#PanamaPapers: Embattled David Mark lies, claims exposed offshore companies not his

Senator David Mark
Senator David Mark

A former Senate president, David Mark, has finally responded to report exposing his link with offshore shell companies in breach of Nigeria’s code of conduct for public officers.

On Tuesday, PREMIUM TIMES exclusively reported Mr. Mark’s links with eight offshore companies in British Virgin Island as shown by the leaked database of Mossack Fonseca, a Panamanian law firm reputed for helping clients register shell companies, some of which are used for illicit purposes.

The Mossack Fonseca database shows that Mr. Mark is one of Nigeria’s most extensive users of offshore shell companies, even while being a public official.

The companies are Sikera Overseas S.A, Colsan Enterprises Limited, Goldwin Transworld Limited, Hartland Estates Limited, Marlin Holdings Limited, Medley Holdings Limited, Quetta Properties Limited, and Centenary Holdings Limited.

In the documents, Mr. Mark was repeatedly marked as a politically exposed person, and at a point the former Senate President had to send documents, across to Mossack Fonseca to prove that he was clean.

Before the report was published on Monday, Mr. Mark declined to respond to PREMIUM TIMES inquiry.

But on Thursday, he responded through a statement by his media aide, Paul Mumeh, denying link to any offshore company.

In his response Thursday, Mr. Mark claimed he had gone through the #PanamaPapers database and that he was never mentioned anywhere.

However, Joshua Olufemi, Project Manager at the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism, has punctured the former Senate president’s claims.

“It is the height of falsehood for David Mark to claim he has looked through the database, and that he didn’t find his name,” Mr. Olufemi said. “The database is not public, and the strict security protocol around it will not allow unauthorised users to access it. So which database did he check?

“It is sad that a man who was the number three official in our country will cook up this level of lies. If he indeed has access to the database, he should look again, and he will find his name and his companies listed there. The earlier he accepts that reality the better.”

Mr. Olufemi said his centre will, through its parent newspaper, PREMIUM TIMES, release additional information on Mr. Mark’s case as necessary.

It remains unclear what businesses Mr. Mark conducted with the companies he incorporated in the named tax havens.

While not all owners or operators of such offshore entities are criminals, owning or maintaining interest in private companies while serving as a public official is against Nigerian laws.

Section 6 (b) of the Code of Conduct Act says a public office holder shall not, “except where he is not employed on full‐time basis, engage or participate in the management or running of any private business, profession or trade.


Our attention has been drawn to spurious Media reports on the Panama papers in which former President of the Senate, Senator David Mark was alleged to have operated offshore companies.

For the avoidance of doubt, in the released materials of the Panama Leaks, his name is not listed anywhere in the database of Mossack Fonseca Law Firm.

We reiterate categorically, that he is not directly or indirectly connected to any of the companies registered, operated or managed by the Mossack Fonseca Law Firm.

We challenge all those behind this propaganda and Media outburst to prove or show that Senator Mark’s name was mentioned in the leaks. He is prepared to stand and defend himself against any accusation in relation to this matter.

Senator Mark’s Media team has carried out its own search of the Mossack Fonseca database and found no statement, item or any connection to Senator David Mark or his Family. It follows that there is no record whatsoever of any impropriety or wrongdoing.

We recall that in his quest for Senate Presidency in 2007, there was an attempt to bring a similar issue to the fore in order to stop him. So what are their fears now in 2016 for regurgitating the same issue?

Once more, Senator Mark has distanced himself and any member of his family from the said Mossack Fonseca Firm and has no affiliation whatsoever with any company operated, registered or managed by Mossack Fonseca.

Senator Mark has not contravened any laws of the land and he is treating this for what it is, an attempt to blackmail and tarnish his hard earned image by some political elements.

As a public officer, Senator Mark has maintained a high level of decorum, respects and observes the laws of the land and believes in the sanctity of the rule of law. He will not be distracted by what is clearly a deliberate mischief and propaganda.

Records of all his assets are available with the relevant government agencies and can be verified.

He has consulted his legal team and will take this up accordingly.


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  • Arabakpura

    David Mark has always been a discredited person! If not that he was one of Jonathan’s false gods, he would have been found out a long time ago! was it not him that made Jonathan keep Abba Moron in his cabinet despite the despicable act he committed with job seekers in the ill fated stadium interview? There is always a day for restitution and it will come for David!

    • udemeobong

      One day!

  • F E R A N M I

    Senator Mark do you think we are fools or what?…. How do you access the Database of the company…. Its a pity that you did not find good liars to give a befitting response to the publication…. Please try again

  • Du Covenant

    And he is shamelessly adding salt to injury by lying. Nigerians actually deserve what they get, he was the same person credited to saying ‘telephones were not meant for the poor’, if we have had forward thinking leaders in Nigeria we would be having every infrastructure there is on ground and all we have to do is adapt with modern advances. As we speak, there are people who see nothing wrong with such a greedy person and are willing keep him in the senate for life, what a shame!.

  • TruthBeSaid

    The same old lies. No governor, minister, president and all public office holders in Nigeria is a thief. Yet, over $400b has been stolen since independence. $16b spent on power without a megawatt increase.

    Mark is not a thief, yet all the constituency allowances he has been collecting has not solved borehole problems in his constituency.

  • ddtmillenium


    All along, David Mark was living on his salary, not knowing he is a billionaire, and not stealing at all.

    Hahahahaha! My people, i never go. I still dey come. Yeye dey smell bad bad for that Nigeria.

  • Spoken word

    It is not a secret that David Mark is a crook.

  • udemeobong

    Who are “WE“? It should have been read and written “I“. Or are we also awaiting more accomplices with shares there? I wonder, who are the legal, political and media advisers to/of these shameless politicians like David Mark?????

    The media secretary writing “we“ means he’s one of them. Common english grammar is difficult, even for the rich.

    I am watching Buhari and EFCC what they will do!

  • Papa Oghwiiodo [Warri]


    I said this thing before. This is avery serious issue.

    I am very sorry for all of you young people. What I am reading
    here has touched my heart. I am reading now that because of thief-thief inside
    government, people in Lagos state have no water again to take their bath. That
    one touched me. Even in colonial days under British rule we were having our
    bath every day. What is happening now is crime against humanity, with all the
    money these government people stole to go and hide in Panama.

    Now, people inside Lagos state cannot wash their mouth –
    no water. So how can they cook food if there is no water? This thing is
    looking like genocide. The only thing I can do to help you people in Lagos
    state is this. Go to park and take bus going to Warri. When you arrive here,
    ask for me. I will be taking you people to River Ethiope one by one to have
    your bath. It is not good to be smelling all over the place like bush rat.

  • Debekeme

    David Mark is Mr. Corruption. Nigerians love Corruption. Nothing will happen to David Mark.

    Shameless people get the type of shameless leaders they deserve.

    We are shameless because we don’t care if David Mark is Corrupt or not.

    According to Nigerians, Corruption is not a crime, its a way of life.

    Ride on David Mark, your shameless fellow Nigerians are solidly behind you! Greet Saraki for us too.

    Tell Saraki we support him too! After all, we are all 170 Million shameless people

  • Benny

    Premium Times, the data base of the leak is already accessible online: See the link here: www dot offshoreleaks dot icij dot org. I can’t see any firm on the linked to David Mark.

    • OGK

      The database you are purportedly accessing is an abridged one. A consortium of journalists andca German paper had been working on the full database for the past eight months. If Mark is aggrieved let him sue PT for libel and watch his bum exposed further

      • Rossnero

        I want to let the whole world know this thing. There is no water in Lagos. There is no electricity and there’s no petrol. Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria; and Nigeria is the giant of Africa that’s now thrust into the 16th century by incompetent President Buhari. No human life is possible today in Lagos state.

        People in Lagos cannot have their bath. This bad situation has been going on since January this year on and off. The Nigerian newspapers have been hiding this. We want the world to hear our voice. President Buhari resumed on 29th of May last year. Since then Buhari has made Nigeria worse than Kabul or Fallujah where shooting wars are going on with Al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq.

        But it looks worse in Lagos, Nigeria, where the Lagosians have started smelling very bad. They cannot wash their mouth or wash their clothes or have their bath. As things worsen in Nigeria under the incompetent President Muhamadu Buhari, a health epidemic is likely to break out in Nigeria.

        • share Idea

          Cjickpox and measles are on the increase because of combination of several factors exacerbated by clueless leader administration.

    • Debekeme

      They have started. The Supporters Club for the thieves.

      In your very intelligent and logical mind Premium Times just made up the story and decided to publish it abi?

      Next thing you will say is: ‘ Do i not have the right to my own opinion? Must all of us agree with you?’

      Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion. Opinions like your are what causes divide in focus when we should collate and focus our anger to confront these thieving officials.

      But Nigerians with ‘opinions’ will come and tell us why David Mark and Saraki are not the only thieves, they will tell us they are innocent until proven guilty, they will tell us its all a witch hunt.

      These are the type of ‘opinions’ that have nourished impunity and recklessness by our public officers.

      The thieves in Government know ‘opinions’ of Nigerians will be divided and while Nigerians fight over their divided ‘opinions’ David Mark and the rest of the crew continue looting us dry.

      Opinion indeed!

    • Mayo

      What you have on the ICIJ website are the information/articles they (ICIJ) have made available to the public. The raw leaked documents are not available to the public. This means if ICIJ has not added articles about Mark to the ICIJ website, you willl not find it.

    • Nwa_Africa

      Take your drugs and be fast about it……………..

  • zygote

    What is david mark saying, that he is not a thief? Is there any Nigerian that dont know that David Mark was born a Criminal from his Military days?

  • sapasse

    why not sue the papers Mark? to clear your name and prove to all your good reputation ? and lets see who blinks first ??????instaed of trying to cover by issuing press statement ?

    • arewethishopeless

      I still don’t understand the silence of government agencies meant to go after these crooks. Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance, FIRS, EFCC …. must Buhari give you go ahead before doing your jobs ?!

      • e_orpheus

        The EFCC is on it. You can checkout thenation.

        • Mayo

          Actually, I don’t think EFCC is responsible for this. I think this is a job for CCB. EFCC is for corruption. Mark has been accused of ‘actively’ running a company while being a politically elected person. He hasn’t been accused of using the companies for corruption.

          • e_orpheus

            True, arguable but true. One argument could be that the investments are the proceeds of financial improprieties and can call under financial crimes, of course that would need to be further investigated to know the source. But taken, perhaps the CCB is in the best position given the evidence we have right now.

          • WakaPass

            If (and when) the CCB/CCT goes after him, these e-rats will begin shouting “witch-hunt” songs.

            Abeg, make them chill small first make the Mark nigga go sue who him wan sue first.

            Grab you guguru and ekpa, sidon dey sip your ginger tea…

  • Paul Young

    Time will tell

    • alikali


      BEFORE Panama Papers became the issue: THIS IS ALL WE KNEW…

      • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police
      guards in one year.
      • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
      for charter service.
      • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
      • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
      expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
      • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons unknown.
      • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido as expense ostensibly to promote
      Central Bank image.

      • share Idea

        And the dounce at Aso Rock is busy looking for security Votes spent by Dasuki without detaining the Emir of Kano just like they did to Metuh and Dasuki. Selective justice (persecution)

        • Julius

          Was the Emir of Kano among those that shared the arms fund with Dasuki ?

          • Essteedee


            Was Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the Emir of Kano when he rummaged the Central Bank vaults?

            What has title of EMIR got to do with what we are talking about here? We are talking theft!

          • Julius

            Did you read the comment I responded to ?

        • Nwa_Africa

          The man then Jonathan could not do him anything so he is innocent and stop blaming Buhari……………………

      • Nwa_Africa


        The man then Jonathan could not do him anything so he is innocent and stop blaming Buhari……………………

      • okpada

        Why did GEJ regime not arrested and prosecute him? Stop blatant lies and propaganda. Let it be known Emefiele who was used as replacement have spent 1.2 trillion naira on the same corporate social responsibility as at the last hearing on CBN. Let us face fact and reality. The CBN act as amended by the NASS give overriding powers for the CBN to act anyhow. What I expected to be saying, is to fight towards the amendment so as to block all the all loopholes in the ACT. Thank you

        • Question Mark

          So, if Ishola Oyenusi has stolen more than Monday Osunbor, armed robbery is to be overlooked?

          • Niyi Akinlabu

            So much wisdom in your simple question. Dem go soon taya. Badeh, Saraki, Metuh are all fast running out of money.

  • Zee-Junction

    Editor Premium Times,

    I like Muhamadu Buhari not that I hate him,
    but for everything there’s a time and a season for everything under the
    heavens; a time to win election, and, a time to resign for inability to perform
    the duty of the office. I will like to request President Buhari to resign for a
    combination of the following cogent reasons; namely:

    · Repeated failure to eradicate
    queues and assure fuel supply today in line with his pledge as Minister of
    Petroleum. In Lekki area of Lagos petrol stations are shut for lack of supply.

    · Worsening the already bad
    situation of the country across the board, as Nigeria’s trade fell by 25% under
    President Buhari and as the national currency depreciated by 60%.

    · Failure to own up to any election pledge and to deliver on just one election promise.

    · Outright refusal to fight corruption in 360° fashion except against the rival PDP party.

    · Aiding and abetting corruption occurring amongst his
    financiers, friends and associates; notably the audit-completed findings of ₦1.4
    TRILLION clear fraud at the Central Bank of Nigeria under the almost illiterate
    headship of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – a supposed banker who cannot count
    or do simple arithmetic.

    • FirecloudOFGOD

      Buhari had the ambition to win the election, and after many trials did, but he has shown clearly that he was not prepared enough to tackle the issues at hand. Age has finally caught up with him, or are the faults all that of PDP or his AIDES and his Ministers? We are having too many harvests of excuses and no action. 4 months to produce the Ministers, 8 months to have a budget that is yet to be passed. How can you run a government this way?

      • Babu


  • javscong javscong

    Mr. Mark has thrown the gauntlet. Let us see who blinks first. Let him not rush to any court to seek some frivolous injunction against any one, particularly Premium Times, because he has challenged any one who has facts to publish them. In the coming days Nigerians will read all about how he was able to steal enough money to buy a gulf course in Ireland and details of his and all proxies accounts will be published. The man is an incorrigible liar.

    • Jacky

      It’s silly for David Mark to tell lies at this stage. He probably forgot that Premium Time is a member of the consortium of investigative journalists who blew the lid on the Panama papers. He has complicated his case!

    • I did It 4 Love.

      Can someone tell me where he owns that gulf course in Ireland? We have not been able to trace any land to David Mark in Ireland.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    “It is the height of falsehood for David Mark to claim he has looked through the database, and that he didn’t find his name,” Mr. Olufemi said. “The database is not public, and the strict security protocol around it will not allow unauthorized users to access it. So which database did he check?

    I thought David Mark would reproduce verbatim, the speech I wrote for him freely on a different day on another blog. Nay, he goes out to lie through his teeth. What kind of brain do these politicians have, conversely, what kind of brain do these politicians think we have?

  • Seesaw & Sailwinds


    Money laundering is a direct affront to law and order. It puts a huge tax on the victims in double jeopardy.
    It puts a tax on the law as well because unless forfeited the law will have to protect it as fundamental right.
    Moneylaundering deprives the country of its cash assets and deprives the country of revenues derivable.
    Any country which overlooks moneylaundering authorizes the RULE OF THIEVES by direct implication too.
    David Mark must be arrested. General T. Y Danjuma must be arrested. Bukola Saraki must be arrested.
    Toyin Saraki must be arrested. Aliko Dangote must be arrested. They’ll all be made to face criminal trial.

  • Julius

    Na lie, he is not going to sue anybody. He has no legal team to sue the French and the Italia News papers.

  • Rommel

    David Mark has made it clear today that he has no love for Nigeria

    • Julius

      None of them ever did bro.

  • Godwin

    Premium Times please can ur investigative section publish details for Nigerian peoples to see more, otherwise your paper has not done thorough investigations. Nigerian are waiting.

  • Otile

    Dauda Mark has nothing to fear from this devastating revelation. The odd of Imam looking into the wrongdoings of those named in this revelation is none. As far as Imam is concerned the panama leaks are moribund. He already swore by the Holy Qur-an that Abacha stole no money. How can he now admit that those billions stashed away by his boss are real? Seeing how tribalistic Imam is does anybody expect him to probe his tribesman Aliko Dangote? Yakubu Danjuma on the other hand is a member of his inner circle, ex general, and one of those who brought Imam to power. If Imam can kill his conscience and appoint Rotimi Oyenusi ati Alhaji Fashola, how do you expect him to do the right thing and recover this huge money for Nigeria? By failing to do justice Buhari and many other selfish corrupt officials are unpatriotic. They are only there to milk the country at the detriment of the masses.

    • musa aliyu

      So justice according to you is only done when amaechi and Fashola are vilified?

      • Otile

        Nobody is vilifying them. Both men were indicted in their states but the President used executive power to set them free. As honorable gentlemen, they should thank the President for his love for then, and then do the needful – resign their government appointments to save the President and the country from embarrassment and blackmail. Remember this is not the Democratic Republic of North Korea where the President is at liberty to do what he like regardless of what the law says. We don’t expect our president to behave that way. It is uncivilized in the modern society.

  • Contact Point

    Shame on you David Mark, shame to you Mr. Paul Mumeh and greater shame to all David Mark’s media and legal teams. You are bunch of criminals


    Wow ! hardened thieves,how can he deny facts which will hunt him down very soon ?

    • Julius

      They forget that unlike Nigeria, these people and their countries keep records. Signed and sealed. I remember once when I was shown some papers I signed in Ikoyi in the U S. lolz. These fools thinks that everybody is like them. I wont even be surprised if there is a video of them having the business transactions or talking about legal issues. Let him sue as he said he would and see chicken yansh wey wind dey blow !.lolz. My guess is, he wont sue anybody.

  • TrueNja

    David Mark is a hardened criminal since his days in the military. It is a shame on we Nigerians allowing rogues and thieves to be our leaders.

  • Osato Osasere

    How I wish he was from North Korea where he could be shot by anti aircraft missile and blown into pieces so that his flesh is left for the vultures for he doesn’t deserve a burial. They steal money and set up companies that exit only in post office boxes in Panama. They are not even patriotic enough to build a simple refurbishing company to employ just ten fellow Nigerians. They go to graduation events on university campuses to tell young graduates with no money nor experience to strive to be self employed. However, retired generals like David Mark won’t even set up one manufacturing company, He like his other friends like Saraki, are double dipping and triple dipping, recycling themselves from one government job and appointment to the other. They turn around to beg the Chinese who can’t even speak English to come develop the same Nigeria they are raping and bleeding to death. I hope we wake up soon and make these vultures meet the fate of Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania or the fate of King Louis XVI, of France . Even Oshomole in Edo State pretend to wear khaki while buying up properties in London , Dubai, and America. Long Live Nigeria and the struggle continues. A luta continua 
    A vitória é certa!!!

    • musa aliyu

      Ese o, you are too much.

  • Osato Osasere

    When we are Lucky enough to have Nigerians ruling Nigeria, we shall be delivered from these parasitic monsters sucking our blood and the blood of our unborn children. Long Live Nigeria!!!

  • Toni Benedict Umole

    Premium Times Editor,

    Area Boy Journalism in Nigeria is a grave danger!

    All the Buhari government is doing now is paying some useless
    journalists to write nonsense and apologia. Is that a government? Those
    journalists have no shame. They even come to the public space to defend zero
    megawatts of electricity generation. Are those journalists? No, they are more
    or less motor park touts saying ‘alright sir’ to sell their country for bribe.

    This Buhari government is so bad that it has no idea what to do. It just talks
    nonsense, like saying it will pay 5,000 Naira to 25 million poor Nigerians
    every month, when 22 states cannot pay monthly salary to their civil servants
    again. Buhari is the most useless president Nigeria has had. He can never take
    any good decision. He is not educated. He is just too dull and local. Buhari
    does not read, and therefore, he knows nothing.

    • Osato Osasere

      Toni, while Buhari is not a saint or the beautyful one we are waiting for, no sane minded individual would expect a President to wave a magic wand to fix the decadence that emanates from almost 50 years of maladministration and economic devastation. It shows some naivety on your part to expect magic in less than a year. Buhari may be clueless like you say, it will take a genius to navigate the rot of past mal-administrations. If you are old enough, please recount from Obasanjo 1976-1979, NPN and Shagari, Buhari first coming, Babagida aka Mardona, and his agents of distruction, or let’s remember Abacha and his Five years of initiating Traditional rulers to the pilgrimage of brown envelopes to Abuja, Let’s remember Abdusalam and his club of one year thieves. Let’s not forget the second coming of the grand master tortoise, OBJ. With oil at 100 dollars, he couldn’t build one hospital or refinery. But bought more than five presidential jets, while begging for debt forgiveness which he eventually paid off with the agent of world bank and IMF, Okonjo Iweala, and borrowed some more. He sold all Nigeria assets to himself and his friends under the guice of privatisation. What about Jonathan and his PDP criminals whose only achievement is to turn the likes of Tampolo and Asari Dokobu and the other criminals from the creek in multi millionaires living in five star hotels in Abuja while they forgot about the so called poor Ijaw people they were fighting for. Not one of them after stealing so much could build one industry in their marginalised community that they claim to be willing to die for. Asari Dokobu had the effrontery to go on national TV to say his businesses are in Republic of Benin. My brothers and sisters let us be realists and let’s not out of socio-political or religious sentiments or ethnocentricism begin to condemn Buhari who just come to power in less than ONE YEAR! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch how he pilots us out of the past years of rot and shit in which we have been swimming. LONG LIVE NIGERIA AND MAY GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

      • Dan Arewa

        I have only two words for you. THANK YOU.

        • Otile

          Thank him for leaving out Turai and her concubines abi?

      • Otile

        You are right but Turai and her cabal looted more than Abusalami.

        • Julius

          Yes, you see her quiet now. Just like Mrs Abacha and her children. I couldnt believe when the government negotiated $100million settlement with them..the Abachas. Unbelievable !

          • Otile

            That is our Nigeria for you. That is one of the evil examples of my brother Jonathan.

          • Julius

            No, it wasnt Jonathan, it was Obj. He said he was pained by making that settlement and that the lawyers made him do it . I didnt believe him then and still dont believe him now. You are right, thats Nigeria for you. The elites takes care of themselves and we the poor folks fight defending them.

        • Osato Osasere

          Otile, I agree, they are too many to mention in a short response. Discussing the criminal vultures in and out of government raping and annihilating our great country is a work for an encyclopedic volume. Thanks for reminding us of the Yaradua dynasty. You remember that Theophilus Danjuma even had the guts to go on national paper to describe how he made over 500 million dollars in less than 24 hours from flipping oil blocks and paid only one million to the government. These people are not Nigerians. The saddest part is that rather than invest these stolen money in the process of industrialization, they run around looking for million dollar houses to buy in foreign countries. And turn around to give the farm land of poor farmers to Chinese and other foreigners to plant rubber seeds and call it foreign investment WHAT A SHAME!!

          • Otile

            It hurts to see that our trusted politicians are closet saboteurs to the detriment of the nation. Their unpatriotic practices deny job opportunities and good life to our people.

      • WakaPass

        If ratings were possible on this forum, i’ll give a 5/5 Stars. Thanks for your neutrality and honesty.

      • musa aliyu

        I can’t help but clap for your ingenuity. May Nigeria be blessed by 80 million of your type.

  • omoagbala60

    David is a known thief, but now a confirmed pathological liar. Recover the loot from these bastards and cage them.

    • Otile

      But who is going to bell the cat?

  • Abdul

    You david B. Mark, for stealing Nigeria money and ferrying it offshore thereby depriving Nigerians of good roads, electricity etc and by action making them poor, I HEREBY SENTENCE YOU TO DEATH BY HANGING, THE ROPE SHALL BE TIED AROUND YOUR NECK UNTIL YOU ARE CONFIRMED DEAD. This is my judgement.

    • musa aliyu


  • Okey Okoye

    You know the senator is lying and will continue to defend falsehood. This is the type of leaders will breed in Nigeria while the majority are suffering . The young has no job after university. Our money is servicing foreign countries. Ole david mark.

  • Hassan Lawal

    …..ah, sorry,the companies are mine !!!