2015: ACN, CPC begin merger talks as Tinubu leads delegation to Buhari

In continuation of the merger talks among the major opposition parties in the country ahead of the 2015 election, the leader of the opposition Action Congress of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu Thursday led a strong delegation of the party’s stalwart to meet with the leader of the Congress for Progressive Change, Muhammadu Buhari, at his residence in Kaduna.

The visit also appears a reciprocal one as Mr. Buhari had paid a similar visit to Mr. Tinubu some weeks ago in Lagos.

Although, none of those who attended the meeting which was held behind closed doors addressed the media, Mr. Tinubu said  their meeting centred around the need to have a credible election in 2015 because according to him,”the conduct of free and fair elections are critical to the growth of democracy and development in Nigeria”.

Mr. Tinubu said the ACN and the CPC are working for a positive change in 2015 that will lead to the formation of a government led by progressive minds.

“We are working for a positive change in 2015. We don’t want to be perpetually be in opposition, every politician wants the opportunity to govern,”he said.

Mr Tinubu also declined to give details of their discussions saying only that  “as politicians we discussed in general the situation in the country and how we can help ameliorate the problems facing the nation”.

Throwing a little light however, Mr.Tinubu said the meeting was fruitful as it was transparent for all present and a lot of progress was made on the way forward.

“The doors are open and politics is not about a dark room event. It is about transparency and our ability to work with one another for a common agenda and that is the purpose; we are still looking at areas where we can help our nation. As you all  know, patriotism is about putting the national interest above self.

“If we have security agencies that are charge with the protection of the sovereignty of the country  at the expense of their own lives, then the leaders must be able to make sacrifices and be flexible enough to help redirect. Not just anybody can steer the ship of a nation, but it takes exceptional leadership to chart the course and steer the ship to a proper destination” he also said.

“I am not going to be specific, but we discuss on the national patriotism and the direction the nation is going and the need for a change. That change may be about us, forming a government of our own”.

He said,’every democrat must be able to work hard and sacrifice for a free and election. Any democrat must be able to celebrate and accept the result of free and fair elections in order to deserve the joy of victory.

“But every democracy must resist the abuse of power, manipulation and rigging in the election. We have areas that even if we are not in the same political party, we can collaborate”.

Those who accompanied Mr. Tinubu to the meeting include governors Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state, and Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti state. Others are Audu Ogbeh, a respected national leader of the ACN, and the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, among others.

CPC stalwarts who attended the meeting include, former minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nasir El-rufai, former minister of works, Hassan Lawal, Senator Abu Ibrahim, the CPC governorship  candidate in the 2011 election in Kaduna state,  Haruna Sa’eed, and  the Minority Leader, Kaduna state House of Assembly, Shehu Usman.


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  • Only God knows what would happen in 2012

  • abdallah


  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    They will surely gather but because their gathering is not of God, they will surelly scatter. ACN with all its six muslim governors and muslim leader will join forces with a widely acclaimed religous bigot to choose the President for us in Nigeria. I dey laugh. why dont they simply tell us their religous agenda, instead of all these secret mettings, here and there. uncircumscised philistines.

    • Odumegwu2009

      Is Mptikikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa the new KenMani? Of late it seems KenMani took a French leave. Is there a metamorphosis from KenMani to Mpitikikwelue _na_Ugwu_Awusa? God you are great. God Bless Nigeria.

    • Ayoefa

      It’s about time they come together to rescue this country from the jaws of these corrupt, immoral, incompetent bunch of fools.
      Only fools like you will see anything bad in it lead by your cohorts in the Child Molesters Association of Nigeria (CAN). Am sure your cronies in the CAN will start complaining very soon too. Enough of these shenanigans, we need a true leader like Buhari and if you don’t like it then move the Vatican with the other child molesters.

    • Ayoefa

      It’s about time they come together to rescue this country from the jaws of these corrupt, immoral, incompetent bunch of fools.
      Only fools like you will see anything bad in it, lead by your cohorts in the Child Molesters Association of Nigeria (CAN). I’m sure your cronies in the CAN will start complaining very soon too. Enough of these shenanigans, we need a true leader like Buhari and if you don’t like it then move to the Vatican with the other child molesters. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home.

    • Odumegwu2009

      Surely KenMani is back. KenMani-Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa. We did not miss you. But remember and know that you are taking advantage of the openness of Premiumtimes, the open public sphere that Premiumtimes has given all of us. Please do not abuse it. You can say anything you want to say but do it with some decorum. Be factual and logical. We want to build a great Nigeria free of jaundice and bigotry. And we will build it by the special grace of God. And this starts from our language and the way we use it and when we have conversations with fellow Nigerians. You need to watch your language because we will build this country inspite of you and the social and political tradition you belong. By the special grace of God we Nigerians of all colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds, class backgrounds will try to bring people like you along to form a rainbow country free of bigotry because you are a NIgerian, but if you want to remain in the stone age, we will leave you behind because we Nigerians have a lot work to do and a lot of catching up to make.
      . We will remian ONE UNITED Nigeria inspite of you. We will build a great Nigeria where all races and ethnicity, and religions, are welcome. We will just know that. Thank you sir and you are welcome sir Mr. KenMani-Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa. We will continue to pray for you.
      God bless.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        I have no respect for spit lickers like you. My generation will never worship man made gods. All these hausa fulani muslim elite that think they are born to rule will never have my support. they think they are tiny gods cos they controlled our oil and military for donkeys years. Well, nothing last forever. it turns around.One nigeria does not mean sharia Nigeria. They must reject and publicly condemn boko haram and accept that political Islam have no place in our national life, before we take them serious. Otherwise, a thousand boko haram appeasers like u will not win one vote for them in the south. U cant build a rainbow country on christian blood. CPC must reject violence and bloodshed.

        • Xman

          If you are worshipping Jesus you are already worshipping man made god, lol. Anyway, people like you wants thousands of Jonathan over one muslim that you yourself knows is sincere and can move the country forward all in the name of religion. What is Political Islam? And what does CAN represents? Neutral Christianity or Political Christianity ?! U must be a joker. Let’s reason together, we need any Nigerian be it Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Muslim, Christian or Atheist that would move the country forward not the like of GEJ being voted for because he is from our religion or region, No, we wants merit to reign, we want past record to be a determinant, we want sincerity to be our guide in selecting leaders. And finally, no religion is superior to the other, you are christian becos u were fortunate to be born by christians, I am a muslim becos I am fortunate to be born by muslims. You see a lot of people converting from one religion to the other and u see some converting from religious to non religious or atheism it is personal to them, as ur religion and mine is personal to us. Let’s live in Harmony, lets let merit to determine who will lead us, not religion or region.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            We have been living in harmony, except those periods criminals proceed from govt houses in d north to murder innocent xtians in the name of riots.CPC poses existential threat to christians in nigeria. QED. Their founder warned muslims never to vote for christians and CPC Secretary, Buba Galadima thinks Boko Haram is a popular movement. What other proofs do u need.

        • Ayoefa

          Look, I have no respect for fools like you and your cronies in the CAN. For all I care you can all go to HELL. What is more “Man made” than Jesus? Pls tell me? Even the White man who brought it to you will tell you that. Pls stop throwing stone while you are living in a glass house. For all I care we can break this thing call Nigeria today. All I want is that everyone goes back to their villages or state. But never in your wildest dream think that this is just a North and South thing. Its way more complicated than that. Yes there are lots and lots of Muslims in the SW and we are not going to take this imposition of your “man made” horse crap. You can form your own Vatican in the SE but it is not going to happen in my neck of the wood. You can take that to the bank.
          Take you phony, suppositious “man made” bullsh*t to the SE and form your Vatican there with all your other Child Molesters. We own the SW and there’s nothing that you, your fore fathers or even Jonna can do about it.
          Yes, Boko Haram members are nothing but bunch of evil doers but they do not represent the vast majority of Muslims in Nigeria. The CAN is also evil but they represent the vast majority of xtians in Nigeria. Their main goal is the imposition of this ‘Man Made” religion on everyone through shenanigans, brain washing, propaganda, manipulation and pure trickery. Look in the mirror son, you’ll see Xtian Boko.

    • Please is KAYODE FAYEMI Governor of Ekiti a MUSLIM? Is ABIKUNLE AMUSON also a MUSLIM? Where did you get the idea that all the South West Governors are MUSLIMS. Please STOP this MISCHIEF and face reality.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        Yes Ibikunle Amosun was born on 25/01/1958 to a muslim family. THESE ARE FACTS.

  • Ayoefa

    Those morons in the CAN (Child molesters Association of Nigeria) will start trembling and complaining very soon over this possible alliance. Simply tell them to go to HELL. Their only survival is religious confusion and control of the populace just like Boko Haram; CAN just simply employ different tactics. They both aspire to control a large chunk of the population by any means necessary, be it violence, manipulation or pure brain washing.
    We simply have too many people in this country under the total control of these fake “men of God”. A typical Nigerian cannot think of anything without injecting religion into it, yet we are the most corrupt, immoral and dissipated group of people that I have ever met. How can you be so religious and yet so morally bankrupt?

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      At least the Vatican publicly denounce child molestation as an offence to God and humanity. Will muslims ever make such a move. Tell me one islamic group that condemned yerima’s abuse of an 11 year old girl. what we saw was ulama support. birds of the same feathers. Una no get shame. U shoud be more worried about a supposed ‘multi religous’ party like ACN that can’t find one single christian in six south west states to give guber ticket to. They are the bad guys not the innocent Nigerian who is wondering why Buhari is so anti christian.

      • Xmanhjghj

        How many christians have been caught in the act of terrorism, homosexuality, stealing, killing and child molestation? In ur imaginary world, christianity does not teach these, but if it is by a muslim, their religion teaches that, that is absolute stupidity. Can you give me the criteria that is of the gathering o God? Is it the one that has mainly christians even if they are not sincere? Like the one in which Jonathan went Redeem and knelt in front of Adeboye, with the result we are witnessing today? To condemn a religion, u must first learn about it and understand its teaching not wht u are been fed with by anyone, be it ur pastor, reverend or father as u call ur leaders. Please respect others believe so that urs too will be respected. We need a leader who is a leader in the sense of it in Nigeria not the hoodlums in Nigeria’s corridor of power today.

        • adenle

          Henry Okah planned the first bomb blast in Nigeria! Most arrested armed robbers are from the Eastern Nigeria which has the majority as xtians.Haa! homosexuality is the one of the negative virtues of modern christianity.That is why those who campaign for these evils are xtians even the so-called men of God! If not for the recent crises in the North,the Eastern Nigeria has the highest level of crime.

      • Ayoefa

        Yeah right, the Vatican is publicly denouncing child molestation while privately still partaking in it. This is their being, it’s like asking a Nigerian government official not to take a bribe. The whole U.S archdioceses are full of child predators. They are even paying child molesters to leave the Catholic Church to keep their atrocities a secret. These are your so called “men of God”? Your Pope too? The so called leader of you religion?
        If these guys are your holy men, then I must be a saint may be even a prophet. I am a million percent better than these guys even though Boko Haram fools will see me as an infidel since I do not fit into their mode of a Muslim.
        I know of fools calling themselves prophets in Lagos; these are some of the lowest forms of human you’ll ever meet, yet they have all these people bowing to their every requests and demands. Going to church five times a week yet they are so vile, so corrupt, so immoral, and so full of malice that you start to wonder what the hell is going on. Pls don’t get me started.
        Check out these links to read more on child molestation in the Catholic Church:

  • Dangari

    This is not the first time that the CPC and ACN leadership are coming together. The problem still remains their individual egoism and desperate crave for top leadership position by the two national leaders. The fact is that both General Buhari and Senator Tinubu have not really encouraged internal democracy to strive freely in their parties. What we see is the self imposition of the two individuals on their parties and imposition of political godsons’ goddaughters, spouses and other hanger-on as their preferred candidates.
    I believe that until the two political parties learn how to play a free political game can they ever achieve their goal of forming a strong vibrant opposition party. Until they discard all their individual ambition, nepotism, tribalism and self interest will they ever bring about patriotism in their purported merger?

  • Olanbo

    Let us take some uncomfortable facts from the tragic and sad Dana Plane crash and why Mr. Jonathan and PDP should leave.
    1. There are facts to prove that DANA plane had technical problems in the past.
    2. All know that despite these series of factual technical problems this plane had , it was CERTIFIED fit to fly. Like someone already said,Somebody should please DENY this.
    3. The plane flew and sent about 150 Nigerians to their graves. What does this mean? It means : NIGERIANS IN NIGERIA CERTIFIED THAT A COFFIN IS FIT TO FLY. It is a fair deduction.
    4. THE PRECEDING is possible because we have an environment of CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA headed by Mr. Jonathan and his PDP. What is my evidence?. Too many but one will do. Mr. President needs to clear his name from the 155 billion naira Malibu oil scandal. Now I am NOT talking about ONE ACT OF CORRUPTION. I AM TALKING ABOUT AN ENVIRONMENT AND SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION UNDER THE RULERSHIP OF MR. JONATHAN.
    5. I am still shocked that Nigerian middle class gleefully and shamelessly send their children to Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic for high school education. These are SMALL neighboring countries that should be sending their kids to us for schooling. But because we are so shameless we destroyed our own educational system, our middle class took off and have been sending their own kids to less fortunate and less endowed countries which put their acts together. Now 155 billion naira can fix the decay in education.
    6. Take Mr. David Mark-our senate president as another example. He announced gleefully that was going abroad for medical treatment. Can you beat that? I just do not know what to say. The third person politically in Nigeria took tax payers money and went abroad to spend it on another country’s hospital thereby enriching that country and making his own country where he is the senate president poorer. What!!! He did not feel that we should fix our hospitals here. I just dey laugh my brodas and sistas. This is why some foreigners are raising the issue of IQ about we black people. Do not tell me they racist. They are NOT on this issue. I need to be convinced that the act of taking tax payers money abroad to enrich countries that are already better than us shows a leadership with a great IQ. Face THE FACT and tell me if what Mr. Mark and our so called rulers do show a high IQ.
    8. Now this is my point-Based on 1-3 above it follows that SOMEBODY took bribe to certify the DANA plane. That person who took the bribe to certify the DANA plane will point to the ENVIRONMENT AND SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION UNDER MR. JONATHAN AND PDP AND RATIONALISE HIS OWN TAKING OF A BRIBE AND CERTIFY THE PLANE. THAT SAME PERSON WILL POINT TO MR. MARK’S MEDICAL TRIP ABROAD AND JUSTIFY HIS OWN BRIBE BY SAYING: “Me sef want go abroad to treat myself. Body no be wood. So I will take this bribe”. That is what is meant by ENVIRONMENT AND SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION which explains why everyone does it right, left and center. So to destroy corruption, you need to DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT OF CORRUPTION. There are no two ways about it.
    9. CONCLUSION: If you GRIEVE about the DANA plane crash (which was certified okay inspite of the fact that it was unfit to fly) and you do not want to say AMEN to a call to prayer against corruption then your DANA plane GRIEF is CROCODILE GRIEF. Your GRIEF IS CROCODILE GRIEF.
    We must therefore take a decision and put our fate in our hands by electorally asking Mr. Jonathan and PDP to leave. We will form a UNITED Nigeria free from religious, ethnic cleavages and free of corruption. The ACN/CPC alliance is the answer to that. Nigeria WILL be great again. We will be back as the real leader of Africa and the black world. We want to be part of the first world, and not some stone age and village world. In the name of our unborn children, every right thinking Nigerian ought to support the ACN/CPC move.

    Thank you