki re-contested and won the president of Kenya in the third attempt. In Brazil with a population of 200 million people, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva contested election from opposition party in 1989, 1994, 1998, and lost serially to the incumbent party in power. In 2003, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva re-contested for the fourth time and won the president of Brazil from the opposition party. From the analysis, it may interest Femi Aribisala to know that the number of re-contesting for the presidency from opposition party goes with the complexity and population size of the country. Therefore, Buhari has contested three times in Nigeria with a population of over 170 million people, thus, the three previous losses by Buhari were not a weakness, but part of the winning steps as shown by history (John Kufor, Mwai Kibaki, and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ). The fourth attempt by God grace Buhari will win from the opposition APC. Right from 2003 to date Buhari have never wished to contest the election, but because of the problems facing Nigeria as earlier stated and the lack of clue by the PDP government to solve these problems, people in their hundreds of thousands always persuaded Buhari to contest.

          • Es3

            Your conjectures here are not only completely wrong but also out of sync with the reality here in Nigeria!!!

            You completely failed to realize that there are factors out there that matter but does not count in Nigeria, just as there are things that carry electoral weights here which do not matter out there?!!!

            Go, sit down and think again! 2015 is for Jonathan!!!

          • OJS

            Totally in support….

      • OJS

        Are you a Nigerian?

        • Es3

          No, I’m a Japanese with Nigerian names!!!

          Next question???

    • OJS

      Truth ,,,but then….will Buhari be able to deliver on this….Don’t get me wrong, I am also agaist Jonathan coming back..

  • tijan kabba

    I hope Femi got paid for this ”JUNK”.

    • George

      Vera Ifudu, an NTA newscaster, revealed that Saraki told her in an
      interview that the missing money was traced to Buhari’s account at
      Midland Bank in London. For this disclosure, Vera was summarily sacked
      by the NTA. However, she appealed against her dismissal in court and
      won. She even received a handsome financial compensation for wrongful
      dismissal from the NTA. Instead of clearing his name as a man of
      integrity, Buhari refused to appear before the Oputa Panel set up to
      look into the matter (among under things) by the Obasanjo



  • Haruna Chiroma

    This is a serious fake journalist, writing without balance report. Just simply because he is paid to write against Buhari. So many contradictions in the write up, please go and learn how to write without contradictions. Eg of one contradiction, you said Buhari is corrupt according to you in another place you said he is not corrupt. Plase which one do you want us to believe. Now Buhari have 14 governors backing him, he got 12 million votes without any governor and in a party of 6 months old. Wait and see what will happen this time around.

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    This conjecture is nothing but hogwash and though i speak not for Buhari in any capacity, I want to take the issues raised by the writer head on.
    As an adult, i dont expect people to peddle hearsay and from no direct source. He came here telling us that the coup that brought GMB was because of the supposed missing funds, he crowns it by saying that Olusola Saraki said….as he wants people to conveniently go ask the late man in his grave when indeed government is a continuum, how come it was not gazetted against GMB as corrupt? It is libelous to say he has always known GMB to be corrupt.
    To the meat of the matter, GMB has decided to show the right posture by not accepting any form of payment from any party member the writer has labelled as corrupt, to the discerning, he has come to equity with clean hands. He raised the issue of GMB protesting the 27.5M fee for the form, we all know that GMB was the second person to collect the form, so i ask, should he be carrying placards while others obtained the form? Interestingly, the party chairman said he knew GMB did not have the funds around him but the intention was to “separate the men from the boys”. We recall that LP also used the same to deter some politicians the last showing for presidency and some were stopped from campaigning even though they had identified with the party. The man has shown seriousness and the by first complying, he had a great showing with the who is who attending his declaration in Abuja. To the fallacies he raised about the man needing money, he cant advice GMB on that as he is aware this is the 4th showing.
    What is rather surprising is, like i had raised at several times is that why is the declaration of GMB causing so much unrest? The presidency immediately went into opposition even with a simple declaration, and same as the writer. It is a show of strength for GMB then that while he is yet to be the flag bearer, panic has entered the camp of his adversaries.
    He raised mundane issues such as age, speculations, bank loans, bank managers, news caster and even the late Saraki. I am appalled that someone who should know has refused to let bitterness take the better of him against logic. For the avoidance of doubt, GMB is the only candidate that upon signalling the date of declaration, internet went agog, seeking how they could help fund the purchase of the form, never in the history of the country have the people showed so much love to ANY politician. It shows that all the conjectures raised have defied reason and the love of the people is indicative that the present state of the nation has failed them irrespective of how much his opponents have at their disposal. In my opinion, i expected the writer to say he confirmed the balance of over $2B in the account of GMB in UK and the same UK remained the same that year. We are above speculations and the hatchet-man’s job done here by the writer need i say is dead on arrival. The best shot has been fired by presidency even in the face of PDP first wishing GMB well to addressing issues. 2015 elections will be based on substance and not tissues of lies as presented by the writer. Elders are meant to build not destroy is my advice to such an aged man who is nothing but a megaphone of his master who has failed the nation.

  • gboromiro

    And this man calls himself a pastor; maybe of the thieving cabal…. Pure tales by the moonlight!

    • Haruna Chiroma

      This man is not pastor, I have friends who are pastors. Their behavior is totally different from this man. They always stick to the truth.

  • Sunny

    This man is really doing the work of his paymaster. Well, time will tell how far he can go in supporting a corrupt government and this is even pointing to something that Mr. Aribisala may have an hidden thing when he was in the Federal Ministry. Your target is to further confused the minds of already badly programmed Nigerians but you will fail.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Femi Aribisala is naive and a paid PDP wirter whose life revolves around the PDP-numerous bribery-schemes and the missing S20 billion dollars oil revenue which president Ebele Jonathan is focusing on his 2015 illegal campiagns just like the TAN-Ebele Jonathan concept-of deceit and crowd rental scam.

    • Omolomo

      Awosan, How come it’s an offence to write for PDP? Other parties have those who write for them. Don’t they?

      • OJS

        Should a PASTOR be doing this?

  • Tonnero

    A new low for this idyot.


    Mr. Femi Aribisala………..i disagree with you on your postulations here!
    Too naive and lacking in objectivity. If Buhari had allowed any money bag in APC to pay for his nomination form you will be the first to say he has been compromised.Abi?
    In all sincerity are you saying Buhari is not bankable enough to secure the loan or that he has the money and just pretending?
    Its a free world and you are entitled to your opinion but do not manipulate the truth about the missing $2.8 billion in the late 70s. You know the truth!!!

  • Ogom

    “.. subject to Senate investigation under the chairmanship of Olusola Saraki in 1983.”

    Really, Saraki?!

    This Aribisala guy is really struggling. He should have said “.. under the ABLE chairmanship”. Funny guy.

  • NAG1

    Femi Aribisala may God forgive you. Buhari was the petroleum minister from 1976 -1978 under Obasanjo. As a petroleum Minister, he constructed three refineries: one in port Harcourt, one in Warri and another one in Kaduna. During this period, Nigeria was refining her own oil, exporting oil and not importing petroleum products. Femi, how can a man that constructed three refineries within two years embezzled such colossal amounts? Did you think about the value of $2.8m in the 70s?. The amount you mentioned was reported missing but later found and not in Buhari’s account.

    Regarding the loan, I will tell you Buhari’s name is more than adequate for bank collateral. “He is simply Mandela of Nigeria”

    Femi you need to repent before it is too late for you.

    • tundemash

      why ask a lunatic “pastor” to repent? Go thru people’s submissions on this forum, he and his Aso Rock paymasters have failed and would surely be flushed to Otuoke zoo come 2015.

      • Omolomo

        You don’t have to curse and abuse every one who disagree w/ you. If your party ever wins, is this how u wanna provide leadership? I really doff my hat for the PDP for their tolerance.

        • tundemash

          Am i a representative of APC hence your conclusion ” If your party ever wins, is this how u wanna provide leadership? ” ?
          In your myopic mind, anyone who criticises your inept GEJ must belong to the opposition? Guess what Senator Mccain of the US also criticised GEJ because he also belongs to APC. Clown !

          • OJS

            You don’t have to be abusive before you make your point

    • omolomo

      You bask in ignorance. Pls go and read a little.

      • NAG1

        Professor why can’t you show your evidence against Buhari, “Olodo”.

    • Shehu Monguno

      NAG, whether Buhari constructed three refineries or not is not the issue. The issue in question is the US$2.8Billion

      • Fido

        the amount was reported missing but was found and not in GBMs account. Please read well before you comment.

  • Sai Buhari

    Oga Femi as much as you want us to believe that Buhari is corrupt, you did not even try to make the story a balance one. I would have expected you to call a witness that is alive and a dead man. You left some part of the story when you did not tell us how the wife of your paymaster Mrs Patience Johnathan was caught with $13.5million she tried to launder out of the country. At all Nigerian are aware of that the is kept in CBN on the account of EFFC, no wonder the president cannot fight corrupt. Again if it was true that Buhari stole $2.8Billion, Is He also immune from prosecution?

  • Jona

    Femi Aribisala am disappointed in you. You are a disgrace to yourself.

  • Deji

    Femi Aribisala is clearly a tribalist and and a confused commentator since all the allegations cited are far less than what had occurred under the current administration, Buhari utilised the PTF fund for meaningful projects which include roads and hospitals. The legacies are still obvious. What can we claim as the real achievements of the current administration in practical terms? A paid government agent in Pastoral guise. Tell the government the truth and the good lord will bless you more than than mere mortal reward. Both sides have their blames don’t take side with anybody for religious reasons rather base your argument on balanced judgement.

  • BenBen

    Sum1 who stole 2.8bn in d 80s shld b enjoying life now @ 72! As a retired general, govt tkes care of his bulley proof cars. Saraki told NTA broadcaster! Joke of the century! Femi wnt to knw d bank manager so he can also get same loan wen we only knw him as an online yahoo yahoo guy paid by a master! B4 any bnk gvs loan u must gv them a detailed repayment plan. Evn if GMB dnt win, only one of d 14 govs is enougj to repay on his behalf tlk more of ALL his non-paid supporters. MAY THE MONIES PAID TO FEMI & HIS LIKE TO SUPPORT CORRUPT LEADERS CHOKE THEM ALL! #THERIS GOD O#

  • Obviosuly, you have a score to settle with Buhari. You no doubt did not hide your resentment for Buhari in your essay. Between this administration and Buhari’s administration when he was the HOS of this country, which administration fair better? What meaningful legacy can be said of this administration; under this administration we have watched countless of probes without any one finally concluded but buried in charade. Under this administration, we have watched many corrupt politicians repatriated home only to be given state pardon. This country has never been this divided with mistrust but under this administration. A government so enmeshed in corruption and its corruption personified. Was it not under our watch, Buhari instituted discipline in our society, was it not under our watch Buhari strengthened the Naira to the pounds. Am disappointed with your comments about Buhari and it obviously portrays you as a tribalised Pastor. I would rather, you give an objective opinion and comments rather than condemnation. If Jonathan is so sure of his candidacy and he’s so confident of his popularity even within his party, why didn’t the PDP allow everyone to go for the primaries rather than lobby for an endorsement of his presidential candidacy for PDP? Given that situation , it’s unlikely Jonathan can win the primaries . Look, the guy is not popular! And as a Pastor, l suppose and assume that, one of the tenets and mark of a good Pastor is to be apolitical and refrain from seen to be so even if you tend to be so. This is quite disappointing!

  • kwango

    Femi us already wetting and gassing in his pants just because of Buhari’s declaration of intent alone. The writers attitude is similar to the biblical lunatic who could not be tamed any longer but when Christ appeared at that city he ran to him and said “have you come to kill us before our time?” Femi seems to asking Buhari the same question. His attitude to anything Buhari suggests political lunacy.

    • Great Naija

      @kwango i can’t stop laughing oh…… Are you telling me that Femi don shit for church?

  • Akiika

    Femi Aribisala is a big fat liar simply distorting facts, this is a new low for him.

  • If Buhari cannot fight corruption under APC, is it under PDP he could fight it? If APC is unscrupulus political party, what do you call PDP? What progress has Nigeria made since 1999 that it began its rule? Aribisala is truly working hard to displace Abati on this job, I wish you goodluck.

  • Omo Akin

    Femi Aribisala is economical with truth out of sentiment: party affiliations, religion, tribe and shallow knowledge. he doesn’t know the difference between overdraft and loan. Proper scrutiny of GMB’s statement does not depict a loan. All these stories are are cooked, we are all students of history. He meust have been paid to write the piece by the enemies of progress

    • Fatima Scholar

      Bank overdraft and bank loan are one and the same. You are the one who doesn’t know the difference between bank loan and overdraft. Are they not monies borrowed from the bank with the intent to pay back at a certain time with interest?

      • Haruna Chiroma

        Femi Aribisala could have impressed the readers if he quoted a section of Nigerian constitution or any other legal document that prohibits the collection of loan from a Bank. However, the Nigerian banking system has laws that legalized the collection of loan from a bank once you fulfil the criteria’s required for the collection of the loan. Let me tell Femi Aribisala that I personally know of 17 Nigerians that offer to buy presidential form for Buhari. Also, several people persuaded Buhari to call for fund raising. In case Femi Aribisala do not know, these were the alternatives at the disposal of Buhari. Yet, the incorruptible and principle Daura man (Buhari) decided to buy the form for himself. Buhari has bought his nomination forms since 2003 to date. This is the first time a presidential aspirant has disclose a verifiable source of the money he use to buy nomination form. Compare to other contestants, including Jonathan, the usual lies are: groups buy the form for me, stakeholders and in most cases the source is not even disclosed.

  • Adrian McAndy

    This sums it up “It is clear that Buhari is not only lacking the money to pay for APC nomination papers, he does not have the funds to pay for advisers, to counsel him about what to tell the public and how to prosecute an effective presidential campaign.”

    • Haruna Chiroma

      According to Femi Aribisala analysis since Buhari does not have N27 millions he is not fit to be Nigerian president. This is a total ignorance of the highest order and significant insufficient knowledge in Nigerian political history and our constitution. The constitution of Nigeria does not require aspirant to have a certain amount of money before he/she contest the president of Nigeria. For example, former president Olusegun Obasanjo does not have N27 million before he becomes president of Nigeria in 1999, former prime minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as well as Shehu Shagari were not having such amount before they became a Nigerian prime minister and President respectively. In Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from a shoe shiner to labour union leader and later become president of Brazil does not have such amount before becoming president. After he became president, he removed 20 million people out of extreme poverty and made Brazil economy 8th position in the world according to the Washington post of 10 October 2010 not by his minister of finance as the case Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Nigeria. Buahri do not require to have millions or billions to become a president in Nigeria. Therefore, Buhari is the right man to be president of Nigeria. On the issue of cluellessness, in the history of Nigeria we have never had a clueless president like the present president. For example, presently some portion of our country is now under the control of ragtag insurgents, defending MEND for the atrocities they committed and admitted etc.

    • Burbank

      Nice to know that even a poor Nigerian like Buhari can aspire to be a president, instead of stealing public funds for 16 years to be presidents/governors/senators/assemblymen.

  • pheliciti

    Mr. Aribisala,
    How can a supposed pastor lie like this? Can you in true conscience hold your bible up and swear that you believe your story about the $2.8b theft allegation you’ve made up against Buhari?. How come you omitted this in you article about Buhari dated January 21? Or you just discovered this? How do you have the conscience to admonish your children not to lie?

    • Burbank

      A satanic pastor has no problem as a perpetual liar.

  • Burbank

    And Nigeria had chose Buhari as President.