Henry Okah insists President Jonathan masterminded two bomb attacks

Henry Okah, the detained leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), blamed for the 2010 Independence Day bomb that killed at least 10 people with many more injured, is to tell a South African court the attacks were sponsored by President Goodluck Jonathan.

That, he said, came after the president and those working for him, had engineered similar attacks earlier in March 2010.

“It is my belief that President Goodluck Jonathan’s government working with a faction of MEND planned and executed the bombings of 14 March 2010 and 1 October 2010,” Mr. Okah said in an affidavit deposed at a South African court.

The president’s spokesperson, Reuben Abati, could not be reached to comment for this story. Calls to his mobile telephone were neither answered nor returned.

The sworn affidavit is expected to be filed at the court between Tuesday and Wednesday as Mr. Okah renews his bid to secure a bail after spending more than one year in a South African jail.

His trial is set to start October 1, 2012, exactly two years since a devastating blast that occurred less than a kilometer from the Eagles Square in Abuja where President Jonathan was attending Nigeria’s 50th anniversary.

The militant group, MEND, which authorities said Mr. Okah headed, claimed responsibility for the attack. Mr. Okah has denied membership of the group and plotting the attacks.

Instead, in a shocking deposition that further deepens the complexity of an already convoluted case, Mr. Okah, who lives in South Africa, said Mr. Jonathan and his aides organized the attacks in a desperate political strategy to demonize political opponents, and win popular sympathy ahead of the 2011 elections.

“The purpose of the 14 March 2010 bombing in my opinion was to create an atmosphere of insecurity in the Niger Delta where President Goodluck Jonathan at that time, was fighting to oust the governor Mr. Emmanuel Uduaghan whom President Goodluck Jonathan intended to replace with his Minister for Niger Delta, Mr Godsday Orubebe,” Mr. Okah said in a 194-page affivadavit obtained by PREMIUM TIMES.

“The bombing on 1 October 2010 was a platform for the elimination of political opposition from the north in the form of General Ibrahim 8abangida. The bombing of 1 October 2010 was also intended by the President Goodluck Jonathan Government to create anti North sentiments nationwide in order to galvanize support from other sections of Nigeria against other northern candidates in the Presidential elections,” he said.

The allegations first came to light in an interview Mr. Okah granted Arabic satellite television, Al Jazeera in October 2010 weeks after the blast. In the interview, he blamed the attacks on Mr. Jonathan’s aides and claimed he was arrested for refusing to influence MEND, to retract its claim of responsibility.

Since then, Mr. Okah has been denied bail at least twice, with one at the South Gauteng High court, Johannesburg where he is filing a new application for bail based on “new facts.”
Ahead of the start of trial October, Mr. Okah confirmed he has been availed with the details of evidences planned to be used against him.

The statements and exhibits, contained in a police docket obtained by the investigating officer, bear allegations the Nigerian government- now through its South African counterpart- put forward against the alleged former militant leader.

The previously known details contain claims of alleged phone communication between Mr. Okah and the those who carried out the attacks, allegedly on his orders, computer records, photographs purporting to show incriminating images and other materials.

His new appeal for bail is based on those evidences which he describes as being “extremely weak”. Mr. Okah said none of the exhibits had been substantiated to be linking him to the crime, and concluded that based on those claims, “It was unlikely that the state will be successful in a criminal prosecution against me.”

Despite Mr. Okah’s repeated denials of links to MEND and its attacks, his narration paints a picture of a former powerful figure whose influence over ex-militants, was courted by politicians, in the same breath regarded as a threat.

He spoke with Mr. Jonathan several times on phone, a telltale aspect of a long-standing relationship he said started in 1999 while the president was the deputy governor in Bayelsa state.

While the nation faced a leadership crisis during the sickness of late President Umar Yar’adua in 2009, Mr. Okah emerged a prominent figure in the aftermath of a successful amnesty programme for the Niger Delta militant, initiated by Mr. Yar’adua.

Politicians knew he could influence the ex-fighters and even what continued to go on in the oil rich creeks. It was a role President Jonathan needed, Mr. Okah’s statement pointed out, as did prospective opponents for the 2011 election like former military ruler, Mr. Babangida, and even current petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Mr. Jonathan repeatedly sent his aides, including Godsday Orubebe (Niger Delta minister), Oronto Douglas, and others to him in South Africa, to seek his support, he said.
His indifference, amid reports he was rooting for Mr. Babangida, as well as his refusal to rein MEND in on the statement, informed his arrest, Mr. Okah said.

He claim he was close to Jonathan so much so, Mrs. Alison-Madueke, then a minister of Mines and Steel, needed his support for President Jonathan to pick her ahead of Odein Ajumogobia, for the petroleum slot.

“The last call I received from Ms Madueke was at 6:41:35 on 4 April 2010 during which she thanked me for my contribution in influencing her appointment as Minister of Petroleum,” he said.

He said he was in touch with the president’s close aides when the October 1, 2010 bomb came off, and had no inkling his arrest was being planned.



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  • KenMani

    I must confess my believe after reading this piece of trash that the South African Police may have resorted to giving prisoners alcohol while in jail or else how can one explain this piece of infantile rubbish from Henry Okah.

    • Abc123

      kenMani… GEJ said he knew who bomb on 1 Oct. Who are they? It must be GEJ

    • Mkhad01

      Your comments full of sentiments… wise up fool!

  • Badis111

    I believe this guy is insane for this useless and baseless statement. If asked, sure he will think is trying to gain public sympathies. FOOL!!!

    • Auto0905

      we need evidence ! before we can believe dis guy….

      • Okebu

        what will you say about gen. azazi’s statement?

        • Ubadaassamit

          It is on record that Sony Okah the brother Henry was the go between in purchase of Arms stolen from 1 Div. By Aziza and co. when he Aziza was the GOC, ( NAIC report is there with the facts of gunning by Aziza) Which eventual led to his retirement. As NSA anything is possible with such a person. Henry Okay is nearer to truth.

    • Mohstone

      No. he is not insane. He is right. He menioned names and those people are quiet enjoying state ptotection. If henry okah needs protection he will dance the same tunewith GEJ and he will be released. Come to think of it, what will he benefit from to smear GEJ? Nothing indeed, he is only sayng the truth. and you pple are not happy with.

  • concernednigerian

    Henry Okah is rubbish. His utterances amount to nothing but rubbish. It summary this is rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. Those who do not see themselves as rubbish will abstain from making an issue out of this rubbish. I am sure the enemies of President Jonathan will immerse themselves in this rubbish and shout about this rubbish from one rooftop to the other. We await their responses to this rubbish. There is no honour among people whose trade mark is nothing but rubbish.

    • Mkhad01

      Always fake and biased!

    • Jameel Ringim

      Why are you so uncoordinated and biased in your comments? Kindly be reasonable and avoid jumping into conclusion.

  • Abubakar

    If to say Mr Okar had said Babangida masterminded the attack none of you here would’ve condemn this master piece as trash just because of sentiments. Bigots!!!

    • Nura Alkali

      Exactly, Abubakar.

  • Teejayshittu

    Guys! remember this is Africa where anything can happen, though am not Jonathan fans (and i cannot b cos is too clueless for my liking) Okah is under going some trial at d moment let just wait and see cos this is not Nigeria judiciary system where everything is corrupts. Let wait and see thru the evidence and facts they will come out with

  • pauludos

    Do you know what as in Henry Okah’s mind when be was cooking up this piece of story? He was counting on myopic and gullible Nigerians to help him spread this piece of Joke.

    • Widescopeintl

      What evidence do you have to prove him wrong

    • Ibraksols

      Lets have the investigation before condemning anybody and not just jumping into conclusion like this

    • Niajaman

      Very true Ibraksols and Widescopeintl. Its very sad the way a lot of people just come into forums like dis and display thier level of unintelligence and ignorance. Very soon,nigerian will see a side of Jonathan they never anticipated and we will all know who is telling the truth. Most Nihgerian forget so easily how Jonathan come out quickly and wnted to blame d north, Nigerian are not asking Jonathan where his Fuel subsidy palliatives are till date. No,They just want to keep hearing what they want to hear and politician know dat.

  • Opomania2010

    Nigerians does not like confessions,we liked to hear what we want and this man is saying what we don’t want.So this man is making no sense to us because our own JEG is a saint i dey laugh ooooo

  • Iyke Okongwu


  • Monayade

    I’m shocked at the population of idiots in nigeria, I’m more shocked at the fact that these idiots may want to comment on topical issues! GEJ propbably is involved in this madness, its called resource control. He will NEVER. Be credible, he hasn’t sacked DAM, NOI or SLS, in the boko haram madness we have had about 2000 victims and NOT even 1 convict and this man says we are winning! He’s a criminal he should be investigated

  • Ego

    Orubebe and Diezani Allison Madueke are alive; let them tell their own side of the sordid tale!

  • Mahmood Mahmood

    It all adds up. How else would one explain the manner in which this crisis has lingered for such a lengthy period without resolution, despite the resources expended on it being as colossal as can be. Jonathan knows something. He’s giving Nigerians who bear the foresight to see through his bullshit plenty of reason to hate him. I’m already halfway there. Okah has spoken, why won’t people take him seriously? Come on Nigerians, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long & look at the bigger picture. Isn’t it obvious who the enemy is? & for personal gains too… Totally disgusted, its so sickening.

    • Habu Rimi

      God knows the best.He will surely expose the perfect ratios how highly placed they may be.

  • Ajara96

    The truth will surely prevail. No wonder he claimed about knowing of the attack. Jonathan your end is near.

  • Essienkan E. E.

    Henry Okar is drowning and would grab at anything to survive. He is very sick and stupid at the same time to think that Nigerians would believe this piece of shit except opportunist politicians who would like to capitalize on this shit he is spilling out. Maybe this will interest the CPC or the ACN members of this country, but for me, it is bbbbuuuuulllllll sssssshhhhhhhiiiitiiinnnng from a degenerated henry okar.

    • Jonathan Odein

      I think u are the one drowning in ur stupidity.Like a commentor said,Nigerians fail to see beyong their noises and dats exactly d kind of person u are. Open ur eyes u fool and ask urseld questions.Maybe u dont even understand a word of d document and need explanation to it.

  • Goodluck Onyeze

    U dnt have common sense….Wetin dey ur brain self to go paste this thing….

  • Sule

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is coming out gradual-by-gradual. I think we now know why the North need a militant group: Boko Haram to counter MEND. May God save innocent Nigerians from these blood-thirsty people, Amen.

  • he deserve to die the man is a criminal, he can never gain anything from the public from this nonsense statement is not my president.

    • Tony abogu

      U deserve to die u fucking lunatic. Its imbesiles like u dat d country take advantage of. People dat love to suffer and smile. Fool!!!

  • Said Salla

    I bliv wit okah, b4 d 1/10 attack Mend said they will attack and they did! Then why this man jumped to conclusion and put d blame on North. Now d truth is comin out. D truth is like shadow u can’t bury it. I also had a blif dat even boko haram r gej’s hand made inorder to distroy what he considers as his enemies i.e north. I swear u can never achieve ur aims mr gej and co!

  • Kabiru Ajia

    It is bullshit, it is disgusting, Okah is mad etc. Just because Babangida, Buhari Adamu Chiroma and other northerners have not been mentioned by him and some people here out of sentiment want us to believe that everything written and sworn as affidavit in court in South Africa by Okah is still not true. Almighty God in His Infinite mercy will expose all evil doers, the sponsors and those behind this heinous crime against humanity. Kabiru Mohammed Ajia

    • Mohstone

      I dont think he is mad rather you pple supporting GEJ should think again. When pple run out of logic they resort to insults. Okah was clear fo the begining that it was jonathan who masterminded the bomb. till today he has not changed his stance Yet nobody in GEJ’s govt refute his claims instead they are just saying that he is lying. However, jona said he knows who are responsible and till today he didnt say anything. Then pls who is lying?

    • jonathan Odien

      U are the one dat is mad and ur comments are full of bullshit. u better open ur eyes and wisen up u fool. Ignorance is a very bad thing!

  • GOD save Nigeria

  • elklehamite

    Lets put sentiment aside. No matter how anybody tries to paint falsehood, it can never turn out to be true. The future is the best analizer of the truth. Why is this young man waiting till now to make this so called “confession” since 2010? Or has his accomplice tutored him to come out this way? The blood of the innocent souls that has been wasted in this country by all these TERRORIST groups will continue to cry against them and eventually expose them in JESUS unchallengeable name, AMEN!

    • Mohstone

      May be this is the first time you know about it but right from day ONE Okah said it was jonathan. And he maintained his stance all through these years.

  • Ismaeeldon

    Only a fool doesn’t know that Mr GEJ has his dirty hands in all this, but Almighty Allah is aware of all the truth and it shall be revealed soonest.

  • Runshex

    The truth is that Nigerians refuse to see beyond their nose. I think objectively we all need to ask ourselves some questions.
    1. How come GEJ was so quick to announce that ‘The Independence Day’ bombing was fabricated by the Northeners despite the fact that MEND (from his region) claimed full responsibility of d act?
    2. How come there’s been no solution to d present state of insecurity in the country despite d fact that we now have a Healthy full time President who we claim is d Commander-in-Chief?
    Brothers n sisters, d only reason for all these is GEJ. Is it so difficult to av peace in dis country? Didn’t we all live together in peace before d arrival of dis ‘Lucky President’? Have we ever been so insecure since our Independence? There’s a reason for Boko Haram! Its a tool in d hands of some people who want to discredit a particular region of the country who believe ideally d Presidency should av been zoned to them as agreed by some foolish politicians! That is why it will seem like we can’t resolve dis Boko haram menace! GEJ n his cohorts need to justify why they’ll allocate over 1trillion naira in d 2012 budget for security! God help us! Even if Henry Okah can’t expose dis evil man, d Good Lord will in His own time! God bless Nigeria!

  • Abdul

    Okah might not be entirely wrong.

  • Sa’idu Moh’d. Sanusi

    It is very interesting to hear this from Henry Okah. he should be in the know. One would not forget Goodluck’s desperation to exonerate MEND from the blast, insisting that he knew who did it. He added that he was sure of what his “people” could do, referring to MEND and the Niger-Delta insurgents. Okah’s deposition is very remarkable, for it can shed light on the real sponsors of Boko Haram. People, including yours sincerely, are suspicious. The Boko Haram debacle is probably masterminded by the president through his spin doctors.

  • t is very interesting to hear this from Henry Okah. he should be in the know. One would not forget Goodluck’s desperation to exonerate MEND from the blast, insisting that he knew who did it. He added that he was sure of what his “people” could do, referring to MEND and the Niger-Delta insurgents. Okah’s deposition is very remarkable, for it can shed light on the real sponsors of Boko Haram. People, including yours sincerely, are suspicious. The Boko Haram debacle is probably masterminded by the president through his spin doctors.


  • Zarahim 360


    ABBA ALI May 3, 2012 at 7:25 am

    The world recognized leader of MEND has mention jonathan as the fuel behind some of the bombing in Nigeria, to me is not a surprise because in October 2010 i was in Nigeria when President Jonathan say’s he knows those who are behind the Abuja BOMB BLAST, but Avery body then has believe that some anti jonathan planed for it not knowing that he plotted it just to but the blame on Northerners in other to read different meaning into it & gain more support for his presidential ambition, if you will remember jonathan always use to say Boko haram is in his government but nobody ever thinks he is one of them because we all believe that is a faction working against him. when there is a security challenge in a country it’s need’s solution from it’s leader’s but for Nigeria is a different case because the challenge is Being paused by it’s ruler’s(not leader’s because we don’t have leader’s in Nigeria) those who worship money and politics. i’m calling on the SSS POLICE AND NIGERIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE to investigate the matter and notify Nigerians on the fact, finally God has spoken through henry okah, with that we can now know the top officials of BOKO HARAM, Jonathan should resign immediately and face the court of criminal act’s for his charges… now some will believe that BOKO HARAM are not working for Islam….most of it’s sponsors are non muslim. Nigerians be wise don’t give room to your greedy ruler’s to dived you>>>>> Peace is for all but money is for few.

  • Thosesecrets

    I strongly believe what this man is saying: Jonathan must have know something about the bombing and this is enough reason he couldn’t do something on the latest Boko-bombing in the country. Let’s get him and prosecute him for that. Yeye president.

  • Ayodeji Akinola

    I personally from the begining of Ebele never have faith in him. I have always sense evil and destruction in Him. We Nigerians are to be blamed for our demise because we have always been sentiment. The only way out of this mess is Revolution else, our generations will never forgive us. But the question now remain is who is ready to bell the Cat? If i take a lead, how many of my kinsmen are ready to follow and die for the course?

    Nigeria ………Which way?