Defence Headquarters back-tracks, says Chibok girls not freed

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The Defence Headquarters has retracted its earlier statement confirming the release of the abducted Chibok girls.

The spokesperson for the defence headquarters, Chris Olukolade, had told PREMIUM TIMES that a yet unclear number of the girls had been freed and driven in two Toyota Hiace buses to the Maimalari Barracks, the headquarters of the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri.

But less than 30 minutes after he spoke to us, Mr. Olukolade called back to say he was withdrawing his earlier statement.

He said he had been having difficulty establishing contact with his colleagues in Maiduguri and that he was no longer sure that the girls driven into the barracks were newly rescued.

Mr. Olukolade had told this newspaper the girls had been freed and that the rescue exercise was still ongoing and that appropriate statement would be made later.

PREMIUM TIMES has also learnt that the girls driven into the Maimalari barracks were those who escaped earlier from the Boko Haram sect.

The over 200 girls, mostly teenagers, were kidnapped from their secondary school in Chibok, Borno State, on April 14.

With the military withdrawing its statement, it now does appear the girls are still in captivity.


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  • Wähala

    The girls may have been re-kidnapped and returned to the BH just like Dr. Davis told us it once happened to his rescue deal…
    This is highly irresponsible of DHQ to be playing “emotional games” with the minds of the families of those girls. This is how they told us they had rescued all but 8 of the victims when actually none had been rescued. Shameless clowns. They are not even worried about the credibility damages their yo-yo stories are causing their image as a once formidable force. Cameroon announced the killing of a “Shekau” with pictures for the whole world to see… every facet of this government and institution in Nigeria is just reeking of incompetence. This Chris Olukolade chap and ugly Mari Mata, Marilyn Ogar, have served Nigerians enough bulldung to deserve a kick in their back portions. Nonsense! Those girls better be free as they’ve told us or else…
    I go break odeku bottle for Kolade skull. Oloshi.

    • edmond

      Very typical just as your implies. Nothing good comes out of Wahala. Honestly whoever you are, you are just bad news. Examine yourself first before you throw stones.

    • OV

      You be mumu y you no go kill em ur self .

  • Ilesanmi

    I am highly disappointment. Even a drunk in a palm wine bar can never try what Kolade has just done.

    • Wähala

      Col. Sagir Musa of old JTF news beat did not lie 10% of what Kolade is feeding Nigerians and he was re-deployed. This particular clown must be fired if this news turns out to be false… just hoping they’re denying it now to conclude the release of more of the girls. Just a tiny hope or else… Chris Olukolade must be castrated to keep him away from that Ashi-Joint he has been gulping Goulder and churning out rubbish on behalf of DHQ… EiE, biko!

      • Olutola

        Yes! you are correct? why do they have to punish Sagir and Kolade is lying daily with no penalty?

  • Sekoni Adamu

    What a shame of a nation! I wonder why Defense spokesman has to goof like this… Was it when he was taking some ogogoro and pepper soup he got the message from the cloud?

    I think the man needs a psychiatric attention and needs to be sacked. What a shame. Our Defense HQ has now become a rumor mongering HQ….

    • naijamustsweetagain

      Did you see evidence of the so called statement by Def Hq or Gen Olukolade before accusing him of goofing or needing psychiatric attention and descibing a whole nation as a shame.
      This is how some journalists continually misinform and stoke the embers of discord.God will deliver Nigerians from manipulation.
      It will not be out of place for apologies to be offered for misinformation and the insults.That should be the proper thing to do pls.

      • Shola

        Thank you for being objective. Some people would rather that Boko Haram wins the war, so that they would have enough to blame the government for

    • Otile

      All designed to make the govt ungovernable, no be so?

  • Abubakar Ado

    this is absurd! Nigerian is stinking! the waiting game will go on till eternity! what a pity for the chibok Girls

    • Otile

      Who captured their girls, no be your boko brothers for their own use?

  • Naps

    They playing around with the same girls that were never kidnaped in the first place. What was the reason for bringing the purportedly escaped girls to the barracks? They cannot get enough fake kidnapped girls to return.

  • redeem

    I have said it severally that until dasuki and gusua are sacked–this unthinking method of making the government look unfocused will continue to haunt the president—–the army–is in its worst state since our flag independence———-Sadly there are patriotic Nigerians- who are being killed daily by the boko haram insurgents—while those who do not even know where borno state is located laugh home to the bank with their loot————–this so because we have the wrong people at the helm of affairs in the army————its been lies upon lies—————upon lies upon lies———————-since Badey and his group took over–the command————–of the armed forces——the whole thing is becoming so childish—————————–sadly some of the traitors-in charge are the fulani janjaweeds from the north——-who control the affairs of the army—-I mean is the Nigerian armed forces left with no shame–in them? ——-we shall continue to dance in circles until we see the need to separate———————the money being wasted in all these never ending madness is not from the ground-nut pyramid–or cocoa————–so who cares—————the lies will continue to build——————–how an army leak the release———–ot the chibok girls to the public without first ensuring that the assignment has been accomplished—————

    • shehu

      This is Dumbo Jonaharam’s style of leadership. Lies upon lies every day. A so-called president who doesn’t know the location of war in his country. He doesn’t know where Gwoza is. Hear him in his pidgin English, ” where is Gwoza sef”. It’s a shame and unfortunate for Nigerians to have this mumu as their president. Well by now everybody should know that he is behind the kidnapping of the girls as such he is not interested in the girls’ release. He dines and wines with the sponsors of Boko Haram. The wicked people like MAD SHERRIF, IHEJERICRIMINAL, OLEJETSAFOR and TUBETCULOSIS JOSHUA are his friends and cronies. So one shouldn’t expect anything good from this wicked ogogoro man.

      • Otile

        You sound like one bitter fulani mallam. President Jonathan is a good man. Get over it.

        • shehu

          You sound childish. I am not surprised at you calling Jonaharam a good man. I know why. You are drunk!

      • redeem

        @wahala——————i have often told u I would smoke yr dirty smelly ass out of any hole—————-did the fulani north take orders from Ironsi———is the same thing not happening now—-i have declared that the people who want to take over the country–murdered Abiola and his wife–is it Jonathan that they< will not be able to arm twist——separation is the anwswer—-i have not in my entire life seen such a visionless army————————–yet very stronfg in the niger delta oïl rigs

        • shehu

          You are suffering from Fulaniphobia and it will lead to your extinction. Drunkard!

      • Consolidation 2015

        U better get over bitterness or u might die before ur time.

        • shehu

          Can you dispute what I said? Blind followership will surely leads you to your doom.

    • bash

      Tell ur so called president agogoro rubbish to sack them, phone him now abeg.

  • G4


    • Lookbe4uleap

      you just belittle yourself with the comment you posted, is that all you could write… what if you were in their shoes? do you really exist on this planet? huh! i doubted your existence, you sound so unguarded to make such utterances of insubordination . by the way, do u know what the word means? in totality, i’m sure u don’t. u re such a bunch of bunkum.

  • Chris1408

    Everything about Nigerian government involve lies. The military lies, SSS lies and the presidency lies. Even matters that doesn’t need to be lied about, they will lie about it. Is this incompetence or total decay in the country?

    • djay

      Its total decay and rot from the presidency down.

  • Nigerian

    I don’t know why you guys are surprised at what this Olukoliar is saying. This man has been lying all through. He lives to lie and Lies to live. He earns to lie and Lies to earn. So never be deceived with his LIES.

    • edmond

      As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. Everyone cannot be like you Mr. Perfect Liar. For your information, there are people with
      integrity in this country and won’t mind what people will say to correct their wrong
      no matter what unpatriotic people like you say.
      Olukolade received an information which was wrong, he called back to say It wasn’t the Chibok
      girls. What else do you want?

  • Olu Ade

    If it is in a civilized environment where citizens are not taken for granted, heads will roll, some people will definitely loose their job for this.

    • amina

      Loose their job over what? As if you are perfect.

  • redeem

    sack dasuki gusa ati badey—————-we have not till date heard anything about the socalled missing plane——-the army said—————we know where the chibok girls are-.later they said -now we dont——oh we forgot to tell Nigérians shekau was the one killed–now he is now he is no longer the one—————————action now——————————send them to the niger delta–and u will hear we have seized an oïl vessel—arrested bayelsans for bunkering————–now defend the territorial intergrity of Nigeria —the cannot

    • bash

      Hmmmm sack dasuki and leave okulade and CAN president, so what abt the lie of releasing the girls and Nigerian money hanging in South Africa ha ha ha ha I dey laugh oooo

      • amina

        i think you are taking this issue too far Bash. Calling Olukolade a liar is rather unfair. According to the story he made another call to clarify issues. Does that make him a liar? We all want these girls back and the Military is doing everything to ensure their safe return, The Fact that he was wrongly informed and he Called to reverse the initial statement proves that he is a man of integrity who is on top his job.Please grow up and end all this bitterness please.

  • boyoboy

    Name calling and raising of abuse is not the way forward, worst of all the statement that has so far been made is totally out of the league. we tussle words as if our biased comment will bring back the Chibok Girls. the issue of sack will not solve the matter and likewise bring back our girls but a good support and strategies on how to go on a critical assignment of bringing the girls back should be the issue. the Chibok schools girls 162 days away from their loved ones will only be cut short if you and me will support the govt. and the Nigerian Army. so let give them our utmost support rather than calling for their sack. i strongly believe in this country, if u believe too, together we can make it happen. God bless Nigeria…

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