#PanamaPapers: Nigerian govt’s silence ‘worrisome, repugnant’ — CACOL

Buhari in France

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, an anti-corruption group, has called on the Nigerian government to commence immediate investigations into the “gruesome revelations” contained in the #PanamaPapers offshore assets series published by PREMIUM TIMES.

The group also said the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, should resign from office and surrender himself to federal authorities for prosecution.

In a statement signed by Debo Adeniran, CACOL ‘s executive chairman, the group said the government’s “indifference” to the scandal was “worrisome and repugnant”.

“The Nigerian government’s attitude to the gruesome revelations from the Panama Papers leaks becomes worrisome and repugnant, as the attitude is apparently lackadaisical and indifferent,” Mr. Adeniran said.

Mr. Adeniran lamented that the Nigerian government’s failure was unacceptable because several other world leaders caught in the same scandal have been turning in their resignation letters.

“When in other places, heads of the ‘mighty’ have ‘rolled’ over the Panama papers leaks, (notably in Iceland where the Prime Minister was forced to resign from office following protests by Icelanders) the Nigerian government’s reaction or better put inaction and insensitivity over the Panama papers is unacceptable and reprehensible,” the group said.

Mr. Adeniran warned that any failure by the Muhammadu Buhari administration to immediately address the situation will not augur well for the much-touted anti corruption drive of his administration.

“With such a lackadaisical or indifferent attitude on the part of government toward global issues like the Panama Papers leak especially when so-called leaders from Nigeria are mentioned in the scam, the celebrated anti-corruption drive of the government and the anti-corruption poise of the present regime may as well just be described as a ‘ruse’.”

Mr. Adeniran, therefore, demanded that the federal government should launch a far-reaching investigation into the scandal and bring all those found culpable to book.

“Consequently, the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL is demanding that a special attention should be paid by the Federal government and the anti-corruption agencies to the revelations from the leaks with a goal of acting on them and with the view of verifying the facts; carrying out investigations, probing, prosecuting and recovering all the loots stolen from our Commonwealth that are hidden in the tax havens and offshore companies.

“Additionally, those found culpable must be punished accordingly no matter how ‘highly’ placed or influential they are in the society. Those specifically mentioned; Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (Rtd), Dr. Bukola Saraki, Mr. James Ibori, Senator David Mark must be invited by the anti-corruption agencies; interrogated and prosecuted if enough evidence and facts confirm their involvement in the global scam revealed in the Panama Papers.”

Mr. Adeniran said Mr. Saraki has disgraced the country and must resign from office, failure of which Nigerians should rally their lawmakers to commence impeachment proceedings against him.

“Dr. Bukola Saraki, the sitting Senate President and Chairman of the National Assembly with all his baggage of corruption charges is, once again, topping the charts in the Panama Papers.

“This is totally disgraceful and very tarnishing for the image of the country and calls for drastic action of government and good people of Nigeria. Saraki, who is currently facing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) on a thirteen-count charge, on the bases of corruption and false assets declaration is reported to have continued receiving salaries even after leaving office as Governor in Kwara state and used state funds to pay for private properties.”

“With the addition of the Panama Papers indictment to his ‘multi-coloured coat’ of corruption, it is time for Nigerians to call for Saraki to step down as Senate President and as Chairman of the National Assembly pending when he has successfully cleared his name and clean the ‘smears’ all over him.

“If he fails to resign, Nigerians must rally and mandate their representatives in their various constituencies to commence his impeachment process of based on moral and ethical grounds.

“Nigeria cannot be respected among the comity of nations if the Head of the Law Making Body, the third in hierarchy in the leadership of the country oscillates between being a corruption criminal suspect in the criminal suspects’ box at the Code of Conduct Tribunal and as the Chairman of the National Assembly and while also ranking very high amongst those mentioned in the gruesome global scams activities revealed in the Panama Papers leaks.”

“The Nigerian Government must seek and ensure that James Ibori, after serving his term in the UK prison is repatriated to Nigeria to answer for the charges against previously and his involvement in the Panama Papers scam.”


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  • soulchild

    Investigate wetin? When you have the likes of TY who are paddy paddy with Bubu!!! Kindly save your breath. We don shout tire on Halliburton and Siemens and you are talking of Panama Papers. I have always said that my litmus test for this regime’s fight on corruption is the resolution of the Halliburton puzzle. Until then all this anti-corruption gra gra, na film trick

    • Paul Young

      To be honest though even the western world dem know where dem de do their anti-corruption reach. Afterall halliburton scandals of iraq and the Nigerian one u mention feature very heavily former USA VP dick cheney, i dont know that he has ever been seriously prosecuted for the matter

  • tunde

    Are you surprised?The country is the hotbed of treasury looters -in-government- and-untouchables.Unless there is much pressure,nothing will happen.

  • McAlfred Uta

    The present Government is only interested in probe of GEJ’s 2010-2015 tenure according to Femi Adesina. So if you have evidence of Haliburton/Siemen’s wait for the next Government. Ditto OBJ’s wastage of $16 billion on electric power projects. The case concerns some untouchables such as TY Danjuma and the Dangotes, hence no action will take place.

    • Dayo

      If only the GEJ 2010-2015 tenure corruption is successfully prosecuted by this government, it would be a huge achievement for Nigeria and Nigeria people. Stop crying about the government bringing the corruption of immediate past leaders to book.

  • Comfortkay

    The government will not asked anyone to resign, personally l dont trust any politician in this country.
    God has given Nigeria everything to be great in this world, Sun, rivers, ocean. fertile soil and so on, but we have never been blessed with good leaders. What makes Nigeria not to be great are selfishness.

  • Lanre

    We Yorubas are so stpid. Debo Adeniran or whatever he calls himself joins the long list of deluded Yorubas from my Great Leader Chief Obafemi Awolowo to M.K.O Abiola, Gani Fawehinmi, Femi Falana etc. Nigeria can never progress. If you do not know how to tackle your problem, you will remain stuck in a rut. Yorubaland will be free. I am Lanre and I approve this meesage.

  • arewethishopeless

    A government that came to power on the stance of anti corruption, transparency and change should not keep silent while the rest of the sane world takes action. Why these delays? Why no action or official response? Why is Saraki still in the Senate? Why has he not been forced out? Don’t give me that “tiers of government cr*p”…

    Second is the APC. Why is the party silent? What is the position of the party on this farce? This is eff* crazy? The least the APC can do is suspend Saraki pending some “investigation” but to remain silent is nothing short of taking millions of voters for a ride …

  • kaycee69

    Why are Nigerians always in nasty haste? We already have o ur own #panamapaper” revelations in the shades of “Dasukigates ” Sarakigate” that we never resolved bcos of our dyfuntional judicial system. How can Nigeria judicial system going to cope with the extra burdens “panamapapers” go bring.Note Buhari already said Nigeria judicial system is his greatest headache and that unpatriotic SANS are the cancer in our social body as a state.

    • abuasmau

      … also that if others have resigned, is that a reason for PMB to resign. Those charged with investigation do not act on newspaper stories. They need petitions and these NGOs know that very well.

    • tuby NY

      You sound informed and knowledgeable bout d situation, ride on. If PMB handle the matter forcefully or as he sees? He’ll still be accused of bn a dictator and WORSE!! But I do applaud the effort of the above (CACOL) pressure group 2keep the pressure UP and get this shameless Saraki man out of that seat — because IT IS A SHAME 2the country that her the #3 citizen has bn indicted and he’s going through trial in a criminal court while presiding over d people at d same!! SICK situation and UNHEARD OF..


    Buhari cannot investigate or try his mates. The sacred cow called Danjuma is very close to him,the Panama Papers would have been effective in Nigeria if the culprits were already in Buhari /APC vendetta list.

  • muazu wali

    Although Nigerians went to school and acquired degrees they are still idiots when it comes to politics and governance. How do you know whether the relevant agencies of government are not already out there establishing the facts in order to brief the President!. The President does not express his opinion but the position of his administration.

    • kumi

      They are afraid of buhari

  • Arabakpura

    All of them Nigerians mentioned are known thieves!

  • ed

    The key word is protest protest protest.
    No power, fine.
    No fuel, fine.
    No security, fine.
    No job for the youth, fine.
    No payment for the one working, fine.
    No money to buy food, medicine and daily necessities, fine.
    President Buhari has zero need to move against the problem confronting the fine people of Nigeria,
    Why should Saraki resign, when no one is protesting.

  • shasha

    Saraki is a criminal and he will leave the seat when he is convicted. Adeniran and his group are FOOLS and attention seekers. What has his group talked about the fuel, the power and the scandal in CBN where children and relations of influential Nigerians were employed through the back down. Hypocrite.