#PanamaPapers: I won’t resign, Senate President, Bukola Saraki says

Senate President Bukola Saraki
Senate President Bukola Saraki

Embattled Senate President Bukola Saraki on Friday said he would not yield to growing calls from Nigerians that he should step down amid growing corruption scandals.

Mr. Saraki said those calling for his resignation were being sponsored by politicians who had always opposed his leadership since he emerged Senate President last June,

He added that his detractors were trying to circumvent the country’s judicial system.

Mr. Saraki was responding to a story published by PREMIUM TIMES earlier today, in which the Transition Monitoring Group lend its voice to a growing call for the Senate President’s ouster.

In a text message sent to our reporter by his Special Adviser on Media, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Mr. Saraki said he was not contemplating resignation.

“There’s a case in the Tribunal and a resultant appeal at the Court of Appeal,” the statement said. “The underlining philosophy of our legal system is that an accused person is presumed innocent until found guilty.”

“Those who are contemplating calls for resignation want to circumvent the judicial system. They are obviously being sponsored by some politicians.

“The Senate President is not contemplating any resignation. He will surely have his day in court.”

Since Mr. Saraki was arraigned by the Code of Conduct Tribunal and the PREMIUM TIMES expose about his secret offshore assets in tax havens, the calls for him to step down have continued to mount.

On Thursday, several activists and other Nigerians openly called on the Senate President to resign. They were joined today by the TMG.

PREMIUM TIMES had reported on Monday that Mr. Saraki failed to disclose four assets found to be in his wife’s name offshore, in violation of Nigeria’s code of conduct law.

That revelation came to light following the leak of a trove of internal data from the Panama-based offshore-provider, Mossack Fonseca, obtained by the German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) with PREMIUM TIMES and over 100 other media partners in 82 countries.

In his response to that publication, Mr. Saraki said the controversial assets belonged to the estate of his wife’s rich and famous family, and that the law did not mandate him to declare such a category of assets.

But PREMIUM TIMES later found that the assets neither belong to Toyin, his wife, nor to her family’s estate. They are clearly Mr. Saraki’s.

According to the new documents retrieved by PREMIUM TIMES from the massive Mossack Fonseca database, the assets in Toyin’s name are actually held in trust for Mr. Saraki, Nigeria’s third most powerful official.


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  • udemeobong

    Everything done for Saraki to see and admit his sins is politically motivated? Does his Arroganz and lies “devilly“ motivated?

    • arewethishopeless

      The Thief has suddenly become the Victim …. Even culprit with less sins than him are resigning honourably but our looting Senate President none of his faults …. !

      Saraki, your lies have caught up with you and each step you take along this path tightens your noose …. You must reap many times over what you have sown …

  • Baba B

    What else do we expect from an unrepentant thief

    • REDEEM

      Like Tinubu abi–as it was with Tinubu 5 years ago———-so shall it be with———-Saraki———————regradless of the colour of their babariga

  • realist

    Saraki has no conscience, that is the difference between those who resign in better countries and Saraki. Those oil thieves which Bisi Akande claims are sponsoring him would never allow him to realign either. More so Saraki is shameless and anybody that has no shame can do anything.

  • Burning Spear

    The All progressives Congress, APC, was thrown into panic as the Lagos State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has requested the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, to re-visit the case against the National Leader of the APC, Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

    The Lagos PDP Publicity Secretary, Taofik Gani, in a recent statement, “demanded the immediate invitation, arrest and prosecution of Tinubu, for violating the laws of the land and breaching public trust by operating several foreign accounts during his tenure as Lagos state Governor between 1999 and 2007.”

    This came after it was revealed at the ongoing trial of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, that Tinubu was discharged in error during his trial five years ago, for allegedly operating foreign accounts while serving as Governor of Lagos state.

    Saraki’s counsel, Kanu Agabi, had recently urged the tribunal to discharge his client (Saraki), since Tinubu who was accused of a similar allegation was set free. So any case that excludes Tinubu who was dragged to court by the CCB on similar CHARGES–should not be taken serious by any sane Nigerian—Aware Sarakis trial is politically motivated by the Fulanis who fear he may end up as President of Nigeria-thus removing the Fulani control of Politics in the North-If a monster like Buhari can be president of Nigeria then any retired certificateless Fulani General can.——–animals

  • John

    The little respect I had for thieves called senators have completely disappeared this minute. If this guy could still take Nigerians for granted and the members are in support of this insult, then the respect has vanished. I wish I could encounter anyone of them at the airport or anywhere at all, I will disrespect him or her in such a way he would be so ashamed of himself, this I will do only when he or she crosses my path, who spare them if nothing of such happens .

    • Darlington

      Come to National Assembly to encounter them in droves.

  • emailofemi

    Nigeria politicians no get shame at all, they seek political offices not for the masses but to enlarge their coast and oppress the people they pretend to serve. Why should I allow some “people” rubbish my hard earned reputation and image just because I want to serve them; i’ll resign, withdraw my service and starve them of purposeful leadership. Saraki abeg show Nigerians that you are here to serve them.

    • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

      What not ask Tinubu who stole Lagos state blind to quit politics and be made to face trial by the Buhari controlled Efcc——ati CCB—————One law for Saraki none for Alpha Tinubu——-abi?—————–Any call by the Apes in APC to force Saraki to quit his Senate seat because the Fulanis believe it is their God Given Right——————to destroy Nigeria will be resisted by every sane 9ja———


    onathan Becomes First African Leader To Win Martin Luther King Human Rights Award

    • Julius

      Yea, giving to him by some people with Nigerian connections in Atlanta. Be serious.

  • javscong javscong

    This “sob” has no iota of shame. What about his brethren in the “brotherhood of thieves”? I have no words to describe them. I still can not imagine how that senate sits with an indicted rogue conducting its affairs; that defeats all logic. I am more than convinced that it is time to scrap that bloody senate. When the iodiots are not on vacation, they are trooping to the CCT in solidarity with a thief??????It can only happen in Nigeria!!!!


    Jonathan Becomes First African Leader To Win Martin Luther King Human Rights Award—–3 happy cheers to Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!—-While certificateless Buhari locks humans in his Gulag without trial———————–in his latest selective justice system———————–

    • Daddy Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      Honestly it remains to seen what he did to deserve the award.If one can simply win an award for surrendering then it would be alright to cut and run when the going gets rough.This award is dubious to me.

      • Sincerely Yours

        Dubious and questionable. I think it is image laundering, carried out by some of his beneficiaries – notable amongst them is Nduka Obiagbena. And of what importance and significance is that award to a man who threw in the towel, because he knew he had absolutely no other choice. He is now being branded hero of some sorts.

  • Company man

    PT Good work. Let Saraki be marking time, when he is convicted he will definitely leave. The Transitions Monitoring Group is a useless group. Where is this group we all voted for change, No light, No Fuel nothing is working they don’t see anything wrong to add their voices. Useless Group. They should go and sit down.

  • Dr. Dullees

    Premium Times as Nigeria’s heritage site

    Premium Times is second to none. The international community has also accorded Premium Times
    the gilt-edged status of Nigeria’s flagship news-media. Premium Times is the only media-house
    selected on the merits to join the best of global news centers around the world in conducting
    this ground-breaking investigation into the ‘Panama Papers’. The result is astounding – it is
    an investigation done in the best tradition of classical journalism.

    Without Premium Times,
    Nigeria will become bereft. Time has come to declare Premium Times Nigeria’s heritage
    site – a place where the best thinking leads the very best prose in rendering accurate
    information that can be used for development purposes. Premium Times has no bias.
    It stands apart in that stance, as a good news-site should. Premium Times deals with
    issues as they arise without undue influence by those who may be adversely affected.
    But that’s what real journalism should be. That’s the elevated status of a fourth estate.

    • Peter_Edo


  • filipi007

    Premium Times Editor,

    General T.Y Danjuma is the litmus test of the genuineness of the BUHARI
    much-vaunted anti-corruption war. This Panama moneylaundering case will
    reveal the true character of BUHARI. The media must stay focused on this
    General Danjuma’s presumptive money-laundering in extent he was not
    allowed by military service law as a soldier to engage in private business;
    or for that matter transfer foreign currencies out in his own name as
    beneficial owner in Panama and at HSBC, under the secret codes
    of private secret banking.

    • John

      So, it has nothing to say about the character of Senate? An honorable person would resign to clear his name from all corruption charges before him. Using the phase “it is political” never make sense.

      • WilliamWilberforce

        I am also surprised at the direction this filipi007 is trying to take the debate

    • WilliamWilberforce

      My friend having properties offshore is not necessarily criminal unless it is obvious the investor was a government functionary at the time of investment. By the way, where did money laundering come into this? Appearing in the Panama Papers does not automatically equate to money laundering offenses.

      • Big Mariama(rtd Colonel)

        Dumbo, we are talking tax evasion here.Get your stinking head out of there. You need some damn fresh air before it is fatally late.

        • leftenant mark



          • WilliamWilberforce

            Okay. That is a specific one.

        • WilliamWilberforce

          See the silly upbringing this one has. Abusing someone for no reason rather than simply airing his/her views. There will always be untrained people.

      • Julius

        Yes, it does. When you shifting stolen, looted money around, investing it in some form of business or the other.

        • WilliamWilberforce

          Only “when”! In other words, it is not “necessarily” criminal unless some conditions are met.

  • WilliamWilberforce

    Chai! Is this man so desperate and shameless? Now we’ve heard he has a lot of money. Does power mean so much to him that he wants to keep hanging on?

    • Kay

      Their fear is that they would not be able to protect their loots if they are not in government somehow. They rather prefer to their in political office than to let go, not occupying any political office.

    • Oha



      • WilliamWilberforce

        It won’t save him this time. Everyone’s hands are tied. All eyes – both at home and abroad – are set on him.

        • musa aliyu

          Don’t be too sure. Remember what the Supreme Court did in the cases of Rivers et al. So long as Buhari allows the judiciary to remain the way it is, no hope for Nigeria

  • musa aliero

    How do u know the assets are held in trust for saraki? Stop this vindictive journalism

    • WilliamWilberforce

      Vindictive? Didn’t you read that the Panama Papers revealed more details? Better ask for the publication of those papers than claiming vindictiveness. I doubt Premium Times will risk slander charges without proof.

    • Dan

      You’ve enjoyed corruption too long that your sense of judgement has been negatively affected. A common problem in Today Nigeria.

    • Julius

      Because the people managing the trust said so. Is that enough evidence for you or you wants to see Saraki signing the papers on cam ? Moron !

    • SAM .A

      You inherited corruption genes , the looting , sharing transferring and laundering of money meant for all Nigerians including your parents and the future of your children , is just a way of life .u enjoy corruption and mesmerize with it ,wine and dine in corruption.With people like u , Nigeria is finished. Saraki and Mark are the best thing to happen to Nigeria.

  • wode

    Are you searching for a crook and treacherous desperado? Look no further…

  • QDouglas

    Anything goes in Nigeria! The whole hails thee!

  • Comfortkay

    Hillarious this preaching of Senate President of Nigeria.

  • Fadama

    Saraki, I am one of those calling for you to resign. Mind you, I am not being sponsored. And this applies to most Nigerians

  • Lanre

    Why should you resign? Omo o le jo baba e, ka ma binu omo. Is it not Nigeria? Did anybody say we were in Iceland or Britain? Let Nigerians keep hallucinating.

    • Sincerely Yours

      Very true. That is a quote I love using.

  • +Truth -Lie

    Shameless Saraki. Is Panama papers being sponsored too? Face the issue at hand and get over your being persecuted.

    • Gogggy Osha


      We must remember that JAMES IBORI was caught red-handed as directly implicated in Panama moneylaundering.

      Nigerians must insist that James Ibori be arrested after finishing his current prison sentence in London for stealing.

  • Jony International

    Nigeria will continue to be poor until corruption is eliminated in government. The Panama papers have dossiers dating back to 1977 showing how Nigerian leaders and their cronies have been stealing money and sending them abroad. All the needed investigations have been done for Nigeria by the Panama Papers. All that the Buhari government should do is to arrest those people whose names are there and release those who have strong evidence to justify their wealth which obviously would be impossible. For the civil servants, governors, former heads of state and the retired Generals whose names are there, it would be nearly impossible for them to justify the millions. Their salaries are known. This is the perfect opportunity for the government to put all of them in prison for the rest of their lives. Economic sabotage of a nation of about 150 million people is equivalent to genocide on the population. There should be no sympathy. This is the opportunity for Buhari to revisit all former heads of state and governors who embezzled money. Since the Panama papers have dossier dating back to 1977, the Nigeria government should revisit the cases since 1977 and even try the dead heads of state; if not for anything else, get convictions against them and return the money to the coffers of the federal government. All the 217 billion US Dollars on those accounts should be returned to Nigeria. This is an opportunity for Nigeria to live again. Buhari must rise up to the occasion without any favor to any of his former military colleagues. This is his singe opportunity to be a hero.

  • SAM .A

    The real enemies of Nigerian are the two crooked law breakers who manipulated their way to the top seat of Senate president , Both David Mark and Bukola Saraki were aware you can not operate Foreign Bank Account once you become a public servants , they didn’t only open the account , they were buy and selling with it , transferring limited Foreign exchange from Nigerian overseas , creating employment there why they left their youths hungry. These two law breakers presided over making law for blind Nigerians How man Oyinbos carry theit pound sterling and $ , Dutch Mark and save it in Nigeria Banks ? These are unpatriotic, looters and pillagers of economy and still have got to say he will not resign , the other denied it was his . Time for Nigeria to rise up and chase this economic saboteurs out and punish them. See the model in ICELAND.

  • musa aliyu

    The kalo-kalo, mago-mago judiciary is his only hope. Notice how they have been playing with us with series of appeals. Pronto we shall soon hear one court discharging and acquitting him. Nigeria is doomed. We’re in “one chance ” still.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Saraki should ask those demanding his resignation why they aren’t asking Buhari to do the same on account of the forgery and perjury allegations against him. Nonsense.

    • Nwa_Africa

      You are a born moron………………………………..

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You suffer from congenital insanity.

        • Trendy

          Still a bad education.

      • Tunsj

        He is a psychopath.

    • Gouken

      From Soyo in another thread:

      Dear Readers and Commentators, have you ever wondered if the likes of Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya, Tawanda Incommunicado, Oleku, Holy Wahala, Otile and the rest of them (including many other pseudonyms they post with) have any work apart from making noise on SR and PT? Look at the grossly pro-corruption and pro-stealing comments like this one always posted by Orafidiya. Also, Look at the number of pro-thieving comments posted by Tawanda, for instance, on Igbokwe’s opinion write-up alone. It’s only purely insane or jobless fellow or someone earning his pay by doing that kind of dirty job that can devote such magnitude of time and also always supporting corruption and any act that looks like it. I have it on good authority that PDP sustained their employment and enlistment beyond 2015. A guy confided in me that they are on pay-per-post. So, they can earn as much as N800K per month posting irrational comments and supporting anything that gives strong backing to corruption and sustenance of status quo as a strategy to bring back roguish PDP in 2019. So, for any reasonable and patriotic reader, the best you can do is to ignore their posts so that their salaries can be reduced by half. The more you reply to their palpably unreasonable comments, the more they earn on you. You can observe that no sane human being ever reasons the way they do all the time. Their posts are always anti-social, anti-progressive, anti-people, pro-corruption, pro-PDP, pro-looting, pro-paganda, satanic and retrogressive. Therefore, readers should save their energy and engage them less on social media because you are not dealing with a free-minded beings but jobbers. So, be careful and shine your eyes.

      • Hassan Lawal

        …very right, good point, its noted now, Thank you!

      • New Nigerian

        Agreed. Just enjoy their entertainment value, for now – until the source of funding are all jailed!

      • W. Smile

        Very good point especially that @ Holy Wahala. What a nuisance troll!

    • Trendy

      A real born moron. Bad education is not a good option.

    • Hassan Lawal

      …now i know nothing good comes from that town called Ife, the town of the late extremely corrupted oni,Fani Kayode ati Omisore. So bad, but you too can be excused if your brain is wired that way,its ok!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya


        • Uzoma John

          Moral hazard. You have started again. Pay-Per-Post. Eating off you future and those of your generation to support evil. Anuohia.

    • Darlington

      Mr stop it. I used to sympathise with Saraki until Panamapapers nailed him. Saraki should go! His cup is full.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Is Buhari’s cup empty?

        • Kay

          We know that you guys will find it difficult to give up on defrauding Nigerians. You’ve enjoyed doing it too long. You will not survive it no more.

    • Tunsj

      Omo Ale.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Baba nla baba e ni omo ale o.

  • sammyctu ode

    The day any Nigerian politician resign from office based on wrongdoing then the sun will come down. Our politician bad genes were specially created by the devil but God Almighty will destroy them and their gods. PMB has started the real revolution Nigerians are wiser and we will never go back to the dark years of the political class who wants to continue to retain power corruption and their evil deeds. This boy saraki has committed many sins of corruption he has put his hands in many evil corrupt pies he believes too much in his gods but The Almighty God will finally destroy him and all his evil political class that have held down Nigeria’s progress.

    • Reymeline

      Pls do not let the sun come down ooo. That will be terrible. They are all polootician

  • absam777

    Saraki’s No Shame submission. He should keep deluding himself. No one respect him as a Senate President.

  • Trendy

    It’s not saraki fault.. it’s Nigerian fault. Why can’t we all go down n paralyze the economy just for him to step down.. Within 5 working days I bet you.

    • Darlington


      • Trendy


    • delbod

      Now you are talking.
      Is he more powerful than Baba ngida in 1993. When the people are ready for him he will be forced to step aside.

    • youwin

      I think that will be good

  • Amir

    Calling on Saraki to resign is like asking an armed robber to resign from robbery. What are the ammunitions for?

    • New Nigerian

      LOL..sad but true!

    • ijelejames

      Very correct


    Saraki has the mind of a hardened looter,no right thinking or respectable person would still be hanging around the Senate in his condition. The greater blame should go to the docile Nigerian citizenry who cannot invoke their democratic rights through massive peaceful demonstrations demanding his resignation. It happened in Iceland and the effect was instant and respectable.

    • W. Smile

      Weren’t u his staunch supporter? Now,u’ve done 360? U thought those that opposed his leadership from inception were being sponsored by Tinubu? Welcome to reality bro,never too late!

      • Jakadiya

        What’s wrong in changing position when there are sufficient reasons to do so. Sticking to a cause despite available reasons not to do so strips us of rationality and intellectualism.

        • Sparzo

          Except of course it is about the shiites or ipob/egresu

          • Jakadiya

            No exceptions! Congent reasons.

          • Sparzo

            Cogent being the part of sunni Islam that says,
            shiites are devil worshippers?
            Fingers crossed, you would soon come to your senses,
            and change your mind about wiping them evil devil worshipping shiites out.

            As for Saraki, I can only say he truly deserves his fairweather friends.

          • Jakadiya

            I have never clamored for the wiping out of Shiites. If my child thinks he can be crazy to want to create a country with a country and also have the audacity to confront and stupidly thinks he can dictate to the convoy of a Chief of Army Staff, he is on his own. Let him be a Shiite, Sunni, Catholic, Pentecostal, Cherubim & Seraphim, etc.

          • Sparzo

            ”We will wipe them – the shiites – out”. You couldn’t be more cogent
            in an earlier post a few weeks ago.

            The claim that the shiites were wanting to create,
            a country within a country is really quite pathetic,
            and insults the intelligence of Nigerians.

            Implying that the shiites, had it coming for having ”the audacity……to dictate to the convoy of a chief of staff,….” whatever that means, is what one would expect a murderous dictatorship to use, as an excuse for three days of mass killings and devastation.

            It is a monster’s mind set. The mindset of religious extremists like
            al qaeda, boko haram, taliban isis, et al. And guess what?
            Yes, They all want to create a country within a country.

            I think I am done. Bye now.

          • Jakadiya

            It seems you are either a Shiite member masquerading as a neutral person or you complete ignorant of the Shiites. There are video clips to prove that Shiites want to create an Islamic state in Nigeria. You may not have seen the clips or you are a member of Shiite. Listen, Zazzaky deceived people into Shiite. Please, if you don’t know much on Shiites in Nigeria, I suggest you stop defending them. However, if you are a member of Shiite, continue with your propaganda.

          • Sparzo

            You do have your work cut out now, you know.
            You see, ipob, you know the fringe lunatics actually want to create a biafran state.
            They not only have the audacity to confront the jumped up Idi Amin Dada in the Nigerian army,
            They actually kill solders and carry out ritual killings of people who do not agree with their secessionism and Hausa Fulani trying to make a better life for themselves and their families and relations in Abia state.

            When are you planning on wiping them out?

          • Jakadiya

            The IPOB and Shiites’ cases are different. IPOB have come out to declare their stand and shall be treated as secessionists and murderers for the Fulani killings. If they confront a military convoy and attempt to dictate their terms to the convoy and go further by attacking the convoy they should be given the Shiites treatment.

          • Sparzo

            You remind me of one jihadi john.
            he was the chief or main beheader for isis.
            you make my skin crawl.
            You are an executioner. A monster.

            You are not a Muslim.

          • Jakadiya

            I love heads, especially those of dullards. They are softer.

          • Sparzo

            So does Sunni Saudi’s.
            Why else would they sponsor, al qaeda, isis and boko haram ?
            They love chopping human bits off .
            They call it sharia.

            More like monstrosity for monsters.
            When is the next public beheading or stoning to death?
            Whatever gets you off, i suppose.

          • Jakadiya

            Are you daft? I’m telling you I love heads especially of dullards like you and you’re still into rigmarole.

          • Sparzo

            Well, when is your next public beheading, my head loving stone age sunni monster?

          • Jakadiya

            Whenever I lay my hands on you at the airport. For sure, you’ll be stuffed and marinated with hard drugs.

          • Sparzo

            The premium times, i believe censored my earlier reply, so I should try again,
            I promise not to mention sunnis.

            ”We would wipe them – the shiites – out”. You could not have been more cogent in your post a few weeks ago.
            To claim that the shiites want a country within a country, is really quite pathetic,
            and insults the intelligence of Nigerians.

            That they had ”the audacity to confront and stupidly thinks he can dictate to the convoy of a chief of army staff” to me implies that ”they had it coming”

            You massacre people for that?
            That is what happens in murderous military dictatorships. That is the mindset of religious extremists like al qaeda, boko haram, isis or the lord’s resistance.

            I am quite clear of and about your stance. Bye now.

          • Jakadiya

            If my own children should confront and attempt to dictate to the convoy of Chief of Army Staff, they can be crushed.

          • Sparzo

            What a religious fanatic and a looney extremist. You would have your children killed because they pissed off a general?
            No wonder all the main Islamic terrorist groups on earth, from al qaeda to the Taliban and isis are
            sunni extremists.

  • Gidi

    This is not surprising to some of us giving how Sarak is morally and ethically bankrupt. The entire Nigeria senate chambers are no difference from Saraki. He can claim political witch hunt from today till kingdom come, the facts are in the public domain for everyone to see. How can a thief preside over making law for the republic? Only in Nigeria can this madness happen.

  • emmanuel

    To the craze man on the street who is naked it is evry other person with clothes who has problem and that is why even without clothes the craze man continues to laugh at the clothed. This is why dishonest and fraudulent Saraki rather than bury his head in Ebola infested hot water in shame and resign, is busy telling 200m Nigerians that he will not resign. Again he (Tchief Bukola Saraki) is emboldened because he knows that the 200million Nigerians treated with uncommon disdain in the nation’s budget that saw Mr Buhari budget more for Presidential Clinic than all Federal Hospitals put together, will not be able to unite as a country to fight back……Dishonest and fraudulent Saraki knows Nigerians will never unite to protest and demand his resignation because his Yoruba brothers will defend him.

    But this is how the crooked and unscrupulously undesirable political miscreants govern Nigeria. Common thieves and blood thirsty men and women who put up a cosmetic appearance and pretend to love Nigeria and Nigerians. Finally,

    …. May they, their families and their cronies rot in the hottest parts of hell for the fraud, deceit, mischief and pain they cause in our land.
    —-May the fires in their own portion of hell be heated 77×70,000 times in degrees proportionate to the tax value they ought to have paid to Nigeria.

    • Action Group

      Heh,stop there ! Which Yoruba brothers are supporting him? Yorubas will never support Saraki or anybody that is corrupt no matter how highly placed because we believe in the saying that “good names are better than riches” Saraki is not even a Yoruba man according to what his father said,we have evidently seen that in his attitude,he is greedy and selfish.

  • Arabakpura


  • excel

    Saraki is a shameless E-goat, no moral, no integrity. You will end up in kuje prison to continue ur tenure with criminal like you.

  • Umolu

    The problem is not with Saraki but the national assembly. The assembly is not decent enough to impeach him so he has the audacity to stay put and the arrogance to say he will not resign.

    • Richard Omo

      But his constituency has the power to recall him.

      • Reymeline

        Who are his constituency, the thug will kill all of them whenever they are holding meeting. You will just hear Gbam!!!! – That is bomb explosion. All already pocketed and if any raise voice, he will smell his body.

      • Umolu

        You are right but his people are his toys. Bukola and his late father, Olusola,have so used Kwara people that they are brain dead. No state in Nigeria has been so personalized like Kwara State. The entire state is in the grips of the Sarakis. The next governor of Kwara State may be another Saraki.

        • Richard Omo

          Hahaha this is not peculiar to kwara state alone. The politicians have succeeded to use region, religion and ethnicity to divide us for their gain. But God is not sleeping.

  • ijelejames

    This irresponsible thief called saraki is challenging Nigerians. He is not just corrupt but also insane.

    • ed

      Please don’t say that o. Plan is already in high gear to move the senate to Kuje.

  • Edon B.

    Ladies and Gentle men, Saraki is facing criminal prosecution (persecution) at CCT, as there’s no morality in Law and He must be allowed to have his day in court to prove his innocence or face conviction. However, if his case at CCT is withdrawn or He is given / received Tinubu treatment, He will be prepared to consider resignation on moral ground. Our Law should not be made to serve one man with both arms, we either wait for the rule of Law or the case be discharge and only then should we ask him to morally resign from his high horse!

    • John

      Your comments made no sense.

      • ed

        He had no intention to make any sense at all.

      • Edon B.

        You’re just one sided. Put your self in his shoe. Our behaviour aren’t suppose any possibility in evidence act.

  • Du Covenant

    A typical greedy blackman!. Genuine people with honour will do otherwise. He was born to be greedy and greedy will remain until hell brakes loose….what a shame!!.

  • Prophet

    “Saraki said those calling for his resignation were being sponsored by
    politicians who had always opposed his leadership since he emerged
    SarAki! SarAki! SarAki!….How many times did we call your name??

    You are as insignificant to Nigerians as you are imbecilic by nature! How else can one explain stealing and thievery at the level you have demonstrated?

    The only reason Nigerians know your name is because you have proven yourself to be a thief without remorse.

    It is a good thing you are not resigning. These gives Nigerians the opportunity to beat their chest and say they removed your dumb ass from office.

    It is funny you don’t know the implications of what you have done. You will be sacked from office and banned from any contest with regards to Government!
    All your stolen wealth will be recovered and put back where they belong.

    The name Saraki will forever remain in infamy and serve as a horrible example in governance.
    In short, you probably should never have run for office because you will end up even lower than where you cheated your way in.

  • Action Group

    The reality of the matter is thatNigeria senators are crooked abd shameless,these are people that are not supposed to be in the senate ,however they rigged themselves into tge senate.This scenario can only happen in Nigeria,the only solution to our predicament is a bloody revolution that will wipe out this less than 5,000 bourgeois who are milking this nation dry and forcefully ruling us,they are simply POLI-TRICIANS and not politicians. May God save Nigeria.

  • Spoken word

    If Saraki does not resign he will be disgraced out of office.

  • Netanyahu

    Let he who has no sin or who is not corrupt come out at the Eagle Square Monday morning (8:00 am) for peaceful protest march to the NASS. Don’t sit at home criticising. Do something if your conscience is clear and below 50. #Sarakimustgo, #davidmarkmustgo.

    • youwin

      That is a good idea

  • Ijeuwa


  • Nigeria Must Be Good

    Mesujamba Ole-Saraki OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • ed

    The shame is on Nigerian youth. The shame is on Nigerian living in darkness without any hope of 24/7 power.
    The shame is on Nigerian lining up day after day waiting for fuel.
    The shame is on Nigerian watching Fulani’s herdsmen
    Killing with impunity.
    Saraki knew the stupidity level of Nigerian. Hence the lack of dignity and respect for Nigerian.
    Nigerian would rather talk about injustice and corruption , than to come out and protest against corruption.
    We get what we want and deserve.

    • Goodman

      You are right. Nigeria deserves all they are getting. Docile people. Why they fear death so much and yet there is always not much to live for. It beats human thinking. Wake up my youths the opportunity is ripe again.

  • bjay

    I pity saraki no matter how long a weak foundation carried the house one day it will still fall.

  • The Fulanis are in powe

    News Daily got the list of 11 Nigeria senior Police officers who were decorated by the Inspector-General of Police on Wednesday. From the names, only one may not be a northerner.

    It also appears that 10 out of the 11 promoted are Muslims.


    The Police service commission on the recommendation of the Inspector-General of Police has approve the promotion of eleven (11) senior Police officers: One (1) commissioner of Police to Assistant Inspector-General of Police and ten (10) Deputy commissioner of Police to Commissioners of Police with effect from 15th March 2016.

    The Names of the promotes are listed below



    2. CP ERO OGA










    The beneficiaries were decorated today 6th April 2016, by the Inspector-General of Police , IGP Solomon E. Arase NPM,fdc, assisted by the Deputy Inspector-Generals of Police and other members of the Force management team. It was witnessed by spouses and friends at the Force Headquarters Abuja.

    The IGP congratulated and charged the officers to live up to the expectation as the Force is stepping up effort to restore civil authority in the North East.

    • Peter

      All of them northerners!

  • Baker

    I know this guy very well. He is too desperate for power. He will never voluntarily resign from that office which he spent so much to assume until he is humiliated from the office. Unfortunately enough, most of our senators have been bought over, otherwise he should have been impeached as SP long time ago.

  • Emancipation

    Saraki not resigning is “politically Motivated” too, Nigeria…. !!!! Nigerians must wake up!!!
    Integrity for once.

  • new republic

    Saraki only want to drag the red chamber down,the whole world knows that Nigeria senate is full of criminals,looters drug barons,only one man,scandal upon scandal,and his fellow criminal senators are supporting him and this criminals are making laws for innocent Nigérians is a pity.Saraki OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Etim

    This is a much better article

  • Adelana, Olugbenga

    Saraki’s matter is like the Yoruba folklore, where the elephant was being deceived that he is the King of the jungle, because he is bigger in size and can make a louder noise than the Lion, who is actually the undisputed King of the jungle.

    Remember the theme song of the story? “A o merin jo’ ba, ere ku ewele…..” What happened to the elephant afterwards? He fell into the gallows covered with mats and was immediately clubbed to death by his praise singers.

    Moral of the story, beware of those who are following you around in carnival like procession to your CCT trial, asking you to defy the party and the presidency for their own selfish ends in order to get “juicy” committee appointments.

    They would never tell you the truth or advise you to tow the path of honour, which is for you to resign and quietly face your CCT, until it is too obvious that the only place you are going is the gallows.

    • F E R A N M I

      I wish Saraki is reading this right now


    Fashola Under Undue Pressure To Resign

    According to reports, Shiroro power plant in Niger state which has the capacity to produce 600 MW, yesterday tripped off as its four units 411G1, 411G2, 3 and 4 were reported to have shut down.

    Sapele II power plant in Delta state, built under the National Integrated Power Project, NIPP, with its capacity put at 225 MW, four units GT1, GT2, 3 and 4 also shut down

    • KBE

      The oligarchy want to give him Bola Ige’s treatment and demystify him. He appears to be a good option going forward for APC but they have to cut him to size now that the midget may have a shot.

  • Debekeme

    When Saraki goes to Kwara State, you will see crowds of poor and hopeless people hailing him and carrying placards in support. They will be chanting that Saraki is their leader and savior.

    Anytime Saraki goes to Kwara the Emir of Illorin is there waiting for him and hailing him as savior of Kwara and encouraging the poor Kawara people to also worship Saraki.

    We are the ones who encourage the disrespect we get from politicians.

    This man stole our money, he stole from Kwara people and he looks us in the face and says ‘do your worst’.

    By Gods Grace this Saraki will fall. This disrespect is too much. Nigerians are suffering too much in the hands of these politicians. Its just not fair at all.

    • F E R A N M I

      Sir you are talking about Saraki of the past, Do you know the guy was stoned and injured during the last eid-il-fitri in Ilorin… I am sure the guy will not go to ilorin during the next sallah… Most people in kwara are really angry right now with the revelation that is coming out from the CCT and Panama….

      • KBE

        I like to apologies to the minority of people that have been at the fore front of the battle to free Kwara state from Saraki’s family grip. Keep the fight victory is certain. I still have doubt that the majority of Kwara people are ready for freedom. If there is quest or agitation to wriggle free from Saraki’s demonic grip on them they are in the minority. Majority of them still adore and worship him for crumbs, bread and butter, unaware that they are under bondage. Their capacity to tolerate rubbish, slavery and irresponsibility is legendary. From emir to the lowest member of that society there is no difference. For how long they can continue to worship the intergrity challenged charlatan only God can tell.

        • F E R A N M I

          With what is unfolding now and i want to put it to you that Saraki will not enter Kwara State with all the noise he is used to… Because the Civil Servants are been owed several months and the bailout fund the state government received can not be accounted for

  • U. K. Charles

    Saraki must resign!!! If not, the people will mobilize and lay siege on the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY for days on end, until he steps down. His ilks in other countries have taken the bow and resigned honorably. So, if he refuses to step down, the people will stop at nothing in stepping him down.

    Others in the same boat with him are now being hounded by EFCC, I wonder why Saraki has not been impeached yet. This shows how the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY is reeking in corruption!!!

  • KBE

    Bukola Saraki is typical Nigerian politician, shameless, mannerless, characterless, colorless, greedy, dead to good judgement and reasoning. But Bukola is digging his political grave and may never have another opportunity to redeem himself. Why will he resign? It will be out of character to do so. They prefer to die there even though they have no personality to remain.

  • Rommel

    I am in support of Saraki,when people seeking employment died in a phantom exercise organized to defraud them by the erstwhile minister for interior Abba Moro,did that wicked soul resign? neither did president Jonathan request such from him,Nigeria was placed 43rd on Fifa rankings and 5th in Africa when Amaju Pinnick took over freshly from our winning nations cup,since then,the country has failed to qualify to subsequent nations cup championships,now we are placed 67th in the world and 14th in Africa,has Pinnick resigned? all over the world people affected by the Panama papers are reacting in various ways,in Nigeria what do we hear? how many Nigerians would resign over this? has David Mark not chosen to deny his own,claiming that he and his people have gone through the 11.5 million documents that has taken 1000 people from 200 media houses worldwide one year to decipher but it took the David Mark and his magicians less than 3 days and no where was his name mentioned,is this not a reflection of what we are? if we want to know what is wrong with Nigeria,all one needs to do is look into the mirror and that individual whose image emerges is the problem with Nigeria

    • Peter

      With all the evidence against Buhari in the perjury cases filed by some individuals before the presidential elections, did he not go ahead with the election, which he allegedly later won without people like you batting an eye. After he was elected, all the cases vanished and Buhari is now president. That is Nigeria for you. Buhari should have stepped aside in the heat of the cases that mounted against him in the days preceding the elections, but he refused and the same Nigerian factor dropped all the charges against him immediately after his victory. What a country!

      • Rommel

        The perjury you talk about exists only in the jaundiced minds of PDP apologists,twisted souls so given to acts of criminality that they had to evaporate documents contained in the files of a retired military office just to ridicule the individual,that low remains the lowest of low because it revealed that president Jonathan and his men were common criminals

      • tundemash

        Mor0n, how come PDPigs and Dumbo, two entities directly affected by the so called certificate issue, didn’t go to court? They know what amnesty camp 1diots like u don’t know. The simply threw that “carot” to u monkeys ad u are still chewing that till date.
        And what position was Buhari occupying that he was supposed to have stepped aside from ?

      • youwin

        Bring the evidence out. Is like ure from senseless fanikayode family.

  • KBE

    Yes we need a mass action. But who will lead the protest? How many elected officials in Nigeria have resigned because of negative public opinion or protest? When you have a Dino Melaye and ex-looters as the supporters and advisers in chief of the sinnate president what do you expect?

    • Burning Spear

      Monkey maybe your parents will lead the protest—with the aid of Tinubu

      • Darlington

        Saraki has reached his political end. I used to sympathise with him until Panamapapers leak. Panamapapers was law of karma’s way of catching up with Saraki. Can someone explain why the CCT and Panamapapers are happening simultaneously. This is karma at law..

      • KBE

        How does this concern our parents? Your upbringing must have been chaotic if not nonexistent. I have no other evidence as to how lightly you hold your parents, that is if you know who they are or were. The product of a worthless parents does not blink before abusing others.

  • David Adeniran

    Good. Even when you are finally sent to prison, please keep holding on to your position and never succumb to the blackmail of resignation!


    Don’t Borrow, Use Recovered Loots, TSA To Fund Budget Deficit, Fayose To Buhari

    The Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to use recovered loots from corrupt politicians and money saved from the Treasury Single Account (TSA), to finance the N1.84 trillion deficit in the 2016 budget

    • youwin

      No right thinking nigerian will follow all take what ever fawere said

  • 9ja needs a new leader

    CCT: APC Panic as Tinubu’s Trial Re-opens

    The All progressives Congress, APC, was thrown into panic as the Lagos State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has requested the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, to re-visit the case against the National Leader of the APC, Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Any leaks with regards to corruption in Nigeria without the names of Amaechi–Fashola Dambazua and Tinubu–ati the wife of Buhari-is fake————————-period

  • Darlington

    Saraki has reached his political end. I used to sympathise with him until Panamapapers leak. Panamapapers was law of karma’s way of catching up with Saraki. Can someone explain why the CCT and Panamapapers are happening simultaneously. This is karma at work.

    • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

      any information regarding Saraki without tinubu -amaechi ati fashola and the fulanis led by dangote–is nol and void–it is fake

  • Peter

    Premium Times is one of the critical Yoruba hatchet press. Whoever they want to pull down they do so using all sorts of propaganda as they did in the case of former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan. They are at it again, this time after Dr Bukola Saraki who must be vilified because he is in an opposing Bola Tinubu camp.

    • tundemash

      Yeah right. PremiumTimes owned those 4 offshore assets and they just put Saraki’s name on them. PremiumTimes must also have instructed those Toyin Saraki London lawyers to dispute Saraki’s narrative of the ownership of the offshore assets. PremiumtImes is so powerful they alone actually exposed Panama Papers and not the reported 80 ICT journalists worldwide. It was also PremiumTimes that pulled down the Iceland Prime Minister and also organised the on-going demonstration in London. PremiumTimes should be your god!

      • Arabakpura

        I am having this urge to make a prediction; I have been ignoring it but it won’t go away and here it is: there shall be a new senate president for the Nigerian senate before April is over! I suspect the date to be 419 which is April the 19th let me clean my crystal ball to see clearer and I shall be back!

    • shola stephen

      May God help this Nigerian who has brain but reason not, saraki is acussed of stolen money that meant to provide basic amenities for you and I, you are here telling me is bcos he has enemy, so if a thief come to rob you and he said bcos you and him are dating same woman then you will let him go with all that he stole from you. You said saraki is been vilify but the question is has those crime not committed? If so then let the law take it’s course.

  • 9ja deserves better dan Buhari

    CCT: APC Panic as Tinubu’s Trial Re-opens

    The All progressives Congress, APC, was thrown into panic as the Lagos State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has requested the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, to re-visit the case against the National Leader of the APC, Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

    • ed

      No worries. Double Jeopardy. Is illegal.
      O.J can display the weapon he used to kill Nicole and Goodman, he still can’t be charged and tried again.

    • tundemash

      May Tinubu continue to hunt you in your dreams. May you never get rest from Tinubuphobia.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The corrupt-ridden and indicted senate president Bukola Saraki,should be impeached or recalled by his constituency,at ILorin,Kwara State. Ilorin,Kwara State.APC political party,must find a way to remove Dr Bukola Saraki,to redeem APC national image with Nigerians.

  • shola stephen

    Saraki keep on shouting persecution bcos of his Senate leadership now as God will have it, in a far away country where their is no tinubu nor Buhari or his so call persecutors, God disclosed his secret and his evil deed exposed. So can saraki call those international press that exposed his foreign deals his enemy? Are they in the same party? This is what reasonable Nigerians should look at. Why is it this time around #panama secret exposed ? Is a sign that the day of reckoning is now for saraki.

    • Arabakpura

      Two high profile people have already resigned, Saraki will be the third before the British Prime minister!

  • Arabakpura

    Shameless people don’t resign; they are booted out!

  • hummm

    Then he will be disgraced, found guilty in court and impeached as a senate president and loose his senate seat. Kuje awaits you since you think the political office is your fathers office. I wish him all the bad luck that can happen to an enemy.

  • taiwo

    ABS will not resign. The enemies will be put to shame. Which of d persecutors done any have hidden stories?
    Sai Buki! Sai Saraki!! Sai Oloye!!!
    Carry go baba. #no shaking #istandwithsaraki

  • joe

    Why should or would Saraki resign? Who is expecting him to? I do not!. Doing so would mean being DECENT! Now, what does the word DECENCY and the surname “SARAKI” have in common? One is the opposite of the other.