How ACN, CPC will merge – El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai, former minister of the Federal Capital territory and a top ranking member of the opposition Congress for Political Change has divulged plans for his party to merge with another opposition party, Action Congress of Nigeria.

The move, if successful, will have the CPC, a northern grass root party, coalesce with the ACN, the largest opposition party, and other smaller parties. 

All parties in the talks are largely driven by the opposition parties’ common disdain for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

In the second part of a series of interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Mr El-Rufai gives an insight into the negotiations that would eventually culminate in a merger. 

The CPC, he says, envisages that the merger will be perfect this time around. 

“I do not see the reason why they formed the two parties (ACN and CPC),” Mr. El-Rufai said. “Both parties have similar ideology.”

He also elaborates on factors that led to the collapse of similar talks with the ACN shortly before the 2011 general election.

Mr El-Rufai who heads a committee reforming the CPC talks about the effort being made to reposition the party and make it a viable alternative to the ruling PDP.

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  • M

    Wonderful move.

    • Nasiridris19

      Mr.Ken Mani,

      Lets watch if tribe and religion difference for a leader is what develope a nation.I believe time will tell,and people will surely go for a leader irrespective of where he came from or the language spoken.I hope you should open your eyes to reason with wisdom if you have the interest of the country at heart.politics of religion and tribe will never develop a nation,but,justice and equity does.

      • KenMani

        injustice to all others in Nigeria but justice and equity for the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani…I hear you well

  • KenMani

    The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are very much at their usual game of use and dump. Now they want to use the Yoruba’s to regain their hold on power. The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani used the Middle Belt Military boys in 1966 to regain power after they lost it during the Nzeogwu coup. They co-opted the Yorubas, the Middle Belt and the Niger Delta and used them to finally suppress the Ibos via a civil war. We know what happened therafter or after they consolidated their hold on power. They killed Major Adaka Boro of the Niger Delta, they executed Ken Sarowiwa of the Niger Delta. They killed and wiped off all Middle Belt military officers and today they are killing persons from Middle Belt like chickens; it’s worst than a genocide or ethnic cleansing. When politics returned in 1979 they were still able to hoodwink the Ibos whom they cajoled as the beautiful bride, they got the Niger Delta and the Middle Belt with Greek gifts of creation of states. To God be the glory…today the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani have been dumped by the Middle Belt, the Niger Delta and the Ibos. They are very desperate like fish out water and they have the Yorubas (ACN) as their only hope to regain power. But I am not perturbed. The Yorubas are very slippery customers as Ribadu will testify. More importantly, the Yorubas are living witnesses to recent history including the killing of MKO Abiola. The Yorubas already know what the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani will do to them immediately they finish using the Yorubas to regain power. I will advise the Yorubas to give the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani only one condition as a test of their sincerity. i.e the Presidential candidate of the newly merged party must not be a Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani.

    • Shame on you KenMani when people there are out to have the progressive nation they are dreaming up, you turn it to religious matter. I foresee you an illiterate educated that lack the focus to sense well. The june12 election there you have talk about, in the North Abiola has triumphed over a northern candidate. Google the result for you to answer self. Never it was the southern votes that put him the chance to won the election. I have no problem to the inept president that you are backing up, should it that he will drop up all the corrupt people in his cabinet, perform well for the nation, I for sure believe no one will have listen to the oppositions. Now days, Presidency has become the most highest bastion of corruption, prove me wrong if truly you mean well for the country. Should it that next time you are to campaign for Gej, please talk bout the achievement he brought to the common man, neither the race stuff that never they will serve a reason! Talks and back up for charismatic and hard working people like Donalds Duke, Sam Egu, Fashola, Rochas those I believe they will be easy for you to sell out to Nigerians. No one will buy for cassava bread, the slow without focus president!

      • KenMani

        I would have ignored you for your ignorant conclusions on Jonathan which are nothing but doses of Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani propaganda coordinated by IBB, Atiku and El Rufai that you have swallowed belly-full. Here I stand and will not recant: I have vowed not to allow myself to be sucked into the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani malicious propaganda machine coordinated by IBB, Atiku and El Rufai and aimed at falsely and unjustly labeling Jonathan as incompetent and as wells as incapable of fighting corruption in Nigeria. We Nigerians must stop being gullible and must refuse to allow rogues and stinking corrupt men like IBB, Atiku and El Rufai to mislead us. The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are staging their war against Jonathan on three platforms for now. {No.1} Violence, Destructions and mass killing of Southerners and Christians from the North. {No. 2}. Unjustly label Jonathan as incompetent and as a nonperformer {No.3}. Over exaggerate the problem of corruption in Nigeria and blame it all on Jonathan. The fourth platform which they are contemplating is what I call “1966 Reloaded”: give Jonathan the “Ironsi treatment” and blame it on Boko Haram. It is instructive for you to know that all you are being fed about corruption, about inept Jonathan administration are all part of the propaganda. Shine your eyes.

        • Muss

          Mr kenmani,
          You always sound like some body that is a racist and a religious bigot, casting aspirations on a particular group of people. Please be careful. God places oil in Nigeria ,your parents did work for it to be in the Niger delter or where ever……… U are calling other Nigerians all sort of names parasites…….
          We are proud to be Muslims and Hausa Fulani the lingua Franca of West Africa!!! Sege bastard destroyer of unity and peace- to abuse u directly.

          • What peace are you talking about?

        • Royal Josh

          The United States of America is one country many others envy today and strive to overtake on many fronts.One reason for that country’s rise and dominance is the predominant will to let talent and merit rule. More importantly, the will of the majority prevails (democracy). If we must get Nigeria right, we must eschew politics of segregation and bigotry. We should let a competent man rule whether he is of this religion or another. While it is certain that PDP has failed for 13 years, it is not a religious or ethnic determined failure. The CPC-ACN coalition/merger may not work because of strong men who might insist on controlling the new party. Democratic value must be created in the new alliance or we’ll have another PDP and that will be worse for Nigeria.

    • Abdulkareem Jibia

      This shows Exactly who you are. Adulterated Illiterate and political BABOON you are an enemy of Nigeria, Christians, Muslims and of course Yoruba and Hausa Fulani. May God Rehabilitate you not Destroy you cos Nigeria needs you bot not your Illiteracy and Character.LOLLLLL

  • KenMani

    The Northern Muslim Huasa-Fulani are now very desperate like fish out water; but can the slippery Yorubas give them the life line they badly need in order to regain their hold on power. Methinks…… The beautiful bride Ibos, the naive Middle Belt and the unassuming Niger Delta have all boldly dumped the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani never to look back. The Yorubas (ACN) cannot be of any help to the drowning Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. It would be a dis-service to the memory of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief MKO Abiola. whom they murdered in cold blood.

  • KenMani

    The Northern Muslim Huasa-Fulani are now very desperate like fish out water; but can the slippery Yorubas give them the life line they badly need in order to regain their hold on power. Methinks…… The beautiful bride Ibos, the naive Middle Belt and the unassuming Niger Delta have all learnt their bitter lessons in the hands of the born to rule Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani and as such have all boldly dumped the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani never to look back. The Yorubas (ACN) cannot be of any help to the drowning Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. It would be a dis-service to the memory of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief MKO Abiola. whom they murdered in cold blood.

    • Safeeyah

      So Ken Mani aka Deri aka Emky is everywhere showing his bigoted, shallow-minded self? Na wa oh, his must be your 24/7 job honestly. Or is this Reno himself?

  • Enitan

    The ACN/ CPC merger is a commendable move that will bring back our dear country into the respectable comity of nations in the world. Those who are asking President Jonathan not to contest should please stop it. I want President Jonathan to please contest. I am actually begging him to contest. Why? I will give some reasons.
    1. If he is forced not to contest or if he is not allowed to contest and we have another president either from the ACN/CPC and other parties merger-talks or even from within PDP, the MEND terrorists will start all over again to disturb, block and delay our country’s progress. That should be expected Why? They will claim that (i) Boko Haram was used by some people to harass “their” own president out of power, (ii) even when he does not have any achievement on which to campaign on President Jonathan and his MEND “comrades” will claim that he would have won if he was allowed to contest election. So whether all of the thieves in the PDP had a written agreement or not on the Jonathan presidency my appeal as a non-PDP person is that I am begging the PDP to do Nigerians a favour by allowing President Jonathan to contest the election in 2015. I personally feel that President Jonathan should be allowed to contest. I say this for the following reasons.
    2. I love my country and I want the PDP and president Jonathan out of power because they are monuments of and to corruption. Corruption is the greatest break and halt to our progress. With corruption, you cannot attract any Direct Foreign Private Investment. It will not happen. Nobody or country invest in corruption riddled country. With corruption no foreigner will visit our country for vacation and bring in hard foreign currencies and make our country attractive. Please check where all the foreign investments, tourists, foreigners are travelling to when they want to visit Africa. They do not come to Nigeria. Rather they go to Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Republic of Benin, Senegal etc. Nobody wants to come to Nigeria. That is the issue. That is what Nigerians do NOT know. Simply put Nigeria is NOT attractive to any foreigner. And Nigeria cannot make it under PDP and under President Jonathan. If Nigerians do not defeat the PDP and Jonathan in 2015, we will remain on the same spot until smaller countries begin to lead us in West Africa and in Africa.
    3. If President Jonathan is not allowed to contest and be defeated in a clean electoral battle, MEND terrorists will be back in the field. Please note this as the GOSPEL TRUTH. And that is a BIG PAIN and DRAWBACK on the progress of our dear country in the 21st century when other countries including African countries are making progress at a jet speed, It is going to be a PAIN just as Boko Haram evil and terrorism is a BIG PAIN and DRAWBACK. MEND and BOKO HARAM are two sides of the same coin. The only way to defeat the two of them is a clean Nigerian leadership and presidency that will govern and develop Nigerian to a truly modern society and state. It is presidency that will focus on massive development and job as a way to keep the BOKO HARAM and MEND at bay.
    4. So I am begging the ACN/CPC to please make this work IN THE INTEREST OF NIGERIA, and perhaps Africa because Nigeria can still rise up again and help Africa out of the woods. And I am pleading with PDP to please allow President Jonathan to contest so that we will not have another MEND terrorism on our hand all over again.
    5. Now this is my belief. MEND will not have any basis to start any terrorist act if (i) President Jonathan is allowed to contest by his own party (ii) if he is defeated in a clean election supervised by him, as he will surely be defeated by an ACN/CPC merger. If and when President Jonathan is defeated and they start any trouble we will ask them why? But if President Jonathan is not allowed by his own party to contest and we still have a clean contest with an ACN/CPC electoral victory, then we will be back in another era of MEND terrorism.
    6. So the ACN/CPC merger is the way Nigeria will finally get out of the 19th century we are still in . The ACN/CPC merger is the way Nigeria will begin to enter the 21st century and make our country attractive to the world again by making it competitive all over again. So any person that loves Nigeria should please work for this merger.

    would claim he wouldMEND terrorists will reduce it to a sectional thing and This move will definitely driv

    • KenMani

      You are completely mistaken. The so called ACN/CPC merger is simply a desperate attempt by the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani to regain power after the Ibos, the Niger Delta and the Middle Belt had dumped them for good. By their calculations, the Yorubas are their only life line. Watch what they will do to the Yorubas the moment they finishing using the Yorubas to regain power. Test their sincerity in the merger by asking them to ensure that the Presidential candidate of the newly merged party is not Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. I can assure that there will be no merger the moment the Presidential candidate is not Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. Let me point you to something very important. Have you asked yourself why El Rufai who was virtually Prime Minister under Obasanjo is treating Obasanjo with so much contempt today? The answer to this question might give you a lot of the insight.

      • adenle

        Jonathan’s Spoke man! You haven’t been defending your Boss on the Plane Crash caused by corruption.Was it the handiwork of hausa|fulani or the Yoruba? please,I’m waiting for your response?

    • Segun

      Thanks for your contribution. We need more from people like you. I think we should support and encourage the ACN/CPC merger to re-position our country again. PDP and Mr. Jonathan are simply incapable of making Nigeria great. The reason is that Mr. Jonathan and PDP are salutes to corruption.

  • Sule

    Be careful, ACN leaders. Let the north solve Boko Haram problem before talking to you. And, whatever happens, Yorubas are OK with ACN — no name change, please. Leave ACN as is; leave UNILAG as is – period..

  • Adebestayo747

    @Ken Mani , tell us Jonathan achievements when he was a governor of Bayelsa state or was it Boko Haram that prevented him from doing tangible things for his fellow Bayelsa people when he was a governor of that state ????

  • Manillow

    Where do u work and how much do u make legally? No nation can move forward if we inject religion or region into our polity. I am a muslim from the SouthWest, I lived in Northern America, and house a Christian though from Southwest as well. I encourage him to go to church while i observe my religion. Having said that, I will go to my point, irrespective of religion or region, anyone competent shd rule us, wht i mean by competency is is not educational qualification- i mean sincerity, integrity, past performance in office etc. Why i asked where u work and how much u earn is this, in western country, any job whtsoever u are doing, u’d be able to afford having a car, rent a decent apartment, no face me i face u, it is not region or religion that did these for them, it is good governance. Preaching hatred, listening to our imams and pastors who are human being like ourselves, will not do us any good.
    Let’s encourage ourselves to vote based on merit. Let me give u a good example b4 I stop here, if u collect N100,000 from PDP agent to vote for them and do their dirty jobs during the electioneering campaign, what is the percentage of that in Jonathan food budget of almost N1B, and security budget of N1T? The effect of bad choice is wht we are paying for today, rise in cost of living, decrease in standard of living. I have a decent professional job here, but no matter wht nigeria is my country that is the reason I am seriously concern and wonder why people cld not be able to discern light from darkness…..